In remembrance of Stephen Taylor Part 5:  Steve Died – 3 Months 13 Days After Surgery

6 February 2023 Chris wrote:

  • Hello Stev, never heard from you. How are you getting on. Sorry I did not write earlier.

8 February 2023

Dear Chris Teo,

This is S, Steve’s daughter. Thank you for reaching out to check on my father’s condition.

It saddens me to send you this news. My dad passed away on Friday 30th December 2022. Although it’s all been quite difficult to take in, we find comfort in the fact that dad passed away very peacefully with myself, my mother, and other loved ones present. The funeral service took place between 4 to 7 January 2023. It was a magical experience, hundreds of friends and family members attended what was a true celebration of dad’s amazing life.

I know that my dad updated you about his condition whenever he could. However, he was admitted to hospital on 25th December 2022 and was no longer able to reply emails since the Christmas period. Before my dad passed away, he asked me to update you about his condition and also thank you for all the help and advice that you had given to him over the years.

The operation went smoothly. The lump was removed on 17th September 2022. The surgeon informed us that he had removed most of the cancer (around 90%), but that he could not remove more than this in fear of hitting a nerve. The surgeon advised my dad to have radiation … Dad opted for palliative care. My dad passed away around 3 months after the operation.

Once again, thank you for all your help and advice. You were a crucial part in helping my dad in his fight against cancer. My Mother and I are extremely grateful. Warm regards, S.Taylor

8 February 2023 Chris wrote:

Hello S, I am sorry to write you again. I hope I don’t disturb you too much. I have a few questions to ask:

The last email I got from him was 4 Dec and he died on 30 Dec. In his last email he said he wanted to go away and stay with family and forget about the problem, did you manage to do this?

After that what happened?

a) Did he go to the hospital for any treatment?

b) If so what treatment — radiation? chemo? how many times?

c) You were with him when he died. Did he suffer before he died? Any pain?

d) Did he die at home with the family or in hospital.

Thanks so much. Chris.

13 February 2023.

Hi Chris,

In response to your first question, we did manage a short “staycation” at my dad’s favourite hotel, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, from 11 to 13 December. By this time, my dad was already suffering with a lot of pain in his wound. A long car journey to another city would have been too much for him. So we settled for a nice hotel in Bangkok.

Despite the pain, my dad insisted on taking my mother and myself to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to celebrate their 28th Wedding Anniversary, in what would be our last holiday together as a family. We feel extremely lucky to have had this holiday together. Please find a family photo from the short “staycation” attached below.

(Picture posted with kindly permission of the family. Thank you!)

a) My dad did not go to the hospital. He stayed at home. Since no other medication could help to subside the pain, the doctor agreed to prescribe morphine for my dad in mid-November. I believe he initially took around 1 cc of morphine, once a day. The doctor who prescribed the morphine told us that my dad could increase the dosage as the pain became greater, and also warned us of the side-effects. Therefore, as the pain in my dad’s wound became greater, he gradually increased the dosage from 1 cc a day, to 1 cc 2 times a day, to 1 cc 3 times a day, to 2 cc 3 times a day, and so on. By the 20 December, my dad was taking 4 cc of morphine almost every 2 hours whenever the pain was extremely bad. If there was no pain, then he would not take any morphine.

b) My dad did not have any radiation or chemotherapy. He opted for palliative care. In addition to the pain in his wound, my dad also had a very bad sore throat. It became increasingly difficult for him to eat solid foods. By the beginning of December, he would prefer to eat liquid foods such as soup, oatmeal, or Thai porridge. It was also evident that my dad began to eat less and less. He warned me that he did not have much time left.

On 24 December, my dad had unbearable pain. He remained in bed for the entire day and refused to eat anything at all. He would only get up to use the toilet, with myself and my mum supporting him while he walked. Also, my dad would only drink water and he took 3 cc of morphine before he went to bed.

On 25 December, my dad’s unbearable pain continued. He refused to eat or drink anything. He even refused to drink water. On this day, my dad rolled onto his right side (the side where his wound was) while he was in bed. As a result, the wound broke and he began to lose a lot of blood and yellow liquid. Therefore, my mum and I decided it best to call the ambulance.

c) My dad was admitted to N Hospital on 25th December. We decided on this hospital because my dad preferred it. He said that the doctors respected his decision to refuse radiation and chemotherapy. At the hospital, my dad received oxygen support, IV fluids, and morphine.

Having witnessed my dad in unbearable pain for the previous two days, it was at least good to see him free of any pain. He did not suffer any pain over the next 5 days while he was in hospital. However, since his wound broke on 25 December, he was not able to speak anymore.

My dad fell into a semi-coma while in hospital. He would only open his eyes when the nurses cleaned him or when they used the suction machine to remove the saliva.

d) My dad passed away in hospital on 30 December, free of any pain and very peacefully with myself, my mother, and other loved ones present. Before he passed, he opened his eyes widely and looked for myself and my mother, as if to say farewell. It was heartbreaking, but as I mentioned, it comforted us to see that dad was no longer in any pain.

Warm regards, S. Taylor


In remembrance of Stephen Taylor: Part 4: The Operation Was A Success But Patient Suffered Severe Pain

Before surgery

14 September 2022, 5:12 AM Steve sent this note:

  • Just have to do the best I can.
  • It’s a help just to be able to talk to someone like you.
  • No reply needed.

14 September 2022, 3:40 PM, Steve wrote:

Afternoon Dr. Chris. I read through your excellent booklet and couldn’t agree more with it.

  • The very first step in healing is for every cancer patient to recognise the influence of his own mind on his illness and recovery process. A negative mindset leads to more trouble and possibly unnecessary death, while a positive mindset gears you towards recovery. How could I possibly disagree?
  • But it’s one thing to say, and a completely different kettle of fish to do. I’m not a defeatist, only a realist. For example, I’m sure a belief in a higher power may be very supportive for some people. But try telling that to Einstein or most other Nobel Prize winners. I can’t fool myself into believing something that I don’t believe in. I don’t believe in karma or rebirth.
  • I’ve tried listening to healing music on YT, but as in standard meditation, my mind soon wanders off in all directions. The best antidote for  me is to remain active and especially when my bubbly 27 year old daughter is around. Can’t fail to smile then, and you would too if you met her!
  • Worst is when I’m sitting alone feeling unwell with this constant pressure on the cheek.

So thanks again Chris for all you’ve done.

14 September 2022, 6:10 PM, Steve wrote:

  • Hello Chris, I feel guilty using up all your time.

14 September 2022, 8:00 PM, Steve wrote:

  • People such as yourself restore my frayed faith in humanity.

14 September 2022, 8:21 PM, Steve wrote:

  • I cannot describe the emotion I feel … All I can possibly say is … THANK YOU !!!!

After surgery

18 September 2022, 10:13 PM Steve wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris,

  • Here’s a short update. I’m now wrapped up in bandages so don’t know what it looks like. Probably a couple days more of that. There’s a bottle draining liquid from the cheek which the nurse said looked normal.
  • I had the operation on 17 September at S Hospital to remove the tumor.
  • The expert surgeon came to see me with the following news.

The good points:

  1. He considers the surgery a success.
  • He removed a large 6 cm tumor on the cheek causing the lump, with minor damage to the nerve.
  • This minor nerve damage may heal itself in a few weeks.
  • My right eye still mostly works ok. I can close my mouth to drink (with some difficulty but I can manage). See how it goes over the next few weeks but he is pleased.
  • The cancer has not spread to the throat.
  • He did say that despite the problems below, he still says in his opinion that the op will give me better “quality of life’ but I haven’t discussed with him yet if he thinks it will extend life.

The not so good news:

  1. He could not remove a tumor on the other side of the nerve, because to do so would damage the nerve. I agreed completely.
  • He suspected that the cancer had gone to a lymph gland on the neck.
  • My own opinion on all this is that is exactly what I expected, assuming he is correct in the ‘quality of life’ bit.
  • Since I saw the ENT Specialist 3 months ago when the cancer was diagnosed by MRI scan and fine needle biopsy, it was clear to me that the cancer could not be “cured” by standard methods.
  • I agreed with the surgery only because the lump was growing bigger, even with herbs and the cannabis oil, and could become a serious problem.
  • It did offer more (but for how long?) ‘quality of life”.
  • Also, I agreed with everyone that surgery was the best thing to do, and maybe I could try different herbs if that’s what you think.

This hospital is very good and the standard of care and attention has been excellent. But of course there have been problems.

  1. They seem to have a diet specialist who has followed my recommendations of a veg diet, no milk, with rice soup. Seems healthy food. But they also gave me a sugary drink (to increase my strength?) and a sugary donut! I asked the dietician to stop the sugar and she readily agreed. Good.
  • Language problem. Essentially, they are giving me large doses of antibiotic to prevent infection, namely an IV antibiotic, an injected antibiotic, and pills antibiotic. Today I had hot flushes and felt unwell.

Could it be the current large doses of antibiotic which were causing the hot sweat  and my feeling unwell? Another doc came and explained that the symptoms for a reaction to antibiotic were heart palpitations, chest pains, and skin rashes. Since I don’t have those symptoms then he doesn’t think my feeling unwell is due to the antibiotic, even though I feel better now they’ve stopped giving it to me.

  • The nurse clearly told me in English they had to “open the wound’ on my cheek” to do something. I said in that case please give me pain killer because I don’t want pain. But the doctor said Nooooo, they are simply going to change the dressing.

So what did I learn from all this?

  • I think I was correct in (our) thinking that surgery would not be a cure, but hopefully it would give me more “quality of life”.
  • There is a language problem.
  • Thai doctors and nurses are not used to people – mainly Westeners –  asking questions and get peeved when we do. The Thai patients never ask questions, which is a big mistake. As I said to the doctor tonight, I am not a doctor, but I’m just telling them my concerns, but it’s a language problem. Please don’t think I’m criticizing anybody.
  • No comment needed unless you disagree with what I said.

