In remembrance of Stephen Taylor   Part 2: Trying CA Care Therapy

Reply 18 June 2022:

Ha, ha, ha, let me I explain why I am so kind (to you)!!!

  • When I first met you in Bangkok we talked like friends and ever since I regard you as my friend, even if you did not continue with our therapy. It is okay. 
  • After all, my mission in life is to help people who need my help. So when you wrote me about your new problem, I have no problem at all. I know you need help again. But let me be frank – I don’t want to act like a “super hero”. I know my limitations and we shall try our best to do what we can to solve it. We do this together.
  • When I help I would do my best to help, applying the best I know how without regards to money! I remember one minister of forestry of Thailand came one night to our center and he asked me: Why do you not collect “doctor’s fee”? Ha, ha, since we started CA Care until now (25+ years) I have never accepted any “consultation fee” no matter how long I talked to patients. So I am also another “kind”!
  • Why do I do such a thing? It is GRATITUDE. I am now 78! And I am healthy without any health problems yet. I was brought up in a village. My parents did not know how to read or write (oh, my father can read a bit of Malay). I struggled and succeeded in life. This is indeed a great blessing that I am what I am today. I know what it is like to be poor and helpless, and  what it is like if you need help. Since I have succeeded well in life, it is now my turn to give back to society and feel this sense of gratitude.
  • Then as a father I am so grateful for being able to bring up my children to succeed in life too. My youngest son is a medical doctor with a Ph D and my daughter also has a Ph D. What a blessing! So in life I have been blessed and I remain grateful. If life has been so kind to me, it is also my turn to be KIND to others.

Steve wrote:

  • Thanks again for being so helpful in this difficult time. I will ask my daughter to keep you informed about my progress, in case I’m no longer able to.

22 June 2022 at 3:50 PM Steve wrote:

Very good – thanks. I know you are very busy, but I’d be interested to know when you get time . . .

  • I suppose you have not looked into Cannabis Oil for cancer since it’s illegal in Malaysia.
  • Well, it was here in Thailand up to a couple of weeks ago, and now dozens of pot shops have opened. Went to one in a shopping mall today.
  • Rick Simpson is a Canadian who first suggested that Cannabis Oil (CO) could cure cancer many years ago when marijuana was illegal everywhere. He claims to have cured his own cancer.
  • Now I realize all this might not be of any interest to you, since it’s illegal in Malaysia, but I thought I would let you know, and to ask if you have any comments about it.
  • Since this salivary gland cancer has come out of nowhere – I haven’t smoked for 40-years, am not a heavy drinker, have followed a mainly veg diet for years for the prostate cancer, and use a small “maintenance dose” of CO at bedtime (helps me sleep) – I’m disappointed to be diagnosed with this new cancer which I understand is quite rare.
  • So sorry to waffle on like this. If you have any comments I would be interested to hear them, but only when you get time from more important matters. Cheers.

Reply 22 June 2022, 10.16 PM.

  • On the day when we started CA Care, I have made up my mind not to get involved with any product that the government considers illegal — no need to stick my neck out. We can also find other plants as substitutes if we know enough botany! Pseudo-botanist cannot figure that out!
  • There are enough herbs — 350 types — that I know are used to help cancer patients, so why bother about cannabis and then get into trouble? Because of that I have no comment on that plant. I have no experience with it. I know that it is used for pain but some 20 years ago I developed Pain Tea which I am still using to this day — no narcotic in the mixture! I cannot say that my pain tea is better than cannabis but I can say that it is effective for pain and has helped a lot of people! If there is a will — there is always a way to figure out how to solve problems.
  • For the diet — yes, I have read a hundred books on nutrition — and came out with a simple guideline. My patients follow that and they got well. What else do I want? Keto diet, this diet and that diet – never mind let them say what they want and what they like. I don’t believe these people really have personal experience with cancer patients. I have seen thousands of cancer patients and I learned from their feed-back — they are my teachers. People write books but do they ever handle cancer patients?
  • I am 78 years old — up to this day I need to eat 1.5 plates of rice — twice a day! My great, great grand parents in China also ate and survived on rice. No they did not know what Keto is or what high protein diet is, etc., yet they survived! And I survived and am healthy today — no diabetes, no cholesterol (ooooops – never bother to check) no high blood, etc. Take away rice from me, I die tomorrow!

4 July 2022 at 1:39 PM Steve wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris,

  • I know you must be very busy, so no need to reply unless you want to make a particular point. If this information is of any help to others, you are welcome to share it.

4 July 2022 at 5:47 PM Steve wrote:

Hello Chris,

  • I think my condition is about the same. Some better days, some worse. No chemo for me! I’ll live with the swelling.
  • If the condition does not improve in (say) another week, could I resume the THC Cannabis Oil? I’m afraid of same negative interaction with the herbs, which is why I stopped.
  • Just enjoyed a brief stay with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend at a local hotel.  Cheered me up to see them.

