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Neuroendocrine Cancer: Magic? Fluke Shot? Hocus pocus? or God’s Blessing?


Jim (not his real name) is a 29-year-old Indonesia. He is an engineer – a graduate of one of Australia’s prestigious universities. He and his wife, Grace (not her real name) came to seek our help. Let me briefly relate to you his story.

Some time in January 2019, Jim went out with friends for a drinking session. He vomited blood.  Later, he passed out blood in his stools. Jim has a history of gastric ulcer.

Jim went to a private hospital in Melaka and did an endoscopy and CT scan. The result showed:

  • Enlarged liver with multiple solid nodules in both lobes. The largest in the right lobe is about 6 x 6 cm.
  • There is an enlarged perigastric node about 2 cm.

Jim went to Hospital A in Singapore for a second opinion where an endoscopy was again done followed by a PET scan and a biopsy. The results showed:

  • The 1.8 x 1.3 cm lesion in the gastric fundus, represent the known primary neuroendocrine neoplasm.
  • Pericoeliac and paracaval lymph nodes are likely nodal metastases.
  • Numerous lesions in the liver, representing metastases. The largest lesion is approximately 6.8 x 5.9
  • There a several 0.2 to 0.4 cm nodules in both lungs. Lung metastasis remain a consideration.

After being told that he had neuroendocrine cancer, Jim and his family decided to go to Koh Samui, Thailand to undergo a 11-day detox program. This cost him SGD5,000.

On his return from Koh Samui, Jim decided to seek further treatment in Hospital B in Singapore. On 12 February 2019, he did a PET gallium dotatate scan – an imaging procedure specially for neuroendocrine cancer.

Note:  A small amount of a radioactive drug called Dotatate is given by injection before the PET scan. Dotatate attaches to neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and shows up on the PET image as bright spots.

Below are the results:

On 13 February 2019, Jim was started on chemotherapy. The drugs used were: Cisplatin + Etoposite. In addition, he was also given Denosunab,  an injection for his bone.

(Note: Denosumab (trade names Prolia and Xgeva) is a human monoclonal antibody for the treatment of osteoporosis, treatment-induced bone loss, metastases to bone, and giant cell tumor of bone).

Jim continued to receive another shot of chemo with Cisplatin + Etoposite. But for the third shot, the drugs were changed to Irinotecan + Temodal.

(Note: Temozolomide or Temodal is used to treat brain tumour – glioblastoma multiforme or recurrent  anaplastic astrocytoma. It is sometimes used to treat bone cancer that has come back. This drug is usually used with irinotecan).

So from the third to eighth chemo, Jim received Irinotecan + Temodal.

Together with chemo, Jim also received Neulastim Booster.

(Note: Neulastim Injection is used for boost production of white blood cells, to help with fever due to low WBC in patients undergoing chemotherapy).

After the seventh chemo Jim’s started to have problems. He developed skin rashes, intially under his arm and parts of the body.

On 29 June 2019, Jim received his first shot of hormone injection called Lanreotide Autogel. Thiis cost SGD4,000 each injection and he had this twice.

(Note: Lanreotide lowers many substances in the body such as insulin and glucagon (involved in regulating blood sugar), growth hormone, and chemicals that affect digestion. It is used to treat acromegaly (increased level of growth hormone), carcinoid syndrome and a certain type of pancreatic or digestive tract tumor that may spread to other parts of the body).

(Note: Carinoid syndrome – signs and symptoms of carcinoid tumors in the digestive tract include: Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and inability to pass stool due to intestinal blockage (bowel obstruction), rectal bleeding, rectal pain and redness or a feeling of warmth in your face and neck (skin flushing).

After the eighth chemo Jim started to have more rashes. They spread throughout the body from head to toes and hands.

On 12 July 2019, Jim was give another type of hormone injected called Sandostatin.

(Note: Sandostatin is given to control symptoms such as diarrhea or flushing in patients with tumors such as carcinoid, pancreatic islet cell tumors, gastrinoma, or vasoactive intestinal peptide-secreting tumors.It is also used to treat acromegaly, when the body produces too much growth hormone, and the hands, feet, face or head grow too large).

On 12 Septermber 2019, Jim decided to give up medical treatment and he and  wife Grace flew to Penang seeking our help.

Take a quick look at the time line Grace prepared for this article.

1 4 &5 Sep-17 Endoscopy Melaka Hospital
2 10-Jan-19 Gastric pain, cold sweat, throw out blood & black stool
3 19-Jan-19 CT Scan, Blood test, Endoscopy & Biopsy Melaka Hospital
4 23-Jan-19 Re-do Endoscopy & Biopsy Singapore Hospital
5 23-Jan-19 PET Scan Singapore Hospital
6 29-Jan-19 Positive Biopsy report Singapore Hospital
7 29-Jan-19 Detox program for 11 days Resort, Koh Samui
8 8-Feb-19 Consult to Dr. X for another Singapore Hospital Singapore Hospital B
9 12-Feb-19 PET Gallium Dotatate Scan ( special for Neuroendocrine ) S’pore Hospital B
10 13-Feb-19 1st Chemo (Cisplatin & Etoposite) 3 days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
11 13-Feb-19 1st Bone Injection Denosumab (xgeva)
12 5-Mar-19 2nd Chemo (Cisplatin & Etoposite) 3 days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
13 26-Mar-19 3rd Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
14 27-Mar-19 Insert Port a cath Surgery Centre, SG
15 1-Apr-19 Hydration 1day S’pore Hospital B
16 12-Apr-19 Hydration 2 days & Albumin IV S’pore Hospital B
17 15-Apr-19 4th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
18 17-Apr-19 Start taking herb 2x a day Herbalist Singapore
19 6-May-19 5th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
20 20-May-19 Hydration 1 days 1 L Hospital in  Melbourne
21 27-May-19 6th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
22 17-Jun-19 7th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster
23 26-Jun-19 Skin rashes started come out at under arm & body side
24 29-Jun-19 1st Hormone Injection Lanreotide Autogel (1 month dose 1 syringe) S’pore Hospital B
25 29-Jun-19 Hydration 1day S’pore Hospital B
26 2-Jul-19 Albumin IV 4 days S’pore Hospital B
27 3-Jul-19 Kidney USG S’pore Hospital B
28 8-Jul-19 8th Chemo (Irinotecan & Temodal) 5days/cycle + Neulastim Booster S’pore Hospital B
29 8-Jul-19 Hydration & Albumin IV 5 days S’pore Hospital B
30 12-Jul-19 Rashes spread to head , toes, palm hands
31 12-Jul-19 3days Hormone Injection Sandostatin ( 3x injections daily ) S’pore Hospital B
32 16-Jul-19 Hydration 2 days S’pore Hospital B
33 29-Jul-19 Hydration & Albumin 3 days S’pore Hospital B
34 30-Jul-19 1st Consult Dermatology Dr. Y S’pore Hospital B
35 31-Jul-19 2nd Bone Injection Denosumab (xgeva) S’pore Hospital B
37 31-Jul-19 2nd Hormone Injection Lanreotide Autogel (1 month dose 1 syringe) S’pore Hospital B
37 12-Aug-19 Very tired, almost black out, skin getting worse, water retention
38 20-Aug 2nd Consult Dermatology Dr Y S’pore Hospital B
39 21-Aug Hydration & Albumin 3 days S’pore Hospital B
40 2-Sep Hydration & Albumin 4 days S’pore Hospital B
41 9-Sep 3rd Consult Dermatology Dr Y, Steroid Injection S’pore Hospital B
42 11-Sep Did IgG Food Sensitivity test Diagnostic, Singapore
43 12-Sep Consult with Dr Chris Teo, taking herb CA Care Penang
44 19-Sep Consult Dr Z for blood test Melaka Hospital
45 3-Oct Shingles Infections Skin Clinic Melaka
46 7-Oct 2nd consult with Dr Chris Teo CA Care Penang
47 16-Oct Low Albumin, IV 100ml a day x 3days Melaka Hospital


Was Jim cured by those highly scientific, up-to-date medical treatment in Singapore?

You make your own conclusion after seeing the photos below. By the way, for all the adventure in Singapore Jim spent no less than SGD100,000 (that is 0.3 million ringgit).

