Case Study 4. Endometrial Cancer Part 2: No chemo – healthy life, wonderful life for 14 years and more!

Ella is doing well. And she is taking the herbs, and of course NO chemo. Let me reproduce some of the e-mails she wrote us over the years.

30 August 2019 – With Ella and Peter in Singapore

14 May 2020: after twelve years.

It seems so long ago when we last met … it was a get together for all of us and so lovely seeing Irene and family.

You must be so proud of your grandsons … Chris I have read all the books you gave me and they are fantastic. So easy for the lay person to understand and full of great information. Your passion shines through each page and your knowledge is priceless.

As I have mentioned before, it is so hard to educate the people here … It is much easier to pop a pill than to take the time to understand what your body needs to survive. You must see this all the time, especially from those in the

western world.

We are into winter now and feeling the cold … I love rugging up and taking a 4 km walk along the cliffs where we live with so much wild life to see … I am at my happiest when I am with Mother nature. I know you both are too.

Anyway, keep up the good work as the world needs people as you. After reading all the stories of your patients and how they found wellness, thanks to your dedication on helping them to heal. It is a great feeling to help those who look outside the square when given a cancer diagnosis and with guidance take on their own healing to wellness. You and Im must see these many times.

Sending love and blessings and keep forwarding the emails. Until we meet again, Hugs

xx Ella xx

May 2023 – Almost 14 years after her diagnosis, Ella sent us this note.

We are glad that we are able to help Ella in her time of need. We are even more happy and grateful to the Almighty to see her again in Singapore – so well and full of life. There are a few things we can learn from Ella.

  1. Patients have choices or options.

You choose what you believe in and live with the consequences of your choice – for good or for bad. There is no point in trying to point fingers at others when things go wrong. Remember, it was your choice.

Ella knew what she wanted. She empowered herself well ahead of time about what cancer really is and what chemo could do to her. She was not blind when she made her choice.

  • She was right, the doctor was wrong!

Ella said she wanted to prove her doctor was wrong! Good to have something to look forward to, a wish in life, so to say. At CA Care we have seen such predictions proven wrong most of the time. But let us not blame the doctors. They only say things based on what they know or have been taught in medical school or while under practical training. And that is all there is to it. I have since realized about the tight system or box that they are brought up in.

Patients who choose to go into the box with them have a limited view about the well-known limited choices of

surgery, chemo or radiation. Get out of the box and you see a totally different view for your problem. When we met Ella again in Penang and then Singapore (twelve years later), she had proven her doctor wrong many times over!

  • Quality life.

I have posed this question to Ella when she came to visit us about a year after taking the herbs. Given a choice – which

one would you choose? Do chemo and live for two-and-a-half years OR have a solid one-year life of happiness without chemo?

Ella took a calculated risk or gambled with her life and she won. She had lived longer than what her doctor had predicted. Even with chemo she was told she would have only two and half years – and remember, most of the time would probably be spent going in and out of the hospital. But with the herbs, she suffered no side effects and she had lived a good life.

What else can you ever bargain for? And what additional proof do you need in order to believe?

  • Positive attitude.

Ella was so lively and positive in her attitude. That is the way it should be. Do what you have to do first, to help

yourself and then be happy with it. Live a positive life. Enjoy life to the fullest – busy being a grandmother of six kids, and at the same time being a wife running a happy family.

Many patients say they have positive attitudes. Saying is one thing, practising it is another. Ella is not a lamb easily led to the slaughter. She worked for her healing.

Actually, we knew Ella way before she had cancer. She is a health activist in Australia and she has been helping cancer patients as well, but not to the same extent as we do in CA Care due to the limitations imposed by the laws of her country.

Christmas time is party time with all the so-called great and wonderful food. Ella enjoyed the celebration but chose to stick to her healthy diet. Many patients don’t have that willpower. One lung patient said to me: Oh, the Hari Raya – we went home to our kampong (village) and I “tak tahan” (cannot stand) seeing those foods. So, I ate some, here and there. I suffered after I came home.

  • Don’t be a kiasu.

Ella is not a kiasu (afraid-to-lose-want-to-win all-the-time) type. Kiasu people like to ask a lot of questions but it is

no use – waste of time, because they don’t really believe in what we do. When they face a little problem they run away!

The herbs have to be boiled – that’s a big chore! The herbs do not taste good, that is also unbearable to the kiasu.

Our therapy is not easy to follow. It is not for any Tom, Dick and Harry. It is not for the faint hearted either. Patients need to be brave and be fully committed to find their own healing. There is no magic bullet. It requires a change in lifestyle, diet and attitude towards life.

We can show you the way, but you have to travel that road yourself. For that reason, it is a pleasure and our privilege to be able to help such a person like Ella – not a kiasu. We share the joy of her healing.


In remembrance of Stephen Taylor: Part 6:  Lessons We Can Learn from Steve’s Experience

This 6-part article In remembrance of Stephen Taylor is one of the few long articles that I have written for our website. You may be wondering why!This is because I feel that there are many important lessons we can learn from Steve’s experiences. That is, if you want to read and learn. But if you are not interested to know and learn, then this article is meaningless. So what? You would say, he is already dead. Why waste time reading a dead man’s story? Sad.

Before I go further, let me remind you clearly and loudly. We in CA Care are not anti-doctors or anti-modern medicine. I have stated this point since we started CA Care some 27 years ago!

  • If there is something wrong with you, my advice is always to go and see your doctor and find out what is really wrong with you. Don’t go to the alternative practitioners or Chinese sinseh for a diagnosis.
  • If you have cancer, go and see an oncologist and ask what he/she can do for you. The gold standard of cancer treatment is surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy. After listening to your doctor, you have to decide for yourself what you want to do. It must be your shot – don’t let others around you or your doctor “dictate” what you have to do. Reach out to your Inner Being to know what you want to do to help yourself.

If you need more help and are willing to read, ask your computer. These days, your computer can give you many answers. If you are still not satisfied and need an alternative view of what to do, you are welcome to consult us. Again, I say – we are not anti-doctors even though our views are often at odd with your doctors.

1. Steve’s initial stand was: No to Medical Treatment.

In this case, Steve at the beginning, did not want to go for medical treatment at all. He knew what it was like some years ago when he had prostate cancer. He lived many years after the initial hormonal treatment that failed him and he subsequently went on to find healing without undergoing further medical treatment. But that was prostate cancer. When he was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer, it was a different ball game altogether.

2. No Magic Bullet, Healing Take Times.

Almost all cancer patients who come to see expect a magic cure. No, I am sorry I cannot cure your cancer. There is no magic bullet for cancer. That is my experience. You need to learn how to live with your cancer and “cure” yourself. Others around you can help but ultimately it is you and you alone who determines the outcome of your healing.

Taking herbs for one, two or three month and expecting the tumour to go away is madness. And if there is anyone on earth who claims that he/she can deliver such magic cure, know that he/she could just be equally insane. There is no instant cure. Healing takes time.

3. Healing of cancer is not only about the tumour. Patient’s mindset and personal attitude are equally important.

In my 27 years of experience dealing with cancer, I realized that I can only help 30% of those who come and see me. The remaining 70% just cannot be helped. After talking to patients for a few minutes, I could roughly predict if I would be able to help them with their problem or not. 

Healing cancer is not just focusing on the tumour, it is about healing the whole body – both physical and mental. Your personal attitude and mindset play a very significant role in determining the direction and outcome of your effort to heal yourself.

The common attitude most people have is to fight with the cancer,  wanting to win in the war against cancer. Over the years I have come to understand that in any war no one wins! Turn on the news and see what happened to Iraq and now Ukraine! War, fight and see what happened to the ordinary folks? What you see on the screen (and the reality on the ground) is mass destruction. That is what war is – misery and destruction. Is this not be the same when you rage a war in your body against your own cancer?

I have come to realize that it is better to learn how to live with your cancer than fight with it. This is a tall order. Not everyone can do that.

Many patients come to me with these mental attitudes:

  • My doctor said this, my doctor said that. Yes, my doctor knows best.

Read what some honest medical experts say:

In an address to students at the Harvard Medical School, the Dean, Dr. Burwell said:

  • Half of what we are going to teach you is wrong, and half of it is right. Our problem is that we don’t know which half is which.

Listen to what Professor Jerome Groopman of Harvard Medical School said:

Every morning Steve looked at  his face in the mirror. With each passing week the tumour was still there! To him it was growing bigger and bigger! For prostate cancer he could not see what was going on inside him – so it was not scary. But for parotid cancer it was a nightmare every passing day. So, it needs a “brave heart” with a strong mindset to say, I shall live with it.

  • It is natural for all patients to react by saying I must go for treatment immediately. I must destroy the cancer before it starts to spread all over the body.Yes, I understand that.