12 July  2022 at 3:17 PM Steve wrote:

  • Fantastic — thanks a zillion Dr. Chris. Also thanks for sending the Pain Tea. Actually, I don’t think I should take it now, since I don’t have any pain as such. But probably useful for the future.
  • After feeling worse at the beginning of the 2nd week mainly due to a heavy feeling on the brain so I can’t concentrate clearly, after a few days  the symptoms improved somewhat.
  • Sometimes I feel almost “normal” whatever that means for a 76 year old !! (You should know). It’s difficult to quantify since sometimes the brain heaviness returns for a few hours but then goes away again.
  • Fairly constant mild sore throat, but seems a little better than a month or so ago. I’m sure the antibiotics I was taking then didn’t help with the symptoms at all but only made them worse. Doctors !!
  • All in all, not doing badly and it’s given me a chance to rush around madly trying to sort out the financial stuff before I collapse in a heap. Hopefully, your herbs will prevent that scenario. Taking the herbs as per directions. Mainly veg diet with a little fish or prawns. Rice soup is OK with the sore throat. Green leafy salads. Green tea.

29 July 2022 at 2:35 PM Steve wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris, Completed 1-month on CA CARE herbs.

  • Condition seems stable. I think the lump on the right cheek is a bit larger.
  • No or little pain as such (not taking pain herbs yet), only the pressure felt by the lump and sometimes quite heavy brain feeling causing muzzy head. Get tired easily. Mobile.
  • Sticking to the mainly whole food veg diet + a few supplements like Vit D3, C, Zinc, NAD. Also taking a relatively small amount of 25% cannabis oil.
  • No problems sleeping to date.
  • My conclusion: I think the cancer is probably quite aggressive, and I have doubts whether anything can be done to hold it in check. Still, I will try my best with the above regime.
  • The good thing is that it seems relatively stable, although the lump seems to be bigger. I’m mainly worried if it gets really painful and/or I cannot eat or drink. No use thinking about it I suppose. I mentioned pain management to the gov doc and she said I won’t know because I’ll be in a coma. At least she was honest!!
  • I do have a Living Will saying to not keep me alive for no reason.

26 August 2022, Steve wrote:

  • Completed 2-months on CA CARE herbs, as directed. Continue with THC Cannabis Oil (but increased to 2 – 3 times a day), Diet, and Vitamins as before.
  • Symptoms: Much the same although I think the lump on the cheek is slowly getting larger. Not sure but it does seem more prominent to me. Pressure on the brain continues but I think slightly less than before. Sore throat same. Sleep OK. No pain meds but feel uncomfortable much of the time unless distracted by something.
  • Today I went to see Dr. I at S Hospital in Bangkok. I’ve known him for many years, and he is much better than nearly all other medicos that I know. My daughter who was with me was impressed as well. I gave him the biopsy and MRI scan results, and asked for his opinion. He explained that the parotid gland consists of an inner and outer gland, with a nerve running through the middle of it. He is confident that an experienced surgeon in the field with the right equipment can remove the cancer from both sides without damaging the nerve.
  • I pointed out the MRI refers to multiple nodules with at least 2 larger ones, but the doc still held to his opinion.
  • I said I’m 76 years of age and do not want to go through more stress. The doc said the good news is that these type of cancers are often slow growing (I have my doubts in my case).
  • I said I really do not want to pay a large amount of money to the docs and leave nothing to my family. The doc recommended I go and see Assistant Prof Y (sounds impressive) who’s a head and neck surgeon and can advise, possibly using a government hospital (I am making an appointment to see him).
  • I then got a bit tougher on the doc (well, I do know him) and told him that at my age that of course I’ve known many people who were diagnosed with cancer, went the standard surgery/radiation/chemo route and in the great majority of these cases the patient died. And often the treatment made them worse. The doc said it depends on the surgeon and equipment. He said the problem is the tumor will continue to grow and at some point break through the skin causing dire problems. He also said the growing tumors would eventually affect the nerve in the gland.
  • So I was told more or less what I expected to be told. Don’t scold me too much Dr. Chris, you must be laughing to yourself saying “What did Steve expect them to say!”
  • But at the same time I greatly respect the opinion of Dr. I. Oh, I told him I’m taking Chinese herbs and THC Cannabis Oil, and he listened intently and he did NOT make any negative comment about them and said “They may help but it’s better to remove the tumor itself to lessen the cancer load.” (or words to that effect).

 30 August 2022, 2:08 PM Steve wrote:

Hello Dr. Chris,

  • Sorry to say the lump on my cheek continues to grow. The doc confirmed in comparison with photos I took from last month. Therefore, it would seem quite definite that the herbs have not stopped the size of the tumors increasing, nor has the THC Cannabis Oil.
  • Physically, I’m not too bad. The symptoms of pressure on the brain and sore throat are perhaps somewhat reduced but never go away.
  • Still feels giddy sometimes but the cannabis oil would contribute to that. As mentioned though, lump size is increasing.
  • Mentally is a different story, and I’m not holding up well. I frequently disintegrate into sobbing tears. I try to have positive thoughts but the black moods overwhelm me. Last night was a particularly bad time.
  • So Chris, it looks like I have a choice of doing the surgery which I feel will not cure the problem but perhaps delay onset, or not doing the surgery with the very real risk the cancer will spread to nearby sensitive organs and the brain.
  • As always, I value your honest and straightforward opinion. Don’t worry — I know I’m not going to survive. Thanks. Steve.

