If I cannot eat what I like, life is not worth living!

Almost every day I receive emails from patients asking for help. Here is one example. I received this email when Iwas just about to write this article.

To : Doctor Chris K.H. Teo 

Hello, I am AJ. I got a doctor’s number from my friend. My friend said doctor can cure lung cancer. My mother is 76 years old. A check up in Indonesia said there is a tumor in the lung. Every night coughing. If possible we will immediately go to Penang for you to help treat my mom. Thank you for your attention.

After more than two decades of helping patients, I have come to the reality that no one on earth can cure any cancer! Help – yes, but not cure, i.e. to make the cancer go away permanently.

Another  reality I learned is that most if not all patients who go to the doctors or alternative healers, hope to find a cure for his/her cancer. And along the way, thousands and thousands of dollars are being spent. Sad.

As I reflect on what is “going on” I suspect that no one wants to know the truth, and no wants to tell the truth. This is because the truth is not pleasant to hear or to know.

I have learned early that cancer is about healing a human being – the cancer is probably just the symptom that comes with it. I often tell patients, I may be able to help with the cancer but I cannot help you become a “better” human being – your attitude, your lifestyle, etc. No I cannot change you unless you decide to change yourself.

Unfortunately, from my interactions with patients, my statistics show that only 30 percent of patients are willing to go that extra mile to change, the remaining 70 percent just cannot and would not. Therefore in my dealing with cancer, I learn not to be upset anymore. I give you my honest advice. Then I ask you to go home and think about it. If you need my help come again. But if you cannot accept what I tell you or are not willing to change, please don’t come.

In my earlier posting, I wrote about a colon-liver patient from Indonesia. He had undergone surgery and chemotherapy. The treatment failed to cure him. His treatment is free of charge because he is covered by the social health insurance. But the chemo made him real sick. When he was told to undergo more chemo, he refused the treatment and came to seek our help. As usual, I went through the whole routine of telling him about being unable to cure him (but able to help); his need to change his diet; and I asked him if he could tolerate the bitter taste and awful smell of the herbal teas.

His response, No problem. I cannot afford to die yet. My two children are still small. That is the normal respond I often get from patients. After taking the herbs for a month, his health improved. Well, the first battle was won! But the “big war” is just about to begin.

Listen to what his wife told me.

Chris: He has take the herbs for about a month. Is he better now than before?

Wife: Better

(The numbness of his hands and feet reduced by 60 to 70 percent, he sleeps better, has more energy, and stomach wind is gone).

C: The most important thing now is to stick to his diet well. Take care of his diet. He cannot eat what he likes. This is my most important reminder. I know of many patients, after they are better, they will not take care of their diet anymore.

W: Yes, now the stress is not about his cancer. It is about his diet. He is complaining – cannot eat this, cannot eat that. So what is the point of me being alive?

C: It is difficult – I know most patients behave like that! If I cannot eat, what for that I live? There is one lady who told me. If I cannot eat laksa, life has no meaning. My response was, It is no use eating one bowl of laksa and die. Go ahead and eat a lorry-load of laksa and die. It is worth it. And you die sooner too – not need to suffer.  Unfortunately that lady did not die that soon. It took more than two years (suffering) before she died. So I understand such attitude. There is nothing I can do and I know it is difficult (to change people).

There is this lady from Batam. She has breast cancer that had spread to her brain. After all the treatments failed her husband came to seek our help. She took the herbs and was able to move and walk around (something she could not do before). After she got well, she wanted to eat food which I told her not to take. She got angry and went on a hunger strike — refusing to eat any food or her herbs. Later she had to be hospitalised.

I told her husband NOT to come and see me anymore. This is the kind of human behaviour that I cannot help.

W: Exactly, my husband was upset when I tried to control his diet. He said, What is the use of being alive?

C: Did you ask him if he wants to die? I know of many, many patients who died after they started to go back to their “bad diet.”  For now, I am glad that he is at home and you can see to his diet and stop him from eating what is not good for him. But you just wait. When he gets better and better, he will go out with his friends and you have no more control over him! Please remember this, don’t ever think that just because he is getting better and better, the cancer is gone. It will come back the moment you start with your “bad” diet.

Tell me – he is okay now? No problem? And he is better? So his main problem now is his diet?

W: Yes. we always argue about this. I said he cannot eat the chicken meat. He would said never mind, once a week is okay.

C: Indeed it is difficult. He would want to justify that it is only taking just a bit only. That may not kill him yet. Tomorrow, he would ask for more and more. Today he said, it is okay to take once a week. Then he would say twice or thrice a week. It is going to be like that. What can I do? So be it.

W: When I go home, I am going to convey your message to him again.

C: Okay, let’s see what happen after this. There is nothing more that I can do to  help. You already know that the herbs did  help him. After this, it is up to him to decide whether he wants to help himself and get well or not.


I am aware that the most unpopular topic about cancer healing is the need to take care of the diet. You cannot eat what you like. Most patients don’t like this advice. But what can I do? Some patients even make a bargain with me if they can eat this –  a bit only;  or eat that – a bit only. Well, I am not god to give anyone any permission. You need to take care of yourself. And you bear the consequences of your own folly.

Let me share with you one story. There is this lady. She had been taking the herbs and was doing very well. Then one day she came to see me with her blood test showing that something was wrong — many parameters were seriously out of range. I shook my head in despair. Right inside me I felt like a failure. I asked her – What did you do wrong? Her immediate answer, Nothing wrong, everything the same! Okay, I must admit “defeat” and told her, You need to go back to your doctor and get a CT scan done. I am afraid your cancer has already spread. The markers have shot up so high. A week later, the husband came to inform us that the scan showed there was nothing “wrong.” Then he confessed that they were actually on a holiday in China. What do you think went wrong? Lucky for her, her blood results were back to normal again. She is still on our herbs.

When I first started CA Care, one of the first thing I did was to read as many books on cancer and nutrition as I can find. I have one whole book shelf of books on diet. From my reading I understand the need to take care of our diet if we want to “tame” or even “reverse” the spread of cancer. All our patients are told about the need to take care of their diet. If they are not prepared for this, then there is no need to follow our therapy. No use, because it going to be just a wasted effort.

Let me close, by quoting what a medical doctor, Michael Greger wrote in this book – How not die.

  • It all started with my grandmother. I was only a kid when the doctor sent her home in a wheelchair to die … I”ll never forget that.
  • My grandma was given her medical death sentence at age sixty-five. Thanks to a healthy diet and lifestyle, she was able to enjoy another thirty-one years on this earth … a woman who was once told by doctors she only had weeks to live didn’t die until she was ninety-six years old.
  • In medical school … there was no mention of using diet to treat chronic disease, let alone reverse it. I was aware of this body of work because of my family’s personal story.
  • During my medical training, I was offered countless steak dinners and fancy perks by Big Pharma representatives, but not once did I get a call from Big Broccoli. There is a reason you hear about the latest drugs on television. Huge corporate budgets drive their promotion.
  • Most deaths in the United States are preventable, and they are related to what we eat. Our diet is the number-one cause of premature death and the number-one cause of disability. Surely, diet must also be the number-one thing taught in medical school, right? Sadly, it’s not.

If you want to know more about diet, you can visit Dr. Greger’s website: https://nutritionfacts.org/

You may find this video interesting and helpful.


Healing Crisis

In an earlier post, https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2019/12/04/colon-cancer-surgery-and-chemo-did-not-cure-them-ended-up-in-a-more-dire-situation/, I wrote about SPW, a 53-year-old Indonesia. He had colon-liver cancer. He underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy. He suffered severe side effects during chemotherapy.

  • He lost 15 kg of body weight.
  • He was depressed.
  • He suffered severe fatigue.
  • He lost his appetite.
  • He could not sleep at night, and had to take sleeping pills.
  • His fingers were numb.
  • He had difficulty walking.
  • At night, he had to wake up four times to urinate.

The treatments did not cure him. SPW was asked to undergo more chemo. He refused and came to seek our help instead.

Like all patients, I warned SPW that he had to think carefully first before deciding to follow our therapy. Consider the following:

  • We do not have any magic bullet to cure him, although we might be able to help him.
  • Our herbal teas need to be boiled. They have bitter taste and awful smell.
  • Patients need to take care of his/her diet. You cannot eat anything you like.
  • Generally, for the first two or three weeks on the herbs, patients will suffer a “healing crisis.”

SPW was prescribed Capsule A, B, C, D and M. In addition he was asked to take Liver 1 + PLM, GI 1 + SAP and A-Kid-6 teas. He was also given Gastrovit for his “stomach wind.”

About a week after taking the herbs, this is what SPW wrote (translated from Indonesian).

6 December: Hello Dr. Chris Teo. Good morning.

We would like to notify you about the progress of SPW after almost 1 week of taking your herbs.

  1. I feel a bit weak and tired (to this day I am still weak … two days ago I felt good, fit and fresh … but starting yesterday it was a bit weak again). So far I can still do my usual activities and exercise
    2. Bowel movements become routine every day 1 or 2 times, before it was irregular — sometimes every day or two days once.
    3. Sorry in advance … Poop poop turns black and when flushed it’s easy to disintegrate … is it because of drinking herbs?
    4. Apart from that ok. Feel nothing. Stomach ulcers also do not recur during taking doctor’s herbs.

Thank you doctor. God bless dr and wife. Regards.
Reply: Keep taking the herbs — it’s 2-3 weeks after taking the herbs it’s going to be hard or difficult for you. Just be patient. Tell me again what happen after 2 or 3 more weeks.

20 December: Hello Dr. Chris Teo,]

For now my  body is still often weak. Regarding food, I still eat fish. Is that ok?

Reply: 21 December 2019: One important consideration. After taking herbs for 2 or 4 weeks. Is your condition better or becoming worse. .If it’s worse, don’t take my herbs anymore — find someone else to help you. If there is an impression that your condition is improving, then you should continue to take herbs. But do not expect taking 2 to 4 weeks of herbs to be cured. .

 26  December: Hello Dr. Chris,

Thank God my current conditions have improved. I have more energy and seldom feel weak like before. Earlier I felt lack of energy after every time after I took the herbal teas. My legs (and fingers) are less numb – much better now. Frequency of urination at night is reduced. My health has improved. Thank you.

A few days after this email, SPW’s wife flew to Penang and updated us on her husband’s condition.

Chris: He has taken the herbs for about a month now. Is he getting better?

Wife: Better.

C: Did he suffer (healing crisis) after taking the herbs for about 2 weeks?

W: Yes. Difficult. He became very weak – no energy. In fact, he said it was worse than while undergoing chemotherapy.

C: Did he not want to give up and stop taking the herbs? Was he not afraid having to suffer like that? Any pain besides the lack of energy?

W: No pain. Only lack of energy.

C: What happened after three weeks of taking the herbs?

W: He felt better. His energy started to come back. Is that the normal process patients have to go through after taking your herbs? So tired like that.

C: Yes, that’s normal and I have already warned him even before he even started to take the herbs. Generally this “healing crisis” will last for about two or three weeks. This is a cleansing process. So, he is okay now?

W: Yes, by the fourth week, he only feels tired once in a week.

Before taking the herbs.

C: Before taking the herbs, while undergoing chemo,  how was he?

W: He was tired. Had difficulty sleeping. Occasionally had “wind” in his stomach and he burped often.

C: And now, these problems are all gone? It looks like he has improved.

W: Yes. The numbness of this fingers and feet had improved. Before he had to wake up 4 times each night to urinate. Now it is reduced to only twice each night. His sleep is normal now. Looking at him now – he looks fine without any more symptoms.

Did he benefit from the herbs?

C:  As a person, did he benefit from herbs? That is all I want to know. Benefit or not?

W; Yes, he benefited (it is for this very reason that the wife flew to Penang, alone this time, to update us). But once a while, he did not feel good.

C: Of course that will happen.  We cannot expect him to be able to go around “running in a race”! Just be patient. Healing takes time. I do not have any cancer and I am not 100 percent problem-free. Sometimes I have pain here and there. That is to be expected.

Need to monitor progress? Do MRI, blood test?

 W: Do we need to go for MRI again? Before the doctor said, there is something in his liver.

C: Do you have to pay for the MRI or the social health insurance pays for it? But think first, what do you want to do next after getting the MRI result?

W: What about a check on his CEA?

C: If I were you, all these are not important anymore. But if you do NOT have to pay for all these procedures, go ahead if you want to do it. If you have to pay, then I think you are wasting your money.

OK, before doing all these (MRI, blood test), ask yourself first — What for? Just to know?  What can you do or what do you want to do after getting these results? If you find a “ghost” inside or the CEA was not good – what do you want to do next?

If he is living a normal live and is alright now, I think that is good enough. Why do you have to find problems if there is no problem.