But listen to what some medical doctors themselves said:

  • Some patients come to us with the belief that doctors use scientific, proven method to cure cancer. Other methods are just hocus pocus, not scientifically proven, etc. I can only say this – if you know enough science you will know that the accepted dogma of follow the science could just be a “bias” representation of the truth.

Instead of debating whether what you are doing is scientific or not scientific – proven or not proven, read what these authors said:

  • In my emails of 3 September 2022, Steve and I had many exchanges on this matter (See Part 3). The use of herbs – where is your proof? Your statistics? Herbal therapy could be just a baloney (foolish, deceptive or nonsense)!

I don’t wish to defend that remark. If you believe me, you believe. If you don’t believe what we do, go and find someone else whom you can trust and can help you.

There seems to be the impression that Chris Teo is saying that medical treatments are totally ineffective. No, no need to throw such brickbat at me. Almost all patients who came to see me for help have undergone medical treatments and they failed – given up. So all the cases I see and talk about are failed medical cases. That is the reality and truth. Those who succeeded or are helped by medical treatments do not come and tell me their stories or success. There is no reason for them to come and see me. We are not running a competition here.

I believe that learning from failures is the key to every success. That is if you want to take time to learn. That is the reason why I spend lots of my time writing stories of my patients. It is my hope that by sharing these stories you can learn and avoid the path that lead you to your early demise. You don’t have to believe me if you think that these case studies that I wrote are just fakes or cooked-up and are not backed by statistical data.

  • In dealing with cancer patients, I come to realize that strong faith in Spirituality is important for anyone to keep calm and have peace of mind. This is an important ingredient of healing.

Read what Dr. Allan Hamilton, neurosurgeon of University of Arizona said:

  • Many patients view cancer as a “curse” or a “punishment”. How many of us dare to see cancer is a “blessing” or a “wake-up” call?

4. Surgery – The Only Way To Make The Tumour Disappears Immediately.

When Steve wrote me, I could not offer much. This type of cancer is rare. In my 27 years helping cancer patients, I encountered only 5 to 6 cases of such case. So I can’t say much.

When Steve at last decided to go for surgery, I agreed with him. Well, he thought I was pulling his leg or was fed with his ramblings. No, I was just being honest. If you want the tumour to disappear “magically” within a day, then go and get it removed by the knife. This is a fact – you cannot dispute that.

However, my role was to warn Steve about the possible side effects of the surgery and the possible sufferings after the procedure. I always remember this saying: The operation is a success but the patient died. Read what the internet says about this quotation – very interesting!

5. The best surgeon, best equipment and the best hospital. What more can you ask for?

Every doctor whom Steve consulted gave the same advice. Go for surgery. They even helped him identify the best surgeon in Bangkok – that means the best in the whole of Thailand. The surgery could be done in the best hospital using the best equipment ever found in the country. So this tipped the scale. Steve decided to change from his earlier stance on surgery. He was in the hands of the best expert available in the country. So why not? Steve said no one in his/her sane mind would reject such an opportunity. That is what ALL patients want to hear.

Yes, I did not object to that logic. Go for the best and let the best take care of you. Furthermore, this expert had handled such case every week! So he surely has vast experiences and expertise. This is an opportunity of a life time!

6. Surgery prolongs life and promote quality of life.

This is the “honey pot” hung in front of all patients. Steve was given the impression that a surgery done by an expert with experience would have a very high possibility of living 4 to 6 years, compared to say 2 years when doing nothing. He also understood that surgery would not cure his cancer. But then there is another bonus – after the treatment the patient can have a better quality of life.

Attractive reward outcomes. Which patient would not accept or dare to reject such offer?

7. Let us face reality.

I started life as an academic – teaching and doing search in the university. I became a full professor.  I know what science is and what statistical data are and what they can be used for. Let us not use the excuse that it is not proven or it is not scientific as a smoke screen for our own bias or ignorance. What is important to ordinary folks – you and me – is real life reality not what the science text books say.

In the case of Steve, he was attracted and was convinced that surgery – which is a scientifically proven and globally accepted procedure –  can make the tumour in his cheek go away safely. Yes, he was absolutely correct on that score if that is all that you want.

Steve was told by the expert that with surgery his life can be prolonged by 4 to 6 years, compared to say 2 years if you do nothing. In theory yes, that is correct too. But also know that in real life situations you may be dead wrong and that your prediction could just be based on your own “professional blindness” or bias?

Over the years I have come across many cases and have shown (I don’t want to use the word “prove”) that such prognosis is just WRONG. To illustrate my point, study these 3 cases below:

Now to PROVE my point, let us examine what ACTUALLY happened to Steve.

  • The expert doctor said: With surgery your life can be prolonged by 4 to 6 years. If no surgery only 2 years.
  • What is the reality? Steve died 3 months 13 days after the surgery. Where is the promised years?
  • Question: Before the surgery, Steve was on and off the herbs for about 3 months. He did not die. But he died, 3 months after surgery. What if he did NOTHING and did not go for that surgery? Would he have died after 3 months?

What other proof do you want or what statistical data do you want? Oh, certain people may say Steve is just unlucky! Okay – what other reasons can we give to justify this tragedy?

  • Another question: The expert doctor said after surgery, Steve could lead a better quality life. Really?
  • What is the reality? Make your own judgment after reading again what Steve went through after being discharged from the hospital until his death.

Let me end by citing a short conversation I had with an expert after my auntie had a very massive metastasis in her lungs. The doctor suggested that my aunty undergo chemotherapy immediately.

My question: Doc., why do you want her to undergo chemotherapy? We cannot expect to cure her with that treatment.

Doctor: It is just to promote her quality of life.

My response: Doc., let us be frank – between you and me. We all know that the side effects of chemotherapy would be terrible. Don’t you think so? If you agree that chemo is not like taking a walk in the park, can you be very honest with me — how could chemo ever promote her quality of life? It would be hell all the way.

Doctor: Yes, I totally agree with you.

My auntie declined chemotherapy and she went on to live for many more months after that, before she died peacefully one morning. It was a good death without chemotherapy. No regrets.

Breast Cancer: Part 3. After Chemotherapy She Opted for CA Care Therapy

Part 1: Disaster – twenty months after surgery!

Part 2: Chemotherapy rescued her.

Part 3: After chemotherapy she opted for ca care therapy.

On 15 September 2022, we received an email from Lucy asking for help. Although Lucy’s metastases seemed to have gone away, Lucy had many problems (see table below). That means she is not out of the woods yet.

To be fair, before Lucy was started on our therapy, I asked Lucy to take note of the following:

1. NO CURE FOR CANCER.  Most patients who come to us have already undergone medical treatments – surgery, radiation or chemo. Do these cure them? If you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I too cannot cure your cancer. From my experience, NO one on earth can cure any cancer. After some years, the cancer comes back again! But if you want me to help you – to give you another option, to have a better quality of life   — may be it is possible. But it all depend on you. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, your diet, etc.?

2. OUR HERBS ARE BAD-TASTING, AND HAVE AWFUL SMELL. Besides the bad taste and smell, you need to boil the herbs a few times a day — that’s a lot of work! You need to take two, three or four types of teas each day.

3. YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR DIET – YOU CANNOT EAT ANYTHING YOU LIKE. You cannot eat anything that walks – meaning, no meat, no egg, no milk, etc. Don’t take sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. Don’t eat oily or fried food, table salt.

4.  TRY OUR THERAPY FOR TWO TO FOUR WEEKS.  May be during the first 2 weeks on our therapy, you may suffer more pain, feel more tired, etc. That’s healing crisis. Don’t stop. Hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks you may feel better. If you don’t feel better after a month on our therapy — i.e., the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you.  If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

Above all these, let me say this: You must believe in what we do. If you think that our therapy is not scientific, not proven or just hocus pocus, then there is no reason for you to see us.

Lucy understood the above fully well and decided to try our therapy. This is what happened after one month on our therapy.

I asked Lucy to give a score of 0 to 10 for all her problems,  0 = very serious condition, and  10 = no problem or excellent condition.

As a summary, Lucy wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris,

Overall, there is much improvement. Thank you and heartfelt gratitude.

After taking the herbs for one month:

  • Yes, the Pain tea helps my backache and knees. Feeling good today while working
  • The Pain tea helps reduce the pain in the chest, knees, neck and backache.
  • I can sleep better at night,  wake up 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.
  • I feel less tired.
  • I can breathe better now.
  • No more constipation, smooth bowel movement.
  • Block nose slightly better (I had it after chemo).