UPDATE 30 August 2022:

  • Had appointment today with ENT doc Assoc. Prof. Y at S Hospital, Bangkok.
  • He explained that surgery involves splitting apart the salivary gland so that the cancerous parts are away from the nerve, and then surgically remove the gland and tumors.
  • He inspected my throat with a scope and found a cyst but it seems that’s not so important now. He also found another lump on the throat.
  • He still insists that surgery is the only option (with or without chemo which I would decline anyway).
  • Although doctors are usually very circumspect in what they say, and this one was no exception, my underlying feeling that my case is very serious and unlikely to be resolved, with or without surgery.
  • The problem with not doing the surgery is that the cancer will continue to grow and affect other organs including the brain.
  • He suggested I first see an oncologist — appointment on 2 September 2022.

Reply 30 August 2022:

The tumour is still growing. The herbs and cannabis oil do not work. Accept that. I have been thinking about your problem and how to deal with it. My frank and straight answers are:

  • Surgery. Yes, the tumour will go away the next day – gone. But will the cancer come back again? Nobody can tell.
  • What about the side effects of surgery? Will you be able to open your mouth after that?
  • What if they cut off some of the nerves? I am sure they will do that! Remember, the face has a lot of wiring systems! Any damage can be serious.
  • One patient was promised a nerve sparing surgery for his prostate and ended up impotent. A surgeon’s promise is one thing, the real result is another.
  • So think carefully.
  • Herbs and cannabis oil do not work – do you want to give up ? It is okay, find someone else who can offer a better solution. 
  • Or do you want to make another try? If you want another try — final one — then I suggest the following:
  1. Give me a few days of your life, stop taking the cannabis. Tell me what happen if you do this? Stop it to know if cannabis itself gives you any side effects. Live without it for a while.
  • After you stop cannabis — but if you still have pain, etc. – -take the Pain Tea that I sent you earlier. At first take 3 times a day. You can increase it to 6 x per day. Tell me what happens. If you finish that Pain packet and it does not help at all — I will not ask you to take the pain tea again! So just give me a few days of your life. If the pain tea helps you then we talk again.
  • After I get your feedback, I shall change the herbal teas.
  • After a month, we ask the same question — ARE YOU ANY BETTER? If not better,  I have nothing more to offer.
  • Please consider carefully what you want to do.

31 August 2022 8:55 AM Steve wrote:

Good Morning Dr. Chris, Thank you so much for your straightforward reply. I agree with you 100%.

  • But something you should know. The tumor is hard not soft. The doc remarked on this and said the tumor is usually soft. Actually, I think there are at least 2 larger tumors.
  • I have been thinking long and hard about the best thing to do.
  • Yesterday, I saw  the “Assoc. Prof.” ENT specialist who seemed very competent to me. All the doctors seem good at S Hospital.
  • Although it’s very difficult to get an opinion out of these docs, they always say “up to you” as if I’m the expert. I did get the impression (but nothing more) that the ENT doc thought it was a more serious case than they would like to make out. He said a specialist expert surgeon with the right equipment could open up the salivary gland to expose the nerve which runs through it, and then remove the surrounding gland and cancer.
  • The ENT doc said it needs a specialized surgeon which they can recommend. He said with this operation (with no radiation or chemo), he would expect me to survive 4 to 6 years. I suspect this is a number just made up out of the blue.
  • He said that if I chose not to have the surgery then we can expect the cancer to continue to grow and start affecting other facial organs, the nerve running through the gland, and the brain.
  • He also said there is a small cyst in the esophagus, probably not cancerous, which is the cause of the soreness in the throat. I think this might also be a major problem in the future but I didn’t discuss it much.
  • I have been referred to an oncologist who I will see on Friday. Apparently he knows a specialist surgeon in the government hospital system I might be able to use if he is willing, which would cost half as much as the private hospital. Let’s see what he says.

So right now I think the following:

  • Do NOT go for surgery but palliative care only. Accept the inevitable outcome.
  • Try to make me as comfortable and pain free as possible (but I doubt if they know about that here. Hospices are illegal in Thailand, although I know of 2 in Chiang Mai).
  • Try your suggestions for 1-month.
  • So I’m happy to follow your suggestions.
  • I have stopped the Cannabis Oil from yesterday.
  • Please note I do not have significant pain up to now and have not yet used your Pain herbs. I will tell you if I do use them. Greatly appreciate your help.

1 September  2022, 8:37 PM Steve wrote:

Thanks Chris.

  • Problem is that I already think of this long and hard and it’s making me feel very unwell mentally and physically due to stress and worry.
  • I think the problem may be worse due to the psychoactive effects of the THC Cannabis oil, which I stopped the day before you mentioned it. It may be the lingering effects of THC which I know stays in the system for some timer. I feel a little better today.