19 September 2022, 8:33 AM Steve wrote:

Thanks Chris.

  • A bothersone problem is the cyst at the back of the throat — they gave some throat spray for temporary relief which doesn’t help much.
  • Another issue I have constipation. No dumps 2 days. So I told them I had this years ago for weeks and NOTHING worked (I tried many things) until someone suggested a PROBIOTIC. Bought a good one called “Primal Defence” and it cleared it up in one day, as if magic. This morning they told me they have to follow the hospital rules          (groan, I never like rules) and give me a laxative. But if they doesn’t work they will let me try the probiotic.
  • They changed the dressing this morning and said it would remain on for another 4 to 5 days.
  • The doc who came gave me more info about the operation. As far as I understand, they took out all the tumors, but did not remove all of the gland in case it damaged the nerve. He said the surgery doc was very careful about this. They could not see any more cancer by eye in the remaining bits of gland. Forgot to ask about the lymph node. So I suggest we can call it a win for now Chris.

21 September 2022, 10:12 AM Steve wrote:

Good morning Chris.

  • They removed the bandages and drain tube this morning. Will be discharged to go home today.
  • But when they removed the bandages the young doctors immediately saw an “abnormality” behind the right ear.

The surgeon came and said as follows.

  • He removed most of the tumors, as far as he can see by eye, but he could not remove all the margins in order to prevent more serious nerve damage. However, the cancer had spread like branches of a tree so he could not remove everything. Maybe 99%.
  • But they have now seen signs of skin lesions over the scalp and possible tumor behind the ear. By his demeanor I could tell he was concerned. This requires further investigation to see the origins of this progression.
  • He mentioned they might recommend light radiation on the troublesome areas as a palliative measure.
  • I said I understood completely, but there comes a time when we must just consider palliative care and quality of life. This was never meant as a cure.
  • He said we can discuss with the radiologist after several weeks. I said that’s fine, because I want to discuss this with my herbalist. He was very open and agreeable to this, not anti herbs at all.
  • He also said that he would make another appointment at S Hospital in about 10 days and he specifically asked my daughter to go with me. When a doc says that I know the news will not be good. I get that.

So Chris, perhaps we can wait to see if they can find out more about the skin problem and then consider what herbs to try, and whether or not to do radiation or other types of intervention. Let me know what you think when you get time.

  • Three days cleaning wound at home, and on 3rd day go to some clinic to remove the stitches. 
  • Day by day we do the best we can. Just want to go on a trip somewhere with my family. 

21 September 2022, 12:46 Steve wrote:

  • Actually, I don’t feel well at all at the moment. Heavy head and some discomfort around the incision.
  • Sore throat.
  • Hopefully just trauma from the surgery but I feel worse than before except for the lump removed.
  • BP high.
  • I can walk and talk.
  • So my feeling is to restart your herbs now, rather than wait until I see the doc again.
  • Can I continue with some or all of the herbs you sent me?

As far as I know:

  1. Cancer on the cheek and neck area.
  2. Parotid gland cancer largely removed. 99%?
  3. “Abnormality” behind right ear.
  4. Lymph node unknown status right now.
  5. Maybe skin cancer on scalp, unknown cause.
  6. Possibility going to brain. Doc asked if I had any symptoms. Heavy feeling on brain but can think ok.
  7. Cyst on throat. Unknown status.

I just follow your advice Chris. Nothing else I can do now. Day by day. Try to stay positive.

21 September 2022, 8:24 PM Steve wrote:

  • Now at home. Main problem is throat is quite bad. Cyst? Bandages pressing on throat? Effect of op/meds? Cancer? Cough mixture type stuff from doc has little effect.
  • Inclined to try your PAIN HERB as you suggest.
  • Wouldn’t feel so bad without the throat problem.
  • It is now just 4th day after major op. Must be patient.
  • Advised to go to any clinic to renew dressing around the face to protect the incision for next 3 days.
  • So my feeling is to restart your herbs now, rather than wait until I see the doc again.


23 September 2022, 9:24 AM Steve wrote:

  • Yesterday I had the bandages removed and the dressing replaced over the surgery wound  at the Camillian Hospital near to where I live, according to written instructions from S Hospital.
  • The doc there remarked that he thought the surgeon did a very good job.
  • About 3 hours after that I had quite severe pain over the cheek area of maybe 7 to 8 on the 0 to10 pain scale.
  • I took 1 tbs of your PAIN HERBS and the pain subsided to maybe a 2 to 3.
  • I don’t think the S Hospita-supplied cough medicine type stuff does much good.

I’ve since looked online and found that pain after major surgery can last for several weeks.

24 September 2022, 9:29 PM Steve wrote:

  • RESTARTING HERBS – I agree not really necessary now, and in any case I need a rest after the surgery ordeal, and maybe go away with my family.
  • STATUS – Today had the stitches removed. Doc said the wound looked good. I did one Ibuprofen 400 mg pain meds prior to this.
  • In afternoon felt quite well, better than before, but at around 7 p.m. felt a sharp pain on the brain, which concerned me so I had a glass of PAIN herb and a bit later 1 more Ibuprofen med. As at 8:30 pm pain much less and I feel relatively OK.
  • So Chris, unless you have anything particular to say, I will leave you in peace and not use up your valuable time so much.

29 September 2022, 5:47 AM Steve wrote:

  • My status about the same. Fairly constant pain around 3 to 4/10.
  • Uncomfortable feeling and numbness (nerve damage) on the cheek near the right ear, where there appears to be bruising.
  • Still constant sore throat, but better than the days after the op.
  • Still able to do a few things to keep me busy, as long as I don’t try to do too much when I feel ill.
  • About pain meds. You might not agree with the following. I understand.

I was discharged from S Hospital without any guidance on pain management, except a bunch of pills to help nerve damage, various cough mixture potions, sleeping pills, and some PARACETAMOL for pain! Unknown to me, one of the staff suggested to my wife to buy IBUPROFEN for pain control.

  • After a few days I found the cough mixtute stuff quite ineffective so stopped taking it, or taking very little.
  • Otherwise, I do take the nerve and sleeping pills (most nights). I also take meds to allow me to pee (BPH), and eye drops for eye pressure (to prevent glaucoma), and another eye drop (for cataracts).

1 December 2022, 4:11 PM Steve wrote:

  • My condition has deteriorated.

3 December 2022, 2:28 PM Steve wrote:

  • Please tell me if these updates are of no use to you, and just cluttering up your email IN box. I will understand.

Most interesting trip to the government N Hospital.

  • I first saw a young female doc at their Pain Management section. Very good doc who listened intently to what I had to say and asked pertinent questions. She prescribed a morphine based med to take if the pain reached a 5+ level. 
  • Then on to their Palliative Care section where a nurse and a woman in civilian clothes spoke at length to my daughter in Thai. This person is a university lecturer and found my story interesting and asked if she could share it with her students. I said absolutely she can if she thinks it would be helpful to them. Gives me some purpose in life if anything substantial came out of it. They exchanged contact details for follow-ups. I’ve asked my daughter to send her my prostate cancer story which is online.
  • Then there is an ENT doc who doesn’t impress me much. He’s paranoid about Covid for one thing. He  refused to offer assistance and told me to go back to S Hospital. Oh well, sometimes this happens in life.

4 December 2022, 3:08 PM Steve wrote:

Hello Dr. Chris, 

  • Sorry to say, I only managed to restart the full herb program for one day but felt so unwell that I had to stop.
  • Just one thing to say about the herbs. Maybe you think I’m talking rubbish. You may well be right! Since each of us is an individual with different reactions to things, would it be possible that so many different herbs taken during the day might be counter-productive?
  • They have an English expression “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Might the same apply to the herbs? Shoot me down in flames if you consider this nonsense.

In remembrance of Stephen Taylor: Part 3: Best Hospital, Best Equipment, Top Surgeon. Let’s Operate!

With surgery you can live longer and have better quality of life

2 September 2022, 9:34 PM Steve wrote:

Hello Dr. Chris,

  • So I went with my daughter (S) to a private hospital to see the specialized surgeon who normally works at the main government S hospital. They would definitely have the best equipment. S and I were rather impressed with him although we only had about 20 minutes to talk.
  • He gave his opinion without being pushy or insisting on anything. He thinks I require surgery. When asked if he was proposing a “cure” he was quite open about it, saying that if the tumor was small they could consider it a cure, but my cancer is more serious. However, the surgery would give me more time and a better quality of life.
  • When asked about the prognosis if I don’t do anything, he did not know but suggested possibly 2 to 3 years, which is what the other doc told me. He said (like other docs have told me) if I do nothing the cancer could spread to other organs, the nerve running through the gland, and to the brain. It could also break out of the skin which would be serious.
  • I did tell him I don’t want radiation or chemo. Surprisingly he said chemo is not used for this type of cancer. He does use radiation but didn’t push it.
  • I asked about his experience with this type of cancer and he said he sees about a new patient every week, or about 50 a year, so I think he has the experience. I did ask for actual data on results but somehow we got sidetracked.
  • One really positive thing as far as I’m concerned is that by using the government hospital the profit motive for the surgeon no longer applies. I have always been suspicious that private hospital docs might recommend a treatment because the hospital admin requires it. Those shareholders must be paid! There is no advantage to the gov surgeon since he gets paid by the government.
  • I did ask the doc if I could wait another month because I would like to try some Chinese herbs, but the doc said that it was inadvisable to wait that long because the cancer appeared to be spreading quickly, and there’s a risk the cancer could spread. This was said as a matter of fact, rather than scare me into doing the surgery. No doc I’ve seen is against using herbs.
  • So if you have time Chris, I would welcome any suggestions from you for any questions to ask. After that we can make a decision. I’m pretty sure I know what you will tell me Chris, but I like the guy and think at least I could go and talk to him again at S Hospital.

