Brain Cancer – Yet She Lives !

CT, 42 years old, came to see us in September 2008. There was a tumour in her head. The neurosurgeon in a private hospital in Penang told the family that she must undergo surgery immediately. Without the surgery CT would become blind and paralysed. If she underwent surgery, there was no guarantee that she would be cured.

The family decided against further medical treatment and came to seek our help on 12 September 2008. CT was prescribed Capsule A, Brain 1 and Brain 2 teas, C-tea + Brain Leaf tea.

Two days on the herbs, CT’s condition improved and all pains were gone. She was able to talk better. She returned to her hometown, Medan, Indonesia. Two months later, CT came back to see us again. Her health was restored. After this second visit we never get to see CT again.

Some months later, we had news that CT was not well.  Well, we thought this was it – the end of the story – since she had not been taking herbs anymore. In the meantime, we were rather excited about her healing story. This was yet another miraculous healing which we can share with you all. We made 10 video clips documenting her healing.  But our efforts seemed meaningless since we didn’t even know what the end result was. These video clips were stored away – forgotten.

About two years later – June 2010 – CT’s neighbors came to our centre. They told us that CT was still doing fine. We were taken aback by this news thinking that she was not around anymore.  Of course we were really happy and grateful to hear this news. On 1 October 2010, CT’s relatives came to see us. They again told us that CT was indeed well.

Let us follow CT’s healing story by listening to these videos which we thought would not have seen day light anymore. Our conversation was in Bahasa Indonesia. To help those who don’t understand the language, there is a brief English summary after each clip.

1. The Confirmation – CT Was Indeed Well After Two Years

Neighbours (June 2010)

  • CT is still alive?
  • Yes, she is healthy now and is teaching in her school.
  • Thank God for everything – that she is well.
  • At one time, she ate meat and became ill.
  • Now if she walks in the sun, she gets headaches or become giddy.

Relatives (October 2010)

  • CT came to see my husband in the hospital. She asked us to come and see you immediately. My husband has nose cancer.
  • You have seen her? Is she alright? She said she will come to see you one day.
  • I did not expect to be able to help her – it’s God’s blessing.

2. To Operate or Not To Operate?

  • If no operation, she would be blind or paralysed. The operation cost about RM 18,000 to

RM 19,000. Can operation cure her? No guarantee – not sure. If no operation, she would be paralysed. With operation would she end up paralysed as well? Don’t know!

  • Do you want to operate? The surgeon said this must be done immediately. Decide quickly.
  • Do you want to know the experiences of other patients?

a)    For one patient, the tumour recurred and grew bigger than the initial tumour that was removed soon after the operation.

b)    My friend’s wife was urged to operate immediately, although I cautioned him against this. After the operation she was paralysed and died soon afterwards.

c)    Another patient had surgery. The tumour recurred. He had surgery again and again. After that this same surgeon told the brother. Please bring him home (to Jakarta, before he dies in the hospital)!

  • I cannot encourage you to go for the operation. But I also cannot say: Don’t go for the operation. (This has to be entirely your decision. I cannot take responsibility for this decision).
  • In whatever you do, the most important point is: Can you achieve a cure? But it is uncertain – there is no guarantee. Now, even if you take my herbs, I cannot guarantee that you can be cured.
  • So, what is your decision?

3. What to Do Now?

  • I shall prescribe you some herbs. You can try drinking them. Let’s see if these will help you. Within 2 weeks, we should be able to know if they help or not. If the herbs help and you get better, continue taking them.
  • There was this man, Ramli, from Aceh. He had brain cancer like you. He was also asked to operate. He refused and came to see me. He took herbs. After a week he came back – looking better and was able to sit down and talk to me nicely. Before that he was not able to sit and talk. He was full of anger. He went home to Aceh and was able to ride his motorbike and travelled over 100 km. After three months, he stopped taking the herbs. He suffered a relapse. Went to a hospital in Aceh, underwent an operation and died.
  • So it is now up to you what you want to do.
  • One important point: You must take care of your diet. You cannot eat anything you like. No meat, no sugar, etc for you. These are not good for your cancer.