I think, it is better for him to stay home and be happy. Do not create too much unnecessary problems for people around him.


  • I have warned SPW. After taking the herbs for two to three weeks, he would suffer. The cleansing process has to go on and it is going to be difficult for him for a while. I often tell patients, before you become well, you will need to go through “hell” first. There is nothing to worry about this. Hopefully by the fourth weeks, there will be no more “healing crisis” and patients will generally feel better.

Example, he had bowel movements twice a day – that is mild. Others have to go to the toilet 10 times a day!

That is exactly what SPW went through. He felt very tired – drained off much energy after taking the herbs.

But slowly after the third week of taking the herbs, he became better — more energetic, numbness of the fingers and feet were less, he could sleep better, etc.

  • When he wrote me, my initial advice was to be patient. Healing takes time. This is in spite of being warned even before he took the herbs that this is the way it is going to be. I understand, patients need assurance again and again. They are in a hurry wanting to get well. There is NO magic bullet here.


  • In spite of being told over and over again there is no magic bullet, some patients would go for scanning — CT, PET, MRI or do blood test – after taking the herbs for 3 to 4 weeks — again they expect magic! I often tell patients, Even if you tell me the tumour has shrunk or the CEA has become normal, I would not believe the results! Herbs do not do such magic!

 Let me share with you another story. This is a lady who came to seek our help. She was scheduled for 12 cycles of chemo but after the 11th cycle she fainted and was almost died. The oncologist told her to gave up chemo and go home. This treatment was given by the “best oncologist” in the “best” private hospital in Singapore. Not satisfied, she went to the “second most famous” in town and insisted to undergo more chemo. This second round of treatment did not help her either. Then she switched to the practice of Keto diet. After that she and her family came to seek our advice. She was prescribed herbs. After  a week or so, I received emails from the  family. The patient was suffering from healing crisis exactly like what SPW had experienced. She complained of being very tired. After the third week she went for her blood test. The numbers were worse than before. The family wanted to know WHY her blood count was low! Why this parameter was high, etc. etc. I was up front in my reply. I cannot explain for everything that had happened. My advice – please do not take my herbs anymore!

  • Generally this is what I ask patients after taking the herbs for about four weeks. Are you getting better or are you getting worse? If it’s worse, don’t take my herbs anymore — find someone else to help you. If your condition is improving, then you should continue taking the herbs. From experience I know that herbs do eventually help patients to get better but I want to be fair and I do not want to seen trying to mislead patients. There is no point “hanging on” to us if patients are not improving. You are wasting your precious time, besides spending money for an “ineffective therapy”. You have to decide and make your own choice.


  • This story of SPW has not end yet! The first battle was won but the “big war” is just about to begin. In my next posting, you will learn how those who “want-to-find-magic-bullet-type” of patients behave – after they feel a bit better, they want to eat anything they like, otherwise life has no meaning!

More about Healing Crisis

https://cacare.org/2012/06/06/healing-crisis-2/  or  http://www.cacare.com/healing-crisis








Rotten Breast: Suffered after three weeks on Letronat

LAH had breast and underwent a mastectomy but refused chemotherapy. She turned to a sinseh for help instead. After about one and a half years on herbs and a US-made supplement, she had a recurrence. Her breast turned “rotten”. LAH went to the hospital for help. The doctor told LAH she only has three months to live. No operation or chemotherapy was indicated at this late stage. It was at this point in time that LAH came to seek our help.

We prescribed herbs. LAH’s condition improved after taking the herbal teas for about two weeks. I told LAH that if she continues to do what she is doing that makes her well, I don’t think she is going to die within three months!

About one month later, LAH and her daughter came to our centre again. This time, LAH appeared half-dead to me. This is what happened.

Chris: During the last visit, the doctor told you that you will die within three months. And he also asked you to take an oral drug.

LAH: Letronat – a hormone. I took one tablet a day.

C: How much do you have to pay for this drug?

L: It’s for free (from government hospital).

C: After taking the drug for one week – what happened? Are you okay?

L: Okay.

C: After two weeks?

L: Still okay.

C: After three weeks?

L: I started to have problems –  not feeling good.

C: Now, are you still taking this drug?

L: No, I stopped taking this drug two days ago. In total, I was on this drug for more than three weeks.

C: What are the problems you suffered?

L:       1. I became breathless.

  1. Weak, lack of energy. I just like to “sleep” or lie down all day. When I am down, I don’t feel like waking up. While on the herbs, I was not fatigue.
  2. Fevers. This usually comes in the evening. While of the herbs, I did not have any fever.
  3. Unable to sleep at night – while on the herbs, I slept well.
  4. Pain in certain part of the body. While on the herbs, I had no pain.
  5. Swelling of hands and legs. No such swelling while I was on the herbs. This swelling happened just a week ago.

C: When you started taking the doctor’s medication, did you stop taking the herbs?

L: Yes. I stoped taking your herbs and switched to Letronat.

C: Now you know the truth — the doctors medication gave you many problems. When you came to see about a month ago, I did warn you NOT to take this medication. You heard what I told you, right?

L: I did not follow your advice. I believed and trusted the doctor! My son insisted that I follow the doctor’s advice. So I took the medication.

C: Yes, you believe the doctor. Good. Remember, the doctor also said you will die within three months. Now, do you believe you are going to die within three months? When you came to see me after taking the herbs, I saw your face and you looked so good. I never believe you are going to die within three months. But now, you are so breathless – looks like you are half dead.

L: I did not believe you. Now, I am blow … blow. Did not know what I am doing.

C: Does your son still insist that your continue taking the  doctor’s medication?

L: Yes.

C: (To the daugther). Seeing your mother in this condition, do you still want her to take the doctor’s medication?

Daughter: It is up to her whether she wants to take the medication or not.

C: You still want her to take the drug? Just a few weeks ago, she looked so well. Now her health had deteriorated. She is not like before.

L: I have stopped taking the Letronat two days ago.

C: Okay, go home. Continue to take the herbs again (since you have already stopped taking the doctor’s medication). I shall give Lung Phlegm to be added to the Lung Tea. I hope this will help you with your breathing. Come and see me again after a week.


  1. This is indeed a sad story. I have come across many similar stories. After the patients get well – they misbehaved, believing that they or their friends know better. They started to eat what they like or they stopped taking the herbs. Since this problem is nothing “new” there is nothing to be “excited” about. I have since accepted this reality. To get well or to die is the patient’s choice and responsibility.

LAH heard me saying very clearly that she should not take that Letronat. Yes, she heard it, but she believed the doctor more! That is okay – it is her choice.

  1. My advice to all patients. Before undergoing any treatment, it is better that you go into the internet and find out more about the side effects of the treatment or medication. In this case, just google side effects of Letronat and you get the answer like below:

Letronat is a generic form of letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor (lowers estrogen production). Letrozole is  commonly known as Femara, used to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Letronat or Femara is often given to women who have been taking tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox) for five years.

Some of the known and documented side effects of Letronat are:

  • dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, tired feeling
  • hot flashes, warmth in your face or chest
  • bone pain, muscle or joint pain, back pain, chest pain
  • bone fracture
  • hot flushes – flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling)
  • headache
  • increased sweating
  • edema or swelling
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • increased cholesterol level in blood
  • increased thirst
  • anxiety and nervousness.
  1. If you want to know more, read what others say about taking Letronat / Femara or Tamoxifen. I have read enough. That is why I told LAH not to take the drug. Let me share with you what happened to some of our patients.

Case 1: Dewi was a 33-year-old Indonesian lady who worked in Macau. After her breast cancer diagnosis she underwent a mastectomy in Hong Kong. After the surgery, Dewi underwent six cycles of chemotherapy and  thirty sessions of radiation treatment. Everything was okay after that. But three years later, Dewi started to have back pain. PET scan showed her cancer had spread extensively to her bones.

Dewi was prescribed Xeloda and Tamoxifen. After taking the drugs, Dewi was not able to sit down or walk. She had to be hospitalised and later had to use the wheelchair. Xeloda / Tamoxifen gave her problems, right?

Case 2: Lenny was a thirty-seven-year-old lady from Surabaya. She had a lump in her breast but initially refused to undergo any medical treatment. She relied on her shallow knowledge that a certain  supplement would solve her problem. The tumour started to grow bigger. She had no choice but to seek medical treatment and was started on radiotherapy. I can’t believe this — Lenny had a total of one hundred and six sessions of radiation! The cancer spread to her bones and other parts of her body.

The doctor then prescribed Tamoxifen (same story like LAH except the drug is called Letronat). Two weeks after taking Tamoxifen her fingers became painful and she was unable to move her fingers. One month on Tamoxifen Lenny was unable to walk. Her throat muscle became tight and cramped.

  1. One important question which patients do not ask is, What is the use of taking Tamoxifen or Letronat? Can this type of drug cure you? The answer is NO. To add more salt to the injury, in such advanced cases like LAH, Dewi or Lenny, this drug can cause you more problems. I don’t see any reason or wisdom in taking such drug.

Read this critically: Letronat or Femara is often given to women who have been taking tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox) for five years. It never say it is of any good to those with advanced metastatic breast cancer.

The question you may want to ask is: If it is that “bad” as your claimed, why did the doctor prescribe such drug to the patient? Exactly, because the doctor prescribed it – LAH and her family members believed the doctor was doing the best for her! Read carefully what these two doctors and a professor wrote about Tamoxifen.

These two doctors are conveying this message to us — Doctors have nothing else to offer you after surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. And in cases like LAH, Dewi and Lenny – there is nothing else they can offer after the cancer has spread widely. In the face of not being able to offer you anything else, doctors have no other choice but to offer you something (otherwise you may thing they are not “good” doctors). So they ask you to take Tamoxifen / Femara or Letronat. Unfortunately this so called “scientifically proven bullet of last resort” do not bring any benefit. On the contrary they can cause more problems.

Professor Jane Plant was also a breast cancer patient. Perhaps you may want to reflect on what she said below.

Perhaps there is a better option than just “blindly” swallow any drug what your doctor recommended you!







Rotten breast: You have three months to live!

Sixty-two year-old LAH came to seek our help after her breast turned “rotten.” As usual, my first question was, Who asked you to come here? Her reply, A staff working at a Buddhist healing centre. The reality is that LAH’s condition is beyond “repair.” The doctor said neither surgery nor chemotherapy is indicated. Her cancer has spread extensively to the lung, liver, bone and lymph nodes.

My initial advice to LAH is, Go home and think first. What do you want to do? LAH had already decided. She wanted me to prescribe her some herbs. Okay –  let’s try.

LAH was given Capsule A, C, D and M. In addition, she had to drink four types of tea: Breast-M, Lung + Lung Phlegm; Live-1 + PLM and Lympho + SAP. These teas have to  be brewed and they are not good tasting. LAH assured me that she would be able to tolerate their awful taste and smell.

To my surprise, LAH’s health improved after two weeks on the herbs (more detail to be discussed in the next posting). She was in a happy mood when she came to see us. Her radiant face showed it all. I did not expect she would benefit from our herbs so soon.  In fact, she told my wife that the breast wound had started to dry up. And she was healthy enough to came to our centre riding the motorbike by herself.

About a week later, LAH showed up at our centre again. And this time she came with her son. We came to understand that LAH had kept her cancer recurrence secret. None of her children know about this problem. One son lives in Kuala Lumpur. When he came home to visit his mother, he was puzzled to see so many herbs in the house. It was only then that he learned about her mother’s illness. So this son came to seek more information from us.

Watch this video:

The following are the gist of our conversation that morning. I hope many of you can learn something from this story.

  1. The doctor said I only have three months to live – cannot operate, cannot chemo.

In her excitement, before we could even settled in our seats, LAH said, The doctor said I only have three months to live. I must quickly get my affairs in order. This is something I often hear from patients. So I was NOT taken aback at all by such statement. Instead, I laughed aloud as if it is a good joke! My response: Very good!

LAH: Doctor said cannot operate, cannot chemo.

Chris: That is okay! Since you cannot operate, cannot chemo and you are going to die within 3 months; then you cannot blame me if you die after seeing me. What else can I do? (Both patient and Chris laughed).  I shall explain later why I behaved like this that morning.

  1. Will you die within three months?

C: Let me ask you. In your heart, do you believe that you are going to die within three months? I don’t think you will die within three months! But if you believe what the doctor told you, yes — you will die within three months.

There was one cancer patient from Sungai Petani. He was also told the same — you die within three months. He went home and put X, X, X in his calendar. This is a countdown to the day when he was supposed to die. And every he took note of the number of days he still have left. This patient came to seek my help but there was nothing much I could do to “break up” his belief. I never get to see him again after his first visit.