Feb 2019 before chemotherapy ——– Feb 2019 to Sept 2019, after chemo and hormone injection. SGD 100,000 gone. Ended up bald, severe skin peeling, severe diarrhoea, swollen feet, etc. Worth it?

Jim said the severe peeling of the skin  was indeed a very painful experience. His skin peeled and peeled for about 10 to 13 times. It addition, he suffered severe diarrhoea – about 20 times a day to the extent that he said he virtually fell “asleep” in the toilet. Jim will share his experience in the next posting.

Let us look at the results of his PET scan.

Comparison of scan results: 29 July 2019 (top row) vs 12 February 2019 (bottom row)

Comparison of scan results: 29 July 2019 (left row) vs 12 February 2019 (right row)

Something wrong with the bones? Scan on 29 July 2019 (left column) seemed to be more serious than scan done on 12 Feb 2019 (right).

Did the cancer go away after all the treatments?

Again, ask this question: From the above, do you see any improvement? And what had  scientific, modern medicine done to him? Study what the reports carefully and you will know the answers.

My comments

Most patients who come to see us are like Jim and Grace. They have come to the end of the road as far as medical treatments are concerned. Where else can they go to for help? Yet the medical world sees alternative medicine as hocus pocus. They call people like me snake oil peddlers!

When I first saw Jim in such a  pathetic condition, I was really upset. Here is a young man being subjected to such torturous treatments in the name of “science.”  But deep in my heart, there was a feeling that I would be able to help him — no, not to cure him but to help and make his life a lit bit better.

Each morning, as I prepare to come to the centre to see patients, my prayer to God, the Almighty Healer is always  this — God show me your way. Teach me what I have to do to help people in need. This is what I call  asking for God’s blessing for whatever happens after that!

In the next posting I shall present  you videos of our conversation. You will learn about the traumatic experience that Jim went through.

I prescribed Jim some herbs and was very concern if the herbs would help him or not. Below are some of the emails for you to evaluate.

 Sun, Sep 15, 2019:  Hi Dr Chris,

Currently Jim’s face & toes got water retention due to lack of albumin. This has happened 5 to 6 times  already since the past 4 months. This water retention is followed by tiredness, swollen & not feeling well.

Doctor at SG will give Albumin IV usually 2 bottles for 5 days. But it will become low again after 1-2 weeks & he need another albumin again. Which is not helping at all.

Last time you said you have herb for swollen face & toes. Please advice what herb to overcome this? Please advice.

Sat, Sep 21, 2019: Dear dr chris,

The past few days, 10 minutes after drinking the herb, Jim will need to go to the toilet. One day he can pass motion for around 7 times. Do you mind if we send you picture of the poop?

Lately, he is also feeling a bit tired. Is it the side effect of the herb? Should we be worried about it?

Also, we just started on Edema today. Will let you know how it goes in the next few days.

Tue, Oct 1: Hi Dr,

Thank you for your reply. After taking Lower Edema for 10 days until today, his leg still swollen, but not getting worse. And he still pee 6-7x a day (last time when his leg swollen he only pee 2-3x a day. Means all liquid intake become water retention. During that time we have no choice & did Albumin IV 10bottles 5 days in a row, then slowly his albumin level going up & he starting to pee 7- 8x per day & his water retention gone. But It will recurrence every 2 weeks time which make us worried.

Do you think this swelling due to his liver not good or what else?

The first 2 weeks he feels tired, skin still worse, sometimes nausea, & more bowl movements more than 5x. Every time he drink herbs, 10 mins later confirm go toilet.

But now after taking herbs for 3 weeks time, he is much better now. The skin, the energy, mood are better and can go out to do some activity which we are very happy to see his condition now.

Now only his leg swollen & still having lack of leg power (since few months ago).

He took the herbs regularly & diets following your cook book. Totally no meats except fish sometimes.

Please advice on this current condition.

Mon, Oct 21: Dear Dr Chris,

 I compiled Jim’s medical record since his first symptom until now.

– Medical Timeline (excel)

– All scans & Endoscopy

– Each month blood test

– Histopathology report

– Photos of his peeled skin

We are very happy if you can help us look through these file for your further analysis. His current conditions is much better after taking your herb, and we are very happy & thank you and auntie for your kind help.

Tue, Oct 22, 2019 : Dear Dr,

Thank you for your kind reply. He feels good, can do some activities & he continues  using the machine also. Overall the energy is good can go out around 5 hrs a day.

Thank you for your help.

Wed, Oct 23, 2019: Dear Dr,

We are the one should thank you because you help us through this struggling time. We are fine with the pictures, sharing with others.

Thu, Oct 24, 2019: Hi Dr Chris, 

After reading the story you wrote, I felt happy because now we are on the right track. After chemo  so many side effect & no improvement. We were really down at that time and luckily we came  to see you. Hopefully this story will help others patients too. We really appreciate your kindness & help.

Thank you Dr Chris!

He is doing quite well now, but I understand he can’t over do. So we trying to manage it.

  1. Now no more diarrhea problem. Only during 3rd to 8th chemo (Irinotecan side effect), diarrhea 15-20x a day (even after atrophine injection 1-2x a day). After stop chemo no more. Currently 4-5x a day. Not painful.
  2. His last Albumin IV on 16 Oct for 3 days. After that blood test shown still border line 33 L (range 35-50). But last 4 days we soaked his toes on warm water + Epsom salt. It’s help reduce the swelling. Now looks normal already. Hopefully will stay normal because it happened so many times already & no solution until now.
  3. Now, skin no more peeling off, only dry in some area (near lips, thigh). After taking herb about 2 weeks his skin does not peel off anymore.
  4. He can sleep well now, no more melatonin / sleeping pill this past one month until now.
  5. His shingles is gone, leaving scars only.



Let me conclude by asking you to reflect seriously these words of advice:


Acknowledgment: Thank you Grace (not her real name) for your help in providing us with all the pictures and medical reports to enable us to write this story.








When a magic is not a magic

JS is a 66-year-old Malaysian lady. Her problem started about six months ago (in March 2019). She could not eat anything and vomited. The family brought her to a private hospital where she underwent a check-up for her heart! Not satisfied with the doctor, she went to another private hospital for a scope of her stomach. She was told she had stomach cancer.

JS was referred to another private hospital for CT scan. There was a blockage in the stomach due to the swollen pylorus and antrum. JS was asked to undergo an operation immediately. About half of her stomach was removed.

After the surgery, JS was referred to the oncologist for further management. The family was told it was a stage 4 cancer. JS underwent the first cycle of chemotherapy. This treatment cost her about RM4,000 plus. She was scheduled for six cycles but decided to give up after her first cycle.

In May 2019, JS went to a hospital in Melaka for alternative treatment. She was treated with high dose Vitamin C, ozone (?) therapy and dietary change. JS underwent these treatments for about three months. These cost her about RM80,000. She had to travel from Penang to Melaka every three weeks for the treatment.

Unfortunately the treatment in Melaka was not effective and the doctor gave up on her.

In August JS went back to the oncologist in Penang again and underwent a second shot of chemo. She decided to gave up further chemo treatment due to the severe side effects. She suffered headache, vomiting, hair loss, etc.

A CT scan of 14 August 2019 showed the presence of two ill defined liver lesions measuring 1.2 x 1.2 cm and 1.4 x 1.4 cm, suggesting that the cancer had spread to her liver.

It was at this point that I received an email from JS’s daughter asking for help. JS and her family members came to CA Care on 27 August 2019. From the beginning I told the family that I cannot cure any cancer. There is no magic, but I shall do my best to help in any way I can.

Let us examine JS’s blood test results.

  1. When JS went to the Melaka hospital in June 2019 for alternative treatment, the blood test done in the hospital showed her CA 19.9 was at 89. In August her CA 19.9 increased to 737.0. Her liver function enzymes were way out of range but her total bilirubin was still normal. Perhaps because of this the alternative doctor gave up and told JS and her family to go home and discontinue the treatment. There was no magic!
  2. JS underwent a second chemo shot in August 2019. At that time her CA 19.9 was at 3,674.6 and her biliburin level had increased to 22.6 (high).

