Part 2. The Cost of Diagnostic Procedures and Mastectomy in Hong Kong

Part  1:  I  Can’t Believe That By Just Taking Tamoxifen, The Cancer Will Not Come Back                                                                                                        Part 2. The Cost of Diagnostic Procedures and Mastectomy in Hong Kong     

Part 3: Suffered Menstrual Problems for 34 Years. CA Care Therapy Helped Her

Olive (not her real name), a 46-year-old lady from Hong Kong, had many lumps in her right and left breasts. She underwent various diagnostic procedures before undergoing a total mastectomy.

1. 3D mammogram and ultrasound scan of both breast. This was done on 13 September 2022. This is the report.

As shown above, there are many lumps or masses in both the left and right breasts.

Left breast: Of the 6 lumps in the left breast:

  • 2 of them are highly suspicious of being malignant. They are 1.6 x 0.7 x 1.4 cm and 1.0 x 0.7 x 1.1 cm in size.
  • 2 of them have low suspicion of malignancy. That is to say, may or may not be malignant.
  • 2 of them are thought to be benign.

Right breast: Of the 3 lumps in the right breast:

  • 2 are benign.
  • 1 has low suspicion of malignancy.

In view of the above, Olive immediately proceeded to do an ultrasound-guided core biopsy.

2. Ultrasound-guided Core Biopsy.

3.  Whole body PET-CT scan. This was done on 17 September 2022.

Two small hypermetabolic nodules at 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock positions of left breast are consistent with biopsy proven malignancy.

A group of several minimally FDG avid tiny irregular nodules in left lung are more likely                                                  inflammatory than neoplastic judging from their distribution.

Small hypermetabolic focus in right corn of uterine cavity can be inflammatory change, but malignancy is not excluded.  Gynecological evaluation is recommended.

Otherwise, no metabolic evidence of distant metastasis.

4. Blood test. Olive did a blood test before undergoing mastectomy. The results of her full blood picture, liver function and renal function were all within normal range. Her CA15.3 was 17.2 which is also within normal range.

5. Mastectomy.

The histopathology report indicated cancer, left breast:

  • at 12 o’clock (size 1.2cm) and
  • at 2 o’clock (size 0.9 cm).

Invasive ductal carcinoma, NST

Grade 1

Breast Cancer Biomarker Studies:

  • Estrogen receptor positive
  • Progesterone receptor positive
  • HER2 oncoprotein negative.

6. Oncotype DX test. This is a genomic test that analyzes the activity of a group of 21 genes from a breast cancer tissue sample. The results from this test we would be able to know how a cancer is likely to behave and how it would respond to treatment.

For women age 50 and younger:

  • Recurrence Score of 0-15: The cancer has a low risk of recurrence. The benefits of chemotherapy likely will not outweigh the risks of side effects.
  • Recurrence Score of 16-20: The cancer has a low to medium risk of recurrence. The benefits of chemotherapy likely will not outweigh the risks of side effects.
  • Recurrence Score of 21-25: The cancer has a medium risk of recurrence. The benefits of chemotherapy are likely to be great than the risks of side effects.  
  • Recurrence Score of 26-100: The cancer has a high risk of recurrence. The benefits of chemotherapy are likely to be greater than the risks of side effects.

Based on the test, Olive had a her recurrence score was only 11. So her oncologist said she does not need to undergo chemotherapy. Taking tamoxifen is good enough.

To do this, your breast tissue has to be sent to the USA for analysis. And this costs a bomb! For RM 22,313 this is what you get.

Cost of Diagnostic Procedures and Mastectomy

Olive shared with us the cost of all the diagnostic procedures and mastectomy (table below) she incurred.


1. The cost for breast cancer surgery in Hong Kong is most shocking. Since I have never lived in Hong Kong and do not have many patients from Hong Kong, I can’t say much. But the reality that I have just learned is that Olive had some lumps in her breast. The only logical way to save herself is to undergo a total mastectomy. Yes, that is the correct decision. But it did not occur to me that it cost so much money to do just that – more or less a quarter million Hong Kong dollars.

I wonder how many people in Hong Kong has that kind of money to spend?