  1. The herbs have helped you. So continue taking them and be patient.

Chris: When you first came to see me, you were in bad shape — right? You were half-dead (more of this in the next posting).

LAH nodded in agreement.

C: Looking at your face now, it is different (laugh). You are much better off after taking the herbs. I don’t think you are doing to die within three months. I am not trying to mislead you by making you feel good so that you can continue to take my herbs. It is just that when I see your face, I feel happy. You look healthy enough. You are not going to die within three months.

LAH: The doctor told me so. I just listen.

C: Now that you are okay. Be patient – don’t be in a hurry trying to get well. Healing takes time. After the three months are up, then we can say we have won – you win, I win.

LAH: I want to live – waiting to see his (pointing to her son) child.

I have seen many patients who are like you. They were told they only have three to six months to live. But they don’t die as predicted.

Case Study 1: This was a man with metastatic bone cancer. Let’s call him Raju.  In spite of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the oncologist told Raju to go home and get his affairs in order. He only had six months to live. At home he was unable to sleep. He had to take morphine many times a day due to the pain.

His son came to seek our help. After two weeks on the herbs Raju was able to come to our centre. When he got well he travelled to India to show his son the “property” he has there. Raju did not die within six months. He was still healthy after ten years.

Case Study 2: Nancy had lymphoma and underwent six cycles of chemotherapy. A few months after the completion of her chemo, she suffered a relapse. The oncologist told her to undergo a BMT (bone marrow transplantation) which would cost RM100,000. The oncologist told Nancy, If you don’t do BMT, you will die within four months! (that would be in December). Nancy refused further medical treatment because she said she almost died during her initial chemo treatment.

Nancy came to seek our help and was prescribed herbs. Three months later, I asked Nancy if she had picked a date in December to die, since this was what her doctor said was going to happen to her! Nancy blared out, No, no. I am not going to die yet! I was glad to hear that and replied, Wonderful that you have decided not to die yet. If you believe what you doctor told you, then you die in December!

Nancy lived for another two plus years. Later in this article, you will learn that Nancy died after indulging in a “bad diet”.

Case Study 3: Ama is a 59-year-old lady with ovarian cancer that had spread to her lung. She underwent chemotherapy. On completion of her treatment the doctor told her daughter. Your mother may die tomorrow, may be next week but at most she has three months. When Ama came to see me with her family, she was having difficulty breathing. I prescribed Ama some herbs and she took them without any problem. Surprisingly, Ama became well. It has been more than 12 years now and Ama is still very much alive and well. Her son came to collect Ama’s herbs last week. She is doing well!

Case Study 4.Henny was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her lung. This is indeed a rare cancer – the first of its kind that I ever encounter in my two decades helping cancer patients. Henny went to Singapore for consultation. The oncologist told her to undergo chemotherapy. Without chemotherapy you have only six months to live. If you undergo chemotherapy, you have two years to live. Henny did not see the wisdom of undergoing chemotherapy. She came to seek our help instead. After taking our herbs, Henny’s condition improved and she could lead a normal life.

Seven years later, in mid-2019,  we met up with Henny (arrow) in Surabaya, Indonesia. See, everyone was smiling!

Lessons we can learn from these stories:

  1. When you die – God decides not men.

You have three months or six months to live! I have heard this a thousand times. The truth is, no one of earth can tell you when you would die or how long you can live. So in CA Care we refrain from playing God. Medically and scientifically someone may be right to tell his/her patient that he/she is going to die soon. By saying that it makes you feel like a god who knows everything. What is the purpose of telling your patient such an “unhelpful and damaging” prognosis? Is that statement going to help or “destroy” the patient?

Sadly, many people don’t understand or learn about the nocebo effect. Search the internet and this is what it says,  Nocebo effect is said to occur when negative expectations of the patient regarding a treatment cause the treatment to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would have.

The doctor is not helping his/her patient by such negative prognosis. In actual fact, the doctor is causing more “damage” to his/her patient. My advice to everyone: If you have come to a stage where you cannot offer any more treatment to the patient, the last act of kindness or responsibility is for you to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to tell your patients.

When LAH told me about dying within three months, I made it out like it was a funny joke and we laughed it out together! My reason is this – we have to break that voodoo curse. If you believe in that curse, the patient may just die believing that what is said is true. So, when talking to LAH I related to her some extra-ordinary examples of patients who were similarly “cursed”. But they did not die as predicted. So my message is, Don’t believe in the prognosis.

  1. To live or to die – it’s your choice!

Patients have a choice. When December was around the corner, I asked Nancy (Story 2) if she had fixed the date when she was going to die. I did this to indirectly tell her that if she wanted to die as predicted, she better get prepared. But Nancy had a choice to live if she wanted to live. I was glad to hear her response, No, no, I want to live! That is it! Patients, if you want to live you will do whatever it takes to make you live. But if you say, it is no use helping myself because after all my doctor said I am already going to die already – so why take care of myself anymore? If you harbour that attitude you will die!

  1. Stay alive and continue to do what is right.

Don’t be kuai ku (trying to be funny) and start doing what you like, forgetting what I have told you!

I have seen cases of patients who started to go back to their old ways after becoming well. Some started to eat what they like. Some others stopped taking the herbs. If you do these, you are going to die!

I told you the story of Nancy earlier (Story 2). She was supposed to die within four months. After she took the herbs she led a healthy life for two plus years. In her third year, before the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration, I warned Nancy about taking “bad food.” Nancy broke down and cried. She told me she had missed all the good foods the pasts two years – not being able to eat this or not. Now she said, for this coming CNY, I am going to eat. I am going to dig my grave with my fork and spoon. Sad indeed – a few months after this, I was told Nancy died.

  1. Don’t be afraid – everyone has to die.

I told LAH. By telling you all these, I am not promising that she is going to live for years to come. No, I am not implying that at all. But I want everyone one to realize that, We all have to die one day. So, don’t be afraid. At CA Care we remind all our patients to be grateful and be happy. As cancer patients, let us pray that while we are still alive, let us not suffer. If you can eat, can sleep, can move around and have no pain, please be grateful and don’t ask for me. No one lives forever.

On the other hand, what is the use of being alive but becoming a “vegetable”. There is no meaning if we have to suffer – can’t eat, can’t talk, can’t walk, can’t sleep and always in pain. You want that?

  1. Don’t take this drug!

Chris: The doctor said he would not give you chemo. Neither would be recommend that you go for surgery. So what did he want you to do?

LAH: The doctor wanted me to take this oral drug — Letronat.

(Note: This is a letrozole, a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. Many patients know it as Femera or Tamoxifen).

C: Oh no. I don’t think you should take this drug. I have patients who suffered badly after taking Tamoxifen or Femara. So if I were you, I would not take this oral drug. You could suffer many side effects.

  1. Be careful. Don’t simply listen to the advices of those around you.

Friends and family members want to help you. I can understand that. Unfortunately, before you get cancer, they know nothing about cancer. But now that you have cancer, all of them become  “professors” overnight – they will tell you to take this and to take that. Be careful. Don’t simply follow everything they say. I also have patients, after becoming well, will forget what we told them. They start to go for this supplement and that supplement just because their friends recommend them to take them. Well, that is their choice!

  1. Take care of your diet!

This is my plea to all patients. Please take care of your diet. You cannot eat anything you like even if you think you are already well or “healed.” Of course, if you are already tired and want to “go home” sooner, go ahead and eat what you like. Enjoy your food to the fullest. And go in peace!

I recalled the case of a colon cancer patient whom I called Penang Hill uncle. After his surgery, he refused chemo and took our herbs. His doctor had no objection because Uncle was already old – past his 80s. He was well for more than two years. Then he started to join the company of his old buddies. They frequented the coffee / eating shops every morning. Uncle started to eat fried bee hoon, and chicken rice (according to him he took on the rice, not the meat). He suffered a relapse. The cancer spread to his lungs and he died. I can tell a hundred more stories like this. So be careful with your diet.

  1. My final advice: You are now on the right path – continue to do what make you well.

I told LAH, You have taken the right path and you are doing well. Continue to do what you are doing. Take the herbs and take care of your diet.

This advice appears logical, right? You don’t need to have much “brain” to understand why I give this advice. In my next posting, you will learn that this is not the case with LAH and other patients like her! Sad.





Rotten breast: Paying the Price of Ignorance?

LAH is a 62-year old lady from Penang. In January 2017, she felt a lump in her breast. She went to see a doctor and did a mammogram. The result was not good. LAH was referred to the general hospital for further management. A biopsy was done and confirmed it was cancerous.

On 24 April 2017, LAH underwent a mastectomy to remove her right breast. Histopathology report confirmed an invasive carcinoma. Two of 2 nodes removed were positive for cancer. Immunohistochemical study confirmed  the cancer was strongly positive for oestrogen and progesterone receptors. It was also positive for c-erb B2 oncoprotein.

After the surgery, LAH was told to undergo chemotherapy or take oral drug. She refused further medical treatment. LAH went to a Chinese sinseh instead. She was prescribed herbs which cost her RM100 per month.

I asked LAH, Did the sinseh read your medical report and understand what had happened to you? LAH said the sinseh read the report and told her to take care of her  diet. But he did not give any detail about what food to eat and not to eat – the advice was: take care of your diet.

After one and a half years consuming the herbs, LAH said she did not “feel anything”. After her condition started to get worse, the sinseh asked LAH to see his friend who sells a certain supplement for cancer. This product is from the United States costing about RM500 per month.

This is what happened to LAH when she came to seek our help one morning in September 2019.

The medical report dated 6 September 2019 stated the following:

  • Patient clinically asymptomatic.
  • Local recurrence with infiltration – mass in right chest wall.
  • Nodal, lung, pleural, liver and bone metastasis.
  • Uterine lesions.

Unfortunately, at this stage the doctor said there is nothing much he could do. Another operation or chemotherapy is not indicated.

Watch this video:


The following are what I told LAH that morning. I hope others can learn some lessons from reading this case study.

  1. No rush. Go home and think first what you want to do now?

Most patients who come to us are like LAH! They have failed to find their “cure”. They have no other option. I have to  be absolutely honest with all of you. What can I do for you? Do you expect me to do magic? I shall try to help you the best I know how but I cannot promise to cure you!

I am not going to mislead or cheat you by asking you to buy this or buy that. I am also not going to threaten you in anyway so that you feel compelled to do what I want you to do. No, we don’t do such thing at CA Care.

So, listen to what I have got to say. There is no need for you to rush to make your decision. Go home and think first, what do you want to do? That was what I told LAH.

  1. No cure for cancer – don’t be misled! Surgery did not cure her, herbs / supplement did not cure her either!

From my years of experience, I learned that there is no cure for cancer. When you come here – desperate – do not have the impression that I do not want to help.

LAH’s case is not a unique case. There are many others who are in the same situation like her. After surgery they do not want to do anything else. They think their cancer is already gone after the breast is removed. And that they are cured. Perhaps because of that they refuse to undergo chemotherapy as suggested by their doctors. Some other patients have heard from friends and relatives that chemo do more harm than good. So they “fear” chemo and prefer to go for herbs or take supplements.

I told LAH about a lady who had a lump in her breast. She went to a herbalist for help. The herbalist told her not to go for surgery – just use his herbs which cost RM5,000 per month. After one and a half years, the lump grew bigger and burst. It was only then that the herbalist told her to go and see a doctor to remove the rotten breast. A lesson to learn: don’t be misled by such people!

  1. LAH’s cancer had spread extensively. She had taken the wrong path!

The medical report says LAH’s cancer has spread extensively – to the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, bone, etc. But surprisingly she appeared to be alright, although not in perfect health. This is a serious case. There is not much I can do. Yes, I can help but I told LAH up front that I cannot cure her.

To all patients who come here. Take note that you need to take many types of tea for your cancer. You may want to ask, Can the herbs cure you? The answer is, No. Then the next question you want to ask is, Why take the herbs if these cannot cure! The teas may help you with your quality of life. It is for this reason that I asked LAH and every patient who come and see us to go home and think first – what do you want to do now?

  1. Please take care of your diet.

This is my advice to all patients who come and see me – Take care of your diet! I have written about this in our books — Food & Cancer and Healthy Cooking. Cancer patients cannot eat what they like! There are certain foods that you can eat and there are certain foods that you must avoid. So take care.

I know many people do not agree with me on this – they will say. Eat anything you like. Cancer has nothing to do with your diet. Well – over the past twenty over years, I have been reading and seen how what you eat will affect your well being as a patient and how diet helps in the healing of cancer. And I stand by what I said.

I also know that this advice is the most unpopular among cancer patients. But what can I do?

There was this lady who told me, If I cannot eat laksa, life is not worth living. I told her to go and eat as much laksa as she liked. It is not worth dying over a bowl of laksa. That’s her choice.