A repeat of the blood test was done two weeks after the chemo, on 22 August. Her CA 19.9 increased to 7,362. The  bilirubin level increased to 67.  All her liver function enzymes were way out of range. This blood was done in a private hospital where JS had her chemotherapy. There was no magic in chemotherapy either.

  1. After her chemo, JS decided not to go for more chemo. She wanted us to help her. So JS was started on our herbs and dietary practice. About a week later, JS went to see her oncologist, not to do chemo but to do a blood test. The result was magical!
  • Her CA 19.9 decreased from 7,362 to 3,800.
  • Her liver enzymes values had also improved tremendously.
  • Her bilirubin level was normal.

All the members of JS’s family were very happy. They all thought a magic had happen! The only person who was not happy was ME!  I told all present – I don’t believe the results of the blood test! Yes, I understand this test was ordered by the oncologist and it was done in his own hospital but I suspect there is something wrong with the results. Herbs cannot do such a magic!  One of JS’s daughters was not convinced — cannot be! How can a blood test result be wrong! I told her, I have tasted “enough salt” to know and understand this issue.

  1. Another blood test was done two weeks later — ordered by the same oncologist and done in the same hospital’s laboratory. The results looked more “reasonable.” JS’s CA 19.9 was at 6,662 and her bilirubin was at 121 and the liver enzymes were still out of range. Now, the magic had disappeared — in reality, no magic ever happened at all. The hospital’s laboratory could have returned the wrong results!
  2. To know what actually had been going on, I suggested that JS do a blood test in a private laboratory where we have been referring patients to for the past two decades. The results from this private laboratory done on 25 September, returned a more “reasonable” result. JS’s CA 19.9 was at 1,890. Her liver function enzymes had improved slightly but her bilirubin level was stubbornly high, at 146.

Not knowing what actually had happened, the oncologist told JS to come for more chemotherapy.

I asked JS if she wanted to go for more chemo. She flatly said, NO.

Is she feeling better after taking the herbs? He answer was definitely YES.

Now, her problem was itch and feeling “heaty” inside. This is probably due to her high bilirubin level. We prescribed JS cold jaundice tea.  She seemed to improve.

Is there going to be a magic cure? My frank and truthful answer to everyone who come to seek our help. It is NO.

But can we help JS to have a better quality life? Most probably YES!




Our Wonderful Reunion with Ella in Singapore

In an earlier posting, I shared our wonderful meeting with Henny in Surabaya in early August 2019.

Come 31 August and 1 September 2019, Im and I were in Singapore.

We flew there to meet up with Ella and Peter from Melbourne, Australia. They are our dear friends (and patient).

This is indeed another wonderful “reunion” story to share with you.


Ella was diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium, ten years ago — Novermber / December 2008. She underwent surgery – TAHBSO (total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy), omentum and left and right pelvic nodes. This was performed in Melbourne by one of Australia’s best surgeon.

After the surgery, Ella was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She refused the treatments. She opted for the CA Care Therapy instead.

Watch this video:

Ella: The surgeon told me: To the best of my knowledge, I have got all the cancer that I can see. But you know and I know that the cancer is so minute, I don’t know. What I can offer you is to go to the oncologist and do chemo and radiation. Then I told her: You know and I know that I wouldn’t do that!

Then the surgeon said: In my knowledge – and I am a very good surgeon – you have two and a half years if you do chemo and radiation.

Two and half years? The surgeon then said: But if you don’t do it, maybe it is just three months.

Ella told the surgeon: No, I’ll prove you wrong.

Ten years after the surgery, we met in Singapore.

Who is ill?

Surely the pictures above show that no one is sick!

Thank God, all of us are just doing great!

Ella had proven the surgeon was wrong in her prognosis!

You don’t need to die if you don’t undergo chemo and radiation!

The irony is that even with chemo and radiation Ella was told she only has two and a half years!

The first word Ella said to me when we met in Singapore: I am still alive!

Let us celebrate this wonderful blessing!







Seven years on and she is just doing great! Praise God for this miraculous healing

In early August 2019, Im and I visited Surabaya. It was great to be able to meet up with our friends! Besides Budi and his wife Ani, we were also able to meet Henny, Ratna and her family.

How many of you ever wonder why I posted these photos?

Look at picture above, everyone is happy and no one is sick, right?

Yes, that is right. And behind that “picture”, we want to celebrate with you God’s miracle and wonderful blessing.

The lady in the picture (left) is Henny and on the right is Ratna. We first met Henny, from Surabaya, seven years ago – in April 2012. Henny was then forty-two years old. A CT scan showed many nodules in her lungs. The biggest nodule in her right lung was 4.8 x 4.8 x 5.1 cm. The biggest nodule in her left lung was 4.2 x 5.6 x 4.6 cm (picture below).

Henny went to Singapore for further management. A biopsy confirmed it was a synovial sarcoma. She was asked to go for chemotherapy. She refused it.  Henny and her niece, Ratna, came to seek our help in June 2012.

This was what Ratna told us, “The Singapore oncologist said my aunty will die within six months if she did not do the chemo. If she did the chemo, she would live for only two years. No cure.”

I told Henny, “This is indeed a rare cancer which I have not encountered before. I am not sure if the herbs can help you or not. Understand that I cannot cure your cancer. I can only do my best to help you.”

Henny was prescribed herbs and was told to take care of her diet.

Today, after seven years,Henny is still healthy! Praise God.

Henny has proven the doctor wrong! The doctor was wrong to say that Henny would die within six months if she did not undergo chemotherapy. The doctor was probably right to say that even if she had chemo she would die within two years! Empowered patients know that chemo can kill!








One Year and Three Months Old – Down with Testicular Cancer. Parents Declined Chemotherapy!

This is a story posted in our newsletter eighteen years ago!

Fid is one year and three months old. His right testis swelled. He had high temperature on and off, often accompanied by high fever. A blood test indicated LDH at 740 and AFP at more than 350. According to the doctor’s letter dated 20 September 2000, a CT scan showed a mass in the left abdomen.

Inguinal orchiectomy (removal of the testis) was performed on 20 August 2000.

Fid was referred to a hospital in Singapore for further management. The oncologist suggested chemotherapy. The grand father said: This recommendation was like a big rock falling on our head. Fid’s mother is a dentist. The family decided not to go through with chemotherapy and further medical intervention. They searched the web and found us instead.

4 October 2000. The family came to CA Care and was started on the herbs. At that time Fid’s condition was fairly good. He only had pains in the left abdomen and testis, otherwise he was a normal, active boy. After taking herbs, Fid passed out gas that smelled like rotten egg.

4 January 2001.  A blood test indicated AFP = 1.48 ng/ml and LDH = 528 (normal 150-500)

29 January  2001. A CT scan of the upper abdomen done in Medan indicated:

Tidak tampak tumour abdomen — no mass seen in the abdomen. What had happened to the mass on the left? The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys were all normal.

Fid’s father wrote:  He has been a healthy and attractive boy.

23 February 2001.  Fid was on gradma’s lap, surrounded by mom and dad while grandpa was talking to Chris. They were all in Penang. The family dropped by to say hello to us.  Indeed, Fid was a cute and active boy. Grandma fed him herbs using the milk bottle. He took it without complaints! (Those older ones who complained that the herbs are difficult to take, perhaps may learn from this child!)


 It was a wonderful day for us. Fid, a one year plus boy came to Penang  with grandpa, grandma, papa and mommy. It was indeed very satisfying to know that Fid benefited from the herbs. Needless to say, everyone is so happy for this healing! Praise God for His wondrous mercy. Our tears flowed with great joy to witness God’s grace. Thank you Lord. The Almighty is Great.

The above is a story written in 2001 — eighteen years ago. What has happened to Fid now? Well … we never get to see Fid or his family members again after that February 2001 visit.

Come August 2019:  I received this email.

Dear dr. Chris Teo

I’m FS. My 12th years old daughter, FZ. Two month ago she got an abnormal menstrual cycle and pain on the right side of her stomach. A Gynecologist diagnosed … that
she got an ovarian cyst on her left ovary, predicted to not be dangerous. Until today she is consuming some medicine: Visanne Dienogest 2 mg and pain killer. Is there any herbal tea that could treat that cyst? Thank you.