2. Malaysians be grateful! In Malaysia, these are what our patients had to pay for a mastectomy.

a) Lucy (not her real name), 58-year-old, had an irregular 2.6 x 3.6 x 3.2 cm lesion in her left breast. There were few enlarged axillary nodes. On 13 July 2019, she underwent a mastectomy at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. The total cost of the surgery was RM 14,999.70, made up of:

  • Hospital charges = RM8,684.20 and
  • Doctors fees = RM 6,315.50.

Take note that these figures may not be valid anymore. The surgery was done in July 2019 – three years ago!

b) Dahlia (not her real name), 40-year-old, had a 4 cm lump in her left breast. She underwent a mastectomy in Hospital S, in Kuala Lumpur. The surgery cost RM 13,000. Before the surgery, she did a PET scan which cost RM2,300. So in all Dahlia only spent RM15,300  – this is almost 10 times cheaper than what Olive had to pay in Hong Kong.

c) A 56-yar-old Indonesian lady found a lump in her right breast. She came to Hospital E in Penang. A biopsy confirmed it was an invasive carcinoma. She immediately underwent a mastectomy with axillary clearance. According to the patient, she paid a total of only RM12,000 for this treatment.

d)  Lian, 65-year-old, underwent the following diagnostic procedures at a private hospital in Penang:

(1) Blood tests.

(2) USG.

(3) Mammogram.

(4) PET scan and

(5) Biopsy.

The total cost of these procedures came to RM10,817. She underwent a total mastectomy of her right breast and removal of another lump in the left breast. The total cost of this surgery was RM16,538.98. In all she spent a total of RM27,355.

3. Find simple ways to solve a complex problem. I spent 26 years teaching in a science university and I spent most of my time there doing “biological research”.I have learned that there are two ways to solve a problem. One way is to make things complicated or more complex. We go round and round trying to find a solution to our problem. In this way, we feel we are “really smart or educated” to do things that nobody understands.  Another way is to find a simple and effective solution to our complex problem. Not impressive for the ordinary mind but it works!

Indeed, to some people getting cancer could be a complex problem. Olive had small 2 cancerous lump in her left breast. Their sizes were comparatively small – 1.6 x 0.7 x 1.4 cm and 1.0 x 0.7 x 1.1 cm. She went round and round talking to 4 surgeons before she had a mastectomy. In addition, she had to perform an USG, mammogram, biopsy, PET scan, blood test and oncotype DX test. The result –  she lost her left breast and piled up a hefty medical bills of almost RM150,000.

Compare that to the 56-year-old Indonesian lady who had a big lump in her right breast. She came to Hospital E in Penang. A biopsy confirmed it was cancerous. She immediately underwent a mastectomy.  The result – she lost her right breast but she paid a total of only RM12,000 for this treatment.

Similarly, 40-year-old Dahlia had a mastectomy to remove the 4 cm lump in her left breast . Result – she lost left breast but the surgery cost only RM13,000. But before the surgery she did a PET scan which cost RM2,300. So in all, Dahlia only spent RM15,300 to solve her problem.

4. More tests provide more information. In modern, advanced society we could justify that by doing sophisticated tests we can be “more sure” of what we are doing. For example, by doing PET scan we will be able to know if the cancer has already spread. By doing the genetic test (that cost RM22,313) we would be able to know the chances of recurrence, etc.

My question to that argument is: With that extra information, what can you do about the real problem? For example, PET scan showed there are nodules in the lungs and a “hot spot” in the uterine cavity. So what did the surgeon do about this “finding or knowledge”? The  surgeon did nothing since her/his job is only to cut off the breast! Also, how sure are you that these “extra information” can really save your life?

In order not to offend any party, let me not comment further. But let me share with you the story of Ina, a 51-year-old lady from Penang.

In July 2012, Ina felt a lump in her breast and called me for advice.

  • Find out exactly what it is.

1. She went for an USG – not CT scan or PET scan.

2. Like Olive, both of Ina’s breasts had many lumps – some appeared benign while others appeared to be cancerous.

  • Setting the bearing right.