Reply 2 September 2022, 11:22 PM:

Thanks Steve for writing and I know you also want  me to reply as soon as possible. OK, I shall try  now.

  • The first point when patients come to me, I would try to understand their mind or mentality and belief system. To me this is the most important aspect of healing — without a positive attitude it is difficult to achieve any healing. Unfortunately, not many patients have that positive attitude.
  • One of the dangerous attitudes is trying to rush or push to get things done, believing that if you don’t do something NOW it is going to be hell — cancer spreads and spreads. My advice is RELAX. Take it easy and cool down. It is with this frame of mind that you can expect to make a rational decision. 

Regarding your problem:

  • Good that you like the surgeon. That is one good point. 
  •  Good that he said he has done such surgery — once a week for so many people. That means he is an expert and knows what he is doing.
  • Good that he recognises that chemo has no role in this.
  • So if you ask me, what is next? The answer is surgery. 
  • BUT my only reservation is, are you sure the doctor can do or deliver that reality (not just his belief). Unfortunately no one can answer this all important question. No guarantee. 
  • My main concern is the side effects of the surgery. This is ABSOLUTELY my main concern. You have to live with the consequences of that decision.
  • When I write this, I remember a patient – his problem was the nose cancer not like yours). He was the dean of a faculty in a university. To him 2+2 is always 4 and it must be 4. As a biologist I told him 2+2 can be 10 or even zero. We have different belief systems.
  • The head has a lot of wires (nerves). Destroy some vital ones and you end up with all kinds of problems. It will be operation after operation and you get mutilated. And there is no going back if this happens.
  • So if you want to have a quick answer — operation is the option but bearing in mind my concern or risk above.
  • This past week  many patients  came to me for help. I have heard their stories — failed chemo, failed

radiotherapy and failed surgery. So  at the end of the day I tell patients — FOLLOW WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS. If you think he is the right expert for you, GO AHERAD. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • As I am writing this, I remember the 16-year old boy with tumours in his mouth. I agreed to him undergoing chemotherapy. Yes, one shot of chemo shrunk the tumour but the second shot killed him. But I cannot say he cannot go for chemo because my herbs could not do the magic that he wanted.

Write me again if you wish to express your concern or opinion.

3 September 2022, 7:37 AM Steve wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris,

  • I am so appreciative of the time you take to reply to my ramblings. I would love to go to Penang to thank you in person. But maybe you don’t want this strange person cluttering up your clinic. Don’t blame you.
  • I think 2 + 2 = the square root of -1. Prove me wrong.
  • Since we all agree, including the doc, that surgery will not “cure” the cancer, but will only extend life, there are no false claims here. So the question then becomes, will the surgery improve my condition and quality of life, or will it make it worse, perhaps a lot worse … and by how much will it extend life? I suppose the answer to the last question is unknown and just an educated guess. This is a question I will try to hammer home to him if I manage to see him on Monday.
  • I’m pretty sure that working at the main S Hospital he is one of the top surgeons in Thailand, and with 50 cases a year, plus the best equipment at S, it stands the best chance of success.
  • Of course, that does not guarantee a good result. But should I turn the offer down? I did start to ask him for actual data for his patients so I can make an informed decision, but he didn’t quite understand what I said and somehow we moved on to other things.

No need to reply Chris. I will write again next week after seeing the doc again. By the way, I forget to say, please let me know if you want something from The Big Mango which you can’t get there.

Reply 3 September 2022, 1:48 PM:

  • Yes, exactly. Cut and remove. No more – cure for a while. You can live longer but with side effects while alive. So there is the trade off here.
  • In my 25 years, I think I only come across less than 5 cases like yours. And he had 50 cases a year like your cancer?  Then he is definitely much better.
  • Yes, in theory everything looks great — I would say, Remove the tumour! Let’s see if the reality is different.
  • If one tumour is removed, I think there is a good chance you need to sacrifice the nerves and you will have to learn to live with it. But if there are more than one tumour, what is he going to do? Remove it/them also? Can he do that? Then what about the lump in the throat? Is he removing that too? Or come back another day to remove it?
  • It looks like you cannot run away from chemo or radiotherapy after the surgery. Ask him that. Unless of course it is a clean cut.
  • Surgery is to done by an expert surgeon with experience who says it is NOT a cure but there’s a good possibility of living 4 to 6 years, compared to say 2 years doing nothing. Two docs have independently given the same time frame. I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU. YES, GO FOR SURGERY. 

3 September 2022, 6:11 PM Steve wrote:

  • Yes  Chris, I understand completely. But the problem is that the herbs/oil did not stop the growth of the tumor which is now quite large. I feel that leaving it longer would be a high risk strategy.
  • As we agreed, the use of herbs for this was a trial. I think they might have slowed the disease a little but did not stop it. But that’s just speculation on my part.
  • So you are asking me to have faith in your unproven modified herbs. That is an awful lot to ask for Chris.
  • And while you have provided many, many examples, and I have several of your books, I haven’t seen anything where you supply stats showing actual numbers of people comparing the outcomes of treatment compared to the herbs. I suppose this data does not exist because nearly everyone you see has tried conventional treatment which failed. 
  • Another point I would like to raise is similar. Standard medicine does have success stories. Many failures of course but it’s not as if it’s total failure. There are quite a number of friends who have had standard therapy and have survived many, many years. Excuse me, but if someone reads your work they will come to the conclusion that (medical) treatment is 100% ineffective. In my case the herbs appear not to have worked.
  • This is in no way a criticism of you Chris. I often have conversations in my head between opposite views to try to decide the best course to take.

So by all means shoot me down in flames about what I said, but I have the choice now of:

  1. Surgery by an expert surgeon with experience who says it is NOT a cure but there’s a good possibility of living 4 to 6 years, compared to say 2 years doing nothing. Two docs have independently given the same time frame.
  • Just use your modified herbs for 1 month on a trial basis, without any evidence that they work, keeping in mind there’s a distinct possibility the cancer will spread to nearby organs with disastrous consequences.
  • I would think 99.9% would chose Option 1. I doubt if you would find anyone like me who would even consider your herbs in this situation.

But at least I’m considering what to do.

  • You must be very tired of this troublesome patient. I value everything you say, so it’s ok. I’m only expressing my doubts and concerns about any treatment including the herbs.

Cheers Chris, and hope to talk to you again next week.

3 September 2022, 7:35 PM Steve wrote:

  • Are you just pulling my leg Chris? Hope I have not angered you just because I’m pointing out the difficulties in anything I might do.
  • If you want to argue your case, I am always ready to listen. Just to say, oh all right have it your way, is not a good argument if you have few answers to my questions. 
  • Perhaps I misunderstand your intention.
  • Are you saying you have just got tired of me wasting your time? Sorry about that but I cannot be expected to be a guinea pig to try out your herbs. 

Reply: 3 September 2022, 7:48 PM:

  • NO, you are right. The only option any cancer patient has is surgery. I am sure of that! If you got breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. if you don’t want to cut — don’t come and see me. That has always been clear from the beginning. But for your case, I don’t know. In my 25 years I have seen less than 5 cases, so can’t say much. So here is where mindset comes in. If you believe surgery is the right choice, go for it.
  • My herbs cure??? NO, never. This is the first reply I send out to all patients who write me. My herbs cannot cure your cancer!

Reply: 3 September 2022, 9:54 PM:

  • You advise people to cut out the tumor first and then try the herbs. Is that correct? YES,  EXACTLY  if it is breast, colon, etc. BUT I would not say do surgery if it is lung, brain or liver cancer — and also your case because I have no experience with this cancer. 

So this is not like one rule that applies to all. My recommendation is based on what I know through my 25 yrs of experience.

  • I just got an email from my old classmate — class 1970s — he has sarcoma in the thigh. He is taking rodent tuber. I told him, it is wrong. Don’t be fooled by those who want to make money. Herbs cannot shrink the tumour or make the cancer go away.  
  • I  would most likely ask him to have it removed, because that is the only sensible thing to do. After that he can take herbs if he believes in what I do. But if he wants to do chemo or radiation, it is up to him. I am not here to influence him or force him to do what he does not want to do. I am here to help patients to get well. Period.
  • So what I say above applies equally to you – exactly that. But again I repeat, in your case, I don’t know if surgery is a sensible option or not due to the sensitivity of the nerves in there.

I hope all is clear.

3 September 2022, 10:01 PM Steve wrote:

  • Ok Chris  if I am wrong then I apologize.
  • As far as I understand it now, you advise people to cut out the tumor first and then try the herbs. Is that correct?
  • I was under the impression that surgery would only apply to isolated tumors such as breast cancer tumors which can be removed, not as in my case multi-node tumors. I’m wrong again I guess. I wanted to avoid surgery for exactly this reason because I don’t see how they can remove multiple tumors.
  • Cheers, but please take a rest. I’m afraid my brain is a bit foggy all the time, so it’s quite possible I miss things.

3 September 2022, 11:16 PM Steve wrote:

Yes, yes, yes, all clear now.

  • For my case, I don’t think anyone knows if the surgery will damage the nerve or not. The surgeon said something about repairing nerve damage. I didn’t go into details. It’s high risk I know, and I would much prefer an integrated approach combining the standard treatments with individual diet and other natural recommendations, but they haven’t progressed that far in Thailand.