I got to see 12-year-old FZ and her mother. As usual, I asked FS who ask her to bring her daughter here. FS said Fit, her nephew, was our patient many years ago. Fid was then a little baby. He has grown up.

This is what FS wrote in reply to my email:

Fid’s family said that it would be okay to use the video without having to cover their faces. Fid is now studying in the university to become a medical doctor and will be graduating soon. He didn’t take any other medicine besides your herbs and recovered fully. He grew up with no health problems.


Hepatitis Turned into Stage 4 Liver Cirrhosis

Your Health is Your Responsibility. It is all about You.

About 11 years ago Asma from Aceh came to seek our help. She was then 67 years old and was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C.

She was subsequently put on interferon therapy and at the same time, on Copegus, an oral medication. Asma received a total of 16 interferon injections. Each injection cost RM 800.00.

After the interferon therapy, Asma’s condition deteriorated. The doctor terminated the therapy after four months although the treatment was scheduled for six months. The doctor wrote: I have advised her to continue regular checkup with a view to resuming interferon therapy perhaps at a lower dose. Meanwhile she is only on Revicon. I suggest a repeat of her viral titre in three months’ time.

Asma came to seek our help in February 2008 and was started on Capsule A and B, Liver P and LL-tea.

The following are excerpts of our conversation on 27 February 2008. This was before she was on our herbs.

Chris: Comparing the time before you had this interferon injection and the time when you were having the treatment (eight injections) – did you feel any difference about your health?

Asma: Yes. After I received the injection I felt lemah (weak – lack of strength).

C: So from your point of view, did the treatment bring you any benefit?

A: No … According to the doctor, if I continue with the treatment I can either die or become “lumpuh” (lack of strength and would be unable to walk).

Male friend: If she continued with the treatment she might die or become lumpuh …. After the four months, the doctor was afraid to continue with the treatment. The blood was not good.

After six months on the herbs (August 2008), Asma came to see us again with her blood test results.  All parameters were within normal limit. The numbers are a far cry from the time when she was under treatment.

We asked Asma the following questions:

Chris: You came to see us on 22 February 2008 and now it is 30 August 2008 – essentially that is six months ago. Are you on the herbs all this while?

Asma:  No, in total I took for about three months only. This is because I could not find anyone to come and collect herbs for me.

C:  Tell us frankly, how do you feel now compared to those days before you were on the herbs?

A:  I feel much healthier now. Before I took your herbs I felt lethargic – no energy. My appetite was poor and I was not able to sleep well. I was also constipated. I was not better at all. I felt tired.

C: Now after taking the herbs are you better?

A: Yes, I am better. I am more energetic. I have good appetite and I sleep well. My bowels movements are good.

C: You have just gone to see your doctor. What did he say?

A:  He wanted me to continue with my interferon therapy again in November 2008. No, I am not going to go for this treatment anymore.

More than a year later (April 2009), Asma came to CA Care again.

She was still doing well although she had not been taking herbs regularly.  We reminded Asma that there is no such thing as a permanent cure for hepatitis. She has to take care of her diet and also continue to take the herbs. She should be responsible for her own well being.

July 2011, Asma came back to see us again, after almost one and a half years of absence. Since the past  three and a half years, she has been taking the herbs off and on.

C: You took herbs since 2008 – more than three years ago. You came in February 2008 and it is now July 2011. Okay, how have you been doing?

A: I am well. No problems.

C: Not tired?

A: If I work too much, I felt tired, otherwise I am okay. My son just passed away and I felt tired.

C: Sleep well?

A:Yes, before the herbs it was not good.

C: Before you said your appetite was not good?

A: Now, it is good.

C: Before you had pains in the chest?

A: No more pains but if I am tired I will feel the pains.

C: After coming here and starting to take the herbs, did you ever go back to your doctor? Took any medication from the doctor?

A: No, never seen any doctor and I did not take any doctor’s medication.

C: Tell me again, are you really healthy? You started to take the herbs three over years ago.

A: I am healthy and better off today than when I was on doctor’s medication. I am a lot better now. I don’t feel lethargic anymore. And I feel healthy.

About ten years later (August 2019). Sometime in June 2019, Asma vomitted blood. She also passed out stools with blood. Asma did an endoscopy in a hospital in Aceh and was told it was due to her stomach. Not satisfied, Asma came to consult a doctor in a private hospital in Penang. USG showed Stage F4 liver cirrhosis. Blood test showed deterioration of her liver function enzymes (see table below). Her alpha-fetoprotein level was within normal range, 7.30 (normal = less than 13.4).

Asma was prescribed the following medication:

  1. Legalon
  2. Propanolol
  3. Spironolactone
  4. Frisemide
  5. Vimovo Surbex
  6. Conart (Glucosamine sulphate).


  1. This is indeed a sad case to handle. Asma is an elderly lady (oops, but she is 4 years younger than I!). Being ignorant, she does not seem to know what is going on with her. Like all simple minded person, she goes to the doctor when she is in trouble. She believes fully that the doctor knows best, and she will take whatever medication prescribed for her.
  2. When she had problems with her hepatitis C ten years ago, she received interferon injection for about 4 months and her health deteriorated to the critical point that her doctor decided to stop the treatment.
  3. Asma gave up medical treatment and came to us for help. The herbs restored her health. She was on and off the herbs depending on her circumstances. This is what most patients do — I would not blame her! Further, she lives in Aceh and travelling to Penang is indeed a problem for her and also cost her a lot of money.
  4. Asma’s health was okay for some 10 years. Then her hepatitis struck back again. When she was well she ate anything she liked! No, she did not take care of her diet. Like most patients when they feel well, they think they are cured.
  5. I was curious what made her vomit blood and passed out blood in her stools. Before this incident she ate curry beef cooked in vinegar. Well, was that the cause of her problem? It probably was more than that. The blood test results done on 29 July 2019 showed the platelet counts was only 96 while in the previous years it was around 200 plus. Her liver function enzymes were also not good.
  6. Asma was prescribed 6 types of medication by her doctor. It is not for me to comment if these drugs can help her with her stage 4 liver cirrhosis.

Read previous post: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/08/23/hepatitis-c-medical-treatment-or-herbs-%e2%80%93-your-have-a-choice/

Even in the United States, lung cancer remains incurable!

This is an email I just received today.

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Daniel (not his real name). One of your patients from Indonesia referred me to you to get information on your successful study on lung cancer treatment.

In March 2017 I was hospitalized for a week and was subsequently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I underwent treatment by an oncologist from the City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center. They started the treatment with TARCEVA, one pill a day. And by the grace of God my cancer were gone in about 4 months.

Unfortunately, a new lung cancer developed in early 2018 and they replaced Tarceva with a new pill TAGRISSO. Tagrisso worked well for about a year only.

Since there is no more new medication available, then I went for chemotherapy using Keytruda and Alimta. This was done every 3 weeks for 6 times in 2019. But the effectiveness of the chemo only lasted for few months.

In May 2019, the doctor detected a new cancer that was growing in my right lung. He was reluctant to give me another chemotherapy treatment this time.

I am now back on Tagrisso pill pending further decision. In other word, we just let the cancer cell to grow and hopefully slowly at this time.

Since you have a great success in combating this decease, I am seeking your help or information on any treatment or herbal that you use to treat your patients. I believe this might be the answer to my prayer.

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

What can we learn from this sad story.

  1. When the lung cancer is tested positive for EGFR receptor, the doctor generally ask you to take Iressa pill, that is if you are an Asian. Iressa is not allowed in the Western countries — but the Asian countries, okay! So perhaps that is the reason why Daniel was given Traceva instead of Iressa.
  2. The medical people call this “chemo-drug” the smart bomb or targeted therapy. In Malaysia Tarceva or Iressa costs something like RM8,000 per month. And there seems to be a promotion, buy one free one. Or buy 10 months and you get the medication free for life! Think hard, what does that imply?