There was another lady who told me, How to take care of my diet? I have to clean my apartment, and do all the house chores, etc. etc. I have no time to cook my own food. Again, what can I do?  This is my message to all patients. You need to learn how to take care of your health. Your health is your responsibility. If you don’t want to take care of yourself, there is nothing much I can do to help you.

  1. Ladies, why do you allow your breast to rot?

I have seen many cases of rotten breasts. So LAH’s case one of the many. I just wonder why these ladies allow such thing to happen? Why allow your breast to rot like that?

To all ladies, please remember this:

  1. a) If you happen to find / feel a lump in your breast, go and see a doctor to find out exactly if it is cancerous or not. There is no two ways about it. Don’t go to any sinseh or alternative healer. They cannot give you that answer. Don’t let such people take you for a ride. The medical imaging procedure is more definitive. Don’t ever believe that by taking his herb or supplement the cancerous lump will go away. Don’t gamble with your life!
  2. b) If the lump is cancerous, have it removed by lumpectomy or mastectomy. No two ways about this. I would not see you if you come to me with a cancerous lump and do not want to remove it. Period.
  3. c) After the surgery, your problem becomes more tricky. The doctor will ask you to go for chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. In addition you may have to take oral drug. That is the standard recipe.

But some patients, due to bad (even fatal) experiences of friends and relatives, would NOT want to go for further medical treatments. I have helped many such patients. I understand your concern. If you need my help, we shall work this out together.

Of course, if you want to follow your doctor’s “prescription”, go ahead and do what he wants you to do. You need to make the decision yourself. And one day, if the medical treatments failed and you need my help, then come.

  1. d) Know that even if you have undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and take drug like Tamoxifen or Femara, there is no guarantee that the cancer is cured and never come back again. I have seen many patients who failed to find their cure after spending RM100K to RM500K on their medical treatments. Money gone and patient dying. That is the reality. And it is at this point that these people come to seek our help. OK come and if I can help you, I will help.
  2. e) As for the case of LAH, after surgery, she refused chemo or oral drug and decided to take herbs. Yes, I have patients who are LAH. They come to seek my help after their surgery, don’t want chemo or radiation.

I have made it plainly clear to all patients, herbs cannot cure (just like chemo / radiation do not cure). While you are taking our herbs, you must also take care of your diet, change your lifestyle and personal attitude towards life. We would monitor your progress by blood test (or USG or mammography if you like). Sometimes, we encourage you to go back to your doctor for routine check-up. Some doctors will be “mad” at you because you don’t follow their advice. But I know of doctors who do not object you taking herbs. So, my advice is avoid those who are “hostile” to what you are happily doing. Remember what Dr. Susan Love said:

In the event that the herbs fail to help you, you should stop taking the herbs. There is no dilly dallying here. At the first sign of recurrence, it is best that you see a doctor and find out what it is. Sometimes it could be just a non-cancerous growth or keloid scar. Or it could be a cancerous recurrence. If it is a recurrence, this is the time you need to face reality and try chemotherapy. You don’t wait for one or two years until your “breast rot beyond repair” before you admit that what you have done is not effective. So patients, don’t be dumb and in denial for too long. Learn to call a spade a spade early.

Let me end by reminding you this. When you go  to medical doctors and undergo all the treatments that they have suggested, it is called scientific and proven method of treatment. Never mind if patients die during or after the treatment. That is medically accepted norm. Remember, before you undergo these treatments you are asked to sign a bunch of papers. Do you know what these are?

If you go to the herbalists, sinsehs or alternative practitioners – these people are called quacks or snake oil peddlers. Their methods are considered pseudo-scientific, and not proven. Your health insurance does not cover such expenses.

So, think carefully what you want to do! For more than twenty years, I have helped cancer patients. Almost all of them who come to us are those who have undergone the so called scientific medical treatment but failed. To most of them, we are the last stop for hope. May be at times, the world needs quacks as well.






Diagnosed with colon cancer – What to do now?

In my earlier posting, I wrote about two Indonesians who came to seek our help after surgery and chemotherapy failed to “cure” them. The next day, Tai – another Indonesian from Pontianak came to seek our help. He was also diagnosed with colon cancer. This is another story.

Tai is 56 years old. His problem started about two months back when he had diarrhoea. Sometimes he passed out blood. He went to a hospital in Pontianak. A colonoscopy was done. The doctor said he has colon cancer and has to undergo an operation.

Not satisfied, Tai went to Kuching (Sarawak) to seek a second opinion. Blood test and CT scan were done.

Tai’s CEA level was at 15.36 (high). His liver function enzymes were all within normal limit. CT scan showed:

  • Irregular wall thickening narrowing of the recto-sigmoid.
  • There is a 25 mm hypodense lesion in segment 8 of the liver. There is no evidence of liver cirrhosis.
  • Bronchiectasis (walls of the bronchi are thickened from inflammation and infection) in the right middle and lower lobes of lung.

Tai was told to undergo surgery. This is to be followed by 6 to 10 cycles of chemotherapy.

Listen to our conversation that morning.

Below are some of the main points we discussed that morning. I hope patients who want to come and seek our help will learn from this conversation. We talked for over an hour. And this consultation is free of charge!

  1. Tai has not undergone any treatment yet after his diagnosis of colon cancer. He came to know about CA Care through a friend. Then his daughter went into the internet and read more about us.

Yes, this is the way it is. Many people know us through words of mouth. From there they go to the internet and read. After reading as much as they can, they come and see us. Spot on, patients please READ. Unfortunately, many patients don’t want to read! Or they prefer to hear and follow what others tell them.

  1. I asked Tai if he asked the doctor if surgery and chemotherapy that he was told to undergo would cure him.

Tai’s daughter said she did ask this question. The doctor replied that surgery has its own risk, and there is no guarantee of a cure.

Yes, this is what I always tell patients to do. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid. You go to the doctors hoping to find a cure — is that not what you want? So at least, ask if you can be cured! Learn to know the “truth” by yourself.

  1. Tai’s daughter then asked the doctor, Why treat if you cannot cure?

The doctor did not answer that question. His only reply was, You must undergo the surgery and chemotherapy.

From the two questions above, Tai understood the “hidden” message. His cancer cannot be cured. Surgery and chemo will not do the job! But whatever it is, Tai was told he must undergo the standard treatment protocol — everyone who gets cancer gets operated and then chemo-ed! That is the way it is.

Some doctors may get angry and give you sarcastic answer – but in this case, Tai’s doctor was not “aggressive”. He just kept quiet.

  1. The family was not convinced and refused to undergo further medical treatment.

Tai and her daughter and the son’s friend, flew to Penang and seek our advice. Patients you need to learn how to make your own decision about your health. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to do this. From the answers given by the doctor and also stories of “bad “experience of others before him, Tai hesitated to join the “crowd” in the hospital. He wanted to find another option.

  1. What do you want me to do for you? Cure you? No, go for surgery first before taking our herbs.

Tai’s daughter said her father was hoping to find another alternative. Of course, like everyone else, he hopes that the herbs can cure him.

This was my reply. We know that surgery and chemo do not cure cancer. So when you come here wanting us to cure your cancer, it is really not right. My experience showed me that no one on earth can cure any cure! So don’t be misled.

Let me tell you a story.

There is this lady from Batam. She has a lump in her breast. She went to a Chinese herbalist in Kuala Lumpur who told her not to go for any surgery. She was told to just take herbs which cost RM5,000 per month! She took the herbs for almost one and a half years. The lump did not go away. It grew bigger and eventually burst. When this happened the herbalist told the lady, I cannot help you anymore. Go and see a doctor and have the lump removed.

What do you think of such a herbalist or sinseh? Don’t be misled or be cheated by such people. The same can happen in Tai’s case. There is a “rotten” tumour in his colon. It can slowly grow and block the passage in the colon. Since Tai is still young, 56 years old and the cancer has not spread extensively, I suggested that he goes for surgery to remove the tumour.

If patients come to me with extensive spread — say from the colon to the liver, lung, etc, I would generally say there is no need for surgery. Surgery is not going to cure such a serious case. But in Tai’s case, after seeing the CT scan, I am a bit unsure. Yes, there is a mass in the liver. Don’t operate that liver mass. But it is better to remove the mass in his colon. Please don’t believe that herbs can make the tumour in the colon go away.

  1. If I operate, do I need to wear a colostomy bag?

You need to ask the doctor who is going to operate on you. Generally if the tumour is very near the anus, you will need to wear a colostomy bag all your life. But if the tumour is higher up in the colon, the surgeon can just remove a section of the colon. You may need to wear a colostomy bag for a while. Later when everything is alright you need to undergo another operation to rejoin the colon and the bag is done with.

  1. To operate or not to operate: You need to make that decision. I cannot tell you what to do.

Tai said he was not prepared to undergo surgery, if possible. To this my response was: I am really concerned if you reject surgery altogether. If I have a “rotten” mass inside my colon, I would go for an operation and remove it, provided there is no extensive metastasis.

Tai explained that he is reluctant to go for an operation because for the past month a herbalist in Pontianak prescribed him some herbs. This helped him. Tai said, Before taking the herbs I have severe stomach pain. After taking the herbs, the pain was gone!

My reply. I understand. But I am afraid of what can happen to you in the future. Feeling better or good after taking herbs does not mean the cancer is cured! One day in the future, like a dormant volcano, it may explode.

From my years of experience, I know that the tumour would not go away just by taking the herbs. Yes, you may be able to live for one or two years with that rotten mass. But I am not sure what is going to happen after that.

Some alternative healers may tell you not to operate – just take their (alternative) treatments  and you will be alright. I am not sure if they are right in telling you such thing. Where is the proof or evidence that their herbs can cure?

You also need to understand that undergoing surgery to remove the tumour does not mean that the cancer will be gone forever. Surgery cannot guarantee a cure at all. But by removing the main source of the cancer, it can make the management of your cancer with alternative therapy easier.

Let me share with you the story of one VIP patient. He was an old man, past his 80s. He had colon cancer that had spread extensively to his liver. He refused any medical treatment (either surgery or chemo) in spite of the fact that his niece (a medical specialist) urged him to do so. His younger brother (a minister in the government) brought him to see us.

Based on his age and extensive metastasis, I agreed with the patient that surgery or chemo might just give more problems instead of helping him.  The patient was prescribed herbs and he was “well”. He could move his bowels normally and he continued to live his normal life. Was he cured? NO. About nine months later his stomach became bloated after eating glutinous rice laced with sugar plus salted dish. He was rushed to the hospital and died not long after the “forbidden meal”. In this case, herbs helped him but it did not cure him!

In case of Tai, it is still worth taking a gamble by undergoing surgery before taking our herbs. He is still young – just 56 years old and his cancer has not spread so extensively yet.

  1. Find the right surgeon to operate on you!

When you come and seek our help, we would try our best to help in any way we can. It is NOT just about prescribing herbs. The question that comes to mind is who is a good surgeon to go to. From the experiences of our patients, we know that Dr. X in Hospital Y is the surgeon to go to. So colon cancer patients, Go to him if you want my advice. Let me say up front, I don’t get an referral fee by doing this! In fact, I don’t know him personally. But I know he has a good reputation.

I told Tai the following:

  1. Before the operation, ask him to give your the estimated cost of the surgery.
  2. Ask the surgeon if you need to wear a colostomy bag — forever or just temporarily.
  3. There is no need to ask the surgeon if he can cure your cancer. By now you should know the reality of the situation.
  4. It is most likely that the surgeon will ask you to go for follow up chemotherapy. No need to rush into this yet. Tell the surgeon you need to go home first and discuss with your family and figure out where to find more money to pay for the treatment.
  5. No need to take herbs yet!

Take one or two weeks to decide what you want to do after considering my advice. There is no need to take the herbs now. You would be just wasting your money. If you need my help after the surgery come back again with the medical reports two or three weeks after your surgery. Then we shall decide what further treatment you need.

More stories …

While I am writing this story about Tai, I received an email from Singapore.

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

We would like to seek your advice for my mother, age 78. She suffered constipation (4 Dec to 8 Dec) and was in pain for 5 days with a huge bloated stomach.

With all investigations done in a hospital, she is diagnosed  with colon cancer on 9 Dec 2019. There is a tumour found in the large intestine that block the passing of the stools. She had undergone blood tests, CT scans and colonoscopy.

The immediate attention given by doctor was to release the gas in her body and to aid the passing of stools asap with the help of a stent insertion to the intestine. A tube was also inserted into her nose. This was done on 9 Dec 2019.

Her stomach has subsided since the insertion of stent, some stools and gas were passed out with the help of the stent. However, today (12 Dec) she did not pass out any stools.

