One Year and Three Months Old – Down with Testicular Cancer. Parents Declined Chemotherapy!

This is a story posted in our newsletter eighteen years ago!

Fid is one year and three months old. His right testis swelled. He had high temperature on and off, often accompanied by high fever. A blood test indicated LDH at 740 and AFP at more than 350. According to the doctor’s letter dated 20 September 2000, a CT scan showed a mass in the left abdomen.

Inguinal orchiectomy (removal of the testis) was performed on 20 August 2000.

Fid was referred to a hospital in Singapore for further management. The oncologist suggested chemotherapy. The grand father said: This recommendation was like a big rock falling on our head. Fid’s mother is a dentist. The family decided not to go through with chemotherapy and further medical intervention. They searched the web and found us instead.

4 October 2000. The family came to CA Care and was started on the herbs. At that time Fid’s condition was fairly good. He only had pains in the left abdomen and testis, otherwise he was a normal, active boy. After taking herbs, Fid passed out gas that smelled like rotten egg.

4 January 2001.  A blood test indicated AFP = 1.48 ng/ml and LDH = 528 (normal 150-500)

29 January  2001. A CT scan of the upper abdomen done in Medan indicated:

Tidak tampak tumour abdomen — no mass seen in the abdomen. What had happened to the mass on the left? The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys were all normal.

Fid’s father wrote:  He has been a healthy and attractive boy.

23 February 2001.  Fid was on gradma’s lap, surrounded by mom and dad while grandpa was talking to Chris. They were all in Penang. The family dropped by to say hello to us.  Indeed, Fid was a cute and active boy. Grandma fed him herbs using the milk bottle. He took it without complaints! (Those older ones who complained that the herbs are difficult to take, perhaps may learn from this child!)


 It was a wonderful day for us. Fid, a one year plus boy came to Penang  with grandpa, grandma, papa and mommy. It was indeed very satisfying to know that Fid benefited from the herbs. Needless to say, everyone is so happy for this healing! Praise God for His wondrous mercy. Our tears flowed with great joy to witness God’s grace. Thank you Lord. The Almighty is Great.

The above is a story written in 2001 — eighteen years ago. What has happened to Fid now? Well … we never get to see Fid or his family members again after that February 2001 visit.

Come August 2019:  I received this email.

Dear dr. Chris Teo

I’m FS. My 12th years old daughter, FZ. Two month ago she got an abnormal menstrual cycle and pain on the right side of her stomach. A Gynecologist diagnosed … that
she got an ovarian cyst on her left ovary, predicted to not be dangerous. Until today she is consuming some medicine: Visanne Dienogest 2 mg and pain killer. Is there any herbal tea that could treat that cyst? Thank you.

I got to see 12-year-old FZ and her mother. As usual, I asked FS who ask her to bring her daughter here. FS said Fit, her nephew, was our patient many years ago. Fid was then a little baby. He has grown up.

This is what FS wrote in reply to my email:

Fid’s family said that it would be okay to use the video without having to cover their faces. Fid is now studying in the university to become a medical doctor and will be graduating soon. He didn’t take any other medicine besides your herbs and recovered fully. He grew up with no health problems.