1. If the lump is cancerous, are you ready to have surgery to remove the whole breast? Ina said yes.

2. After the mastectomy, do you want to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy or take tamoxifen, etc.? Ina said no. Many of her friends / customers suffered from such treatments and eventually died.

  • Go shopping for a “right” surgeon.

Ina consulted a few surgeons and wanted them to agree to do the following for her:

1. Do a biopsy and a mastectomy at the same time.

2. While lying in the operation theatre, the surgeon would remove the suspected cancerous lump(s).

3. The lump(s) is immediately sent to the laboratory to determine if it is cancerous or otherwise.

4. If the tumour is cancerous, the surgeon will immediately proceed to remove the whole breast.

Ina was fortunate to find a surgeon who agreed to the above.

  • Unfortunately, the biopsy indicated it was a cancer. The doctor immediately performed a total mastectomy.
  • Histopathology report showed a 2.0 x 1.5 x 1.2 cm cancerous nodule. Three of 18 axillary lymph nodes were infected with cancer.
  • Like in Olive’s case, the tumour was positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors but negative for Her-2. It was a Stage 2 cancer.
  • Declined further medical treatment.

After the mastectomy, the doctor suggested follow-up treatment with chemotherapy. Ina flatly refused the treatment and opted for CA Care Therapy.

  • Ten year on, still doing great!

It is now December  2020 – ten years since her mastectomy. Ina is healthy and did not encounter any problem. Since she is a fashion designer, her illness was a well guarded secret. She did not go bald and her customers did not even know that she had cancer!

Just think for yourself – how do you want to solve your problem?  In a simple, straight forward way like in Ina’s case or in a complicated, round and round way that looks and sounds rather complicated and “scientific”? For your information, as of this writing February 2023, Ina is still doing very well.


I Can’t Believe That By Just Taking Tamoxifen, The Cancer Will Not Come Back

Part 1: I Can’t Believe That By Just Taking Tamoxifen, The Cancer Will Not Come Back Part 2. The Cost of Diagnostic Procedures and Mastectomy in Hong Kong Part 3: Suffered Menstrual Problems for 34 Years. CA Care Therapy Helped Her

Olive (not her real name) is a 46-year-old lady who works in a hospital in Hong Kong.

  • About 2 years ago, she had pain in her left breast. She did a mammogram and ultrasound. However, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her – no cancer at that time.
  • Vaccination history: Olive had 3 shots of Covid-19 vaccination.
  1. First dose of BioNTech vaccine on 9 April 2021.
  2. Second dose of BioNTech vaccine on 14 May 2021.
  3. Third dose of BioNTech vaccine on 3 March 2022.

About 6 months after her third dose of vaccine, in September 2022, the pain in her left breast came back again. Due to the heavy work load in the office and also her past experience, Olive ignored this problem.

A few months later, Olive felt a mass in her left breast. It prompted her to go for a mammogram and ultrasound. This was later followed by a biopsy . They found cancer in her left breast.

Oliver underwent a total mastectomy. The cancer was just a Grade 1, ER +ve, PR +ve and HER2 -ve with no lymph node involvement.

There was no need for chemotherapy but Olive was started on tamoxifen on 18 October 2022..

On 25 October 2022, I received this email.

Dear Dr. Chris,
I am Olive from Hong Kong and I just had my left breast mastectomy on 5 Oct, 2022. I would like to make an appointment to see you and seek your advice and help in treating my cancer. I can fly to Malaysia to see you with my husband when you are available.
I was recommended by my ex-colleague, Ms. SE, to see you. She had breast cancer and received your treatment about 20 years ago. At that time, she had bone and liver metastases, but after following your advice and treatment, her problems were resolved.
Though my cancer is just Grade I with no lymph node involvement, I think I must seek your treatment and advice otherwise I am just waiting for a recurrence.

Ms. SE told me about you, Dr. Chris. I then visited your website and read your articles. I think you are the right person to help me. I must try my best to see you.

I still have to work, but I can take leave if Dr. Chris can arrange an appointment for me on Thursday or Friday. I can fly from Hong Kong and then fly back. I can fly to Malaysia again for follow up.