There are still some lingering problems:

  • The upper arm swelling has reduced but not the lower arm, maybe 5%.
  • There are some spots on both thighs, acne-like on the left ear and one on the buttock.
  • The numbness on the left thumb and fingers – no improvement. But there is a slight improvement of the right fingers and both toes. The numbness is after the chemotherapy. After the 3rd chemo, the numbness started gradually and also the swelling. And by the end of the 5th chemo, the whole body swelled up but the oncologist didn’t attend to these problems. Even now, my lower body feels slightly heavy but bearable.
  • I noticed there is pain/ache on the knees and back after taking certain food like dhalls, beans.

An Important Decision To Make

Chris: After taking the herbs for one month, do you want to continue with the herbs?

Lucy: Yes,  the herbs are really effective and I want to continue with them for another month. Thankful I got to know your therapy. 


1. Our herbs are not magic. Getting well after following our therapy for a month does not mean much. But  the improvements of one’s health do indicate that our ways of healing cancer is real and effective.

Our experiences have shown that even after 5, 10 or 20 years the cancer can still come back. Sad but true. Therefore I tell patients to continue doing what they are doing that makes them better or well. It makes no sense for them to stop our therapy and go back to their old ways of lives – lives that make them sick in the first place.

2. Learn from the experiences of others. Breast cancer is the number one cancer we have seen. And we are happy to say that over the years, many patients benefited from our therapy – i.e.,  the change of diet, change of lifestyle and the taking of herbs. Go to our website: to learn more.

Let me share with you some of the wonderful healings we have seen.

3. Go for effective therapy. Be aware of “fake” claims. Hear what some of these experts say.

After Mastectomy She Refused Chemotherapy

Her son died after 4 cycles of chemo for his lymphoma

Ani (not her real name) is a 79-year old Indonesia.  About 4 years ago she felt a lump in her right breast and did nothing about it. This did not give her any probelm.

In early March 2021, Ani had her first dose of Sinovac vaccine. Suddenly she had pain on and off but she did not consider it as a serious problem. Six months later she had the second dose of Sinovac.  She suffered the same pulling effect and the lump grew bigger and became harder. She also had pain in the right arm pit.

In spite of the problem, Ani was still able to do her regular exercise.  But she developed more pain. This prompted her to go to a private hospital in Surabaya for check-up. The report of an ultrasonography done on 29 March 2022 stated :

  • Mass in the right breast, size 7.2 x 6.8 x 4.6 cm.
  • Highly suspicious for malignancy.
  • Left breast is within normal feature.
  • No specific lymphadenopathies in both axilla.
  • Liver, paraaorta and both supraclavicles are within normal features.

Not satisfied Ani went to a private hospital in Singapore for further consultation.  She was asked to do a PET scan and biopsy. She refused.

Ani and her daughter came to a private hospital in Penang on 19 April 2022 (and stayed on until 23 May 2022) and decided to seek treatment here.

Blood test on 20 April 2022:

CEA = 11.0 H

CA 15.3 = 49 H

Full blood picture = Normal with platelet count = 362 (still within range).

Liver function test = Normal.

Ultrasound of both breasts indicated:

  • Right breast lobulated hypoechoic lesion. Features are suggestive of an underlying carcinoma.
  • Left breast cyst.
  • Enlarged and lobulated right axillary lymph nodes, suspicious of metastatic lymph nodes.

Mammogram of both breast showed similar results as USG above.

Chest X-ray showed no pulmonary lesion seen.

USG of abdomen showed no focal liver lesion, normal configuration of the other upper abdominal organs.

Biopsy of the right breast lump confirmed an infiltrating ductal carcinoma.

Ani underwent a right mastectomy and stayed in the hospital was 3 days.

The laboratory report indicated:

  • Invasive carcinoma of no special type (NST).
  • Tumour measures 4.8 cm in greatest dimension.
  • One of 17 nodes examined showed tumour deposits.
  • At least Stage 2B, pT2 pN1a pMx.
  • Tumour is negative for estrogen receptor, positive for progestrone receptor and negative for c-erbB-2.

The total cost of her medical treatment is this famous private hospital came to about RM20,000. The daughter said they rented an apartment and this cost RM5,000 for their entire stay in Penang.

After the surgery, the surgeon referred Ani to an oncologist in the same hospital.  The oncologist asked Ani to do the following:

  1. PET scan.
  2. Bone Marrow biopsy and aspiration.
  3. To take an oral drug.
  4. The oncologist did not mention radiotherapy.

The consultation with the oncologist cost RM300. Ani was not happy with the oncologist. The surgeon then referred Ani to another oncologist in another cancer hospital.

Ani consulted the second oncologist and was told that she had to:

  1. Undergo radiotherapy for 5 weeks – possibly 30 times.
  2. Take an oral drug.

The total cost of the treatment would come to RM20,000 to RM30,000.

Ani refused the suggested treatments. Then one of her sons who lives in Jakarta got to know about CA Care. I then received an email from her daughter below:

Dear Mr. Teo

My name is X. I wrote on behalf of my mother. I would like to make an appointment to see Mr. Teo. Mom has breast cancer and the cancer has been removed already. She just think of cancer  treatment using herbs. 

We got recommendations from our friends at Jakarta, that Mr. Teo can do therapy using herbs. We haven’t done any chemo yet. We just went to see the oncology doctors to hear what they have to offer. But my mom seems to believe in herbs and she would like to meet you. 

Is it possible for Mr. Teo to meet us tomorrow or on Friday.

I had a long chat with Ani and her daughter. Ani presented as a healthy 79-year. She had a bit of pain in site of the surgery. She was able to sleep well and her appetite was good. She could walk normally but felt tired and her back ached if she walked too much.

There are 3 lessons we can learn from Ani’s case.

1. There was a 7.2 x 6.8 x 4.6 cm cm tumour in her breast. She consulted three doctors and all of them indicated it was cancerous. Ani agreed to undergo a surgery to remove the entire right breast. Bravo – that is the right thing to do. Unfortunately not all women are as wise as Ani. Some women preferred to not anything with the cancerous lump until the lump burst! Most of them died due to such “folishness.”

In Ani’s case, she was indeed very fortunate.  She had a no special type (NST) cancer! She was able to live  with the lump in her breast for about 4 years. She had no problem with it and the  cancer did not spread much. Only one of the 17 lymph nodes removed was infected with cancer.

2. After her breast surgery, Ani was firm in not wanting to take any medical drug or undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy.  I was curious why she was so firm in this. Well, we could agree that it may be due to her age – 79 what is there to fight some more?

Did she know anything about chemo or radiotherapy? Yes!  The daughter said:

  • She did know because my brother had undergone chemotherapy for his lymphoma in Singapore. He died after the 4th cycle. My mother saw with her own eyes what happened and how my brother suffered from the treatment.  My brother was only 36 years old then. This was indeed a big trauma for my mother – seeing her son passed away. This tragic episode happened in 2011.

3. My next question – I am now treading on a very sensitive issue!

Let us recall again. Ani had a tumour in her breast and she did nothing. For 4 years she was living with it and it did not give her any problem. Then in March 2021 she had her first dose of vaccine. She started to have pulling pain in her arm and this problem got worse after the second dose of vaccine 6 months later. Then according to Ani, she felt the lump grew bigger. This Ani made go to the hospital for help.

Now you know what happened.  A logical question to ask is: Why?  I am not going to give my personal comment / opinion. I think there are enough comments in the alternative medical media elsewhere.

 Let me just reproduce (below)  what I got from the internet that are put out by the mainstream medical media.

Swelling of the lymph nodes after Covid-19 vaccination

Axillary Lymphadenopathy After COVID-19 Vaccination in a                                                 Woman With Breast Cancer

Diana L. Lam & Meghan R. Flanagan of the   University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle

JAMA. 2022;327(2):175-176. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.20010

Adenopathy Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Tina WashintonRebecca Bryan Christina Clemow from the Department of Radiology, MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, OH

Part 2: Lymphoma – After CA Care Therapy Health Improved by About 20%

This 71-year-old lady was diagnosed with lymphoma and breast cancer. She underwent three rounds of chemotherapy (total of 24 cycles  over a period of time). The treatment failed. Her health deteriorated. The family had to sell a house just to pay for the medical bills. At a loss, the family sought our help. The patient was started on our therapy. Her health improved! For sure, there is no need to sell another house to pay for this herbal treatment!

I am in constant contact with her daughter and we monitored the progress of her mother’s health. Below are some details.

1. Are you taking any herbs now? Yes. Mama sometimes drinks teas made from soursop leaves, moringa leaves and white turmeric (kunyit putih).