4. Medical History

  • For the past two months she had been having headaches. Her speech was slurry.  One day she vomited and was unconscious. Later she developed severe headaches. They were so severe that she yelled in pain.
  • I am going to give all the herbs that I have for brain cancer. From my experience these herbs help patients with such problem.
  • God help you. So go home and talk to God.
  • We should be able to know the outcome within two weeks. If there is no progress – then I really don’t know what else to do.

5. Two Days After the Herbs

  • You came on Friday – only 2 days ago. How are you today?
  • Look at me first before we talk!
  • Okay, you looked better. Your face looks good and clear.
  • No more dizzy! Blurred vision has improved!
  • The surgeon told us that if there was no operation, within a week there would be bleeding and she would be paralysed.
  • Thank God. Now we are on the right direction – proceed!
  • What kind of fish can I ….?  Wait first, wait first. I am not going to talk about food yet. Can I eat bread? Wait.
  • Let me tell you this; All patients – when they are dying they will follow my diet advice. But when are get better they will want to start eating anything they like!
  • After taking the herbs for 2 days, how did you feel?
  • I felt a “flowing” sensation in my left leg – like massage. I also felt the “flow” in my left side of the head. But there was no pain.
  • Before the herbs, my face swelled a bit. After a day on the herbs, the swelling subsided.

6. Herbs are Bitter – She Vomited

  • Are you better? You went home to Medan. Did you still continue taking the herbs?
  • Yes – I took them three times a day!
  • Was the herbs bitter? Oh yes, really bitter! I vomited for about ten times after taking the herbs.
  • Brain 1 and Brain 2 did not cause any problem. It was the C-tea and Brain Leaf that made me vomit.
  • That was strange, I thought it was the Brain Teas that were difficult to drink, not the C-tea and Brain leaf. I thought these were good tasting – I too used to drink them.

7. Diet – A Problem

  • Initially, the diet was not good tasting doc!
  • When I ate too much I vomited.
  • She did not eat well, that made her weak.
  • Can I meat mutton? Oh, no!
  • It is important that you eat well. You cannot live without eating. But just eat proper food. Take a lot of fruits! Take beans, etc.

8. Gone Were The Pains and Anger

  • I was amazed doc, the pains in my head were all gone.
  • Previously you said there were severe pains.
  • She was in severe pains. They had to tie her down while in the hospital. She could not control herself and was yelling in pain. For 8 days she was in pain and was always full of anger. She was angry with everyone. She was angry with the doctor, etc.

9. No Problem With Memory & Bodily Movements

  • Let me ask you about your memory. Can you remember things? Any problem with your memory?
  • Before she used to forget things. Now she is starting to remember things – her memory is improving. Before the herbs, the pastor came to visit her. The next day she could not remember the visit. Now it is improving.
  • Now, can you remember your friends, what happened, etc. Yes!
  • I just want to go back to work.
  • Go back to school and teach again? Can you do that? Yes!
  • Can you write? Can you read? Yes, I can.
  • What about your bodily movements?
  • I could not lift heavy things because I did not have much strength.
  • What about walking, etc. Any problem?
  • CT stood up – she showed us how to kick a ball!

10. No Other Problems – Take Care

  • Since the past 2 months that you were on herbs, did you experience any problems?
  • Nothing much, but she always like to sleep.
  • Of course, she needs to relax.
  • Okay, think back – what could have happened if you were to have that operation.
  • Honestly, I did not expect you would recover. I believe God helped you. At the same time, I have also encountered many similar experiences like yours with other patients. For example, Prapti. I did not except her to survive. But she did.
  • I am indeed happy. Since the herbs helped you, continue taking them. Take care and God bless you.