Read more: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2017/04/08/lung-cancer-spend-rm80000-and-you-get-free-tarceva-for-life/


  1. For Daniel Tarceva worked like magic. Within 4 months, the tumour was gone (?). Yes, this happened in Malaysia too! But lowering of CEA or disappearance of the tumour does not mean the cancer is gone forever. The sad truth is that, within a year, the cancer recurred.
  2. From Tarceva Daniel was told to switch to Tagrisso — a much more expensive drug. About 2 months ago, a distant relative of mine came to see me. He had lung cancer and was on Tagrisso. It cost him RM15,000 per month. He had been on this new drug for about 9 months. No, the cancer did not go away. And he was told that if he takes Tagrisso for a total of one year, he would be given the drug free for life.
  3. Daniel took Tagrisso for about a year, and he suffered another recurrence.
  4. Since the smart bombs are not that smart after all, the doctor had to turn to the conventional method of chemotherapy. Daniel received 6 cycles of chemo using Keytruda and Alimta.

Read these stories: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/08/06/dissecting-chemotherapy-part-7-avastin-alimta-nearly-killed-me/

Alimta was also on offer: Buy two, free two. If you make it to 12 cycles, free for life!


  1. Unfortunately, the chemo treatment only lasted for a few months. A new growth appeared in Daniel’s right lung. Daniel was back on Tagrisso again pending further decision.

Such sad story happens most of the time, everywhere in the world. So let’s face reality. In my years of helping people with cancer, I have come to a sad conclusion that there is no cure of cancer. In this case, you can argue that Tarceva, Tagrisso, Alimta, Keytruda had helped Daniel. Without these drugs he would not have lived that long. Maybe that is true. These may have prolonged Daniel’s life. But at what cost? For sure, these drugs are expensive! Yes, these drugs come with various side effects.

So why complain? What if you take herbs and can just live just as long? It is definitely cheaper and has no destructive side effects! No, the world does not want to know or encourage this!


Multiple Myeloma: Amazing healing after 4 weeks on herbs

Hary (not his real name) is a 51-year-old Indonesian. His problem started about 3 years ago when a blood test showed his hemoglobin level was low. He did nothing about it. And he seemed to be okay.

  • In April 2018, he had fevers. The doctor prescribed Panadol and he recovered.
  • In August 2018, he had fevers again. He took Panadol and he was okay again.
  • In November 2018, he again had fevers. His blood test results were as follows:

                Laju Endapan Darah                  H  145

The doctor suspected Hary had Multiple Myeloma and suggested a biopsy.  He refused any further medical treatment.

  • In April 2019, He had fevers again. He went to Rumah Sakit Medistra and did a blood test. The result showed low hemoglobin level.

  • In May 2019, we received an e-mail from his wife.

Dear Pak Chris,

My name is Daine (not her real name). We are from Jakarta, Indonesia. I saw some videos in the YouTube and CA Care website pertaining to CA Care treatment. I learned from the website that Pak Chris has an experience to help Multiple Myeloma patients. I could not say more other than Alhamdulillah (Praise be to GOD). Hence I am writing this email to Pak Chris concerning my husband who is diagnosed Multiple Myeloma.

My husband, Hary was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma since November 2018 after the doctor found that he was anemic.

In 2018 he had three times fever with decreasing of hemoglobin from 10 to 8.3 since April to Nov 2018 whereas leucocyte and erythrocyte went down as well. He was hospitalized for 5 days at Mayapada Hospital Jakarta (Private Hospital) and conducted series of lab check and bone survey.

During his hospitalization, the doctor only gave paracetamol and anti-nausea medication via infusion. Referring to the lab test result, it was diagnosed a Multiple Myeloma. Doctor suggested to do a Bone Marrow Puncture but we refused to do so as we wanted to seek a second opinion.

On 18 February 2019, he had fever again and hemoglobin went down to 7.6. He took paracetamol and fever was gone. Since then, he felt weak and in April we visited a hematologist/oncologist at Medistra Hospital Jakarta (Private Hospital). He recommend to do a blood transfusion immediately.

After the blood transfusion, the hemoglobin increased to 9.7. The hematologist/oncologist was rather open as I showed him that other patients with a similar diagnose can heal by natural remedies. Thus, this oncologist gave us a chance within 6 months to consider a best treatment for him as the oncologist said that Multiple Myeloma is incurable at the moment.

My husband feels a back pain (suffered enough) since April 2019 until now. He felt pain every time (and every day) when he gets up from bed and when he gets up from chair. He feels stun at spinal cord which make his body dropped down and weak, thus need some times to get up to stand up straight. standing position. According to lab test, his CKD (chronic kidney disease) went down below normal standard.  His creatinine level was high.

We plan to do another blood transfusion this month due to the decreasing hemoglobin. He feels weak.

We are really seeking Pak Chris’s kind help. Please help us. Looking forward to have your kind response and an opportunity to meet you soonest. Thank you very much in advanced.

8 June 2019

Dear Prof Chris Teo,

Apologize for disturbing your weekend, kindly find enclosed a latest blood check of my husband. I’m worried  about his current CKD (chronic kidney disease). It went down far from a previous blood test.

Now his CKD is 4 while on 11 May 2019 it was 49. I’m worried about this Prof..

He had a blood transfusion last week (30 May – 1 June) at Private Hospital, infused 960 cc blood with dexamethasone (2 times). He had fever again on Monday, felt nausea and vomited on Tuesday, and he felt dizzy up to now. He is taking Lanzaprazole & Propepsa sucralfate to cope with his nausea and paracetamol for his fever.

We really need your kind help. Having those condition, would it be possible if just myself see Prof Chris Teo at Penang? Please help us Prof Chris Teo. Your kind advise would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advanced.

Reply: MM is a very, very difficult problem —- saya tidak banyak jumpa kasus MM. Don’t bring him to Penang — air travel is bad for him. Only you come and we discuss what to do.

22 May 2019

Thank you very much for your email and fully understood. Saya sudah melihat video yang di share oleh Prof Chris. Kami akan mengunjungi Prof Chris di Penang segera setelah pasport kami selesai.

Saya akan stop memberikan suami saya kurma dan royal jelly. However, since my husband’s creatinine is above normal:1.68 (normal range 0.70 – 1.20), is there anything we can do to reduce that prior visiting Prof Chris at Penang? My husband plan to do a blood transfusion 500 cc next week at Medistra Hospital Jakarta.

Looking forward to have your kind advise

Reply: Don’t worry too much about that creatinine level la!!!!

Diane came in mid-June and we discussed what to do. I told Diane to try our herbs and at the same time follow our diet. If Hary’s condition improve after the herbs, we shall continue with the therapy. But if there is NO improvement, then there is nothing much we can do to help him because Multiple Myeloma is just a rare and difficult case to handle.

Four weeks on our therapy.

11 July 2019

Dear Dr. Chris,

How are you ? We hope you and your family are well. I would like to share the progress of my husband’s condition since last month after visiting you and drinking the herbs.

  • He can smile again and feels grateful.
  • It has been a week, he can now walk slowly without stick and still learning how to walk in upright posture just like before.
  • Eats only 2-3 tablespoon of rice every meal but eat lots of vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink 2.5 to 3 litres per day and urination is good.
  • Bowel movement is ok – every 2 days.
  • Often farting during first 2-3 weeks.
  • Still have a spinal pain especially when he get up from bed in the morning.
  • Lately he can manage his sleep well.

Note:  In addition, he can now walk around the house, visit his neighbours and go to the mosque. He can pray — bending down, squatting, etc.

Thank you very much in advanced for your kind support and see you tomorrow. Please send my warm regards to your wife.

Reply: Can you take video to show how he moves around now. Do you also have the video of him before he took the herbs? It would be great to compare.

I am glad that he is getting better. Yes, I shall see you and make sure that you get to the airport well in time.

Watch this video:


In the next posting, I shall write about the Challenges of Healing. Most patients who come to us all want miracles to happen to them. But unfortunately they do not want to do their part to allow the miracle to happen. In other words, they want healing on their own terms. They want to get well, but at the same time they want it their way!