2. If so, are the herbs effective or helping you? No.

3. Give us a list of your doctor’s medication as well as other vitamins and supplements that you are taking now.

1. Medicine for high blood pressure: Aprovel 150 mg (half a pill) 1 time a day.

2. Diabetes medicine: Glucophage 500 mg (1 pill) once a day.

3. Abatcholestrol: Atorvastatin 10 mg (1 pill) once a day.

4. Concor: 2.5 mg (once a day).

5. Lamivudine was asked by Dr.2 to drink once a day.

6. Megestrol Acetate 160 mg: half a pill, once a day.

7. Famotidine: 20 mg (2 times a day).

8.Nuerobion Forte & Curcuma Force

9. Herballife milk and Herbalife Aloe Vera, every morning & night.

5. My Suggestion

  • Herbs –  soursop leaves, moringa leaves and white turmeric did not produce any positive reaction. You do not need them anymore.
  • Doctor’s medication and supplements (listed above): Continue taking medicines for high blood pressure and diabetes. The others no need to take.

6. Herbs from CA Care

The herbal teas that your mother is going to drink every day are as follows:

 1. Capsule A

2.  C&D

3.  M

4.  Lympho -1

5.  Lympho – 2

6.  SAP

7.  Pain

7. Health conditions before and after undergoing CA Care therapy

Health conditions BEFORE undergoing CA Care therapyHealth conditions AFTER undergoing CA Care therapy
1. On the right, above the breast often feels uncomfortable as if there is a lump.Sometimes still feels awkward and uncomfortable. Herbs helped by about 20%.
2. Often tired and short of breath.Now only  sometimes. Herbs helped 20%.
3. Weak legs                 Left and right legs weak. Has improved by about 5%.
4. Right hand felt numb.Left and right finger tips often numb. Has improved somewhat. Herbs helped.
5. Had to drink “fiber: before can move bowels defecate.No need to drink fiber for bowel movements.
6. Need to consume appetite medicine, megestrol acetate 160 mg. Half a pill once every day.No need to take megestrol to help with the appetite.
7. Had diabetes since February 2021 due to blood transfusion.Still has diabetes.
8. High blood pressure.No longer taking medication for high blood pressure.
9. Urinate about every 2 to 3 hours.  Urination normal, no more problem.
10. Often feel rapid heartbeat if don’t take concor.  If consume concor heart heartbeat normal.
11. Appetite.Appetite has improved.
12. No problem with sleeping.  No sleeping problem but wakes up at 4 a.m. and not able to sleep anymore.

How is your mom’s condition after following CA Care Therapy?

Her health had been pretty good and has improved by about 20%.


The aim of our therapy is heal the sick body – sick due to both the cancer and the adverse effects of chemotherapy given by her doctors. Our therapy involves the consumption of herbal teas, change of diet and life style, medication and prayer. No, our method is not to fight with your cancer but to learn to live with your cancer.

Such method is said to be primitive, unproven and unscientific! People like me are often called snake oil peddler! But hang on, I have never learn how to catch a snake before! I don’t know how to make oil of the snake either!

I am a scientist and was a professor in the university – 26 years teaching there! I started my research to help cancer patients since the past 25 years after I retired. I have documented most of my work in the various books that I wrote. I have never stopped being a scientist and will call a spade a spade. No, I don’t tolerate or manufacture fake data. That is what a scientist should do – seek the truth and not being influenced by material rewards.

In this case, I was cautioned the patient and her family that this is a “hard” case to handle. She had done all the chemos and failed. I could not promise that our therapy would help her. The only promise I could give is, I shall try my best to help you since you have nowhere else to go.

Thank God. With time the patient’s condition improved. After the chemo treatment that failed her, she ended up with some 12 problems as listed in the table above.

After two weeks to three months following our therapy her health started to improve. I have a chance to talk to the patient via video. I was really happy to see that she was well and indeed benefited from our therapy. We can’t ask for more. I hope with time she will get better and better.

So what can you say about this case? Herbal therapy is not scientific? It is all baloney? It is not proven?

Make your own decision after studying the data presented above.  I can only say this, not all alternative healers are quacks or snake oil peddlers!

Let me share with you some quotations that often guide me in trying to help our patients.

Lessons I have learned in life when helping those in need …

His PSA Shot Up to 52.0. What had gone wrong?

I have written about Budi in an earlier article He Gets to Keep His Prostate  (

In 1996 Budi had problems with urination. The doctor suspected BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. He was prescribed Proscar which he took for about 2 years. With Proscar, his PSA readings were normal.

In 2008, Budi was prescribed Avodart. , Budi was told this was a stronger medicine. He was on this drug for a year. With time, his PSA started to increase. The doctor suspected something was not right and did a digital examination on Budi. There was no swelling.

Budi refused to perform a biopsy because he would not want to undergo any form of medical treatments after that. No, he would not want to have his prostate or testes removed. Neither would he agree to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  Budi told us that his relative had his prostate removed but the PSA still kept going up after 8 years.

Budi came to see us in July 2011 and was started on the herbs. He was doing fine after that. From 11.9 his PSA started to decline. In January 2015 it was 4.6.

Because things went on so well for Budi, he started to eat some “forbidden” foods. In March 2016, his PSA shot up to 8.0 (see table below). Budi said he already knew why the PSA increased. Budi realised his misadventure. He told me: Now, I am already back to my “good diet” again.

From January 2017 to September 2020 his PSA was hovering around 6.5 to 10.3. Life was back to normal again with no anxiety believing that everything was under control.

Fast forward to 1 June 2022,  I received this message from Budi.

20 Mei 2022 PSA = 52. Test PSA terakhir 20 bulan yang lalu, 14 September 2020 PSA = 8,6.

Kesalahan saya: Saya makan ngawur, banyak pelanggaran.

My reply: Apa yang harus dibuat sekarang? Tak perlu panik. Cuba berusaha pulih kembali.Sila baca laporan ini:

Palm Beach County urologist seeing false PSA levels in men due to COVID vaccines

by Lena Salzbank Tuesday, June 8th 2021

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (CBS12) —  Dr. Diego Rubinowicz, a urologist in Palm Beach County, says you may get a false PSA reading. The blood level of PSA in men is often elevated when diagnosed with prostate cancer, but Rubinowics says research is showing if you recently got your COVID-19 vaccine, PSA levels could be temporarily elevated. (

Budi: Terima kasih banyak Dr.Chris untuk analisanya bahwa masalah PSA  saya timbul karena Vaksinasi. .

Semoga dengan berkat Tuhan Yesus PSA saya bisa kembali seperti sediakala.Tahun 2021 saya tidak test PSA karena covid di Surabaya masih tinggi.

According to Budi’s wife, this was what happened.

Let me explain in short what happened to Budi. On May 17, about 4 pm, I came home from a funeral. Budi was standing in front of the mirror. He had difficulty walking and talking. I helped him to a chair. Gave him juice and he was back to normal.

At midnight, I woke up. He was sitting on the bed, pee all over the room and again had difficulty walking and talking. I could only pray for him. And suddenly he was back to normal again.

My son suspected a drop in his blood sugar. The next day the incident happened again at 10 am. So we brought him to the doctor in the evening. The doctor suspected signs of stroke.

The next day he had a blood test. Budi also checked his PSA. He didn’t do his PSA test since covid broke out. He was very shocked when he found out that his PSA was 52.  He immediately went back to a strict diet – Chris’ diet.

Today I received this good news from my good friend and patient again!

Hi, Dr. Chris / Beng  Im.

Puji  Tuhan. PSA saya yang 2 bulan lalu 52,0 kemarin 19 Juli sudah turun banyak jadi 12,8 disebabkan karena :

1. Kemurahan Tuhan Yesus.

2. Dorongan semangat dari DR. Chris.

This is wonderful news, Budi’s PSA dropped to 12.8 from 52.0 after two months of careful management of his diet.

Lessons We Can Learn From This Case

I had a video chat with Budi and his wife via whatsapp. There is no more anxiety. Budi is well and looks healthy and is following his healing protocol strictly.

1. Don’t be complacent. I told Budi that there are many patients who became well and lived for many years after taking our herbs and taking care of their diet. Unfortunately after some years – 5, 10 or 20 years – they became tired of what they were  doing that made them well. It call it “healing fatigue”. They stopped taking the herbs and ate what they like. Soon their cancer relapsed.

About a week ago I received this email from the niece of our patient. This is what she wrote:

Hi dr Chris, how are you ?

I want to up date about H’s condition.   I think that she’s getting worse. Her coughs were very heavy and sometimes make her not able to breathe. 

Anyway, it such a grateful 10 years that God give her. And she’s living her life with joy and happiness. Thanks to you. 

Now, her last wish has already come true. Her only son has already finished school and has started working. He is preparing for his wedding and look forward to his mom being there at that moment. 

So … we try to make her feel better and oke until that happy day . We hope God give her His mercy for that. 