6 September 2022, 9.38 AM Steve wrote:

  • Op to remove tumor on cheek scheduled for 17 September 2022 at the Thai main public S Hospital.  One week stay.
  • I think I have taken all views into account, but a decision has to be made, and I think that surgery is the best option available.
  • Reaffirmed this is NOT a cure but hopefully will extend quality of life for maybe 2+ years. I doubt it personally, because the tumor seems to be aggressive and the tumor has started pressing on my ear airway restricting sound. Doc had a look and said it would improve after surgery.
  • The doc assured me that surgery is the best treatment – but he assured me it’s his opinion. At least the profit motive at private hospitals has been avoided.
  • I asked about pain management. He said no problem because they have the drugs (presumably the opioids) which are unavailable outside. (I know your thoughts on pain meds).
  • I have stopped taking the herbs and THC cannabis oil in view of the op. Feel better mentally now.
  • I think the herbs and/or THC cannabis oil MIGHT have slowed down the tumor growth, but maybe it’s just wishful thinking, because I have no real data to support the suggestion. The fact is the lump has grown from a hardly visible bump to a rather large growth on the cheek in 4 months. One doc told me this is usually slow-growing, but it seems aggressive to me.

Dear Chris, don’t waste your valuable time replying right now.

6 September 2022, 5:44 PM.

  • I am glad that you have come to a decision on your own that makes you happy. Okay. Let us hope for the best. I am learning from your experience.

8 September 2022, 11:35 AM, Steve wrote:

Good morning Chris,

  • When I looked in the mirror today I thought the lump on my cheek has grown significantly larger since 2 weeks ago. Naturally, I feel rather uneasy (to say the least) about that, or should I say panicky.
  • But I asked my wife and she assured me it’s the same size with no redness. Still no pain. Feel about the same. Except for pressure due to the lump, and a bit of a sore throat, I feel OK, except lack a lot of energy.
  • But I can walk, talk, eat, and tippy-tap on my mobile OK. Not complaining.
  • As you know, the op is on 17 September, just 9 days away. In the meantime, do you think I should restart your herbs to try to slow down the growth? I will not be restarting the cannabis oil (at least for now) due to the negative psychotic effects it produced.
  • I did tell the surgeon I had stopped both the herbs and the oil. All he said was “good.” Cheers, Steve

Reply: 8 September 2022.

  • Not to complicate anything and make the doctor happy, stop taking the herbs first. It is okay. Take care. Don’t worry too much.

In remembrance of Stephen Taylor   Part 2: Trying CA Care Therapy

Reply 18 June 2022:

Ha, ha, ha, let me I explain why I am so kind (to you)!!!

  • When I first met you in Bangkok we talked like friends and ever since I regard you as my friend, even if you did not continue with our therapy. It is okay. 
  • After all, my mission in life is to help people who need my help. So when you wrote me about your new problem, I have no problem at all. I know you need help again. But let me be frank – I don’t want to act like a “super hero”. I know my limitations and we shall try our best to do what we can to solve it. We do this together.
  • When I help I would do my best to help, applying the best I know how without regards to money! I remember one minister of forestry of Thailand came one night to our center and he asked me: Why do you not collect “doctor’s fee”? Ha, ha, since we started CA Care until now (25+ years) I have never accepted any “consultation fee” no matter how long I talked to patients. So I am also another “kind”!
  • Why do I do such a thing? It is GRATITUDE. I am now 78! And I am healthy without any health problems yet. I was brought up in a village. My parents did not know how to read or write (oh, my father can read a bit of Malay). I struggled and succeeded in life. This is indeed a great blessing that I am what I am today. I know what it is like to be poor and helpless, and  what it is like if you need help. Since I have succeeded well in life, it is now my turn to give back to society and feel this sense of gratitude.
  • Then as a father I am so grateful for being able to bring up my children to succeed in life too. My youngest son is a medical doctor with a Ph D and my daughter also has a Ph D. What a blessing! So in life I have been blessed and I remain grateful. If life has been so kind to me, it is also my turn to be KIND to others.

Steve wrote:

  • Thanks again for being so helpful in this difficult time. I will ask my daughter to keep you informed about my progress, in case I’m no longer able to.

22 June 2022 at 3:50 PM Steve wrote:

Very good – thanks. I know you are very busy, but I’d be interested to know when you get time . . .

  • I suppose you have not looked into Cannabis Oil for cancer since it’s illegal in Malaysia.
  • Well, it was here in Thailand up to a couple of weeks ago, and now dozens of pot shops have opened. Went to one in a shopping mall today.
  • Rick Simpson is a Canadian who first suggested that Cannabis Oil (CO) could cure cancer many years ago when marijuana was illegal everywhere. He claims to have cured his own cancer.
  • Now I realize all this might not be of any interest to you, since it’s illegal in Malaysia, but I thought I would let you know, and to ask if you have any comments about it.
  • Since this salivary gland cancer has come out of nowhere – I haven’t smoked for 40-years, am not a heavy drinker, have followed a mainly veg diet for years for the prostate cancer, and use a small “maintenance dose” of CO at bedtime (helps me sleep) – I’m disappointed to be diagnosed with this new cancer which I understand is quite rare.
  • So sorry to waffle on like this. If you have any comments I would be interested to hear them, but only when you get time from more important matters. Cheers.

Reply 22 June 2022, 10.16 PM.

  • On the day when we started CA Care, I have made up my mind not to get involved with any product that the government considers illegal — no need to stick my neck out. We can also find other plants as substitutes if we know enough botany! Pseudo-botanist cannot figure that out!
  • There are enough herbs — 350 types — that I know are used to help cancer patients, so why bother about cannabis and then get into trouble? Because of that I have no comment on that plant. I have no experience with it. I know that it is used for pain but some 20 years ago I developed Pain Tea which I am still using to this day — no narcotic in the mixture! I cannot say that my pain tea is better than cannabis but I can say that it is effective for pain and has helped a lot of people! If there is a will — there is always a way to figure out how to solve problems.
  • For the diet — yes, I have read a hundred books on nutrition — and came out with a simple guideline. My patients follow that and they got well. What else do I want? Keto diet, this diet and that diet – never mind let them say what they want and what they like. I don’t believe these people really have personal experience with cancer patients. I have seen thousands of cancer patients and I learned from their feed-back — they are my teachers. People write books but do they ever handle cancer patients?
  • I am 78 years old — up to this day I need to eat 1.5 plates of rice — twice a day! My great, great grand parents in China also ate and survived on rice. No they did not know what Keto is or what high protein diet is, etc., yet they survived! And I survived and am healthy today — no diabetes, no cholesterol (ooooops – never bother to check) no high blood, etc. Take away rice from me, I die tomorrow!

4 July 2022 at 1:39 PM Steve wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris,

  • I know you must be very busy, so no need to reply unless you want to make a particular point. If this information is of any help to others, you are welcome to share it.

4 July 2022 at 5:47 PM Steve wrote:

Hello Chris,

  • I think my condition is about the same. Some better days, some worse. No chemo for me! I’ll live with the swelling.
  • If the condition does not improve in (say) another week, could I resume the THC Cannabis Oil? I’m afraid of same negative interaction with the herbs, which is why I stopped.
  • Just enjoyed a brief stay with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend at a local hotel.  Cheered me up to see them.

12 July  2022 at 3:17 PM Steve wrote:

  • Fantastic — thanks a zillion Dr. Chris. Also thanks for sending the Pain Tea. Actually, I don’t think I should take it now, since I don’t have any pain as such. But probably useful for the future.
  • After feeling worse at the beginning of the 2nd week mainly due to a heavy feeling on the brain so I can’t concentrate clearly, after a few days  the symptoms improved somewhat.
  • Sometimes I feel almost “normal” whatever that means for a 76 year old !! (You should know). It’s difficult to quantify since sometimes the brain heaviness returns for a few hours but then goes away again.
  • Fairly constant mild sore throat, but seems a little better than a month or so ago. I’m sure the antibiotics I was taking then didn’t help with the symptoms at all but only made them worse. Doctors !!
  • All in all, not doing badly and it’s given me a chance to rush around madly trying to sort out the financial stuff before I collapse in a heap. Hopefully, your herbs will prevent that scenario. Taking the herbs as per directions. Mainly veg diet with a little fish or prawns. Rice soup is OK with the sore throat. Green leafy salads. Green tea.

29 July 2022 at 2:35 PM Steve wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris, Completed 1-month on CA CARE herbs.

  • Condition seems stable. I think the lump on the right cheek is a bit larger.
  • No or little pain as such (not taking pain herbs yet), only the pressure felt by the lump and sometimes quite heavy brain feeling causing muzzy head. Get tired easily. Mobile.
  • Sticking to the mainly whole food veg diet + a few supplements like Vit D3, C, Zinc, NAD. Also taking a relatively small amount of 25% cannabis oil.
  • No problems sleeping to date.
  • My conclusion: I think the cancer is probably quite aggressive, and I have doubts whether anything can be done to hold it in check. Still, I will try my best with the above regime.
  • The good thing is that it seems relatively stable, although the lump seems to be bigger. I’m mainly worried if it gets really painful and/or I cannot eat or drink. No use thinking about it I suppose. I mentioned pain management to the gov doc and she said I won’t know because I’ll be in a coma. At least she was honest!!
  • I do have a Living Will saying to not keep me alive for no reason.