Is it possible to work on this? Attached please find all my medical reports for your reference and information. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day!

Hello Olive, there is NO need for you to fly and see me. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, I adopted a different way of helping patients. We can talk via whatsapp video – so it is just like talking to me in person. I have done this with many patients from Indonesia and it works out very well. So I can talk to you via whatrsapp too.
After our talk and after studying the medical reports, I shall prescribe the herbs and send them to you by express post. Then when you get the herbs we can talk again on how to prepare the tea, etc. If you like this idea, we can do that in the next few days. Please let me know. Chris.

Dear Dr. Chris,
Thank you so much for your email reply! Yes, if you can talk with me through whatsapp video, it would be even more convenient for me. I am so glad and thank you so much!
Yes, I know SE personally, she is my ex colleague. She is also the one who took the mammogram for me. When she saw the mammogram of my left breast, she was so worried and felt sorry for me. But I said this to her, “Everyone needs to go through the process of being sick and death. I will accept it.”

However, she told me, ‘It is true, but we still have to fight for our life. You have your little son, your mum and your husband.”

Then I suddenly remembered that my dad, after his stroke, went to the beach and swam every day, no matter if it was summer or winter. My mum had her heart surgery and hip surgery. In her eighties, she is still struggling – getting up by herself, cooking by herself and going to market by herself. She said if she doesn’t exercise and work, she is just waiting for death. Everyone is fighting for life and so do I.

Yes, Dr. Chris, please let me know when you are available for the online consultation. May I invite my husband to join the meeting too? Because I want him to understand my treatment more.

Dr. Chris, you have saved SE. She told me she is now helping her daughter to take care of her grandchildren. She needs to tell them bedtime stories before their sleep. Thank you and I’m looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day!

  1. Who is SE? She was our breast cancer patient. She had undergone all medical treatments but failed. Then she wrote to us for help in August 2002. That was 20 years ago. We are indeed happy to know what SE is still doing so well in Hong Kong after following our therapy.


2. Our privilege to be able to help Olive. After reading Olive’s email, I am convinced that Olive is going to be a “good” patient. And we are more than willing to help Olive regain her health again. She showed such a positive attitude in wanting to make her life better. And she believes that what she is going to do is going to be good for her. No, she does not write “shopping” for an instant magic cure. She is willing to work for her healing.

Olive wrote:

  • I can’t believe that by just taking tamoxifen, the cancer will not come back. I have read some of your articles, you mentioned that we have to change our lifestyle and food and also our way of thinking. The idea enlightens me and I know Dr. Chris, you can help me.
  • I have the courage that I can follow your diet. I am lucky that I don’t like sweet at all. I like vegetables. I don’t like meat even before I have my cancer except fish … I just have to make sure that I got enough nutrients from the veggie diet. I have to eat more varieties of fruits, vegetables and beans … and keep the oil as little as I can when cooking. Some said breast cancer patient cannot eat soy bean because it has hormones but some said yes because it can protect breast cancer patient, Dr Chris, may I know your recommendations? (My reply: It is okay to take soy bean!).
  • The only problem for me is stress. When I go to work, it seems that I have to throw myself into a battle every minute – lots of email, lots of documents to read, and different people would come to me and ask for benefit from the department …and I have to manage people too. I work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • I would try my best to focus on my health and my loved ones.
  • One of my friends introduced me to join the Qigong group this coming Saturday.
  • If I can meet with Dr. Chris, I think I am lucky enough and seems everything is arranged by God.
    Yes, that is the way to go Olive. Take care of yourself and heal yourself. Let us walk this healing journey together

The Shockingly Hight Cost of Breast Cancer Treatment

Lian (not her real name) is a 65-year-old lady from one of the  Riau islands of Indonesia. I received an email from her son Henry (not real name):

  • My mother felt something in her breast. It was getting bigger from mid-2021.
  • This is about 2 months after she got vaccinated.
  • I brought her to Jakarta in October 2021 for a check-up. An ultrasound in Jakarta showed the diameter of the  tumour in her right breast is 2 cm.
  • Recently she felt pain and I brought her to Hospital A, a private hospital in Penang, last week to do another check-up.
  1. Blood tests.

