A U-turn from Death – The Nose Cancer Journey of Pastor Danny

Danny is a pastor of a church in Singapore. He is 48 years old. Sometime in early August 2011, he had dengue.  His right cheek was swollen and his ear was blocked. His problems resolved after hospitalization. However, a PET scan done on 21 October 2011 revealed the following:

  1. FEG-avid right nasopharyngeal mass. There is effacement of the right parapharyngeal space and extension across the midline.
  2. Hypermetabolic right retropharyngeal, right level 2 and 3 adenopathy.
  3. Necrotic enlarged left FDG-avid level 2 adenopathy.

Impression: Right nasopharyngeal  tumour. There is also right retropharyngeal adenopathy, left level 2 cervical node and right level 3 node.

A biopsy was performed and confirmed cancer of the nasopharynx, T2N2Mo.

Pastor Danny subsequently underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He successfully completed 33 sessions of radiation but managed to complete only 2 cycles of chemotherapy (scheduled for 6 cycles). The chemo-drug used was cisplatin.

Danny suffered severe side effects of the radiation treatment. In addition, chemotherapy was equally severe. After the first cycle of chemo, he suffered nausea and vomiting and has to be hospitalized. In late December 2011, Danny had to be hospitalized again due to febrile neutopenia (fevers and infection).

When the time was due to Danny to undergo his third cycles of chemo, he decided that he had had enough. He did not want any more chemo.

It was at this stage that we received the following email.

5 January 2012

Hi Chris,

My pastor Danny (from Singapore) has got nose cancer Stage 3. He has just finished his radio therapy treatment and has 4 more dosages of chemo to go thru. 

Last month as I was sharing with my cousin Bobby from Singapore, he shared that his elderly dad got colon cancer several years ago and undergone your treatment. He has since been well and out of cancer.  Bobby mentioned that (Mr. Lee in JB would be able to help). My pastor Derek would like to bring Danny to your centre for an appointment….  Appreciate your reply.

Shalom. L.

Pastor Danny was subsequently prescribed herbs: Capsule A, NPC 1 and NPC 2, Lympho, Chemo-tea, Radio-tea and Mt. Guava deTox teas and was told to take care of his diet. He benefited from our Therapy. Within a few days he bounced back to ”real” life.

On 26 April 2012, we received an e-mail from Pastor Danny.

Dear Professor Teo,

Thank you very much for turning my medical condition around! Tried calling you to break the good news, but cannot get thru la.  I managed to share with Mr. Lee, and he is so happy for me.

My MRI result shows all is normal and EBV blood test shows virus undetectable!  Amazing?  I am amazed, at NPC stage 3, I just made an U turn from death, and I’m thankful to you and Mr. Lee for the herbs and the amazing Capsule A!

See you in May. Danny.

Medical Reports

  • 28 March 2012 – EBV Quantitative PCR = Undetectable.
  • 30 January 2012 – EBV Quantitative PCR = Undetectable. Less than 715 copies/ ml.
  • 19 October 2011 – EBV Quantitative PCR = Detected. 7,997 copies /ml (3.90 log).
  • MRI 4 April 2012 – Compared to previous MRI done on 27 February 2011 (note:  The date on this report is obviously wrong. It should have been 21 October 2011??).
  1. Interval resolution of nasopharyngeal mass. No evidence of residual disease seen.
  2. Interval decrease in retropharyngeal lymphadenopathy, now within normal by size.
  3. Interval decrease in cervical lymphadenopathy, most are within normal size criteria except for a right upper level 2 which is borderline in size.

Pastor Danny came to see us again in Penang on 12 May 2012 and shared his story. Let him walk you through his cancer journey and share with you some of the darkest hours of his life.

Acknowledgement:  Thank you for your permission to share this story without having to hide your real identity.


Part 1: NPC – Treatments and Side Effects



  • Diagnosed with Stage 3 nose cancer in October 2011 and underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy in November 2011.
  • Suffered severe side effects of radiation – mouth sore, difficulty swallowing, burnt skin, etc.
  • At the same time, he received two cycles of chemotherapy.  The side effects were worse than radiation and he had to be hospitalized. He was unable to sleep, was in pain and became anxious and depressed. He was put on morphine and as a result suffered constipation and hallucination.


Part 2: Darkest Hours of My Life



  • The treatment caused much misery. I would rather die – it was miserable and never again!
  • The diagnosis of Stage 3 cancer meant it was a death sentence. There was only a 30 percent chance (whatever that means!).
  • There was no hope and no choice. He had to undergo medical treatment because that was the only way to go.
  • He had to put up a “false front” and behave himself – being a pastor who needed to show a good example.
  • In this darkest hour of his life, Did you ask God – Why?  No, he did not because cancer seemed to be a part of his family. His mother died of nose cancer too – many years ago.  Many other members of his family also had nose cancer.
  • At the lowest ebb of his life, he felt he could not make it and was ready to die. In fact, he sent an sms to a friend requesting what to be done for him if he passed on.
  • I was just a living thing – existing.


Part 3: Clash of Healing Ways – Modern Medicine Versus Traditional Herbs



  • He had total belief in modern medicine. That probably was the only “sure” or logical way to “fight” the cancer. He was not open to alternative therapies because he was not sure of them and did not have enough convincing information about them.
  • He suffered severely from the medical treatment. Many friends around him persuaded him to give up chemo! But he would not listen! He reasoned, If I go for chemo, at least I have a chance! My life is a stake.
  • At last, a friend managed to break through with the message that herbs from CA Care would be able to help. He was convinced but not enough to totally discard chemotherapy. He still wanted to go for his third cycle of chemo. But somehow the third chemotherapy was deferred and that gave him the chance to start taking CA Care’s herbs.
  • Three days on the herbs, he bounced back to life. He had more energy to talk to friends and walk and was able to attend church and took morning walk.
  • With his health back – he thought he had a strong enough base to go for chemotherapy again!


Part 4: The Breakthrough – Cancer in remission!



  • His desire to continue with chemo had upset many of his friends. You are going better with the herbs, why are you going for chemo again?  He told them, You all did not know what I have gone through. I was desperate to get well. I am willing to die to become well.
  • After a trip to Penang and consultation with Chris – he was satisfied, for we at CA Care would not compel any one to do what he doesn’t want to do or stop anyone from doing what he wants to do. It is your life and you decide what is best for you! My mission is to empower you with adequate, truthful information.
  • Not under pressure anymore, he decided to stop chemo on his own accord. The next day he went to his oncologist and for the first time told her the he was taking CA Care’s herbs and he would not want to continue with further chemotherapy. To his surprise the oncologist readily agreed! She was not “mad” at him at all.
  • Also it came as a surprise that the oncologist broke the news that there were no more EBV in his blood and the mass in his nose had resolved. In simple language, he was considered “cured” or was in remission. There was no further need for chemo. He had only to come for routine checkup.


Part 5: Don’t Be Complacent – Learn from the Experiences of Others Before You



  • On 12 May 2012, he came back to Penang and shared his story with us. Now, it was our turn to give him our advice on how to stay healthy.
  • Eat anything you like? That’s going to be the greatest mistake you will ever commit in your life. So take care of your diet.
  • You are not cured of your cancer yet! The cancer can come back and strike you again! So don’t be complacent or fooled by this good news.
  • Learn from the experiences of others before you. Learn from their mistakes and successes if you want to live long.

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