The investigations shows:

Her CEA is 32.5. From the scan report: “There is an obstructing short segment concentric mural thickening of the mid descending colon, a primary tumour , approx 5.1cm in length with upstream dilatation of the rest of the large bowel.” CT scans shows no  spread of cancer cells to other part of the organs.

The next procedure urgently suggested by the specialist is to remove the tumour the soonest. As informed by the specialist, she would have to live with stoma bag after the removal of the tumour as the success rate of joining the intestines back is low.

We would like to seek alternative medical treatment for her, keeping in mind of my mother’s age to undergo the stress of a major surgery, as well as the quality of life after the operation.

May we check on the possibility of meeting you for a consultation.  We would greatly appreciate if we could meet up with you somewhere next week. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

I have not met with the patient yet. But based on the email above, I am in full agreement that putting in a stent to help with her bowel movements was the right thing to do — a procedure alternative healers cannot do!

What about an immediate surgery as suggested by the doctor? The family members seem skeptical due to the patient’s old age (78 years old) and the prospect of having to permanently wear a colostomy bag after that.

I tend to agree with the family’s logic for not wanting the surgery. Why? Because I have come across a similar case like this before. This is the story and see if you can learn anything from this case.

Chai and his wife came to our house one day, on behalf of their 82-year-old mother who was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctor was adamant that the patient be operated on immediately. At that point in time, I too agreed that Chai’s mother-in-law had to undergo the surgery immediately. But Chai and his wife did not want their mother to undergo the surgery.

They asked me, What if she did not undergo surgery? My answer then was: Well, the stools will be blocked and accumulate within the colon. With time the intestine may just burst. They then asked, Can your herbs do something? My answer was, I just don’t know. I cannot see how the herbs can ever clear the blockage at all.

Since Chai and his wife insisted that they would not go for the surgery, I had NO choice but to make a deal with them. I shall prescribe her some herbs. If the patient was not able to move her bowels after a week or so, they MUST bring her back to the hospital for immediate surgery. Amazingly, after taking the herbs, the patient was well. Her bowel movements became normal.

Watch this video:

About two years later, the patient died. According to Chai it is not due to cancer, probably due to old age.




Colon Cancer: Surgery and chemo did not cure them – ended up in a more dire situation.

One morning in November 2019.

Two Indonesians came to seek our help. One of them is from Medan and  the other from Jakarta. Both of them had colon cancer. They had surgery followed by chemotherapy. The treatments did not cure them. Let us examine each case in detail. And let us hope we can learn something from their experiences.

Case 1: SPW is 53 years old. He is from Jakarta. About eight months ago, SPW passed out blood-stained stools.

A colonoscopy indicated tumour in his colon.

A CT scan done on 20 March 2019 showed gallstones, in addition to a tumour in the colon.  SPW underwent surgery to remove the mass in his colon and the gallbladder stones.

Pathology report confirmed cancer,  adenocarcinoma, pT3NxMx.

After the surgery, SPW was sent home without further treatment.

About two months later (Jun 2019), a PET scan was done. The result showed the cancer had recurred at the previous operation site. There was NO spread to the liver, lung, lymph nodes or bone.

PW underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy, at a private hospital in Jakarta. The chemo was given every two weeks. The regimen used was FOLFOX-4, consisting of  Eloxatin (or oxaliplatin) + 5-FU + Leucovorin (folinic acid).

About five months later, in November 2019, another PET was done. The results were disappointing.

  1. The doctor suspected the cancer had spread to the liver.
  2. Metabolic activity of the recurrent mass in the colon was less intense but the cancer did not go away.
  3. PET scan showed reactive lymph node.

The oncologist asked SPW to undergo more chemotherapy but he refused further treatment. Why?

SPW said he suffered severe side effects during the chemo.

  • He lost 15 kg of body weight within that few months of treatment.
  • He was depressed.
  • He suffered severe fatigue.
  • He lost his appetite.
  • He could not sleep at night, and had to take sleeping pills.
  • His fingers were numb.
  • He had difficulty walking.

Current condition: He has to urinate four times during the night.

Case 2: Wongso is a 67 year-old from Medan. In March 2018 he passed out stools with blood. A colonoscopy was done in a hospital in Medan. There was a mass in his colon.

Wongson underwent an operation to remove the tumour in his colon in April 2018. The pathology report confirmed cancer – adenocarcinoma, pT4N1Mx. One of the two lymph nodes was affected. A CT scan on 9 May 2018, showed the cancer had spread to his liver.

Wongso underwent chemotherapy at the government cancer hospital in Jakarta. He received 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The regimen used was FOLFOX-4,  consisting of oxaliplatin, folinic acid and 5-FU.

A CT scan on 5 September 2018 showed that the tumour in his liver had shrunk from 2.49 cm to 2.06 cm. But it did not go away.

Wongso was prescribed an oral drug – Xeloda. He took the pill for two weeks followed by a week of rest. This constitutes a cycle. Wongso took a total of 12 cycles of Xeloda. His CEA was initially at 2.6 but this increased to 79.8 in November 2019.

CT scan on 29 October 2019 showed:

  • Mild ascites around the liver.
  • Multiple cyst in both lobes of liver.
  • Fractured compression at L4 vertebrae.

In spite of this failure, the oncologist still insisted that Wongso continues to take the Xeloda. Wongso was still on Xeloda when he came to seek our help. His complaints were: stomach pain, probably due to “wind”. He moved his bowels 3 to 4 times a day. He had to urinate 3 to 4 times each night.


The standard treatment recipe for colon cancer is: surgery, chemotherapy and oral drug such as Xeloda. Sometimes patient is also asked to go for radiotherapy before surgery. This is the cases where the tumour is too large.

If you have cancer, you have to go through these treatments no matter where you are – in the most famous  and expensive hospital or in just any ordinary cancer hospital. Yes, you need to undergo this so called proven method of treatment. But, the question you need to ask is: does this proven and scientific method of treatment works for you? I cannot answer that question! But if you come to see after being diagnosed with colon cancer, my only advice is to go for surgery to remove the tumour, that is if the cancer has not spread extensively elsewhere. If there is a widespread metastasis, the value of surgery is questionable. So, that is as far as I would go. In fact, after I met with the two patients above, the next day, there was another Indonesian who also had colon cancer. He has not undergone any treatment yet. My advice to him was: Go and have the tumour removed. Go to this surgeon X in Hospital Y in Kuala Lumpur. He is a good doctor. I think he would be able to help you.

Looking back over the past twenty plus years helping colon cancer patients, I could recollect many sad experiences. In the early years, I have a few patients who underwent chemotherapy with 5-FU after surgery. At that time the only drug deemed effective was 5-FU. One patient went all the way to Sydney for his 5-FU treatment.  He died while undergoing the treatment. Then there was this building contractor. He too had colon cancer and underwent chemotherapy after his surgery. He did not make it. Before he died he told his daughter to not forget CA Care and she should try to help us whenever we need to do any renovation work. Over the years, I lost many good friends.

Now, the chemo regimen for colon cancer has been “updated.” In the case of SPW and Wongso, the oncologists treated their colon cancer using FOLFOX-4 regimen, which consists of a combination of  fluorouracil, leucovorin, and oxaliplatin.

In fact, besides FOLFOX, there are other variations such as:

  • FOLFIRI – consisting of folinic, 5-FU and irinotecan.
  • CAPOX – consisting of capecitabine or Xeloda and oxaliplatin.
  • XELOX – consisting of Xeloda (trade name) and oxaliplatin.

If you study the above carefully, these are merely different combinations of the same five drugs below:

  • 5-FU.
  • Folinic acid or
  • Oxaliplatin
  • Irinotecan
  • Capecitabine or Xeloda.

One important question which most patients want to ask is: Can chemotherapy cure colon cancer? Or What is the success rate of chemotherapy for colon cancer. I tried to search the answers from the internet and these are what I got.

  • Chemotherapy is used after surgery in many colon cancers which are stage 2, 3, and 4. It has been shown that it increases the survival rates. This is not the case in stage I cancers, and therefore chemotherapy is rarely used in this setting. The vast majority of stage I cancers are cured with surgery alone.
  • Although clinical trials have demonstrated that adjuvant chemotherapy improves survival for stage-III colon cancer, the benefits remain controversial for stage-2 lesions. Stage-2 colon cancer patients receive adjuvant chemotherapy despite its uncertain benefits.
  •  Surgery is the primary curative modality in 70–80% of colon cancer patients who present with a non-metastatic disease. However, recurrence is common and is seen in nearly 30% of stage 3 cases after 5 years.
  • Nearly a quarter of all colon cancer cases are stage 3 at diagnosis.
  • Chemotherapy does not cure metastatic colorectal cancer, but it can improve symptoms and prolong life. 
  •  Upon diagnosis, 20% of newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients present with metastatic disease (Stage 4) with no curative treatment options currently available. 
  • The overall five-year relative survival of colorectal cancer patients in the US is 64% and in England it is 50.7%.
  • Below is the survival rate in England, based on the stage of disease at diagnosis.
Stage at diagnosis Number of cases 5-year relative survival (%)
Dukes A / Stage 1 26,727 93.2
Dukes B / Stage 2 74,784 77.0
Dukes C / Stage 3 72,806 47.7
Dukes D / Stage 4 28,377 6.6


  • The above data are obtained with patients in the US and England. We need to take note that survival rate does NOT mean cure. Unfortunately many patients are told that if they can live five years and more you are considered “CURED”. Unfortunately this is a wrong advice.
  • Take note also that the above result need not apply to you. You may respond differently from these people. The above result should be treated as just an indicator of what can happen to you.
  • In summary, if you are diagnosed with advanced or Stage 4 cancer, you chance of survival is probably 10 to 15%, no matter what you do. On the other hand, if you have a Stage 1 cancer, you don’t need chemotherapy at all after surgery. Even for Stage 2 cancer, chemotherapy is of doubtful benefit.
  • Overall, that data tells that for colon cancer, you have a 50:50 chance with chemotherapy if your cancer is at Stage 3.

Most patients believe that surgery and chemotherapy can cure their cancer. Unfortunately this is often not the case. In the case of SPW and Wongso, were they ever told the truth about their chances? Unfortunately, they had to learn the hard way.





Pancreatic Cancer: Can Chemo Cure You? or Can the Treatment Kill You or Bankrupt You?

SH is a 62-year-old Singaporean. Many years ago, his father had lung cancer. He underwent chemotherapy and according to SH’s wife, “it was very fast, within a year he died. He had chemo.”

Fast forward to early 2018.  SH had difficulty moving his bowels which led to pains in the abdomen and loss of appetite. The problem persisted for some six months.

Sometime in June 2018, SH went to a government hospital and did a colonoscopy. There were some polyps. USG showed “air bubbles” in the intestine. Nothing was done and SH was asked to go home. Not satisfied, SH went to a “well known” private hospital (in Singapore). A CT scan was done, followed by a biopsy.

SH was told he had pancreatic cancer, Stage 3. The cancer might have spread to the small intestine.

On 1 July 2018, SH sent me an email:

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am SH from Singapore I want to check with you how can I come and consult you in Penang?

I have done a CT scan and  found to have “abdomen/pelvis: mass in neck of pancreas, encroaching the portal vein causing portal obstruction with cavermosum formation. Also abutting hepatic artery and SMA”.

May I know how to make an appointment to see you? I look forward to your reply.

My reply: Go and see the doctors first and find out what they can do for you.

Dear Dr. CHRIS,

Thank you for your advice. I will discuss with my doctor first. I understand that he recommends chemo followed by surgery. I will come back to you once I have gone through the treatments and assess my health condition.

From 11 July 2018 to 9 July 2019, SH underwent chemotherapy. This was done at the clinic of a “famous Singapore oncologist”.

In total, SH received 11 cycles of chemotherapy using the drugs, Gemcitabine + Abraxane. This is the standard recipe used to treat advanced pancreatic cancer.

This treatment was stopped after 11 cycles because, according to SH, the treatment was not effective. For this treatment alone, SH spent about SGD100,000.

In November 2018, SH underwent treatment with HIFU – high frequency focused ultrasound.

Then from end of July 2019 to end of August 2019, SH received 28 cycles of radiotherapy. This treatment cost him SGD20,000.

On Jan 19, 2019, I received this email from SH.

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I am SH from Singapore. I contacted you in July 2018. You asked me to see my oncologist first. I did that. I would like to visit you to seek alternative herbal treatment. I have completed 13 chemo sessions for treatment of my pancreatic cancer. Please advise how to make appointment to see you?

On Nov 4, 2019 SH again wrote:

Dear Chris Teo,

Can I come to see you in November (date to be confirmed)? My chemo treatment is not working for me. I will not hold you responsible. I am desperate to seek alternative treatment. Can you agree to see me? Thanks.