Her full blood picture, liver function test and tumour markers were all within normal range.

  • USG.

Ultrasound Right Breast:

  • A solid lesion with irregular margins seen at about 6 o’clock position (above) measuring about 2.9 x 2.7 x 2.7 cm. This is suspicious of a malignancy.
  • There is a solid lobulated lesion measuring about 0.7 x 0.5 x 0.7 cm at about 2 o’clock position, about 1.8 cm from the nipple. this contains some calcifications.
  • An enlarged right axillary node measuring 1.9 x 1.2 x 1.8 cm shows loss of normal fatty hilum (above). A few other smaller right axillary nodes also show loss of normal fatty hilum.
  • Mammogram of right breast.
  • There is a distinct lump in her right breast.
  • PET scan.
  • No focal FDG-avid lesions in the head and neck region,  lung parenchyma lesions, chest wall lesions, mediastnal nodes or hilar masses.
  • An FDG-avid mass measuring 2.9 x 2.7 cm in the right breast.
  • An FDG-avid right axillary node measures 1.8 x 1.3 cm. Small nodes are seen around this. No other FDG-avid axillary nodes seen. 
  • Biopsy.
  • Right breast lump, core biopsy (6 o’clock): Invasive carcinoma of no special type (NST), grade 3.
  • The tumour cells are negative for oestrogen, progesterone and Her2 receptors.

Lian was told that due to the “big” size of the tumour, she had to undergo chemotherapy first before her surgery. The family was unhappy with the idea of undergoing chemo before surgery. So they decided to go home without any further treatment!

Costs Of Diagnostic Procedures

Henry said:

  • I spent around RM 10,817 in Hospital A. This costs include the following:
  • PET scan which is around RM 4,600.
  • RM 3,000 for mammogram, blood test and ultrasound.

Before and after the surgery Lian needs to undergo chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

  • For chemo, it is RM 5.000 each time and she must take 8 times, every 3 weeks. Total cost RM40,000.
  • For Immunotherapy, it is RM 15,000 each time and she needs to receive the treatment about 17 times for a year. Total RM255,000.
  • I was told that this is a triple negative cancer  – so must undergo  immunotherapy (antibody) besides chemotherapy to avoid the cancer’s return.
  • The cost for chemo + immunotherapy is very expensive. We couldn’t afford to do it.

Told About CA Care

Henry wrote:

  • When we were back home from Penang, my cousin told me about you. He heard from his friend named Pak Edy who suffered bowel cancer 12 years ago and he got treatment from you
  • And later, my sister also talked with our neighbour. Coincidentally, her mother is also taking your herbs. Her mother took your herbs since last year.

At this point I received an email from Henry.

Good evening, Doctor,

The biopsy indicated the cancer is a triple negative and it is a Stage 2 cancer.Hopefully you can give us some advice on what we must do to cure her disease.

The reason why we are trying to find other alternative is because we can’t afford to do the chemo and immunotherapy which is very expensive. If we need to see you in Penang, I will try to arrange the time to meet your schedule.

Reply:  Any woman who has breast cancer — had biopsy but refused to remove the whole breast is just STUPID — AMAT BODOH. You must remove the breast now. You cannot just keep it there. Do a total mastectomy i.e., remove the cancerous breast totally.

This is a triple negative cancer type — dangerous! After you remove the breast, come and see me after 2 weeks. I would not see people who do not remove their cancerous breast.

Hi Doctor,

Thank you for the quick response doctor. Do you have any recommendation for the hospital to do the mastectomy? Because if we go back to Hospital A, we would be asked to do chemo and immunotherapy first, then do surgery after that.

Reply: Okay, go to Dr. B in Hospital B and see what he has got to say.

Hi Doctor,

We took action very quickly after we got your advice. I tried searching for some hospitals which are reachable by sea and bus from our hometown.The first option is hospitals in JB. However, there is no breast cancer specialist in JB. Then I found in a breast cancer specialist in Hospital M in Melaka.  We did teleconsultation by video at the beginning. The doctor said that the tumour seems not so big from the report I sent to her.Therefore, she asked us to meet her in Melaka to see whether or not we can do the surgery without chemo first.