Lymphoma: Health improved after 4 weeks on herbs

Yen is a 23-year-old Indonesian. He had just completed his study in law. His problem started with a small swelling in his right collar bone. The lump grew bigger and developed more lumps. He did the following:

  1. He went to the hospital in Pekan Baru. The doctor diagnosed his problem as TB and Yen was on TB medication for about 6 to 7 months. The problem did not go away.
  2. Yen consulted a doctor in another hospital. He was told he had lymphoma and was asked to undergo chemotherapy.
  3. No satisfied Yen went to the general hospital in his home town. Again he was told he had lymphoma and was asked to undergo chemotherapy, which he refused to do.
  4. Yen went to Pekan Baru Medical Centre for further consultation. He was told the same thing — it’s a lymphoma and he need to undergo chemotherapy.
  5. Yen started to take herbal products which cost him IDR 15 million for three months. The herbs seemed to help.
  6. Yen started other “jamu” or herbal concoction for about 1 year. It cost him about IDR 1 million per month. His health got worse.
  7. At last Yen landed in Santa Maria Hospital. Again he was told he had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has to undergo chemotherapy, which he flatly refused.

Yen came to seek our help in March 2019. He presented with the following:

  • severe fatigue
  • profuse sweating of both hands
  • he has fever everyday
  • he feels “heaty” in the chest
  • swelling in the right collar bone
  • breathlessness
  • itching throughout the whole body.

Yen took our herbs for about a month and then stopped. This was what happened:

Week 1: He did not feel good (tak enak). The lump in his right neck grew bigger and had pulling pain.

Week 2: The lump in his neck started to shrink and the pain was less. He started to feel good again.

Week 3: He had less fever. Before he had fever every day. His hands did not feel “cold” anymore. His head felt “hot” only once in a while.

Week 4: His breathlessness improved. Pains in the hands came on and off only.

Week 5: Swelling in the collar was smaller but new swellings developed in the left neck, right upper jaw and right arm pit. The lumps were painful.

Did the herbs helped him? The answer is yes.

Before the herbs: When he woke up from sleep, he had pains throughout the body. He felt tired easily. He sweated profusely .. his whole body was wet. His whole body itched.

After taking the herbs: The body itch was totally gone. The pain in the body had improved. He said the pain was okay now. He did not feel tired anymore. The sweating of the whole body is totally gone.

Watch this video:





She refused surgery. Took herbs. Ended up with a rotten breast!

Daisy is a 28-year-old lady from Indonesia. In May 2018, Daisy found a lump in her right breast. In June 2018, she went to a hospital in Melaka and had a biopsy. The doctor told her it was a ductal carcinoma. Daisy was told to undergo a surgery to be followed by chemotherapy. The prospect of having to undergo chemotherapy frightened her. She went home without undergoing any medical treatment.

Following a friend’s recommendation, she went to seek the help of a sinseh in Jakarta. Daisy was prescribed herbal powders which she had to take every day. The cost of these herbal mixtures ranged from IDR 15 to 20 million per month (that is equivalent to RM4,500 to RM6,000 per month).

Daisy was on this herbal treatment for about eleven months and the picture below shows the pathetic result.

According to Daisy, from July to August 2018, she had difficulty breathing. This problem resolved after taking the herbs. But the herbs make her situation worse. By December 2018 the breast started to harden, it turned reddish and the tumour burst. She had pains.

Someone  told Daisy about CA Care. She went into our website. She and her mother came to seek our help. Before she came, she went for a blood test. On 7 June 2019, her CEA was at 4.6 but her CA123 was at 192.9

Listen to our conversation that morning:




Here are some of the important points we discussed. I hope you too can take time to reflect on them and hopefully learn something.

Chris: When you went to see the sinseh in Jakarta, did he read the medical reports? Did he know that the lump in your breast is cancerous? What did he say? Take nis herbs and you would be cured?

Daisy: His advice was: don’t operate and don’t do any chemo. Take the herbs and don’t worry.

C: Did he know that your breast had turned from “good” to “bad” – rotten?  Did he see what had happened to your breast?

D: Sometimes, I didn’t get to see him at all during my visit to his clinic in Jakarta.

C: Why did you continue to take the herbs even after seeing your breast had gone  “rotten”? Why did you not stop and ask what had gone wrong? Why do you continue to believe him?

D: The sinseh said it has to be like that. Nothing to worry.

C: Did you go back to him again and show him your breast (picture above)?

D: No.

C: You were being misled — cheated! My experiences tell me that if the lump is cancerous, it has to be removed. There are many “dumb” ladies like you, who came to see me with their rotten breasts. Here are some pictures (below) …these are not your breasts … why do these ladies ever allow such a thing to happen to them? I don’t know.

First, let me ask you one frank question. Do you want to live or do you want to die?

D: I want to live. That is why I am here.

C: Want can I do now to help you? Nothing much. My advice is for you to go and see a good doctor and see if he can help remove your rotten breast. You can go to any of these two doctors in Penang and see what they have got to offer you. I guess the doctor will ask you to go for chemo first. This is to shrink the tumour and then he will remove the whole breast after that.

You may need to undergo 3 cycles of chemo first and see what happen. You may need 6 cycles in all. So let’s see what happen. So, again I say. Go and see the doctor first and listen to what he says. After that you can come back to me again if you need help.

If you are afraid of the side effects of the chemo, you can take our Chemo-Tea. This tea may be able to help you with the side effects while undergoing chemo.

As it is now, I can only say this is the only “logical and perhaps the right path” for you to take. I also suggest that you go home and think about this. Or go and see the doctors I mentioned right away.

Since you pray to Buddha, I suggest that you ask Buddha what to do. Pray!

Then it is up to you to decide what you want to do. Always remember that if you need help, you can always come back to us. My consultation is free of charge.




Endometrial Cancer: Clean after surgery but one oncologist said go for chemo, another said radiation!

Wati is a 73-year-old Indonesian lady. In April 2019 she suffered vaginal bleeding. This lasted for about a week and then the bleeding stopped. But two weeks later the bleeding recurred.

In  May 2019, Wati underwent an operation – TAH-BSO,  in a Surabaya hospital. The histopathology report indicated endometriod adenocarcinoma.

Wati was asked to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy. She was not sure of what to do.

Wati and her family came to a private hospital in Penang for a second opinion. Before meeting the oncologist, she and her family came to consult us first. My advice to her: Since you have already made an appointment to see the oncologist, why don’t you go ahead and listen to what he has got to offer you! After the consultation, if you need my help then come back and see me again. Wati did exactly that. I did not ask her to take any herbs.

MRI of the pelvis was done on 23 May 2019. The report said, Past total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for uterine carcinoma, with post surgical changes noted around the vaginal stump extending into the right adnexal region. No evidence of local recurrence or regional lymphadenopathy noted.

I received an e-mail from Wati’s daughter asking for an urgent appointment to see me again. Yes, I agreed to meet the family immediately that Friday evening.

The gist of our conversation.

  1. The oncologist told Wati that everything is “clean”. There is no need for her to undergo chemotherapy. However, the oncologist recommended that Wati undergoes 20 sessions of radiation treatment.
  2. I asked Wati if the oncologist ever tell why she has to undergo radiotherapy when everything is clean. After all it is just a Stage 1 cancer. Wati was told that undergoing radiotherapy is to prevent the cancer from recurring in the near future.
  3. I explained to Wati and her family that radiation can cause cancer. This is a fact. Click this link: https://www.webmd.com/cancer/qa/can-radiation-therapy-cause-cancer.
  4. We also know that radiation can cause the cancer to spread. It can also make the cancer more aggressive Click these links: https://twgbreastcancer.com/2017/02/20/radiation-therapy-can-cause-cancer-spread/ https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20080610/treatment-can-make-cancer-stronger#1
  5. Undergoing radiotherapy would be “fine” if it is not cancer-causing or if it has no long-term side effects.
  • There was a man who had radiation-induced sarcoma after receiving radiation for his nose cancer.
  • There was a lady who underwent radiotherapy after her hysterectomy. Soon after she ended up going in and out of the hospital because her abdomen was full of smelly pus. Then the cancer spread to her liver. Some four years later, her urinary bladder was affected and she discharged “rotten tissues”. The doctor had to install “urinary tubes” to help pass her urine. Her problem, according to her doctor, was due to previous radiation treatment.
  1. Even though MRI showed she is “clean” it does not mean that the surgery had removed all the cancer inside her. It may just mean that MRI cannot detect the cancer cells inside her.
  2. I made it clear that taking our herbs and following our therapy will not guarantee that she will be cured. The cancer can come back if she is not careful. Besides taking the herbs, she has to change her lifestyle and diet. Go for exercise and learn to cultivate peace of mind.
  3. I suggested to Wati and her family to discuss among themselves and make their own decision. I can only help but I cannot promise a cure.
  4. Wati decided not to undergo any chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  5. It is a big surprise that the person who did most of the talking this evening was her daughter. And she lives in Beijing, China! Perhaps this daughter knows what herbs can do!