H was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma by the doctors at the Natinal Cancer Centre in Singapore in early 2012.She was asked to undergo chemotherapy. She refused the treatment. Her niece said: The Singapore doctor said my aunty will die within 6 months if she did not do the chemo. If she did the chemo, she could live for another 2 years. No cure.

H and her niece came to seek our help in June 2012 and was prescribed herbs. She was alive and healthy after that. Seven years later, August 2019, we went to Surabaya for a family holiday and had the privilege of meeting H in her hometown. We all went shopping and had lunch together. H was doing fine. Her healing is indeed a great blessing! No less a miracle.

Unfortunately, H suffered from “healing fatigue”. So many years she had stopped taking the herbs and ate what she likes. She suffered a relapse after 10 years.

In the case of Budi, he is already 11 years with us. I believe he will continue to be well if he remains on course. But that is his choice!

2. When the PSA shot up,  don’t panic! There is no need to run around like a headless chicken! Try to understand what had gone wrong and rectify it. I asked Budi 2 questions:

a. Did you take care of your diet or you started to eat “jink” food.

About 8 years ago Budi/s PSA shot up 2.3 times from 4.6 to 10.8 due to bad diet. He had learnt his lesson. In September 2020 his PSA was maintained at 8.6. In May 2022 his PSA shot up to 52. After 2 years the value had increased by 6 times. There must something more serious that diet? Then I asked the second question.

b. Did you receive Covid-19 vaccination? Yes, Budi had 3 doses with Sinovac and AstraZenitca. Study the table above.

By asking this question – let it be known that I am not trying to find a scapegoat or someone to blame. It was my sincere desire to find what had gone wrong. Let me also say it up front that I am not anti-vaccine. Every member of my family had received 3 jabs of vaccines, otherwise we will not be able to travel.

However, I also know covid vaccination do give rise to many side effects. Read what the internet said:

COVID-19 vaccine side effect causing false positive cancer screenings.

Cancer experts at MD Anderson are seeing an uptick in mammograms identifying a false positive for breast cancer due to a common side effect of the available COVID-19 vaccines — swollen lymph nodes. 


Swelling after COVID-19 shots may cause cancer false alarms.

Sometimes lymph nodes, especially in the armpit, swell after the vaccinations. It’s a normal reaction by the immune system but one that might be mistaken for cancer if it shows up on a mammogram or other scan.(

As stated above,  Dr. Diego Rubinowicz, a urologist in Palm Beach County, Florida said that  if you recently got your COVID-19 vaccine, PSA levels could be temporarily elevated. (

He Recovered from Covid After 8 Days

He took care of himself!

John (not his real name) is 38 years old. He, his wife and two daughters live in Johor. I received a message from John in my Facebook asking for more information about our herbal tea, Ko-Gen, which is used to help people with covid.

Before providing my advice, I requested John to answer some questions so that I can understand what is going on.

  • Vaccination:  Yes.
  • Received: Pfizer  – 1st dose on 3 July 21,  2nd dose on 20 August 21 and booster dose on 23 January 22.
  • Symptoms:
  • Fever or chills for the first 2 nights.
  • Cough for the first 4 days.
  • Headache for the first 2 nights.
  • Runny nose the first 5 days.
  • Muscle or body aches for the first 2 days.
  • When did your problem start?15 March 2022.
  •  Home-kit and Rapid Antigen Test in Clinic indicated positive for covid.
  • You did not see any doctor at all? If no, why not?

No. This is because there’s no medication for COVID-19 for now.

  • What did you do to help yourself with the symptoms?

1.   For the first 2 days, I took paracetamol 650mg.

2.   For my cough I took Ascentia Androchi capsule.

3.   I also took supplements  – Vitamin A, C, B6, B12, D3, E, zinc, magnesium.

4.   I gargled with Gengigel mouth wash twice a day.

My reply to John.

  1. From the above, your symptoms are not serious. I believe you can recover without having to take any herbs.
  2. Since you are improving, do you want to wait for a few more days and see if you are okay?
  3. I think your problem is the cough. Is the cough due to itchy throat? Is it dry cough or cough with phlegm? What colour is the phlegm?

Dry cough.

  • How many of you are in the house? Is there in any other people in the house who also get covid?

Only me.

  • Do you really need the herbs? I am not sure. I think you may just recover without taking any herbs. Just drink fresh coconut water. It will help you!

Thanks for the information. I took coconut water and shall take more later.

6.     I also have a person from Sarawak — you can read his story ( He recovered without taking any herbs!

23 March 2022

Hi Professor,

Today is the 8th day of my quarantine. No more symptoms. This morning I went outside for a slow walk about half hour to get some fresh air. Also had 1 coconut water today. But I still isolate myself up to 10 days to play safe.

  • Are all those symptoms you had earlier totally gone?

Yes. All of the symptoms are gone for now.

  • When you were tested positive for covid — what was your first reaction? Did you panic / afraid?

Yeah I was very afraid and panic, because I was afraid I would infect my wife and daughters too. That’s my main concern actually. (Note: Wife and daughters are not positive for covid).

  • Now that you are okay – recovered. What do you think you would do if any of your family member / relative / friend is tested positive?  Do nothing like you? 

I will advise them to take all the supplements, and try your herbal tea.

Chris: I believe in the next two days, if you do the test again, it would be negative. It may take about 10 days for the test to indicate you are negative.

23 March 2022

Hi Professor,

Today is the 9th day of my quarantine. Tested negative today. I shall continue with my supplements.


1. Vaccination did not prevent you from covid infection.  

This is the reality which all of us need to know. John had received three doses of Pfizer. The booster jab was on 23 January 2022. Barely two months later, 15 March 2022, John got infected with covid.

2. Panadol and cough syrup.

Did he go to seek doctor’s help after being infected? The answer is no! The reason being it is common knowledge that the doctor cannot do much to help him. The 2-year-old plus boy in Johor was prescribed Panadol and cough syrup after seeing the doctor for his covid infection. My friend in Sarawak became his own doctor and he just bought Panadol for his fever and cough syrup for his cough. So, this is the situation today.  While this is the right thing to do today, please know that if you develop  more serious conditions like difficulty breathing or lack of oxygen, it is best that you go to the hospital for help.

3. Do something to help yourself. Don’t panic!

John did not just ignore his problems. He took care of himself. He took paracetamol, vitamins A, C, B12, D3, E, zinc and magnesium. He cleaned his throat by gargling with Gengigel (or salt water if you like). He also took herbal capsule. From the internet I learned that the capsule consists of two herbsAndrographis paniculata and Echinacea purpurea.

Andrographis is known locally as hempedu bumi or akar cerita. In Chinese, it is known as Chuan Xin Lian or Ku Dan Cao. In Indonesia, it is known as sambiloto or sambiroto.

Andrograhis is a common herb that grows wild in the garden. I have some plants growing along the fence of my house. It has a very bitter taste. This herb is used in traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian medicine as a remedy for sore throat, flu, heatiness, high blood pressure and diabetes. It can be taken raw or steeped in drinks. Commercially, it is dried and pounded into powder and blended with other herbs and sold in capsules. (

Echinacea purpurea is also known as Purple coneflower. Itis native to central and eastern United States. Echinacea is commonly used to prevent colds and other respiratory tract infections. Taken orally, it is also used as an antiseptic, antiviral, and immune stimulant. Echinacea is hugely popular in Europe and among the top several herbal products in the United States

So, John did a good job by becoming his own doctor and took this herbal capsule. Is this not the reason why he got well? I believe so. And that was the reason why I did not “push or rush” to get John to take our Ko-Gen herbal tea. He was benefiting from what he was doing.

For those of us living in the developing or poor countries, we can learn how to help ourselves with the herbal plants that are found growing wild around our homes, i.e. if we have that knowledge. Unfortunately, most people don’t believe that herbs can help make them well – they prefer the so called scientifically proven drug that cost a bomb!

Can we learn something from these news cuttings?

The current policy of the Hong Kong SAR government is that all cases are centralised and managed in the public Hospital Authority system, exclusive of private sector or TCM partners.

It is recommended that the Hong Kong SAR government may follow the policy in mainland China to provide TCM as a complementary treatment for in-patients with milder disease as part of the healthcare team responding to COVID-19.

In addition, TCM can be offered to patients in the pre-diagnosis and rehabilitation periods for health promotion.

There is nothing to lose when patients and citizens see that holistic or integrative medicine is provided by the public system. When further evidence of efficacy is established, TCM can be promoted in the other TCM clinics to serve the public.

The TCM practitioners in Hong Kong have important roles in treating patients with suspected COVID-19 in the community.