When SH came to seek our help in November 2019, he said he had learned from his father’s bitter experience about chemotherapy. From the beginning he was not happy to undergo chemotherapy but he had no choice. In the end, he decided to give up chemotherapy because of the severe side effects.

Did chemo and radiation treatments cure his cancer?

Take a look at the CA19.9 values during the course of his treatments:

SH was scheduled for a third cycle of chemo in mid-November 2019 but he decided to give up further medical treatment.

In fact SH was told that if he was to continue with chemotherapy, the drugs to be used would be changed to: 5-FU +irinotecan or 5-FU + irinotecan + oxaliplatin.

Alternatively, SH could opt for targeted therapy using Olaprarib.

If you check the internet, Olaprarib is a drug used to treat ovarian and breast cancer!!!!!!!

How much does Olaparib cost? In the US, the cost of Olaparib (internet information) is estimated to be USD3,000 per month!

SH’s blood test results on 5 November 2019 is a follows:

RBC 3.14  low
HGB 9.3    low
Platelet 86     low
eGFR More than 60 high
Alk phos 55
AST 32
ALT 24
GGT 50

Below are the results of the PET scan done on 1 October 2019 (top row) compared to the one done on 15 July 2019 (bottom row). It is obvious that his cancer did not go away in spite of the treatments given.

My Comments

One question I asked SH (and his wife). Before you undergo the chemotherapy, did you ever ask the oncologist if the treatment is going to cure you? Yes, they asked that question. And the answer was, “No, cannot cure. It is just to prolong life or to promote quality of life.”

Is that what patients want — no cure but prolong life? Ask these questions — prolong life for how long? And at what cost in terms of suffering or money?

What about chemo promoting quality of life? Someone must be joking! SH said, “spend money is okay” but it is the suffering that he could not endure.

At the end of it all, ask yourself, Is it worth it? I can’t answer that question – only the patient who suffered the consequences would know better.

I always tell patients, understand that the decrease of tumor markers (in this case CA19.9) is meaningless! But many patients don’t want to understand this. To them if the tumor marker comes down, it means the treatment is effective! So patients like to go for blood test or do a CT scan soon after each or a few shots of treatment. Some even do the most crazy thing — doing a PET scan every month!

Let us look at SH’s case.

  1. On 5 July 2018 before chemo, SH’s CA19.9 was at 5,248. That was high! Okay, after a shot of chemo, his CA19.9 went down to 1,658. Hooray, the chemo worked! That was what SH thought and it was probably what his oncologist also thought and wanted SH to believe — the chemo was very effective!

So go for more and more chemo — good, isn’t it?

  1. By 28 February 2019, SH’s CA19.9 went down to its lowest level, at 206. Wonderful achievement.

But was that really wonderful? Don’t be fooled. If you have enough experience or if you are observant enough, know that this decrease of tumour marker may not last. It could be just an illusion; a temporary relief and a good start to make patients excited and spend their money. But it may not last. I have seen enough cases like this happen.

  1. See, from the lowest CA19.9 level of 206 in February 2019, SH’s CA19.9 started to increase again. By July 2019 it went up to 500 – 600. That was just within five months.

It was at this point that the doctor told SH that the Gemcitabine + Abraxane concoction did not work anymore!

SH needed to be given another “magic” concoction of Oxaliplatin + 5-FU (or + irinotecan).

  1. By October and November 2019, even with the new concoction, SH’s CA19.9 shot up to 4,329.

Remember before SH was started on chemo in July 2018, his CA19.9 was at 5,2438. After spending more than SGD120K for the treatment, he was back to square one — that was just 15 months later.

  1. SH suffered severe side effects. In spite of not seeing meaning benefit, the oncologist would not want to give up yet. If SH had already developed a phobia for the needle, he can go for a “high sounding name treatment called Targeted Therapy”. This is to take an oral drug called Olaprarib. This is the first time I have heard of this drug. So I goggled to find out more about this. I learned that this drug costs a bomb — USD3,000 per month in the US?!? I have no idea how much this cost here.

But what is most bewildering about this drug is that it is meant for ovarian or breast cancer!!!!  Has someone forgotten that SH has pancreatic cancer? That being the case, how good can this new drug be for SH?

So let’s go back to the title of this post — Can chemo cure you? Can the treatment kill you? or Can the treatment bankrupt you? I would not be able to answer that question. Patients, you answer that question!





Neuroendocrine Cancer: Magic? Fluke Shot? Hocus pocus? or God’s Blessing?


Jim (not his real name) is a 29-year-old Indonesia. He is an engineer – a graduate of one of Australia’s prestigious universities. He and his wife, Grace (not her real name) came to seek our help. Let me briefly relate to you his story.

Some time in January 2019, Jim went out with friends for a drinking session. He vomited blood.  Later, he passed out blood in his stools. Jim has a history of gastric ulcer.

Jim went to a private hospital in Melaka and did an endoscopy and CT scan. The result showed:

  • Enlarged liver with multiple solid nodules in both lobes. The largest in the right lobe is about 6 x 6 cm.
  • There is an enlarged perigastric node about 2 cm.

Jim went to Hospital A in Singapore for a second opinion where an endoscopy was again done followed by a PET scan and a biopsy. The results showed:

  • The 1.8 x 1.3 cm lesion in the gastric fundus, represent the known primary neuroendocrine neoplasm.
  • Pericoeliac and paracaval lymph nodes are likely nodal metastases.
  • Numerous lesions in the liver, representing metastases. The largest lesion is approximately 6.8 x 5.9
  • There a several 0.2 to 0.4 cm nodules in both lungs. Lung metastasis remain a consideration.

After being told that he had neuroendocrine cancer, Jim and his family decided to go to Koh Samui, Thailand to undergo a 11-day detox program. This cost him SGD5,000.

On his return from Koh Samui, Jim decided to seek further treatment in Hospital B in Singapore. On 12 February 2019, he did a PET gallium dotatate scan – an imaging procedure specially for neuroendocrine cancer.

Note:  A small amount of a radioactive drug called Dotatate is given by injection before the PET scan. Dotatate attaches to neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and shows up on the PET image as bright spots.

Below are the results:

On 13 February 2019, Jim was started on chemotherapy. The drugs used were: Cisplatin + Etoposite. In addition, he was also given Denosunab,  an injection for his bone.

(Note: Denosumab (trade names Prolia and Xgeva) is a human monoclonal antibody for the treatment of osteoporosis, treatment-induced bone loss, metastases to bone, and giant cell tumor of bone).

Jim continued to receive another shot of chemo with Cisplatin + Etoposite. But for the third shot, the drugs were changed to Irinotecan + Temodal.

(Note: Temozolomide or Temodal is used to treat brain tumour – glioblastoma multiforme or recurrent  anaplastic astrocytoma. It is sometimes used to treat bone cancer that has come back. This drug is usually used with irinotecan).

So from the third to eighth chemo, Jim received Irinotecan + Temodal.

Together with chemo, Jim also received Neulastim Booster.

(Note: Neulastim Injection is used for boost production of white blood cells, to help with fever due to low WBC in patients undergoing chemotherapy).

After the seventh chemo Jim’s started to have problems. He developed skin rashes, intially under his arm and parts of the body.

On 29 June 2019, Jim received his first shot of hormone injection called Lanreotide Autogel. Thiis cost SGD4,000 each injection and he had this twice.

(Note: Lanreotide lowers many substances in the body such as insulin and glucagon (involved in regulating blood sugar), growth hormone, and chemicals that affect digestion. It is used to treat acromegaly (increased level of growth hormone), carcinoid syndrome and a certain type of pancreatic or digestive tract tumor that may spread to other parts of the body).

(Note: Carinoid syndrome – signs and symptoms of carcinoid tumors in the digestive tract include: Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and inability to pass stool due to intestinal blockage (bowel obstruction), rectal bleeding, rectal pain and redness or a feeling of warmth in your face and neck (skin flushing).

After the eighth chemo Jim started to have more rashes. They spread throughout the body from head to toes and hands.

On 12 July 2019, Jim was give another type of hormone injected called Sandostatin.

(Note: Sandostatin is given to control symptoms such as diarrhea or flushing in patients with tumors such as carcinoid, pancreatic islet cell tumors, gastrinoma, or vasoactive intestinal peptide-secreting tumors.It is also used to treat acromegaly, when the body produces too much growth hormone, and the hands, feet, face or head grow too large).

On 12 Septermber 2019, Jim decided to give up medical treatment and he and  wife Grace flew to Penang seeking our help.

Take a quick look at the time line Grace prepared for this article.

1 4 &5 Sep-17 Endoscopy Melaka Hospital
2 10-Jan-19 Gastric pain, cold sweat, throw out blood & black stool
3 19-Jan-19 CT Scan, Blood test, Endoscopy & Biopsy Melaka Hospital
4 23-Jan-19 Re-do Endoscopy & Biopsy Singapore Hospital
5 23-Jan-19 PET Scan Singapore Hospital
6 29-Jan-19 Positive Biopsy report Singapore Hospital
7 29-Jan-19 Detox program for 11 days Resort, Koh Samui
8 8-Feb-19 Consult to Dr. X for another Singapore Hospital Singapore Hospital B
9 12-Feb-19 PET Gallium Dotatate Scan ( special for Neuroendocrine ) S’pore Hospital B
10 13-Feb-19 1st Chemo (Cisplatin & Etoposite) 3 days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
11 13-Feb-19 1st Bone Injection Denosumab (xgeva)
12 5-Mar-19 2nd Chemo (Cisplatin & Etoposite) 3 days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
13 26-Mar-19 3rd Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
14 27-Mar-19 Insert Port a cath Surgery Centre, SG
15 1-Apr-19 Hydration 1day S’pore Hospital B
16 12-Apr-19 Hydration 2 days & Albumin IV S’pore Hospital B
17 15-Apr-19 4th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
18 17-Apr-19 Start taking herb 2x a day Herbalist Singapore
19 6-May-19 5th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
20 20-May-19 Hydration 1 days 1 L Hospital in  Melbourne
21 27-May-19 6th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
22 17-Jun-19 7th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
23 26-Jun-19 Skin rashes started come out at under arm & body side
24 29-Jun-19 1st Hormone Injection Lanreotide Autogel (1 month dose 1 syringe) S’pore Hospital B
25 29-Jun-19 Hydration 1day S’pore Hospital B
26 2-Jul-19 Albumin IV 4 days S’pore Hospital B
27 3-Jul-19 Kidney USG S’pore Hospital B
28 8-Jul-19 8th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
29 8-Jul-19 Hydration & Albumin IV 5 days S’pore Hospital B
30 12-Jul-19 Rashes spread to head , toes, palm hands
31 12-Jul-19 3days Hormone Injection Sandostatin ( 3x injections daily ) S’pore Hospital B
32 16-Jul-19 Hydration 2 days S’pore Hospital B
33 29-Jul-19 Hydration & Albumin 3 days S’pore Hospital B
34 30-Jul-19 1st Consult Dermatology Dr. Y S’pore Hospital B
35 31-Jul-19 2nd Bone Injection Denosumab (xgeva) S’pore Hospital B
37 31-Jul-19 2nd Hormone Injection Lanreotide Autogel (1 month dose 1 syringe) S’pore Hospital B
37 12-Aug-19 Very tired, almost black out, skin getting worse, water retention
38 20-Aug 2nd Consult Dermatology Dr Y S’pore Hospital B
39 21-Aug Hydration & Albumin 3 days S’pore Hospital B
40 2-Sep Hydration & Albumin 4 days S’pore Hospital B
41 9-Sep 3rd Consult Dermatology Dr Y, Steroid Injection S’pore Hospital B
42 11-Sep Did IgG Food Sensitivity test Diagnostic, Singapore
43 12-Sep Consult with Dr Chris Teo, taking herb CA Care Penang
44 19-Sep Consult Dr Z for blood test Melaka Hospital
45 3-Oct Shingles Infections Skin Clinic Melaka
46 7-Oct 2nd consult with Dr Chris Teo CA Care Penang
47 16-Oct Low Albumin, IV 100ml a day x 3days Melaka Hospital


Was Jim cured by those highly scientific, up-to-date medical treatment in Singapore?

You make your own conclusion after seeing the photos below. By the way, for all the adventure in Singapore Jim spent no less than SGD100,000 (that is 0.3 million ringgit).

Feb 2019 before chemotherapy ——– Feb 2019 to Sept 2019, after chemo and hormone injection. SGD 100,000 gone. Ended up bald, severe skin peeling, severe diarrhoea, swollen feet, etc. Worth it?

Jim said the severe peeling of the skin  was indeed a very painful experience. His skin peeled and peeled for about 10 to 13 times. It addition, he suffered severe diarrhoea – about 20 times a day to the extent that he said he virtually fell “asleep” in the toilet. Jim will share his experience in the next posting.