After the surgery, MRI indicates everything is “clean”. It is just a Stage 1 cancer. The oncologist in Surabaya suggested that Wati undergoes 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The oncologist in Penang suggested 20 sessions of radiotherapy and it is not necessary to undergo chemotherapy.

Let me ask: Who do you think gave the “right” advice? Or did both of them gave a bad advice? Do you ever wonder where is the “proven science” in treating this case? Does it ever strike you that someone is gambling with your life?

Wati is already 73 years old. As it is now, she is leading a normal healthy life after the surgery. Is there any necessity for her to go to war with her cancer? In any war, there will always be casualty and suffering. Is it not better that she learns how to live with her cancer?

I was glad that Wati and her family members decided “not to do anything”! She wanted to take herbs instead.

When Wati’s daughter sent me a message that Friday afternoon, I readily told her to see me at 5 pm at the centre. I am glad that I did that. After our consultation, I came to understand that Wati’s daughter had to take a flight back to Beijing the next morning. Sometimes, a small favour extended to others, can lead to good things! The whole family was satisfied and  happy.






After initial recovery from her breast-brain cancer, patient is now on hunger strike!

Just about two weeks ago, I shared with you the story of one lady who had breast cancer that had spread to her brain.

For more read: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2019/06/17/breast-cancer-an-ignorant-patient-being-misled-breast-tumour-burst-cancer-spread-to-her-brain/

Before taking the herbs, Ana had no strength to walk. She had difficulty talking. Both her right hand and leg cramped. Because of this she was not able to pick anything with her right hand.

Two weeks on our herbs, Ana was better. About two and half months on the herbs,  her husband came back to report that Ana is doing very well. There was no more cramping of the hand and leg. Ana could now use her right hand normally. Her walking is also normal. One in a while she had headache. After taking the Pain Tea the headache went away.

Chris: Your wife benefited much from our therapy. I did not expect her to recover so soon. Let’s we grateful for that.

Husband: Now, my wife is having difficulty with her diet. She wanted to eat bread, etc. She was bored with her present diet now … eating corn, potato, etc.

C: Is your wife a person who is very choosy and fussy about her food?

H: Yes.

C: Oh no! If you wants to eat anything she likes, then so be it. Let her die la! This is the problem with most cancer patients. When they are dying they will follow what we tell them about their food. But the moment they become well, they started to complain about their food. They wanted to eat what they like!

Chris speaking to Ana on Whatsapp:  You have been doing so well now. You look good. Let me tell you — don’t simply eat anything you like. If you eat anything you like, you can die, understand?

Watch this video: Her health was restored after two months on our therapy.

Read the following two emails from her daughter:

24 June 2019

Selamat sore dok, mau tanya dong. Apa bahan atau makanan² seperti roti atau biskuit, mie, gula atau lainnya dari bahan organik boleh dikonsumsi oleh pasien? Soalnya mama saya lagi pengen makan roti.

Translation:  Good afternoon doc, want to ask. Can ingredients or foods such as bread or biscuits, noodles, sugar or other organic ingredients be consumed by patients? The problem is that my mom wants to eat bread.

Reply: Tidak bisa. Mama kamu memang pasien yang susah nak dibantu. Saya sudah beritahu — makan tak betul, MATI.

Translation:  Cannot eat. Your mom is indeed a difficult patient to help. I already told her — eating wrongly, you DIE.

30 June 2019

Selamat siang dok, saya mau tanya. Pasien mogok makan dan muntah terus. Kepala pening sakit sampai badan terasa panas semua. Kemarin cek dokter sini katanya kurang darah. Sekarang obat herbal ga diminum, hanya obat sakit kepala. Karena pasien kehilangan nafsu makan. Siap minum obat dimuntah semua keluar. Apa dokter ada saran? Terimakasih.

Translation: Good afternoon doc. I want to ask. Patient is on a hunger strike and vomits continuously. Dizzy, headaches until the body feels all hot. Yesterday the doctor here checked her and said  she lacked blood. Now she refuses to take the herbal medicine. Only taking headache medicine. The patient loses appetite. After taking the medicine she vomited out. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks.

Reply: I really don’t know!




Endometrial Cancer: Her Cancer Recurred Four Years After Surgery. More and more chemo would not cure her!

Eka is a 56-year-old lady from Jakarta. She was diagnosed with endometrial cancer by a doctor in Jakarta and underwent a total hysterectomy. The histopathology report dated 11 July 2013 indicated cervical polyp with cyst; endometrosis duplex — endometroid carcinoma.

After the surgery, Eka was asked to undergo chemotherapy. She refused the treatment. Eka sought a second opinion from another doctor in Jakarta. She was told to take hormonal drugs, instead of chemo. Not satisfied, Eka came to consult another doctor in a private hospital in Penang.

A check-up in Penang indicated everything was okay. Her CA 125 was normal.

In 2017 (i.e. four years later), Eka had pains in her back. She came back to Penang again and consulted with the same doctor she had met earlier.

A CT scan was done and there was a 9 cm cyst in her peritoneal cavity. Eka underwent another operation to remove the cyst. The histopathology report confirmed a high grade peritoneal serous carcinoma — left pelvic cyst wall. This operation cost her RM30,000.

From January 2018 to April/May 2018, Eka underwent chemotherapy. The drugs used were Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. Each cycle of chemo cost RM2,900. Eka received a total of 6 cycles. (Note: The same treatment using the same drugs costs SGD7,000 (RM21,000) per cycle if done in Singapore by a well known oncologist).

After the completion of the treatment, USG in May 2018, indicated everything was clean — okay! Her CA125 was normal. Eka was told to come back for review every three months.

In August 2018, CT scan done at the cancer hospital where she had her chemotherapy showed good results. Everything was okay.

In May 2019 (less than a year), CT showed the cancer had recurred.

  • Lung – 2 mm nodule seen in the left upper lobe.
  • Heterogenous lobulated mass in the left pelvis measuring 4.9 x 4.5 cm seen abetting the adjacent bowel loops.

Impression: New peritoneal deposits or nodal metastasis in keeping with disease recurrence.

On 13 May 2019, her CA125 was at 158.4. Ten days later, 23 May 2019, her CA125 shot up to 385. Eka was asked to undergo chemotherapy immediately as the cancer seemed to be aggressive. She was scheduled for 6 cycles of chemotherapy using the same drugs used earlier — Carboplatin and Pactitaxel.

After Eka received one cycle of this chemo, she received a message in her hand phone asking her to see us. So a day after receiving her chemo, Eka and her husband came to seek our help. Listen to our conversation this morning:

Chris: What do you want to do now? Do you want to still continue with your chemo? Actually what is your expectation when you come here? What do you expect me to do for you?

Taking Herbs While On Chemotherapy

Husband: From your website, I read that your therapy is just a supplementary treatment. We hope that in addition to the medical treatment, we can  also take your herbs (Note: This perception is not quite right!).

C: If you want to take the herbs and at the same time undergo chemotherapy, I suggest that you tell your oncologist first. Ask him if this is okay.

H: I have never asked the doctor about that.

C: It is better that you ask your doctor first. He may be angry with you. What if he says, “no herbs while on chemo”? So, what you want to do next? I know that most oncologists will not allow their patients to take herbs while on chemo. On top of that, I also know that they may blame the herbs if the cancer comes back after the chemo!

Eka: Oh, you mean if the cancer recurs, that is because I take your herbs during the chemo?

Husband: We have never taken herbs before.

C: Your story of recurrence after chemotherapy is common. Cisplatin, carboplatin, etc. — read the medical literature and you will know that it does not cure the cancer. The cancer recurs after such treatment. And that is also what happened to you. After 6 cycles of carboplatin + Paclitaxel, the cancer recurred after a year. So what happened to you is nothing unusual … a common story. But what can I do? People believe the doctors!