Four In the Family Tested Positive for Covid

They recovered after herbs

In the morning of 28 February 2022  I received a message from a friend in Jakarta, Indonesia. His two grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law  were all tested positive for covid. He needed help. I managed to get a herbalist in Jakarta to formulate Ko-Gen herbal tea for them.  This  is the fourth time I did this for Indonesian patients who needed help .

The Problem:

All in the family were infected with covid.

  • Grandson, 4 years old.
  • Grandson, 5 months.
  • Daughter, 36 years old. She is a medical doctor. She is still breast-feeding her baby.
  • Son-in-law, 36 years old. Also a medical doctor.

1. Children with Covid

  • Grandson, 4 years old. He had fever for 2 days.
  • Grandson, 5 months. He had fever for a day.

The two children did not take the herbal tea because it is too bitter for them.

Sunday 6 March 2022

Grandfather: Her children are already active – playing again. Even without the herbal tea, they got better! Covid for  children is not bad as the parents (old person).

Chris: No need for children to take herbs and they are still okay!

2. Daughter and Son-in-law with Covid

PCR test on 27 February 2022 confirmed both of them were covid positive.

Both had similar symptoms:

  1. Whole body ache
  2. Sore throat
  3. Dizzy
  4. Felt like having flu

The doctor prescribed  only vitamins and Panadol since the mother is still breast-feeding her baby.

Friday  4 March 2022

She received the herbs sent by her father from Jakarta and started to drink the first dose.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Took the second dose of Ko-Gen herbal tea.

Father:  When I talked to her, I could feel that her voice sounds like a person with a cold.

Sunday 6 March 2022

She took the third dose of Ko-Gen herbal tea. 

Father: When I talked to my daughter this morning, her  voice is already normal!  She told me that her conditions had improved from day to day.

Monday 7 March 2022

She took the fourth dose of herbal tea.

Father:  From her voice, I know that she is now normal. She has no more sore throat.  

Her husband also took the herbs but he was not fully recovered yet.

He still has a bit of phlegm in the morning.

His voice was still like a person who got flu.

My daughter seems to recover faster than her husband.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

My daughter:  90%   recovery.  Okay now. No more problem. Her voice is back to normal since 2 days ago.

Son-in-law :  80 % recovery. Body ache and dizziness all gone.

Grandchildren : Okay.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Father:  Today I talk with my daughter. She is already normal. No more complaints.

Saturday 12 March 2022

Father: Yes, my son-in-law is already healed.

Chris: To confirm, both  your daughter and son-in-law had been vaccinated?

Father: No, my daughter did not get any vaccine. Only my son-in-law is vaccinated, 2 times with Sinovac. My daughter who did not get the vaccine recovered earlier.

Chris: Now, we know herbs help a lot.

Father: Yes, very good!


1. Money, money ! Each packet of herbs cost RM 35. The whole packet is used to make the tea for each day.  This was the fourth time we bought the herbs from this herbalist, meaning before this there were three other patients who also bought this herbal tea from the herbalist. Previously the cost of each packet was only RM27! With increased demand, this time the herbalist decided to charge RM35 per packet! Logical?  

Take comfort, it is not as bad as selling oral covid medicine at US$721 when the cost to produce the drug is only US$17.75!

2. Fear of covid?  My advice is – Don’t panic! As with the case above, if we are tested positive for covid we may recover rather quickly,  if we know what to do to take care of ourselves.

3.  The first question I asked my friend before I went into a frenzy of getting herbs for his daughter’s family was: Does she want to take the herbs or not. I am fully aware that both the daughter and her husband are medical doctors. If they don’t believe in the medicinal value of herbs then there is no reason to “waste” time. Yes, the daughter wanted to take herbs!

4. Let’s ask some honest questions.  One way to learn and know the truth is to ask questions.

Real science points out flaws in its own research

Phony science pretends there were no flaws. Tim O’Shea

The above case study is very simple and straight forward.  And it can happen in many other families. But do you ever ask these questions below and see what your heart says.

a. The two boys – 5 months and 4 years old – they got covid. Why? The clever answer would be: Because they are not vaccinated. Do you agree with this?

b. The 36-year-old mother also got covid. Why? Same clever answer: Because she was not vaccinated.

c. The 36-year-old father also got covid. Why? The same clever answer is not valid anymore because he was vaccinated twice with Sinovac. 

The first truth we need to know  is that vaccine does not prevent anyone from getting covid. Even if you have been vaccinated you can still be infected with covid, as in this case. And this is not the only case. There are many cases like this. The four adults in my children’s family have all been vaccinated and all of them were down with covid at the same time like my 2 grandsons who have NOT been vaccinated. So, it does not matter whether you are vaccinated or not, you still get covid. That is the reality.

d. So, why are we asked to go for vaccination? Here is a clever answer to this question:

  • Vaccination with two doses helps prevent infection. Take note, can help prevent only!
  • But for those that do still get infected, vaccination lessens the impact of the virus by reducing disease severity, transmission of infection and death.  Do you buy this answer?

e. Booster jab.

We are asked (or cornered into getting) a third dose.  What is the use of the third booster dose? There are two clever answers for this:

  • The protection offered by vaccines starts to weaken after 5 months for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
  • Getting a booster shot extends the protection, even against the delta and omicron variants.


So the booster is supposed to strengthen the function of the earlier two jabs. Answer well taken but how do you explain why my daughter  was infected with covid on 4 March 2022,  after she received her third booster dose in February 2022?  Does the booster shot really “made her stronger” against the virus?

On 3 March 2022 my eldest son received his third AZ booster dose and on 12 March 2022, he was down with covid?  Why? Did the booster really make him stronger?

They said the booster can boost prevention.  But that is not true. We need a much more credible answer than that! In real life it does not pan out that way!

f.  Is the recovery from covid faster in non-vaccinated or vaccinated person? Let us look at the fact of this case study.

  • Daughter, 36 years old. She is not vaccinated.
  • Son-in-law, 36 years old. He is vaccinated twice with Sinovac.

On Friday  4 March 2022: They started taking the Ko-Gen herbal tea for their covid infection.

On Monday 7 March 2022: The father reported the following results after taking the fourth dose of herbal tea.

  • I know that my daughter is now normal. She has no more sore throat.  
  • Her husband also took the herbs but he is not fully recovered yet. He still has a bit of phlegm in the morning. His voice was still like a person who got flu.
  • My daughter seems to recover faster than her husband.

Take note: The non-vaccinated person recovers from her covid infection sooner than the vaccinated person. Can this be true?

Looking back at the cases of my children.

  • My son-in-law, 38 years old, was tested positive on 2 March 2022. He completed his two Moderna vaccination in August 2021. He did not receive the third booster jab.   After three doses of the herbal tea his health was restored to about 80%.  Then he was tested negative for covid.
  • My daughter, 38 years old, was tested positive on 4 March 2022. She received 2 jabs of Pfizer and boosted with Pfizer in February 2022. She took 6 doses of herbal tea to restore  90% of her health. She was still tested positive for covid after 8 days.
  • My son, 34 years old, was tested positive on 5 March 2022, initially with no symptoms. He was vaccinated twice with Pfizer and boosted with Pfizer on 31 October 2021. The symptoms started on 6 March and he took 4 doses of herbal tea. His health was 100% restored.

Where is the logic here? My impression is that if you are a non-vaccinated person, it will be “hell” and your recovery would be delayed. But that is NOT true as shown in this case study.

Then you have the case of my family members.

My daughter was supposed to be the most “fortified” because she had just received her booster jab. The reality is her recovery was the slowest among the three of them.

Indeed this is something new that has never ever crossed my mind.  I need more data to confirm this observation and understand what the real “truth” actually is. Can someone come up with a sensible answer and not just a clever answer? I tried to search the internet for an answer. I found none!

In the search for new knowledge, I am always reminded by the great words of Rabbi Harold Kushner below:

There is the morality of cleverness and wit, in which success means getting the better of the other person by means of a slick business deal or a clever answer

Then there is the morality of righteousness, in which the highest good is thoughtfulness toward others.

The worst sin is hurting another person.

Note: In writing this comment, let me assure you that I am not against anyone receiving any vaccine. Go ahead and follow what your heart says.  My wife and I have also received 3 doses of AZ – without them, according to the man-made SOPs, we would not be able to go out, and end up totally confined in our home! (Soon, this SOP is not valid anymore!). We were warned that if we do not take the third jab (by 1 March but now extended to 31 March), the earlier two jabs would be invalidated and we would then belong to the “unvaccinated” group! Is that logical? (I don’t know if this SOP is going to be implement come 1 April).

Secondly, my discussion here is to make you think! If you just become a “pak turut” (mister follower) you cannot progress. So learn how to think critically!