Let us look at the results of his PET scan.

Comparison of scan results: 29 July 2019 (top row) vs 12 February 2019 (bottom row)

Comparison of scan results: 29 July 2019 (left row) vs 12 February 2019 (right row)

Something wrong with the bones? Scan on 29 July 2019 (left column) seemed to be more serious than scan done on 12 Feb 2019 (right).

Did the cancer go away after all the treatments?

Again, ask this question: From the above, do you see any improvement? And what had  scientific, modern medicine done to him? Study what the reports carefully and you will know the answers.

My comments

Most patients who come to see us are like Jim and Grace. They have come to the end of the road as far as medical treatments are concerned. Where else can they go to for help? Yet the medical world sees alternative medicine as hocus pocus. They call people like me snake oil peddlers!

When I first saw Jim in such a  pathetic condition, I was really upset. Here is a young man being subjected to such torturous treatments in the name of “science.”  But deep in my heart, there was a feeling that I would be able to help him — no, not to cure him but to help and make his life a lit bit better.

Each morning, as I prepare to come to the centre to see patients, my prayer to God, the Almighty Healer is always  this — God show me your way. Teach me what I have to do to help people in need. This is what I call  asking for God’s blessing for whatever happens after that!

In the next posting I shall present  you videos of our conversation. You will learn about the traumatic experience that Jim went through.

I prescribed Jim some herbs and was very concern if the herbs would help him or not. Below are some of the emails for you to evaluate.

 Sun, Sep 15, 2019:  Hi Dr Chris,

Currently Jim’s face & toes got water retention due to lack of albumin. This has happened 5 to 6 times  already since the past 4 months. This water retention is followed by tiredness, swollen & not feeling well.

Doctor at SG will give Albumin IV usually 2 bottles for 5 days. But it will become low again after 1-2 weeks & he need another albumin again. Which is not helping at all.

Last time you said you have herb for swollen face & toes. Please advice what herb to overcome this? Please advice.

Sat, Sep 21, 2019: Dear dr chris,

The past few days, 10 minutes after drinking the herb, Jim will need to go to the toilet. One day he can pass motion for around 7 times. Do you mind if we send you picture of the poop?

Lately, he is also feeling a bit tired. Is it the side effect of the herb? Should we be worried about it?

Also, we just started on Edema today. Will let you know how it goes in the next few days.

Tue, Oct 1: Hi Dr,

Thank you for your reply. After taking Lower Edema for 10 days until today, his leg still swollen, but not getting worse. And he still pee 6-7x a day (last time when his leg swollen he only pee 2-3x a day. Means all liquid intake become water retention. During that time we have no choice & did Albumin IV 10bottles 5 days in a row, then slowly his albumin level going up & he starting to pee 7- 8x per day & his water retention gone. But It will recurrence every 2 weeks time which make us worried.

Do you think this swelling due to his liver not good or what else?

The first 2 weeks he feels tired, skin still worse, sometimes nausea, & more bowl movements more than 5x. Every time he drink herbs, 10 mins later confirm go toilet.

But now after taking herbs for 3 weeks time, he is much better now. The skin, the energy, mood are better and can go out to do some activity which we are very happy to see his condition now.

Now only his leg swollen & still having lack of leg power (since few months ago).

He took the herbs regularly & diets following your cook book. Totally no meats except fish sometimes.

Please advice on this current condition.

Mon, Oct 21: Dear Dr Chris,

 I compiled Jim’s medical record since his first symptom until now.

– Medical Timeline (excel)

– All scans & Endoscopy

– Each month blood test

– Histopathology report

– Photos of his peeled skin

We are very happy if you can help us look through these file for your further analysis. His current conditions is much better after taking your herb, and we are very happy & thank you and auntie for your kind help.

Tue, Oct 22, 2019 : Dear Dr,

Thank you for your kind reply. He feels good, can do some activities & he continues  using the machine also. Overall the energy is good can go out around 5 hrs a day.

Thank you for your help.

Wed, Oct 23, 2019: Dear Dr,

We are the one should thank you because you help us through this struggling time. We are fine with the pictures, sharing with others.

Thu, Oct 24, 2019: Hi Dr Chris, 

After reading the story you wrote, I felt happy because now we are on the right track. After chemo  so many side effect & no improvement. We were really down at that time and luckily we came  to see you. Hopefully this story will help others patients too. We really appreciate your kindness & help.

Thank you Dr Chris!

He is doing quite well now, but I understand he can’t over do. So we trying to manage it.

  1. Now no more diarrhea problem. Only during 3rd to 8th chemo (Irinotecan side effect), diarrhea 15-20x a day (even after atrophine injection 1-2x a day). After stop chemo no more. Currently 4-5x a day. Not painful.
  2. His last Albumin IV on 16 Oct for 3 days. After that blood test shown still border line 33 L (range 35-50). But last 4 days we soaked his toes on warm water + Epsom salt. It’s help reduce the swelling. Now looks normal already. Hopefully will stay normal because it happened so many times already & no solution until now.
  3. Now, skin no more peeling off, only dry in some area (near lips, thigh). After taking herb about 2 weeks his skin does not peel off anymore.
  4. He can sleep well now, no more melatonin / sleeping pill this past one month until now.
  5. His shingles is gone, leaving scars only.



Let me conclude by asking you to reflect seriously these words of advice:


Acknowledgment: Thank you Grace (not her real name) for your help in providing us with all the pictures and medical reports to enable us to write this story.








When a magic is not a magic

JS is a 66-year-old Malaysian lady. Her problem started about six months ago (in March 2019). She could not eat anything and vomited. The family brought her to a private hospital where she underwent a check-up for her heart! Not satisfied with the doctor, she went to another private hospital for a scope of her stomach. She was told she had stomach cancer.

JS was referred to another private hospital for CT scan. There was a blockage in the stomach due to the swollen pylorus and antrum. JS was asked to undergo an operation immediately. About half of her stomach was removed.

After the surgery, JS was referred to the oncologist for further management. The family was told it was a stage 4 cancer. JS underwent the first cycle of chemotherapy. This treatment cost her about RM4,000 plus. She was scheduled for six cycles but decided to give up after her first cycle.

In May 2019, JS went to a hospital in Melaka for alternative treatment. She was treated with high dose Vitamin C, ozone (?) therapy and dietary change. JS underwent these treatments for about three months. These cost her about RM80,000. She had to travel from Penang to Melaka every three weeks for the treatment.

Unfortunately the treatment in Melaka was not effective and the doctor gave up on her.

In August JS went back to the oncologist in Penang again and underwent a second shot of chemo. She decided to gave up further chemo treatment due to the severe side effects. She suffered headache, vomiting, hair loss, etc.

A CT scan of 14 August 2019 showed the presence of two ill defined liver lesions measuring 1.2 x 1.2 cm and 1.4 x 1.4 cm, suggesting that the cancer had spread to her liver.

It was at this point that I received an email from JS’s daughter asking for help. JS and her family members came to CA Care on 27 August 2019. From the beginning I told the family that I cannot cure any cancer. There is no magic, but I shall do my best to help in any way I can.

Let us examine JS’s blood test results.

  1. When JS went to the Melaka hospital in June 2019 for alternative treatment, the blood test done in the hospital showed her CA 19.9 was at 89. In August her CA 19.9 increased to 737.0. Her liver function enzymes were way out of range but her total bilirubin was still normal. Perhaps because of this the alternative doctor gave up and told JS and her family to go home and discontinue the treatment. There was no magic!
  2. JS underwent a second chemo shot in August 2019. At that time her CA 19.9 was at 3,674.6 and her biliburin level had increased to 22.6 (high).

A repeat of the blood test was done two weeks after the chemo, on 22 August. Her CA 19.9 increased to 7,362. The  bilirubin level increased to 67.  All her liver function enzymes were way out of range. This blood was done in a private hospital where JS had her chemotherapy. There was no magic in chemotherapy either.

  1. After her chemo, JS decided not to go for more chemo. She wanted us to help her. So JS was started on our herbs and dietary practice. About a week later, JS went to see her oncologist, not to do chemo but to do a blood test. The result was magical!
  • Her CA 19.9 decreased from 7,362 to 3,800.
  • Her liver enzymes values had also improved tremendously.
  • Her bilirubin level was normal.

All the members of JS’s family were very happy. They all thought a magic had happen! The only person who was not happy was ME!  I told all present – I don’t believe the results of the blood test! Yes, I understand this test was ordered by the oncologist and it was done in his own hospital but I suspect there is something wrong with the results. Herbs cannot do such a magic!  One of JS’s daughters was not convinced — cannot be! How can a blood test result be wrong! I told her, I have tasted “enough salt” to know and understand this issue.

  1. Another blood test was done two weeks later — ordered by the same oncologist and done in the same hospital’s laboratory. The results looked more “reasonable.” JS’s CA 19.9 was at 6,662 and her bilirubin was at 121 and the liver enzymes were still out of range. Now, the magic had disappeared — in reality, no magic ever happened at all. The hospital’s laboratory could have returned the wrong results!
  2. To know what actually had been going on, I suggested that JS do a blood test in a private laboratory where we have been referring patients to for the past two decades. The results from this private laboratory done on 25 September, returned a more “reasonable” result. JS’s CA 19.9 was at 1,890. Her liver function enzymes had improved slightly but her bilirubin level was stubbornly high, at 146.

Not knowing what actually had happened, the oncologist told JS to come for more chemotherapy.

I asked JS if she wanted to go for more chemo. She flatly said, NO.

Is she feeling better after taking the herbs? He answer was definitely YES.

Now, her problem was itch and feeling “heaty” inside. This is probably due to her high bilirubin level. We prescribed JS cold jaundice tea.  She seemed to improve.

Is there going to be a magic cure? My frank and truthful answer to everyone who come to seek our help. It is NO.

But can we help JS to have a better quality life? Most probably YES!




Our Wonderful Reunion with Ella in Singapore

In an earlier posting, I shared our wonderful meeting with Henny in Surabaya in early August 2019.

Come 31 August and 1 September 2019, Im and I were in Singapore.

We flew there to meet up with Ella and Peter from Melbourne, Australia. They are our dear friends (and patient).

This is indeed another wonderful “reunion” story to share with you.


Ella was diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium, ten years ago — Novermber / December 2008. She underwent surgery – TAHBSO (total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy), omentum and left and right pelvic nodes. This was performed in Melbourne by one of Australia’s best surgeon.

After the surgery, Ella was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She refused the treatments. She opted for the CA Care Therapy instead.

Watch this video:

Ella: The surgeon told me: To the best of my knowledge, I have got all the cancer that I can see. But you know and I know that the cancer is so minute, I don’t know. What I can offer you is to go to the oncologist and do chemo and radiation. Then I told her: You know and I know that I wouldn’t do that!

Then the surgeon said: In my knowledge – and I am a very good surgeon – you have two and a half years if you do chemo and radiation.

Two and half years? The surgeon then said: But if you don’t do it, maybe it is just three months.

Ella told the surgeon: No, I’ll prove you wrong.

Ten years after the surgery, we met in Singapore.

Who is ill?

Surely the pictures above show that no one is sick!

Thank God, all of us are just doing great!

Ella had proven the surgeon was wrong in her prognosis!

You don’t need to die if you don’t undergo chemo and radiation!

The irony is that even with chemo and radiation Ella was told she only has two and a half years!

The first word Ella said to me when we met in Singapore: I am still alive!

Let us celebrate this wonderful blessing!







Seven years on and she is just doing great! Praise God for this miraculous healing

In early August 2019, Im and I visited Surabaya. It was great to be able to meet up with our friends! Besides Budi and his wife Ani, we were also able to meet Henny, Ratna and her family.

How many of you ever wonder why I posted these photos?

Look at picture above, everyone is happy and no one is sick, right?

Yes, that is right. And behind that “picture”, we want to celebrate with you God’s miracle and wonderful blessing.

The lady in the picture (left) is Henny and on the right is Ratna. We first met Henny, from Surabaya, seven years ago – in April 2012. Henny was then forty-two years old. A CT scan showed many nodules in her lungs. The biggest nodule in her right lung was 4.8 x 4.8 x 5.1 cm. The biggest nodule in her left lung was 4.2 x 5.6 x 4.6 cm (picture below).

Henny went to Singapore for further management. A biopsy confirmed it was a synovial sarcoma. She was asked to go for chemotherapy. She refused it.  Henny and her niece, Ratna, came to seek our help in June 2012.

This was what Ratna told us, “The Singapore oncologist said my aunty will die within six months if she did not do the chemo. If she did the chemo, she would live for only two years. No cure.”

I told Henny, “This is indeed a rare cancer which I have not encountered before. I am not sure if the herbs can help you or not. Understand that I cannot cure your cancer. I can only do my best to help you.”