Pray and ask God for His Guidance

C: Let’s pray and ask God to tell you what to do.

Husband: We feel that God led us to see you.

C: Yes, many patients often tell me the same.

Husband: I just got to know you. Tell us if we should continue with the chemo or start taking your herbs.

C: I cannot answer that question.

Husband: We want to take your herbs because we believe God had sent us to see you.

Eka: Doctor, since I was had cancer in 2017, 2018 and 2019, no one has ever told us about you. We have never heard of CA Care. Then in 2019 after my CA125 started to increase, I discussed my problem with my WhatsApp group. I got messages pointing me to Pak Kiantoro. His message was to seek your help. I did not know who he is. Then my husband. He had never discussed my problem with anyone. He too started to have messages (not WhatsApp group) informing him to come and see CA Care. We started to think how could this be.

Before Undergoing Any Treatment Ask These Questions First

C: I always tell patients that before they proceed with any treatment (or surgery) always ask the doctor these questions. One,  can the treatment or procedure cure me? Two, how much does the treatment cost? Three, what are the side effects.

Eka:  The oncologist had already said chemotherapy is not going to cure me. The cancer will recur and recur.

C; That is why I said — before doing anything ask first. But unfortunately many patients do it the other way round. After they have undergone all the treatments and these failed, only they would start asking their doctors why there is no cure.

 Think First Before You Follow Our Therapy

 Husband:  We want to try your herbs … we want to try.

C: Okay. You need to know that only you and you alone who can cure yourself. My herbs are not magic portions. But I can also tell you that I have seen miracles happen after patients follow our therapy. They need to change their diet, lifestyle, attitude, etc. So let’s be patient. We can’t rush.

Learn to Live With Your Cancer

 C: I often tell patients to learn how to live with their cancers! Like you, there is a lump in your body. If you don’t do the scan you don’t even know that there is a lump in there. For now, even the lump is there, you can still live a normal life. So if you take care of yourself — even for the next ten years — the lump will be still there. Let it be. Learn to live with your cancer. Tell the cancer, please don’t disturb me and I will not disturb you. Let us live together in peace.

This cancer is not an “outsider” — it is your own. Tell the cancer, if I die you (cancer) will also die. So let’s live together. I am asking you to regard cancer as your friend not your enemy. Look at the world today, what happen to the countries and their people if they fight with each other. So there is no need to fight with the cancer within you.

This is why I don’t encourage to go for a scan months after months. Ask this question: So what can I do if there is a mass inside there? Go for more chemo? The mass may disappear for a while and then comes back again. Then you go for more chemo again! There is no end if you start a war.

Most Important: Do You Get Better or Worse After Taking the Herbs?

C: The only question I ask you after taking the herbs for a month: Do you get worse or better? If you are getting better, then proceed to do what you are doing that makes you better. But if you say that the therapy makes you worse, then I must say I really don’t know how to help you anymore. It is better that you stop taking our herbs.

Let me tell you, very often I “win in this game”. But you need to know that it is you and you alone who can cure yourself. So don’t worry so much. Pray and God bless you.

Breast Cancer: An ignorant patient being misled! Breast tumour “burst”! Cancer spread to her brain.

Ana is a lady in her late forties. She lives in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. Some years ago, she had a lump in her breast. She consulted an herbalist in Kuala Lumpur who assured her that she can be cured. Ana was prescribed some herbs at the cost of RM5,000 month. Ana was on the treatment for more than a year but she did not get any better. The lump grew bigger and eventually “burst”. At this point, the herbalist gave up and told Ana to go for an operation since she could not help her anymore.

Part 1: Misled by an empty promise.

Ana went to a hospital in Melaka for a mastectomy in March 2015. After surgery, Ana was asked to go for chemotherapy. She sought the help of a medical doctor in Johor where she underwent a “special” chemo treatment: The protocol is a below:

  1. Initially Ana received one cycle of chemo very two weeks for 6 months. So Ana received 12 cycles of chemotherapy.
  2. After the initial 6 months, Ana received one cycle of chemo every three months. And this went on for about one and half years.
  3. Ana was scheduled for one cycle of chemo every 6 months. After Ana received one cycle of chemo, a PET scan in March 2019 showed the cancer had spread to her brain. There is a 3.0 cm lesion in her brain.

Ana’s husband said, he spent about RM2,000 to RM3,000 for each cycle of chemotherapy. PET scan was done once every three months. Now, with the brain metastasis, the doctor wanted her to undergo more chemo. And each chemo is going to cost more than the previous ones.

Part 2: After the mastectomy and chemotherapy, the cancer spread to her brain.

Ana’s husband came to seek our help in late March 2019. Ana had lost her memory and had difficulty talking. She could not walk because both her right hand and leg lacked strength.

Part 3: The Last Gamble – husband came to CA Care for help.


Before taking the herbs, Ana had no strength to walk. She had difficulty talking. Both her right hand and leg cramped. Because of this she was not able to pick anything with her right hand.

Two weeks on our herbs, Ana was better. She could talk although she had not fully recovered yet. About two and half months on the herbs,  her husband came back to report that Ana is doing very well. There was no more cramping of the hand and leg. Ana could now use her right hand normally. Her walking is also normal. One in a while she had headache. After taking the Pain Tea the headache went away.

Chris: Your wife benefited much from our therapy. I did not expect her to recover so soon. Let’s we grateful for that.

Husband: Now, my wife is having difficulty with her diet. She wanted to eat bread, etc. She was bored with her present diet now … eating corn, potato, etc.

C: Is your wife a person who is very choosy and fussy about her food?

H: Yes.

C: Oh no! If you wants to eat anything she likes, then so be it. Let her die la! This is the problem with most cancer patients. When they are dying they will follow what we tell them about their food. But the moment they become well, they started to complain about their food. They wanted to eat what they like!

Chris speaking to Ana on Whatsapp:  You have been doing so well now. You look good. Let me tell you — don’t simply eat anything you like. If you eat anything you like, you can die, understand?

Part 4: Her health was restored after two months on our therapy.

Please go and have your cancerous breast removed!

Flora is a 49-year-old lady. In July 2018, she found an egg-size lump in her left breast. An USG in a hospital in her hometown confirmed a 7 cm x 6 cm cyst. Flora consulted two doctors about her problem. Both doctors said it was just a cyst — nothing (?).

In January 2019, Flora came to a private hospital in Penang. An USG and mammogram were done. The surgeon said it was a fibroadenoma. The size was  6 cm x 5 cm. Flora was asked to have it removed but she refused the operation.

In March 2019,Flora went to Padang (in Sumatera) and was scheduled for a mastectomy. However, the surgeon did a biopsy instead. The result was a carcinoma. The doctor in Padang wanted Flora to proceed with the mastectomy to be followed by chemotherapy. Flora refused to undergo the procedure.

Flora returned to her hometown and decided to undergo a mastectomy in the local hospital.  She was scheduled for the surgery on 9 April 2019 but she “chickened out.” Flora said while in the hospital she saw many patients who had undergone surgery for their cancer. They suffered badly and their condition deteriorated. Because of that, she changed her mind about undergoing the surgery.

Flora went for reflexology. She had 5 treatments within 2 weeks. She felt better!  She also changed her diet.

Someone told Flora about us and so she came to Penang to consult us.

These are what I advised her that morning:

  1. Go and see a doctor and ask him to remove your cancerous breast.
  2. Don’t be naive. Our herbs cannot make the cancer go away.


Ladies, you have a choice. To act early and save your life. Or live with your “rotten” and cancerous breast and suffer. I am saying this out of concern for you. I don’t know how else to put it nicely to please you!

I have been helping hundreds of breast cancer patients. It is just an illusion to believe that by taking herbs or changing your diet, your breast cancer will go away. I have seen enough of “rotten” breasts over the years.

The sad thing is, most ladies don’t know that after a while the cancer can spread to other parts of the body — the bone, liver, lung or brain. By that time it is too late to do anything. It is only then that they come to me for help. What can I do?

So, women — be wise.