26 August 2022, Steve wrote:

  • Completed 2-months on CA CARE herbs, as directed. Continue with THC Cannabis Oil (but increased to 2 – 3 times a day), Diet, and Vitamins as before.
  • Symptoms: Much the same although I think the lump on the cheek is slowly getting larger. Not sure but it does seem more prominent to me. Pressure on the brain continues but I think slightly less than before. Sore throat same. Sleep OK. No pain meds but feel uncomfortable much of the time unless distracted by something.
  • Today I went to see Dr. I at S Hospital in Bangkok. I’ve known him for many years, and he is much better than nearly all other medicos that I know. My daughter who was with me was impressed as well. I gave him the biopsy and MRI scan results, and asked for his opinion. He explained that the parotid gland consists of an inner and outer gland, with a nerve running through the middle of it. He is confident that an experienced surgeon in the field with the right equipment can remove the cancer from both sides without damaging the nerve.
  • I pointed out the MRI refers to multiple nodules with at least 2 larger ones, but the doc still held to his opinion.
  • I said I’m 76 years of age and do not want to go through more stress. The doc said the good news is that these type of cancers are often slow growing (I have my doubts in my case).
  • I said I really do not want to pay a large amount of money to the docs and leave nothing to my family. The doc recommended I go and see Assistant Prof Y (sounds impressive) who’s a head and neck surgeon and can advise, possibly using a government hospital (I am making an appointment to see him).
  • I then got a bit tougher on the doc (well, I do know him) and told him that at my age that of course I’ve known many people who were diagnosed with cancer, went the standard surgery/radiation/chemo route and in the great majority of these cases the patient died. And often the treatment made them worse. The doc said it depends on the surgeon and equipment. He said the problem is the tumor will continue to grow and at some point break through the skin causing dire problems. He also said the growing tumors would eventually affect the nerve in the gland.
  • So I was told more or less what I expected to be told. Don’t scold me too much Dr. Chris, you must be laughing to yourself saying “What did Steve expect them to say!”
  • But at the same time I greatly respect the opinion of Dr. I. Oh, I told him I’m taking Chinese herbs and THC Cannabis Oil, and he listened intently and he did NOT make any negative comment about them and said “They may help but it’s better to remove the tumor itself to lessen the cancer load.” (or words to that effect).

 30 August 2022, 2:08 PM Steve wrote:

Hello Dr. Chris,

  • Sorry to say the lump on my cheek continues to grow. The doc confirmed in comparison with photos I took from last month. Therefore, it would seem quite definite that the herbs have not stopped the size of the tumors increasing, nor has the THC Cannabis Oil.
  • Physically, I’m not too bad. The symptoms of pressure on the brain and sore throat are perhaps somewhat reduced but never go away.
  • Still feels giddy sometimes but the cannabis oil would contribute to that. As mentioned though, lump size is increasing.
  • Mentally is a different story, and I’m not holding up well. I frequently disintegrate into sobbing tears. I try to have positive thoughts but the black moods overwhelm me. Last night was a particularly bad time.
  • So Chris, it looks like I have a choice of doing the surgery which I feel will not cure the problem but perhaps delay onset, or not doing the surgery with the very real risk the cancer will spread to nearby sensitive organs and the brain.
  • As always, I value your honest and straightforward opinion. Don’t worry — I know I’m not going to survive. Thanks. Steve.

UPDATE 30 August 2022:

  • Had appointment today with ENT doc Assoc. Prof. Y at S Hospital, Bangkok.
  • He explained that surgery involves splitting apart the salivary gland so that the cancerous parts are away from the nerve, and then surgically remove the gland and tumors.
  • He inspected my throat with a scope and found a cyst but it seems that’s not so important now. He also found another lump on the throat.
  • He still insists that surgery is the only option (with or without chemo which I would decline anyway).
  • Although doctors are usually very circumspect in what they say, and this one was no exception, my underlying feeling that my case is very serious and unlikely to be resolved, with or without surgery.
  • The problem with not doing the surgery is that the cancer will continue to grow and affect other organs including the brain.
  • He suggested I first see an oncologist — appointment on 2 September 2022.

Reply 30 August 2022:

The tumour is still growing. The herbs and cannabis oil do not work. Accept that. I have been thinking about your problem and how to deal with it. My frank and straight answers are:

  • Surgery. Yes, the tumour will go away the next day – gone. But will the cancer come back again? Nobody can tell.
  • What about the side effects of surgery? Will you be able to open your mouth after that?
  • What if they cut off some of the nerves? I am sure they will do that! Remember, the face has a lot of wiring systems! Any damage can be serious.
  • One patient was promised a nerve sparing surgery for his prostate and ended up impotent. A surgeon’s promise is one thing, the real result is another.
  • So think carefully.
  • Herbs and cannabis oil do not work – do you want to give up ? It is okay, find someone else who can offer a better solution. 
  • Or do you want to make another try? If you want another try — final one — then I suggest the following:
  1. Give me a few days of your life, stop taking the cannabis. Tell me what happen if you do this? Stop it to know if cannabis itself gives you any side effects. Live without it for a while.
  • After you stop cannabis — but if you still have pain, etc. – -take the Pain Tea that I sent you earlier. At first take 3 times a day. You can increase it to 6 x per day. Tell me what happens. If you finish that Pain packet and it does not help at all — I will not ask you to take the pain tea again! So just give me a few days of your life. If the pain tea helps you then we talk again.
  • After I get your feedback, I shall change the herbal teas.
  • After a month, we ask the same question — ARE YOU ANY BETTER? If not better,  I have nothing more to offer.
  • Please consider carefully what you want to do.

31 August 2022 8:55 AM Steve wrote:

Good Morning Dr. Chris, Thank you so much for your straightforward reply. I agree with you 100%.

  • But something you should know. The tumor is hard not soft. The doc remarked on this and said the tumor is usually soft. Actually, I think there are at least 2 larger tumors.
  • I have been thinking long and hard about the best thing to do.
  • Yesterday, I saw  the “Assoc. Prof.” ENT specialist who seemed very competent to me. All the doctors seem good at S Hospital.
  • Although it’s very difficult to get an opinion out of these docs, they always say “up to you” as if I’m the expert. I did get the impression (but nothing more) that the ENT doc thought it was a more serious case than they would like to make out. He said a specialist expert surgeon with the right equipment could open up the salivary gland to expose the nerve which runs through it, and then remove the surrounding gland and cancer.
  • The ENT doc said it needs a specialized surgeon which they can recommend. He said with this operation (with no radiation or chemo), he would expect me to survive 4 to 6 years. I suspect this is a number just made up out of the blue.
  • He said that if I chose not to have the surgery then we can expect the cancer to continue to grow and start affecting other facial organs, the nerve running through the gland, and the brain.
  • He also said there is a small cyst in the esophagus, probably not cancerous, which is the cause of the soreness in the throat. I think this might also be a major problem in the future but I didn’t discuss it much.
  • I have been referred to an oncologist who I will see on Friday. Apparently he knows a specialist surgeon in the government hospital system I might be able to use if he is willing, which would cost half as much as the private hospital. Let’s see what he says.

So right now I think the following:

  • Do NOT go for surgery but palliative care only. Accept the inevitable outcome.
  • Try to make me as comfortable and pain free as possible (but I doubt if they know about that here. Hospices are illegal in Thailand, although I know of 2 in Chiang Mai).
  • Try your suggestions for 1-month.
  • So I’m happy to follow your suggestions.
  • I have stopped the Cannabis Oil from yesterday.
  • Please note I do not have significant pain up to now and have not yet used your Pain herbs. I will tell you if I do use them. Greatly appreciate your help.

1 September  2022, 8:37 PM Steve wrote:

Thanks Chris.

  • Problem is that I already think of this long and hard and it’s making me feel very unwell mentally and physically due to stress and worry.
  • I think the problem may be worse due to the psychoactive effects of the THC Cannabis oil, which I stopped the day before you mentioned it. It may be the lingering effects of THC which I know stays in the system for some timer. I feel a little better today.

In remembrance of Stephen Taylor: Part 1: From Prostate To Parotid Cancers:  

 Why I Would Not Go For Surgery

This is a story of Steve, a friend (and patient). Steve was from UK but was living in Bangkok for many years. It is indeed sad that Steve died after having an operation for his swollen cheek.

My wife and I first met Steve sometime in 2009 in Bangkok when we were there to “repair” our teeth! Steve came to meet us – seeking our advice with regard to his prostate cancer.

Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2007 and had undergone Intermittent Triple Androgen Blockage Therapy for one year using Zoladex, Casodex and Avodart. Later he switched to Proscar. He took Vitamin D3, probiotics, Multi-vitamin, Saw Palmetto, Beta-sitostrol, Grape fruit pectin and Ashitaba liquid. He also followed Budwig Protocol. Later he took a certain medication from America. A detailed story of Steve and his prostate cancer is found in Chapter 8 of our book – Prostate Cancer Healed Naturally.

Steve wrote:

  • I did continue over the years with a mainly vegetarian diet (no meat and only very occasionally chicken, no milk) and a small “maintenance dose” of a few drops of cannabis oil before bedtime.

14 June 2022: Some 13 years later, I got an email from Steve again. He wrote:

  • About 6 weeks ago I woke up one morning to find a lump on my cheek causing a mild headache and sore throat. After a few weeks of increasingly strong antibiotics I had a needle biopsy of the lump. Today they told me the sample tested positive for malignant cells and suspected malignant parotid (salivary gland) carcinoma.
  • An MRI “reveals multiple lobulated mass abutting superficial lobe of right parotid gland (causing pressure effect to the gland) and right group II-IV cervical region. It is measured up to 1.9 x 2.3 x 2.4 cm abutting parotid gland and 0.8 x 1.4 x 1.3 cm at right group II cervical regions.”
  • They suggested surgery to remove the lump in my cheek.
  • I have told them that at my age (76) I do not want invasive surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  • I’m not sure about the wisdom of removing the tumor. It might make matters worse and spread cancer cells around.
  • I’m not sure if it would make much difference if the tumor was aggressive or not. Either way I don’t want to do any of the usual treatments.
  • On the other hand, the doc said if the tumor was contained in the mass then removing it could possibly be a cure.
  • But in the MRI report quoted above, I’m not sure if there are more than one tumor. If so, what is the point of removing one of the tumors?
  • So I would like to ask your opinion on whether removing the lump is a good idea or not, and if you think that your herbs might be able to control the cancer.
  • I do intend to carry on the veg diet, together with some supplements like Vitamin D3, C, and Zinc. Also, with a larger dose of THC cannabis oil.

Thanks for any comments you may like to make.