Henny was prescribed herbs and was told to take care of her diet.

Today, after seven years,Henny is still healthy! Praise God.

Henny has proven the doctor wrong! The doctor was wrong to say that Henny would die within six months if she did not undergo chemotherapy. The doctor was probably right to say that even if she had chemo she would die within two years! Empowered patients know that chemo can kill!








One Year and Three Months Old – Down with Testicular Cancer. Parents Declined Chemotherapy!

This is a story posted in our newsletter eighteen years ago!

Fid is one year and three months old. His right testis swelled. He had high temperature on and off, often accompanied by high fever. A blood test indicated LDH at 740 and AFP at more than 350. According to the doctor’s letter dated 20 September 2000, a CT scan showed a mass in the left abdomen.

Inguinal orchiectomy (removal of the testis) was performed on 20 August 2000.

Fid was referred to a hospital in Singapore for further management. The oncologist suggested chemotherapy. The grand father said: This recommendation was like a big rock falling on our head. Fid’s mother is a dentist. The family decided not to go through with chemotherapy and further medical intervention. They searched the web and found us instead.

4 October 2000. The family came to CA Care and was started on the herbs. At that time Fid’s condition was fairly good. He only had pains in the left abdomen and testis, otherwise he was a normal, active boy. After taking herbs, Fid passed out gas that smelled like rotten egg.

4 January 2001.  A blood test indicated AFP = 1.48 ng/ml and LDH = 528 (normal 150-500)

29 January  2001. A CT scan of the upper abdomen done in Medan indicated:

Tidak tampak tumour abdomen — no mass seen in the abdomen. What had happened to the mass on the left? The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys were all normal.

Fid’s father wrote:  He has been a healthy and attractive boy.

23 February 2001.  Fid was on gradma’s lap, surrounded by mom and dad while grandpa was talking to Chris. They were all in Penang. The family dropped by to say hello to us.  Indeed, Fid was a cute and active boy. Grandma fed him herbs using the milk bottle. He took it without complaints! (Those older ones who complained that the herbs are difficult to take, perhaps may learn from this child!)


 It was a wonderful day for us. Fid, a one year plus boy came to Penang  with grandpa, grandma, papa and mommy. It was indeed very satisfying to know that Fid benefited from the herbs. Needless to say, everyone is so happy for this healing! Praise God for His wondrous mercy. Our tears flowed with great joy to witness God’s grace. Thank you Lord. The Almighty is Great.

The above is a story written in 2001 — eighteen years ago. What has happened to Fid now? Well … we never get to see Fid or his family members again after that February 2001 visit.

Come August 2019:  I received this email.

Dear dr. Chris Teo

I’m FS. My 12th years old daughter, FZ. Two month ago she got an abnormal menstrual cycle and pain on the right side of her stomach. A Gynecologist diagnosed … that
she got an ovarian cyst on her left ovary, predicted to not be dangerous. Until today she is consuming some medicine: Visanne Dienogest 2 mg and pain killer. Is there any herbal tea that could treat that cyst? Thank you.

I got to see 12-year-old FZ and her mother. As usual, I asked FS who ask her to bring her daughter here. FS said Fit, her nephew, was our patient many years ago. Fid was then a little baby. He has grown up.

This is what FS wrote in reply to my email:

Fid’s family said that it would be okay to use the video without having to cover their faces. Fid is now studying in the university to become a medical doctor and will be graduating soon. He didn’t take any other medicine besides your herbs and recovered fully. He grew up with no health problems.


Hepatitis Turned into Stage 4 Liver Cirrhosis

Your Health is Your Responsibility. It is all about You.

About 11 years ago Asma from Aceh came to seek our help. She was then 67 years old and was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C.

She was subsequently put on interferon therapy and at the same time, on Copegus, an oral medication. Asma received a total of 16 interferon injections. Each injection cost RM 800.00.

After the interferon therapy, Asma’s condition deteriorated. The doctor terminated the therapy after four months although the treatment was scheduled for six months. The doctor wrote: I have advised her to continue regular checkup with a view to resuming interferon therapy perhaps at a lower dose. Meanwhile she is only on Revicon. I suggest a repeat of her viral titre in three months’ time.

Asma came to seek our help in February 2008 and was started on Capsule A and B, Liver P and LL-tea.

The following are excerpts of our conversation on 27 February 2008. This was before she was on our herbs.

Chris: Comparing the time before you had this interferon injection and the time when you were having the treatment (eight injections) – did you feel any difference about your health?

Asma: Yes. After I received the injection I felt lemah (weak – lack of strength).

C: So from your point of view, did the treatment bring you any benefit?

A: No … According to the doctor, if I continue with the treatment I can either die or become “lumpuh” (lack of strength and would be unable to walk).

Male friend: If she continued with the treatment she might die or become lumpuh …. After the four months, the doctor was afraid to continue with the treatment. The blood was not good.

After six months on the herbs (August 2008), Asma came to see us again with her blood test results.  All parameters were within normal limit. The numbers are a far cry from the time when she was under treatment.

We asked Asma the following questions:

Chris: You came to see us on 22 February 2008 and now it is 30 August 2008 – essentially that is six months ago. Are you on the herbs all this while?

Asma:  No, in total I took for about three months only. This is because I could not find anyone to come and collect herbs for me.

C:  Tell us frankly, how do you feel now compared to those days before you were on the herbs?

A:  I feel much healthier now. Before I took your herbs I felt lethargic – no energy. My appetite was poor and I was not able to sleep well. I was also constipated. I was not better at all. I felt tired.

C: Now after taking the herbs are you better?

A: Yes, I am better. I am more energetic. I have good appetite and I sleep well. My bowels movements are good.

C: You have just gone to see your doctor. What did he say?

A:  He wanted me to continue with my interferon therapy again in November 2008. No, I am not going to go for this treatment anymore.

More than a year later (April 2009), Asma came to CA Care again.

She was still doing well although she had not been taking herbs regularly.  We reminded Asma that there is no such thing as a permanent cure for hepatitis. She has to take care of her diet and also continue to take the herbs. She should be responsible for her own well being.

July 2011, Asma came back to see us again, after almost one and a half years of absence. Since the past  three and a half years, she has been taking the herbs off and on.

C: You took herbs since 2008 – more than three years ago. You came in February 2008 and it is now July 2011. Okay, how have you been doing?

A: I am well. No problems.

C: Not tired?

A: If I work too much, I felt tired, otherwise I am okay. My son just passed away and I felt tired.

C: Sleep well?

A:Yes, before the herbs it was not good.

C: Before you said your appetite was not good?

A: Now, it is good.

C: Before you had pains in the chest?

A: No more pains but if I am tired I will feel the pains.

C: After coming here and starting to take the herbs, did you ever go back to your doctor? Took any medication from the doctor?

A: No, never seen any doctor and I did not take any doctor’s medication.

C: Tell me again, are you really healthy? You started to take the herbs three over years ago.

A: I am healthy and better off today than when I was on doctor’s medication. I am a lot better now. I don’t feel lethargic anymore. And I feel healthy.

About ten years later (August 2019). Sometime in June 2019, Asma vomitted blood. She also passed out stools with blood. Asma did an endoscopy in a hospital in Aceh and was told it was due to her stomach. Not satisfied, Asma came to consult a doctor in a private hospital in Penang. USG showed Stage F4 liver cirrhosis. Blood test showed deterioration of her liver function enzymes (see table below). Her alpha-fetoprotein level was within normal range, 7.30 (normal = less than 13.4).

Asma was prescribed the following medication:

  1. Legalon
  2. Propanolol
  3. Spironolactone
  4. Frisemide
  5. Vimovo Surbex
  6. Conart (Glucosamine sulphate).


  1. This is indeed a sad case to handle. Asma is an elderly lady (oops, but she is 4 years younger than I!). Being ignorant, she does not seem to know what is going on with her. Like all simple minded person, she goes to the doctor when she is in trouble. She believes fully that the doctor knows best, and she will take whatever medication prescribed for her.
  2. When she had problems with her hepatitis C ten years ago, she received interferon injection for about 4 months and her health deteriorated to the critical point that her doctor decided to stop the treatment.
  3. Asma gave up medical treatment and came to us for help. The herbs restored her health. She was on and off the herbs depending on her circumstances. This is what most patients do — I would not blame her! Further, she lives in Aceh and travelling to Penang is indeed a problem for her and also cost her a lot of money.
  4. Asma’s health was okay for some 10 years. Then her hepatitis struck back again. When she was well she ate anything she liked! No, she did not take care of her diet. Like most patients when they feel well, they think they are cured.
  5. I was curious what made her vomit blood and passed out blood in her stools. Before this incident she ate curry beef cooked in vinegar. Well, was that the cause of her problem? It probably was more than that. The blood test results done on 29 July 2019 showed the platelet counts was only 96 while in the previous years it was around 200 plus. Her liver function enzymes were also not good.
  6. Asma was prescribed 6 types of medication by her doctor. It is not for me to comment if these drugs can help her with her stage 4 liver cirrhosis.

Read previous post: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/08/23/hepatitis-c-medical-treatment-or-herbs-%e2%80%93-your-have-a-choice/

Even in the United States, lung cancer remains incurable!

This is an email I just received today.

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Daniel (not his real name). One of your patients from Indonesia referred me to you to get information on your successful study on lung cancer treatment.

In March 2017 I was hospitalized for a week and was subsequently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I underwent treatment by an oncologist from the City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center. They started the treatment with TARCEVA, one pill a day. And by the grace of God my cancer were gone in about 4 months.

Unfortunately, a new lung cancer developed in early 2018 and they replaced Tarceva with a new pill TAGRISSO. Tagrisso worked well for about a year only.

Since there is no more new medication available, then I went for chemotherapy using Keytruda and Alimta. This was done every 3 weeks for 6 times in 2019. But the effectiveness of the chemo only lasted for few months.

In May 2019, the doctor detected a new cancer that was growing in my right lung. He was reluctant to give me another chemotherapy treatment this time.

I am now back on Tagrisso pill pending further decision. In other word, we just let the cancer cell to grow and hopefully slowly at this time.

Since you have a great success in combating this decease, I am seeking your help or information on any treatment or herbal that you use to treat your patients. I believe this might be the answer to my prayer.

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

What can we learn from this sad story.

  1. When the lung cancer is tested positive for EGFR receptor, the doctor generally ask you to take Iressa pill, that is if you are an Asian. Iressa is not allowed in the Western countries — but the Asian countries, okay! So perhaps that is the reason why Daniel was given Traceva instead of Iressa.
  2. The medical people call this “chemo-drug” the smart bomb or targeted therapy. In Malaysia Tarceva or Iressa costs something like RM8,000 per month. And there seems to be a promotion, buy one free one. Or buy 10 months and you get the medication free for life! Think hard, what does that imply?

Read more: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2017/04/08/lung-cancer-spend-rm80000-and-you-get-free-tarceva-for-life/


  1. For Daniel Tarceva worked like magic. Within 4 months, the tumour was gone (?). Yes, this happened in Malaysia too! But lowering of CEA or disappearance of the tumour does not mean the cancer is gone forever. The sad truth is that, within a year, the cancer recurred.
  2. From Tarceva Daniel was told to switch to Tagrisso — a much more expensive drug. About 2 months ago, a distant relative of mine came to see me. He had lung cancer and was on Tagrisso. It cost him RM15,000 per month. He had been on this new drug for about 9 months. No, the cancer did not go away. And he was told that if he takes Tagrisso for a total of one year, he would be given the drug free for life.
  3. Daniel took Tagrisso for about a year, and he suffered another recurrence.
  4. Since the smart bombs are not that smart after all, the doctor had to turn to the conventional method of chemotherapy. Daniel received 6 cycles of chemo using Keytruda and Alimta.

Read these stories: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/08/06/dissecting-chemotherapy-part-7-avastin-alimta-nearly-killed-me/

Alimta was also on offer: Buy two, free two. If you make it to 12 cycles, free for life!


  1. Unfortunately, the chemo treatment only lasted for a few months. A new growth appeared in Daniel’s right lung. Daniel was back on Tagrisso again pending further decision.

Such sad story happens most of the time, everywhere in the world. So let’s face reality. In my years of helping people with cancer, I have come to a sad conclusion that there is no cure of cancer. In this case, you can argue that Tarceva, Tagrisso, Alimta, Keytruda had helped Daniel. Without these drugs he would not have lived that long. Maybe that is true. These may have prolonged Daniel’s life. But at what cost? For sure, these drugs are expensive! Yes, these drugs come with various side effects.

So why complain? What if you take herbs and can just live just as long? It is definitely cheaper and has no destructive side effects! No, the world does not want to know or encourage this!