Rectal Cancer Stage 3: Eight Years and Doing Fine After Surgery But Only On Herbs

AK was 70 years old when she came to seek our help.  Sometime in March 2001 she had abdominal pains for about 2 week’s duration and she passed out blood in her stools. She went to a private hospital and did a colonoscopy. There was a 15 cm tumour at the anal verge. She was admitted into the hospital on 12 April 2001 and underwent a surgery.

Histopathology indicated moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum, tubulovillous type, Duke Stage C. Pararectal lymph nodes: metastatic adenocarcinoma (1/6).

She recovered well and was discharged on 20 April 2001. She was subsequently referred to an oncologist for further management. She refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Instead she came to see us on 13 May 2001 and presented with the following:

  • She had difficulty sleeping. She slept only after mid-night.
  • She had no appetite.
  • She was tired.
  • She was constipated.
  • Her urine was yellow.
  • Her stomach felt bloated.

A week after the herbs she improved.

  • Her sleep was better. She could sleep early now.
  • Her appetite had improved.
  • She was less tired.
  • Her bowel movements had improved.
  • Her urine was less yellow.
  • Her body was itchy.

On 4 November 2001 (see the video) she reported the following:

  • She could sleep well.
  • She had good appetite.
  • She felt “cheng sin” and “song” (increased energy and wellbeing).
  • Her stomach was not bloated any more – no more wind.
  • Her body was not itchy anymore.
  • Her bowel movements were normal.

It has been many years since this visit. We have virtually forgotten her case. AK’s daughter came to collect herbs for her mother every now and then but did not sit out with us for any further consultation.

On 22 July 2009 her daughter came to collect herbs for her mother and informed us that AK was doing fine. It is 8 years 2 months since she first came to see us. We are indeed surprised. AK has Stage 3 rectal cancer that had spread to the lymph node. She refused to undergo chemotherapy / radiotherapy. And she is still doing fine.

On 8 September 2009 her daughter came to collect herbs for her mother. She confirmed the following:

  • After her operation, AK did not undergo any further medical treatment – no chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • AK did not taking any other mediation apart from our herbs. And she is taking it up to this day.
  • It has been more than 8 years and she is doing fine, for a person of 78 years old.