15 June 2022 at 4:01 Steve wrote again:

  • Since there are multiple masses, I don’t see what removing the obvious one on the cheek will achieve.
  • Sure, they can tell what stage the cancer is and whether it’s aggressive or not. My question is: So what, one way or the other?
  • In addition, the surgery is liable to weaken me further. And then there’s the possibility the surgery may have undesirable results, if they cut the nerve for example. The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion NOT to remove the main lump.

My reply, 16 June 2022:

  • I totally agree with your take on not going for surgery and possibly chemo later. It does not make sense at all. I also believe such treatments could lead to more problems – not solving the problem.
  • What other options do you have? I have little experience with the salivary gland cancer that you have. This is because it is a rare cancer here. So I cannot say my herbs could solve your problems.
  • So before we jump into what I am doing here, let me share with you that there are also alternative cancer clinics in Bangkok. Perhaps you may want to check your backyard first! Do you want to try and talk to them and see what they can offer you?
  • I have made internet search and found the following … I also know that some Malaysians have gone to Bangkok for treatment. I shall reserve my comments about them, but for the sake of exploring other alternatives why not talk to them?
  • By alerting you to these clinics, at least my conscience is clear — we shall try our best and you make the decision.

Hello Chris,

  • I am aware of the alternative cancer clinics in Bangkok. I also know that these clinics provide hope for some people, but I don’t know the effectiveness of their treatments, and they are not cheap. They would certainly provide a more compassionate environment. Some people think the more money thrown at a problem the better, but I don’t agree.
  • I’m fairly well up on the various alternative cancer treatments. Therefore, there is no need to doubt having  a clear conscience about what you think is best for me, whether that includes herbs or not.
  • I am the type of “difficult” person who always makes my own decisions, and blame it on myself when things go wrong ! You are making suggestions, not recommendations.
  • So Dr. Chris, feel free to offer your honest opinions about the best course of action. Just say what you think Chris. What would you do?

17 June 2022 at 2.14 p.m. Steve wrote:

  • Dr. Chris – I had an appointment today with the ENT specialist at the local government hospital. I asked what treatment (if any) the young lady doc would recommend. The conversation went something like this . . .

Me: Before you give me your opinion, may I please describe my journey with prostate cancer – [from diagnosis of “high risk” prostate cancer 15-years ago, declining ALL docs recommendations for surgery/radiation/chemo, to pursue alternative cancer therapies instead, the MRI 5-years ago could not find cancer, and how everyone else I know who followed the docs advice are now dead].

Doc: That’s remarkable.

Me: So you see, I don’t have much faith in surgery/radiation/chemo, but I want your opinion as to the best way forward.

Doc: I understand, it’s up to you. [typical Thai response, so I pressed further].

Me: The MRI scan shows multiple cancer masses, so what is the point of removing the lump on the cheek?

Doc: It may make you look better without the bump. But there is a danger of damaging the nerve which can cause problems.

Me: Never mind what I look like, that’s not a major concern. What I would like is your honest opinion on the recommended treatment. At my age (76) there is no point in treatment which extends life for a few months. But never mind what I think – what is your opinion?

Doc: I understand but it’s a personal choice for you to decide.

Me: Well, my choice is not to go the surgery/radiation/chemo route, but to try with a low carb vegetarian diet plus cannabis oil.

  • We then discussed pain relief at end of life, which she certainly understood but was non-committal, probably for legal reasons.
  • So Chris, what I would like to know from you is whether you think your herbs might possibly help. No guarantees I know. But I’m willing to give it a go to see if there is any improvement. But I will continue with THC cannabis oil (if I can get it) + veg diet + Amygdalin (low dose).
  • Sorry to take up your time with this, but at least you know that I will keep you fully informed about developments, if I’m capable of doing so. Cheers, Steve

My reply 17 June 2022:

  • Okay – we have gone through for a bit about what to do. I must say frankly and sincerely, DO WHAT YOU THINK IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO that makes you happy.
  • Yes, your reasons for being skeptical about surgery and follow-up chemo is justified. I did not know how horrible surgery could be until I saw one more time these pictures in the article I sent you.

So settled — these are the options you may wish to consider:

  • ONE: You continue to do what you are doing now. Take whatever supplements you are taking and follow whatever diet you are now following. I would not comment on them because I have NO firsthand experience about them.
  • Hope things will turn out to be the way it is — no discomforts or deterioration. Live a happy life and don’t think so much because the road ahead that you are going to take may be just as dangerous. 
  • In Thailand now you can grow cannabis. May be you can spend time doing that. In Malaysia they “cut your head off”  if you do that.
  • TWO: You can try our herbs for a month and see if you like them, at the same time you can still continue with what you are doing as in ONE
  • Try first but if you think that the herbs are not helping you — there is no reason to continue taking them! 


  • Know first that your cancer is a rare one so I cannot say much whether you can benefit from the herbs or not. However, from my experiences in dealing with thousands of other cases I can say the following may happen:
  • The lump in the neck may grow bigger after taking the herbs. I am sorry this is not what we want, but what can we do? 
  • In dealing with tumuor in the uterus I always warn my patients that after a month or two on herbs, the tumour will grow in size first. Scan shows it grows bigger!!! Then gradually with time the size starts to shrink. That is normal and expected. I learned this years ago when one young lady had a fibroid in her uterus!
  • But in your case, if the size of the lump grows bigger it is scary!!!!! What is going on? So can you accept that possibility? If you persist it may grow bigger or smaller? I don’t know.
  • The lump remains as it is — not big and not small. Well, at least you can learn to live with it as long as it does not cause any harm.
  • With time — I don’t expect any time soon — the lump gets smaller. I have no experience with parotid tumour but the swelling in the neck due to lymphoma DID shrink in some patients. 
  • Examples: One young law student. The lump around his neck disappeared after 8 months (sorry, not in one or 2 months … eight months!). Another patient, Siew Low had 3 small lumps in his neck after 1 year of failed chemo. The lumps disappeared after THREE years. An Indonesian lady had a hard lump on her cheek after 6 or 8 rounds of failed chemo. After 2 to 3 years on herbs the lump was gone.

So you see, for lymphoma I have lots of hope and confidence.

So pick your choice. That is my honest assessment of the situation. Take care, Chris

Amazing Healing of Cancer Pain

Y is a 53-year-old Indonesian lady. In early February 2017 went for a pap smear. The result was okay but she was told that she had a 13-cm-cyst in her uterus.

Y underwent a hysterectomy. Histopathology report confirmed a leiomyosarcoma and endometrial stromal tumor.

After this operation, her right leg swelled and she could not walk (picture below).

Y was referred to an oncologist who suggested that she undergo three cycles of chemo to be followed by another surgery. According to the doctor, the swelling was due to a blockage.

Y refused further medical treatment and started to take Linzhi and Porcupine stone! One capsule of porcupine stone cost IDR300.000 and she took 2 capsules per day.

Y’s daughter came to seek our help on behalf of her mother. We prescribed herbs for her to try. After 10 days on the herbs, the swelling of her right leg subsided (picture above).

Y and her family decided to come to Penang. She went to consult a doctor in a private hospital. She was told the cancer had already spread to her kidney. She was asked to see a surgeon.

Y refused further surgery and came to see us.

Chris: You have a sarcoma that had spread to the kidney. What do you expect me to do?

Y: I want you to cure me.

C: No, I am sorry, I cannot cure you.

After talking to the family, I realised that Y is not an easy patient to handle. I advised her accordingly!

Some weeks later, Y’s children — daughter and son — came back to see us again. Listen to our conversation that morning.



Gist of our conversation.

Chris: When she (your mother) came to see me, I “scolded” her! When she went home, did she take the herbs?

Daughter: Yes.

C: After taking the herbs, did she get better or worse?

D: She is better now!

Pain Gone

C: She was in pain. So I gave her Pain Tea. After taking this tea, did the pain become more or less?

D: For the first two weeks, she still had pain. But after that the pain was reduced. The past two weeks, there is no more pain.

C: Before taking the herbs, how was her pain?

Son: Pain from head to toe. We could not even touch her — she would feel pain. She could cry when the pain was severe. The whole body was in severe pain. The pain came on and off.

C: For each attack of pain, how long did it last?

D: About half an hour or so.

C: In a day, how often did she get this pain attack?

D: Two to three times a day.

C: Was this pain attack a result of something that she did? Or for no season the pain just came on?

S: But the past week there was no more pain.

C: I remember you writing me to say that she wanted to take doctor’s pain medication.

D: No, no she did not take any doctor’s painkiller.

C: Before you said the pain was so severe that she cried. Now, there was no more pain — even if you touch her, she did not feel pain any more. I must say, I really don’t know how this works!

Swelling of Leg Reduced

C: You send me a picture of your mother’s legs. You said it was swollen after her operation but after taking the herbs for 10 days the swelling was reduced (picture below).


Declined Further Medical Treatment

C: Why did you not want to go and see the doctor?

S: Don’t want.

C: Why didn’t you want to go for chemo? Tell me, you don’t want her to go or your mother did not want to go?


C: Apart from the pain, what other problems has she now?

S: She is very tired, no energy. This is because she did not eat and sleep well.


S: When she drank the herbal tea, it went it and then out again — vomited. Even food or drink, she would just vomit out.

D: She had to take in little by little.

C: Even for the herbal tea? Do you think she even manage to take in 50 percent of the teas?

D: Difficult.

C: If she can’t even take in 50 percent of the teas — it’s going to be a difficult story. But what can we do. Let’s try our best.

The following are some of the emails written by her daughter.

Dear dr. Teo,

I need your advice about the result of blood, urine, and faeces test that my mom took 2 days before.

The doctor here said the result showing my mom’s vomit was because of ‘junk in the blood’ so he advised to take haemodialysis (cuci darah) to reduce the vomit. And from the CA125A test, he said that my mom was at 4th stage cancer.

Do you mind to see the result?

Reply: I checked your mom’s file. For the vomiting — still vomiting, still cannot eat? I asked to take Appetite and Vomit tea. Also did you take the Lower Edema tea for the swelling of the leg?