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody else has seen

And thinking what nobody else has thought. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

The end game is, everyone of us wants to be healthy and remain safe. If we got covid, we want to recover well and as soon as possible.  How do we achieve that?

Our Two Grandchildren Were Positive for Covid. 

Recovered fast after taking herbal tea                                                                                                         

Our grandsons: Jo is 6 years old and Matt is 4 years old.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Jo had started his fever around noon and the home test kit confirmed him positive for covid. We gave him Panadol. That evening, his younger brother Matt also started running a fever. They had runny nose with the occasional cough.  That night the boys went to bed with fever patches and Panadol. Matt ended up running a high fever through the night and had to be sponged.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Jo appeared to recovered. No more fever but had runny nose. He was busy playing with his new Legos.

Matt’s fever would surge whenever the Panadol wore off. I think this tired him out.We continued to give him Panadol and sponge and herbal tea. He continued to have fever that night.

Thursday 3 March 2022

Both still taking the herbal tea once a day.Jo seemed to be over the hump already. His appetite is back and said he doesn’t feel sick anymore. Matt’s fever would come and go, and through the night.

Friday 4 March 2022

Both of them were okay! Back to normal.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Look at our heroes here!


1. We were prepared. Based on what is going on now, it is just a matter of when our family members are going to be infected with covid. So, it is no surprise that Jo and Matt caught covid. The preschool that they go to were reporting positive cases of teachers or students every few days.

On the same morning that we were informed about Jo and Matt being positive, I received a message from a friend in Jakarta, Indonesia. His two grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law (both are doctors!) were tested positive for covid. He too needed help. I managed to get a herbalist in Jakarta to formulate herbal tea for them.

Then yesterday morning, I received an email for Johor Baru:

Hello Professor,

It’s been a while since we last chat. I hope all is well on your end.

My 27-month-boy is infected with Covid. He developed high fever (38.5C) since 2 March 2022. Doctor prescribed some paracetamol, cough and flu medicine for him. 

Given his young age, I wonder if you have any suitable herbs that I can give him to relieve his symptom instead of relying on the paracetamol? 

Symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue, runny nose and lack of appetite. Both home kit and PCR tests confirmed covid positive. Both me and my wife have been vaccinated with 3 doses of Pfizer. 

This morning, while writing this article, a friend came to our house to ask for herbal tea – one of his family members has covid.

Covid cases appears to be everywhere now and my feeling is that it is not going to go away anytime soon. But, don’t worry so much.  There are herbs that can help you get over it. 

When it comes to our family members, we were well prepared. We ask our children to stock up the Ko-Gen herbal tea as standby. So when covid happened we did not  panic!

2. My first case of covid infection in children. In early October 2021 I received a sms from a doctor who was once head of a hospital. This was the message:

Want to ask, do you have herbs for covid? Any advice for children with covid?

Symptoms: Fever, cough.

Stage: 2.

My grandson, age 8.

Not on ivermectin.

We prescribed Ko-Gen herbal tea. On 11 October 2021, we got this feed-back.

Excellent. My daughter-in-law (also a doctor) and my grandson with high fever and bad cough. Took the (covid) herbs and they felt relief. Fever plus cough subsided. They only took one dose and the next day the covid symptoms cleared.

Retested covid PCR recently. It was negative for both of them.

I was really happy to be able to help many friends overcome their problems with covid. The herbs that I used are common herbs which are well documented in the TCM medical literature. No big deal, just study them and you can find the answer!

3. With confidence, grandparents could sleep well! For Jo it was one day of fevers and he was back to normal. For Matt it was two days.Thank God for this wonderful blessing!

To see the positive side of things, to be able to face this situation with much confidence (and preparedness) helps to evaporate the fear of this diagnosis. There seems to be no big deal being infected with covid!

So why is the world “turned” upside down because of this fear? Is here a need to punish the ordinary ignorant folks with hefty fines or even sending them to prison just because he/she violates certain SOP.

The solution to our present problem is not to punish but to be humble enough to learn – If you don’t know, read and learn from others! Seek and you shall find the answer!  Don’t let others with Vested Interests take you for a “wild ride”!

I have read many comments on covid in the internet, but I have to refrain from sharing them here. Those with Vested Interests would not like it.

Struck by Covid-19: What you can do to help yourself

IIn my earlier article The Long March Against Covid-19I wrote that my initial reaction towards Covid-19 was “don’t bother about it – don’t get involve”. What woke me up to this issue was when a friend from Indonesia wrote to say that he was down with Covid-19 in spite of being vaccinated. I was really sad to hear the news and prayed that God takes care of him. With God’s blessing he came out of the hospital alive but was extremely tired (due to Long Covid symptoms). Then, I got another message from my cousin brother in Kelantan. He survived Covid-19 but ended up with “kidney failure” and wanted me to prescribe him herbs.

Then I received an email from an Indonesian patient who wrote:

  • Selamat malam dok, saya terpapar Covid-19. Sekarang saya mau obat dokter, karena batuk. Apakah ada obat buat saya. (Evening doc, I was exposed to Covid-19. Now I need herbs for my cough. Do you have any herbs for me).

I replied to this patient three times but did not get any reply. What happen?

Then there was this message from a friend.

  • Today my brother’s son (let’s call him Jimmy – not real name) is to be cremated in the crematorium without a single loved one present. He died of Covid after 3 weeks of home quarantine for stage 2 infection.
  • Since he was considered young (late 30s), there’s no bed for him in the hospital. The hospital was choked full.
  • Jimmy tried the private hospital and was told that he had to pay RM50k up front which he didn’t have.
  • The illness seemed to be quite deceiving. Jimmy’s 18-year-old son was also tested positive but recovered. The father, however, only showed severe breathing problem 3 days ago.
  • By the time the ambulance came Jimmy was already gone, leaving a wife and 3 children behind.
  • The worrying part is Jimmy’s 15 year-old-plus daughter who is also tested positive and was not be able to get a bed in the hospital.

    This message made me real sad and sick. I knew Jimmy since he was a baby. His parents are our friends for years.

Then, I received more emails from my Indonesian friend.

Thu, Jul 15: The last two weeks, some of my friends at church and also my aunties got infected. They were not treated by hospital since the hospital were full. Two days ago I got information that most of them are in recovering process, but my auntie passed away. At about the same time my colleague at office was also infected by Covid, I have not got any information about her yet.

Then on 21 July, I received yet another email saying that another aunty had Covid-19. Let us call her Mary (not her real name). This is Mary’s story in more detail.