The first estimated cost for mastectomy in M Hospital RM 12,000. Since my mom also needs to remove another tumour in her left breast then the cost will come to around RM 15,000.

The estimated cost of surgery in Hospital A in Penang is RM 20,000. This is only the cost for surgery excluding room charges.

Again, thank you so much for your quick response. Really appreciate it.

Oct 19, 2022. Hi Doctor,  Good afternoon.

My mother has done the mastectomy yesterday Oct 19th without chemo in Melaka.

Oct 21, 2022. Hi Doctor,

My mom was discharged from hospital this afternoon and everything seems to be okay. Herewith I attached the hospital bill for your reference.

  1. Total hospital charges                                 RM10,039.71
  2. Doctors’ fees                                               RM  6,499.27
  3. Surgeon               RM3,988.00
  4. Anaesthesia               1,490.15
  5. Lab services                  477.12
  6. Radiology services      544.00

                              Total cost of mastectomy + lumpectomy RM 16,538.98

Lessons We Can Learn From This Case

  1. Get your bearing right. I am really glad that Lian took an immediate step to have the cancerous lumps removed from her breasts. If these lumps were allowed to grow in there, they will eventually burst and could give rise to more problems. Over the years, I have seen patients who came to me with “rotten” breasts. They have the mistaken idea that herbs or supplements can make the cancerous tumour in their breast go way. Wrong!
  • Chemo before surgery – different experts have different opinions! Lian was told to undergo chemotherapy before surgery. She refused chemo and went home rather “lost”, that is after spending RM 10,817 for the diagnostic procedures in Penang. My advice to her son was: Go and find another doctor! I am happy that she found one doctor in a Melaka Hospital to do the surgery without having to do chemo first. 
  • Before agreeing to the treatments, know what you are getting into. The standard protocol to treat breast cancer is: surgery, followed by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. But now, the latest option being offered to patients is immunotherapy which costs a “bomb”!

You may want to ask: How effective is immunotherapy?  This is answer that I got from the internet:


From the very beginning Lian and her son were given some idea of what the total cost of the treatment is going to be like. Surgery would come to about RM30,000, chemo RM40,000 and immunotherapy would cost her at least RM255,000 or a quarter million ringgit. The family could not afford that. This is indeed sad.

Over the years many patients who came to seek our help told me that they had to sell a house or a piece of land to pay their medical bills. I also had patients who spent RM30K and had no more money. They just packed off and went  home – giving up the idea of receiving medical treatment in Penang.

  • Ask if the treatments like chemo and/or immunotherapy are going to cure your cancer. Spending money is one thing, the most important question we need to ask is – what would be the outcome of the treatment after spending a quarter million ringgit? Is the cancer cured? Unfortunately, no one can guarantee a positive outcome. Unfortunately too, some patients would NOT want to know the answer to this all important question! Over the years, I have seen many failures  — money lost and patient ended up with severe side effects of the treatment.

Dr. Norah Lynn Henry wrote an article Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment: Is It an Option? ( She said:

  • One challenge of immunotherapy is not knowing who is likely to benefit from the treatment.
  • Second, immunotherapy can cause substantial side effects, including life-threatening ones. The most common side effects are skin reactions, such as redness and blistering, and flu-like symptoms, such as fever, nausea, weakness, and body aches. Different types of immunotherapy can cause different side effects.
  • An important third challenge is the high cost of this treatment.
  • Beware, the cost of treatments differ from hospital to hospital. Lian went to Hospital A in Penang.  She had to spend RM 10,817 on diagnostic procedures! That is before the actual surgery which would cost another RM20,000 plus.

Just a few months ago, one patient had a total mastectomy at Hospital B in Penang. In total she spent only RM15,000. Take note, Hospital B is said to be a non-profit (privately funded) hospital. But be reassured the surgeon who did the mastectomy is just as competent and well known as others in Penang. In fact, this surgeon is one of the two doctors I would recommend that you go to if you have breast cancer. Remember again, expensive does not necessarily mean it is better!