Dear dr. Teo,

Yes, we prepared the drink you said and the swelling one. But she cannot drink at all too, once the drink swallowed, she will vomit again.

Reply: You should give her the Appetite and Vomit tea first. Stop other teas.

Yes, we’ve tried but also can’t drink at all 😦

Reply:  Aya! susah (problem).

Yeah, I confused with this situation. Actually she said that it is not her not wanting to drink. She want but she can’t.



Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Part 3: Praise God. She did not die!!

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 2: Come back and see me again after a week!

Part 3: Praise God. She did not die!!

Six days after taking papaya leaf juice and our herbs (without anymore chemo and antibiotics), GM is still alive. She did not die, instead she had improved! Unfortunately she is still unable to walk. GM was carried into our centre by her husband. When settled on a chair, GM looked normal (watch the video below carefully).

I asked her: Do you still want to die? She answered: No, no, no. I now want to live.

Let us find out why GM wanted to die when she was under treatment in the hospital.


Under treatment in the hospital:

Besides having to endure the severe side effects of chemo and radiation, she developed stubborn high fever. Before the onset of her fever GM felt very cold and trembled. This lasted for about an hour. Then her fever starts. The temperature could go up to 41.2 C. She felt hot outside but cold inside. The high temperature could last 2 to 3 hours. So GM was miserable 3 to 4 hours during each fever attack. And she had to endure 3 to 4 attacks a day, even at night. It was when the temperature shot up to 41 C that GM felt she wanted to die – this happened twice.

From the doctor’s report, GM first started to develop stubborn fever 4 days after her first chemo-treatment in late April 2016. Even rounds and rounds of antibiotics, the fever refused to go away. This means that GM has been going through “hell” for many months already.

After 6 days on herbs at home:

The family decided to stop all medical treatment and brought GM home. So no more antibiotics and chemo! She was started on CA Care herbs and in addition took young papaya leaf juice twice a day. Miracle happened! Her health improved. The stubborn fever subsided and she had low grade fever once a day (instead of high fever 3 to 4 times). Even when there was a fever attack, she did not feel cold anymore. She did not tremble anymore. The highest fever recorded was 39 C, otherwise, her body temperature stayed around 37 C and 38 C.

Update:  A few days later, we got a message from GM’s sister saying that GM did not have any more fever! Another battle won! Now, there is one more immediate problem left to be solved — how to make GM regain her strength and start walking again.

GM’s Platelets Count Shot UP to 245 after a week on herbs:

  While under treatment in hospital At home only on herbs
Date 1 August 2016 2 August 2016 3 August 2016 8 August 2016
Platelets count 34 101 109 245


Why GM Was Unable to Walk

The doctor wrote: The patient is bed-bound. We wanted to know the story behind this sad development. GM’s sister wrote to explain what actually happened.

  • When she was diagnosed with cancer, she still could walk very well like normal people.
  • After her 1st chemo  she was still able to walk well.
  • After the 2nd chemo , she felt the right leg was a bit “sour” but she was still able to walk.
  • Same happen after the 3rd chemo, right leg felt “sour” but still could walk.
  • She started radiotherapy on27 June 2016.
  • On 1 July 2016, her leg felt weak and she could not walk so well. And this symptom persisted but the doctor just told us it was because of low salt inside body. This can make people tired and has weak leg. At that time, she already could not walk by herself.
  • My sister started to sleep for about 20 hours per a day on 5 July 2016. We thought she was tired because of the radiotherapy.
  • However, when we went back for the 9th session of radiotherapy on 8 July 2016, her oxygen level dropped and doctor said she could not continue with the radiation any more.
  • Blood test showed her calcium in the bloodstream was too high(5.57) and my sister already became “confused.”
  • The doctor said the tumour had already gone into the bone marrow.
  • So, they stopped radiotherapy and start her on chemotherapy again.
  • After that day, she could not walk anymore and had to just lie on the bed.


Praise God, another battle was won. If the patient wanted to die, then there is not much we can do to help. But if a patient wants to live, there is still hope. Let’s not give up hope. With God’s blessing, we can look to a new day. GM did not have any more fever, something that the doctor was desperately trying to “fight” for months.  God’s natural medicine found in papaya leaf juice make the fever disappear within a week!

This not the first time we encountered “end-of-the road” case like GM. In fact, GM’s case is not as serious as some of these cases below

Goh of Sarawak. Seventy-three-year-old with colon-liver cancer. He had swollen legs and stomach, was unable to walk. Doctors on ward round skipped him, This case I don’t want to touch. No use, his liver is not functioning anymore. He was in constant, severe pain and was on morphine. They left him to die. He too wanted to die.

The family brought him home, to die at home. His son started him on CA Care herbs. The other family members said, No need to give him anything — why waste money? On his birthday, they made him a coat, ready for his funeral. As Goh started to take the herbs, his swellings were gone, the pain vanished and his health was restored. He became healthier than he was before he had cancer!

Miraculous healing! Read more:

2. Suri: Sixty-one year-old, diagnosed with lung cancer which later spread to her brain. She had undergone 22 x radiation, 40 cycles of chemo, 1 year on Iressa, 2 years on Tarceva, and 1 month on Sutent. The family gave up treatment and sought our help. They had spent 2 billion rupiah or SGD 300,000 and Suri ended up like a zombie – unable to walk and talk. Oblivious to her surrounding and had no facial expression. In short, she was a living dead.

Two months on CA Care Therapy, she could walk, talk, smile and laugh! Some months later, she could even go shopping!

Read more:

3. Medan Lady: Soon after undergoing chemotherapy in Singapore in December 2011, she ended up in a hospital in Medan. Is this the final destination after a long journey – one and half years of chemo and spending about two billion rupiahs? On 17 December 2011, all family members from various parts of Indonesia flew home to be with her. She was gasping for breath and unable to recognise people around her – her eyes rolled upwards and were not responsive. The doctor told the family members to just pray.

At that point, a visitor told her family: “Why don’t you go and see Dr. Teo?” The next day, 14 December 2011, her two daughters flew to Penang to seek our help. There not much hope. The patient was dying. What can I do? This was what I told them: “In such a situation (mother about to die in the hospital) I really don’t know what to say or do. I can give you some herbs and you go home and try them. If she does not die after one week, you come back and get more herbs! For now, what I can say is – just try. If you are lucky and with God’s blessing she might come out of the hospital alive, otherwise I really don’t know.”

Read more:

4. GM’s own grandmother. Many years ago, GM’s grandmother was also diagnosed with a rare, aggressive and deadly cancer. They called it anaplastic thyroid cancer. The lump in her neck was cut open and then closed. Nothing could be done. She was sent home without any treatment and given at most 6 months to live. She came to us for help and lived for some years! Can we do the same to her granddaughter? Only through God’s mercy and blessing.

When GM’s sisters came to seek our help a week before, right in my heart, I thought GM was going to die. No more hope. But after seeing GM (after 6 days on herbs), right in my heart, I am full of hope that with God’s mercy and blessing GM is not going to die if she is being properly managed.




Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Part 2: Come back and see me again after a week!

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 2: Come back and see me again after a week!

Part 3: Praise God, She did not die!


On the second day, the 2 sisters came again. The family was fully aware of the seriousness of the problem. The family decided to get GM out of the hospital — no more medical treatment for her. Accordingly to the sister even the oncologist agreed that GM should not get anymore chemo! So GM had no choice but to come to us for help. One sister said, Nowhere else to go. Go to any hospital,  they will give her chemotherapy and radiotherapy! They wanted to try out the herbs – for better or for worse, with the understanding that GM might die anytime.

Oncologist’s Medical Report

(Note: This medical report is rewritten in layman’s language. The facts remain unchanged while the medical terminologies are omitted for our better understanding).

1 August 2016

To Whom It May Concern

NUT Midline Carcinoma T4N2M1 (bone)