  Email (date)    What happened
  Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 2:08 PM      These last two days, I was busy helping my other auntie (Mary) who was also infected by corona virus and could not be admitted to hospital since all hospital beds were fully occupied. Her oxygen saturation level dropped to 85 and she needed oxygen. We tried to buy oxygen tank from many pharmacies here but all were sold out. So we had to borrow it from those who had it.    I borrowed the oxygen tank (capacity 1 cubic meter) from GKKB Church.   Did she use the oxygen all the time? No, the oxygen only lasted for 3-4 hours. After that we could not get anymore refill. All oxygen refill were out of stock.   After using the oxygen – did her oxygen level improve? Yes, improved. Her oxygen saturation increased to normal range around 95-96.  
  Reply from Chris  For your auntie  — you can ask her to try the first formula, Ko-Gen. This formula is meant for people like her. Of course you need oxygen to help her but while going around  hunting for oxygen, take the herbs at the same time. Within 2 days we will know the result.  
  Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 2:25 PM    Okay Dr Chris,  I’m gonna ask her daughter first, since she is quite old and her daughter even finds it difficult to ask her to take doctor’s medication. Hope she is willing to take the herbal concoction.  
  Wed, Jul 21 at 6:08    My auntie wants to try the herbs. I’m going to buy it this afternoon.   
    Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 8:13 PM      Thank you Dr. Chris for the formula. I’ve just bought 2 pack of herb for my auntie and thank God I finally found a Chinese medicine store that can give complete herbs (from the first formula). It cost me exactly the same as the second formula, Rp110.000.  
  Thu, Jul 22 at 1:20      My aunty is around 70 years old. Yes, she is a bit stubborn. Need extra effort to persuade her to take the medication. I’ll check on her this afternoon. Hopefully she is able to take the herbal concoction.   
  Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 12:02 PM    Thank God, yesterday my auntie could drink the herbal  concoction. So today she is going to drink the second packet. And I’ve already bought a third packet for her. Hopefully she can recover soon.    She was already on oxygen before taking the herbs. How was her condition? Her condition was not stable, feeling tired and sometimes had difficulty breathing.    
  Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 12:36 PM    Just chatted with her daughter. Today, my aunty’s condition is improving.   You mean after taking the herbal tea for only one time, she improved?   After taking the herbs using your formula for 2 days (today is the third day), her daughter told me that: She is not feeling too tired anymore.Her oxygen saturation was stable – around 96-97 (normal). One more thing, when she feels tired, she is not gasping for air anymore. Before that she had difficulty breathing when she was tired. Also today her appetite is starting to come back.Overall her condition is better.    When she was only on oxygen and not on the herbs — did her condition improve? No improvement.   After taking the herbs for 2 times her daughter could see that her condition had improved? Yes.  
    Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 6:41 PM    I’ve just called my auntie’s daughter, informing her that I’m about to buy the forth packet of herbs. But she told me that my aunty doesn’t want to drink it anymore, because she got bloated stomach.   Was she staying with her daughter? Yes, all the time. When she did not want to take the herbs, her daughter just agreed? Yes. Her daughter did not try to persuade her mother to continue taking the herbs? I’ve already asked her to persuade her, telling her that this is not a choice. But she failed to persuade her mother. You mean her daughter has NO influence over her mother at all? I can say YES. Did the daughter ever believe in herbs? Yes.  
    Mon  July 26    Just for you information, my aunty was admitted to the hospital yesterday after the doctor who came to her house suggested that she be admitted. Her oxygen saturation level dropped to around 85. After 12 hours in the hospital, she passed away.   It’s hard to believe that she was gone so fast. I am still wondering – is it the covid that killed her or other factors. She was not in an emergency condition before being admitted.   If only she continued taking the herbs, I believed she didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital and died there.    Before this — when she took herbs her oxygen was 96-97? Yes. After she stopped taking the herbs, her oxygen went down to 85? Yes. Was she still on oxygen when it dropped to 85? We had no more oxygen to give her. When the oxygen saturation level dropped to 85 – why did her daughter not ask her to take the herbs again? When it dropped to 85, the daughter called the doctor to come to the house, and the doctor asked her to go to the hospital ASAP.   How old is her daughter? 30. Are there any other members of the family with her? No, only two of them. It appears to me that there is only one daughter who is helping – what about other family members. No other family members who stay with her. Only my aunty and her daughter. My uncle already passed away some 20 years ago.   As I know, only I and my sister (as her family members but not living together) are the ones helping my aunty to get vitamins, herbs, oxygen, food, etc. There is still one uncle but he can’t help much since he himself got covid.  
   Note: Mary is the second member in the family who died because of Covid-19. She was 70 years old and she died two days ago.   Did she get the covid from your other aunty who died earlier? No, they lived in different places. This other aunty died of covid on 11 July 2021. She was 91 years old.     You wrote that there is another uncle who also had covid. You mean this is another relative of yours? Does he want any help? Does he ask for help? No Dr. Chris. This uncle is different. He doesn’t communicate with us (I and my sister) since 1987 when I was 13. Long story. Everything changed when we became orphans.  FYI, my dad passed away when I was 4 and my mom died when I was 13.          

Indeed this is a sad story. What does this story teach us?  There are some lessons!

Lesson 1. Your life is your responsibility. This is my mantra since we started CA Care 25 plus years ago. You can do something to help yourself if you really want to live. Take the case of Jimmy – a 30 plus years old. He only had Category 2 disease and was told to go home because there was no more bed in the hospital. When his disease became serious, it was too late. He died.

Jimmy was home quarantined for 3 weeks. What did he do during this time? It would be too painful for me or also for his parents if I were to ask for more detail. So let us leave it at that. But you need to know that it seems to be the nature of covid that the end comes suddenly and unexpectedly, and within days you die even though before that you seem to appear okay.

Seventy-year-old Mary was also told to go home because she there were no more bed for her in the hospital. Her disease appeared to be more serious. Her nephew did something – went around hunting for oxygen. The oxygen therapy helped her for a while but when there was no more oxygen her condition deteriorated. I suggested that she tried herbs. This is based on what people in China did after being diagnosed with covid. I know that taking herbs is not going to kill anybody. It is better than doing nothing. When I got the feedback that Mary was a fussy lady, I knew our effort in trying to help her will fail. This was a 70-year-old lady (for your information, I am already 77 years old!) and if she was not prepared to “fight” to live, no one else can help her.

Lesson 2. Ignorance kills. Knowledge can heal you! When I learned that patients were told to go home because there were no more bed in the  hospital, that really blew my head off! What are these people supposed to do when they are at home? Is there any protocol or guidebook to tell them what to do at home? Honestly, if I was in that situation, I did not have the slightest clue of what to do either until I sat in front of my computer. It took me a few days to learn how to survive under such condition. Thanks to the internet and the various organisation in the US and UK who put up numerous articles on this subject. In another article I have made a summary of what I have learned. Hope this will help you.

Mary was lucky in that her nephew at least knew what to do. He went around hunting for oxygen. Oxygen is required to help with the breathing problem. Then the nephew used the oximeter to monitor Mary’s oxygen saturation level. He wrote, We usually check our oxygen saturation on daily basis during this pandemic. Covid patients need to check it more often, at least 3 times a day. In Indonesia, many people buy the oximeter at pharmacy or online shop. Since some covid patients died of happy hypoxia (oxygen suffocation), so when we get covid, we are asked to check our saturation using this tool.

The US – CDC –  Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, issued the following guideline The Basics of Oxygen Monitoring and Oxygen Therapy during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • People with COVID-19 can have a wide range of symptoms – from no symptoms to mild symptoms to severe illness.
  • Many people with COVID-19 have low oxygen levels. This is a life-threatening condition.
  • Not everyone with a low oxygen level will have difficulty breathing.
  • So you must regularly monitor the oxygen levels of COVID-19 patients.
  • An oxygen saturation of 95 to 100 percent is normal for healthy children and adults.

Oxygen Therapy.

  • Start oxygen therapy on any COVID-19 patient with an oxygen saturation below 90 percent.
  • The goal of the therapy is to achieve an oxygen saturation of 90 percent. You can discontinue the oxygen therapy when the patient’s saturation remains above 90% after the oxygen is turned off.
  • For patients with physical warning signs, the goal of the therapy is to achieve an oxygen saturation of 95 percent. If a patient’s oxygen levels do not improve with oxygen therapy, they will need more intensive treatment.
  • Oxygen therapy is safe for newborns, children, and adults – including pregnant women.


  • Monitor the patient’s oxygen levels with the pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation, or percentage of oxygen in the patient’s blood.
  • Place the oximeter on their finger, toe, or earlobe.
  • It’s a painless test and takes less than two minutes.

Mary’s nephew wrote: In Indonesia, many people buy the oximeter at pharmacy or online shop. I also bought it. The cost is around RM15 only. See the photograph below.

Warning signs of a low oxygen level.

  • Trouble breathing,
  • Confusion,
  • Difficulty waking up, and
  • Bluish lips or face.
  • Chest pain that doesn’t go away (in adults).
  • Flare their nostrils, grunt while breathing, or be unable to drink or eat (for children). 

So, to all patients, know that knowledge is important. In the case of covid, it is unfortunate that you don’t have much time. You may just die within days or weeks. So if you need to learn, please learn fast. Unfortunately, many old people are more prone to covid – and such old people cannot learn things easily. At 70, I did not expect Mary to want to learn anything new to heal herself.

Lesson 3. Herbs can help you. If you get covid, please go and see the doctor and ask for help. This is the right thing to do. But if you are told to go home and isolate yourself – then the nightmare begins. You need to do something to help yourself. If you don’t know what else to do to help yourself,  I would suggest that you take some herbs. The Chinese in Wuhan benefited from TCM herbs. Why can’t we also benefit from TCM? Of course, I am biased because I am a herbalist and that is all I know. If you know of any other better way to help yourself, by all means try rather than do nothing and wait for self-recovery or die.

In the news portal you can read about our medical drugs that can help you. I would not comment on these because I don’t know anything about them.

In the case of Mary, she agreed to take the herbs for three days. She got better. Her oxygen saturation level returned to normal. She did not gasp for air anymore when breathing. Her appetite improved. I don’t wish to be bias but ask this question – is this not an improvement? Are you going to say that herbs is not scientifically proven? It is up to you to believe what you want to believe.

Mary stopped taking the herbs, her oxygen level dropped to danger level. She was admitted to the hospital and died 12 hours later. You can make your own conclusion if what was done was a smart move or not!

Lesson 4. We can only help those who want to be helped. After reading the dire state of affairs in our neighbouring countries, one tends to come up with a “romantic” idea that what if I were to make available all those herbs and give them all for free, maybe I would be able to help some to survive. Earn good merit, right? Mary’s case showed me that you cannot help all people – you can only help those who only want to be helped. If the patients do not fully trust you or don’t want to get well or want to get well on his/her terms, it would be a futile effort.

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