Medical Treatment of Breast Cancer: A Patient’s Experience

Video 1: Nini (M596) is a 38-year-old female from Indonesia. In September 2008, she found a lump in her left breast while bathing. This was diagnosed as adenocarcinoma. In January 2009, she went to Guangzhou, China for treatment. An imaging procedure, done on 14 January 2009, showed a lump about 1.8 x 2.6 cm in size. Pathological study indicated infiltrating lobular carcinoma, Stage 2.

In China, Nini underwent a radical mastectomy. Axillary nodes (0/4) were negative for cancer. Immunohistochemistry indicated ER and P53 negative, PR and HER-2 positive.

After the surgery, Nini received 3 cycles of intra-arterial chemotherapy using Cytoxan or cyclophosphamide, epirubicin and 5-FU.  The first two cycles were alright but during the third cycle Nini suffered alarming side effects and she decided to stop the treatment. She was asked to undergo radiotherapy (25 times). She refused. She was asked to take tamoxifen. She refused.

Nini found CA Care and came to see us in Penang on 1 July 2009. She learned about CA Care from a patient in China. When she returned one of her customers brought a book, Kanker Mengapa Mereka Hidup (Cancer Why They Live). She was amazed at this coincidence.

Video 2: While bathing Nini heard a voice whispering into her right ear asking her to feel her left breast. She automatically placed her hand on her left breast and felt a lump. She went to seek the advice of the best doctor in town and was told that it was a carcinoma. She decided not to seek treatment at the local hospital.

Video 3: With the help of a friend Nini had an appointment to see a doctor in Singapore. However, another friend told her not to go to Singapore for treatment – nine of ten patients who went there did not make it – they died. She was told to go to China instead. So to China she went.

Video 4: Nini underwent intra-arterial chemotherapy and she described the procedure in detail.

Video 5: Before going to China, Nini read about chemo side effects from books.  And when she received chemotherapy in the hospital in China, she felt unhappy with the treatment.  After the third chemo, she decided to go home immediately, not wanting to continue with the treatment anymore.

Video 6: The doctor told Nini and her husband that surgery would provide a 100% cure of her breast cancer. But it was not to be. She had to undergo another surgery a month after her mastectomy. Nini refused and felt cheated.

Video 7: Nini suffered some side effects of chemotherapy. Twice her tongue became short or shrunk. This happened after the first and the third chemo. Besides that Nini suffered chemo brain after chemotherapy.

Video 8: When asked how she felt having lost a breast, Nini replied that it was okay after having had an assurance from her husband.

It is unfortunate that the doctor had found it fit to say that surgery could provide a 100% cure for breast cancer. The fact is, surgery does not cure cancer if it has already spread.

A month after the mastectomy, lumps were found in her left armpit and also right neck. The doctor suggested another surgery. Nini refused. This problem became a source of concern for Nini. To find some peace, Nini went to Bali to learn how to meditate. She felt better and more at peace.

When asked if the doctor had ever asked Nini to take care of her diet, the reply was: No, eat anything you like. We cautioned Nini not to believe such an advice. She needs to take care of her diet, which she already did after reading some books.

Our final advice to Nini: Follow what your heart says