  • Chemotherapy: TPF — Cisplatin, Docetaxel and 5-FU from April to June 2016)
  • Palliative radiotherapy to head and neck, 13 times (abandoned due to disease progression).
  • Doxorubicin, Ifosfamide and Vincristine from 15 to 17 July 2016.
  1. This 33-year-old lady came to my attention on 20 April 2016 when she came for an opinion. She had left sino-nasal tumour. Presented with severe protrusion of the left eyeball, swelling of the left cheek, blurred vision and severe headache.
  2. The post-nasal biopsy on 19 April 2016 was reported as a squamous cell carcinoma. But I consulted Prof P who communicated to me that it was a NUT Midline Carcinoma.
  3. CT whole body on 25 April 2016 revealed an extensive left sino-nasal tumour with extension into the left orbit.
  4. I made it clear to her and her family that this was a stage 4 cancer and the aim of the treatment was palliative in nature.
  5. On 26 April 2016, patient had a chemo-port inserted to facilitate the administration of chemotherapy.
  6. By Day 4 of chemotherapy, her eyes started to feel better but she began to develop a fever.
  7. She was given antibiotics — Co-Amoxiclav, Ciprofloxacin and Teicoplanin. Her fever failed to settle.
  8. Suspected infection of chemo-port. This was removed. Her fever subsequently settled after removal.
  9. Patient had a very good response to chemotherapy. She received 2 further cycles of TPF chemo.
  10. After completion of the third chemo, she was planned for radiotherapy — IMRT which was to start on 27 June 2016.
  11. But she complained that her left eye was starting to swell up again in the last few days.
  12. A repeat CT was performed. Unfortunately, she had developed progressive disease within 3 weeks of her last TPF chemotherapy.
  13. Nevertheless, we started her on radiotherapy and she responded after 5 to 6 times. Left eye swelling was reduced.
  14. Patient at the same time received 1 cycles of chemo with Cisplatin on 28 June 2016.
  15. After the 8th sessions of radiotherapy she was increasingly lethargic and listless with general weakness of her peripheral limbs.
  16. Her blood test showed severely hypercalcaemic with slightly raised urea and creatinine. This was associated with daily raised body temperature and fever of 38 C.
  17. Patient was given Zoledronic and Co-Amoxiclav. Her platelets were gradually dropping from 384 (on 4 July 2016) to 214 (on 8 July 2016) to 100 (on 11 July 2016). This was associated with a persistent fever and body pelvic pain.
  18. We felt that there were increasing bony metastases. She was having progressive systemic metastases as evidenced by the severe hypercalcaemia.
  19. We offered her second line chemotherapy using Doxorubicin, Ifosfamide and Vincristine.
  20. Patient’s radiotherapy was discontinued after 12 times.
  21. A chemo-port was again inserted on 11 July 2016 with a 3-day regime of Dox/Ifos and Vincristine.
  22. She developed a DVT in her left calf requiring anticoagulants. (DVT = Deep vein thrombosis — this occurs when a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in the body, usually legs.)
  23. She had persistent fever even before her chemo-port insertion and her antibiotics were switched to meropenem infusion.
  24. By Day 3 of chemo, her platelets were down to 53 and her calcium levels dropped to 1.75. Despite infusion of calcium gluconate she had persistent low calcium. Her Magnesium and Phosphate levels were low. Her urine output was high.
  25. It was felt that she had developed Ifosfamide-induced Fanconi’s Syndrome causing renal tubular leakage of her electrolytes and nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. Patient also suffered transient episodes of agitation which was attributed to post-Ifosfamide Grade 1 encephalopathy (see explanation below).
  26. Her platelets which had been on a reducing trend before chemo, continued to drop during and after chemotherapy. She required daily infusion of platelets since Day 3 of chemo to prevent bleeding.
  27. Xarelto which had been her DVT was discontinued.
  28. To correct her electrolyte imbalance she was given daily infusion and oral calcium, phosphate and potassium supplementation. Desmopressin was given daily to reduce her urine output but she developed fluid retention.
  29. Her persistent high body temperature and fever continued. She was switched from Meropenem (completed one week) to Gentamicin and Ciprofloxacin. Patient was kept on regular paracetamol.
  30. Patient developed neutropenia (low white blood cell) on Day 6 after the chemo. She was given daily G-CSF and Pegylated-GCSF.
  31. Due to the persistent fever and the clinical diagnosis that she may have tumour-related fever. Her Gentamicin and Ciprofloxacin antibiotics have now been stopped after 5 days of infusion.
  32. She no longer required any platelet transfusion.
  33. Patient is mainly bed-bound but is able to mobilise with the assistance of 1 to the toilet.
  34. Her CT was repeated yesterday and shows progressive skeletal metastases. There is some mild basal atelectasis (one or more areas of the lungs collapse or don’t inflate properly) and likely reactive mild left pleural effusion (fluid in the lung).
  35. Her prognosis remains poor. Overall, her disease management has been challenging. Her disease improves dramatically but also relapses rapidly. Her chemotherapy was also complicated by the uncommon adverse effect of renal dysfuntion.

Yours sincerely,

Consultant Radiotherapist & Oncologist.


  • Thank Sir, for your detailed 3-page-report. It was well written and well understood. You must have taken a lot of your precious time to write this. Also, we appreciate your frankness in telling us what had happened.
  • I must admit I felt intimidated after reading your report. You tried your best and your medicine failed you. We understand that. Then as a last resort, the patient’s family came to us for help. So what help can we give her? Nothing much, the like of those expensive, potent and destructive drugs that you prescribed. What we can offer is a simple advice. We could not offer GM what the doctor did. We are not doctors! And we don’t think like doctors too. We only used our commonsense to reason things out and try to figure out why GM went into that “bottomless pit.” So this is what we said and did.
  • Our advice: Go home and let her die in peace and without suffering. Heaven is a better place where no one suffers from any cancer. Courage is not about fighting a battle that you know you cannot win. Courage is not about fighting a battle you have to suffer before you lose. Here, radiation and chemo were given. GM suffered blood clot in her left calf. Then there was the chemo-induced Fanconi Syndrome, kidney failure and diabetes. Her platelets and blood counts were nearly wiped out by these toxic drugs. Her immune system was probably destroyed. Her body became sick with high temperature and stubborn fever which no drugs in the hospital could fix the problem. So to us, courage is about accepting reality and giving up that fight which seemed to be the cause of more problems. So to us, if this reality is accepted, we have won the first round of the battle. 
  • Four months before this disaster (in April) GM was still a “healthy” person and was able to sell curry mee in her stall. Then she had “flu-like” symptoms and took a variety of antibiotics. Within three weeks her left eye and face were swollen. Her sister said the left eye was “swollen like the eyes of gold fish”. So, common sense is needed here. How could this be? What caused the swelling? Unknown to many people antibiotics can cause havoc in some people. Paul Ruggieri, in his book Confessions of a surgeon (pg.39), wrote about one of his patient. I am sure Mrs. Grady had contracted an infection in her large intestine … she had contracted the infection from the oral antibiotics prescribed by her family physician. The antibiotics used to treat her pneumonia inadvertently wiped out some of the “good” bacteria living in her large intestine.  Mrs. Grady was on this antibiotic for just 10 days. Mrs. Grady had stopped making urine and her kidneys had completely shut down. Mrs. Grady had to undergo a major surgery to remove her large intestine. In another book, Bitter Pills, Stephen Fried wrote about his wife, Diane, who was give antibiotic  pill to treat her urinary infection which she didn’t know she had. Diane swallowed the first pale yellow oval tablet with breakfast. Six hours later Diana landed in the emergency room. She was disoriented and hallucinating. Her mouth was dry and she felt tingling in her left arm and hand. She was having trouble talking. When she went to lie down, she started shaking uncontrollably and then saw white. She was sure she was dying.
  • Chemotherapy caused drastic drop in blood counts and platelets. GM’s platelets count was low yet she developed blood clot in her left calf. How could this be? From the internet we learn that, ” When you don’t have enoughplatelets in your blood, your body cannot form clots.”  Otis Brawley, an oncologist, in his book How We Do Harm, wrote: Cancer patients are often given this blood boosting injections (erythropoiesis stimulating agent — ESA) after chemo causes drastic drop of blood counts. ESA are shown to increase risk of blood clot in the veins.  If what Dr. Brawley wrote is true, one cannot help but ask if the ESA injections that GM received be the cause of her Deep Vein Thrombosis? 
  • Common sense also prompted us to ask — Is the cancer that aggressive? Or is it the treatments that make the cancer aggressive? The literature in the internet is replete with this kind of statement: Patients do not die of their cancer, they die of their treatments. 
  • Having said that, our priority for now is not to go for the cancer yet! Let us fix the problems of the stubborn fever and high body temperature. That was what prompted GM to tell her family that she preferred to die. So we prescribed the minimum of herbs. After stopping the chemo and antibiotics from the hospital, my suggestion was to take the juice of young papaya shoots! This may sound like a bad joke! This advice costs nothing, and the papaya shoots can be obtained from plants grown in the garden or roadside. So, this is the battle between traditional knowledge versus modern scientific medicine!  Over the years, my experience showed me that the very bitter juice of papaya shoots help in cases of low blood / platelets or stubborn fevers! My son (medical student!) had very high fevers that did not respond to 2 rounds of antibiotics. One shot of papaya shoot extract solved the problem within a few hours! Read more here:
  • After prescribing some herbs, this were my last words to the sisters: Come back and see me again next week (if she is still alive.)



Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 2: Come back and see me again after a week!

Part 3: Praise God! GM came to see us! She is still alive!


GM is a 33-year-old female. Her problems started about 3 months ago (mid April 2016), when she had a “flu.” She took some medications from the pharmacy but these did not help her. Then she went to three hospitals. Doctors prescribed antibiotics. These did not help her either. Then  a CT scan on 15 April 2016 indicated a left sinonasal polyposis (presence of multiple benign polyps in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. It causes a particular pattern of chronic sinusitis). Since the antibiotics did not help, there was nothing much the doctors in her home state could do.

On one of the sisters own initiative GM came to consult an oncologist in Penang. MRI on 21 April 2016 showed the following:

  1. Lobulated irregularly enhancing soft tissue involving the left frontal, left maxillary, left ethmoidal sinuses, nasal cleft, etc.
  2. Bony breech of the anterior aspect of the left ethmoidal/orbital bone with tumour extending anterior to the subcutaneous tissues.
  3. Enlarged both submandibular and left cervical lymph nodes.
  4. Enhancing foci in the right body and both rami of the mandible bone suspicious of metastatic deposits.
  5. Fluid filled left frontal and left maxillary sinuses. Mucosal thickening in the left sphenoidal sinus.

Impression: Features are suggestive of left sino-nasal carcinoma with diffuse local infiltration.



It was suggested that GM suffered from a rare, aggressive and “almost uniformly fatal” cancer known as NUT Midline carcinoma. From the onset the family was told that there would be NO cure, but the disease can be treated!

From end of April to 1 August 2016, GM underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In addition she received a variety of antibiotics and medications (details, Part 2 of this story).

It was a losing battle all the way. In all, the family spent RM 100,000 for the treatment until “everyone” gave up. It was at this point that GM’s two sister came to seek our help.

On the first day of the sisters’ visit to us, we did not prescribe any herb. We only asked that the family had a discussion first. For us, this is a gone case. In fact even the oncologist told the sisters that he preferred not to offer any more chemotherapy. Nothing that were done worked! So the notion of there is NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS for the disease turned out to be a cruel joke. GM suffered badly — from the treatments? From the cancer? In fact GM had twice told her father that she wanted to die and the family should not worry anymore about her. She knew her time is up.

Our advice to the 2 sisters on their first visit was: Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Listen to our conservation below.