  • Beware of the overuse of diagnostic procedures, overuse of PET scan, over treatment, etc. Take a close look at what Lian had to undergo in preparation of her surgery – she did a blood test, ultrasound, mammogram, PET scan and finally biopsy. All these procedures contributed significantly to the total cost of RM10K. Let me just pose one question – are ALL these procedures absolutely necessary? For some procedures the answer is yes, but not for all of them.  Let me not give my own opinion on this  but quote what other medical experts say …..

Shannon Brownlee et al in an article Evidence for Overuse of Medical Services Around the World ( wrote:

  • We use the term overuse to refer to any services that are unnecessary in any way and for any reason.
  • Overuse (of medication, diagnostic tests, therapeutic procedures) is a global problem that afflicts rich and poor countries alike.
  • In the United States, estimates of spending on overuse … range from 6% to 8% of total health care spending.
  • Around the world, overuse of some individual services may be as high as 80% of cases.

Kelsey Chalmers et al ( wrote:

  • Overuse is defined as the delivery of tests and procedures that provide little or no clinical benefit, are unlikely to have an impact on clinician decisions, increase health care spending without improving health outcomes, or risk patient harm in excess of potential benefits.
  • Although clinicians are responsible for ordering tests and treatments, their practice patterns may be influenced by hospital policies and culture.

A report by AACC – formerly known as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry ( said:

  • Overuse of laboratory tests is a chronic problem.
  • Study finds up to 70% of lab tests in a hospital setting are likely either clinically unimportant or unnecessary.

In an article Understanding over-imaging ( Laura Sussman wrote:

  • The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recommended against the use of CT, positron emission tomography (PET), tumor markers and nuclear bone scans in early-stage breast cancers.
  • Carlos Barcenas, M.D., points out that the recommendations of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network — the gold standard for treatment guidelines — clearly state that for women with early disease, the proper procedures for diagnosis only include mammograms, ultrasounds, clinical exams and blood work.
  • “Often doctors think they’re not being good to their patients if they don’t do all they can by way of testing,” explains Giordano, chair of Health Services Research. “But there’s a shift in focus to doing what matters for the patient and what’s proven to improve outcomes, rather than testing for the sake of testing.”

Caroline Helwick in an article PET Scans Not Recommended for Most Patients with Breast Cancer: Potential New Controversy in Breast Cancer Testing (  wrote:

  • According to the updated 2010 practice guidelines of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), the work-up of patients with early breast cancer should not include imaging by positron-emission tomography (PET) or by PET/computed tomography (CT) scanning.  The NCCN Breast Cancer Panel gave a thumbs down for the use of this modality in a number of settings.
  • PET or PET/CT can be helpful in some cases of stage III disease in which standard staging studies are equivocal or suspicious, but it should not be routine in the staging of newly diagnosed stage I, II, or operable stage III breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Panel concluded.
  • The implication of our recommendations is that PET/CT is overused in breast cancer,” said Robert Carlson, MD, of Stanford Cancer Center, Palo Alto, California.
  • “What is fueling the overuse? I don’t really know. It is simple to order, but it is very expensive. So there are financial issues in terms of rewards for physicians who perform them frequently.
  • Our society assumes that any technology with a high price tag has value, but the newest technology is not necessarily the best technology,” Dr Carlson said.

Breast Cancer: Part 3. After Chemotherapy She Opted for CA Care Therapy

Part 1: Disaster – twenty months after surgery!

Part 2: Chemotherapy rescued her.

Part 3: After chemotherapy she opted for ca care therapy.

On 15 September 2022, we received an email from Lucy asking for help. Although Lucy’s metastases seemed to have gone away, Lucy had many problems (see table below). That means she is not out of the woods yet.

To be fair, before Lucy was started on our therapy, I asked Lucy to take note of the following:

1. NO CURE FOR CANCER.  Most patients who come to us have already undergone medical treatments – surgery, radiation or chemo. Do these cure them? If you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I too cannot cure your cancer. From my experience, NO one on earth can cure any cancer. After some years, the cancer comes back again! But if you want me to help you – to give you another option, to have a better quality of life   — may be it is possible. But it all depend on you. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, your diet, etc.?

2. OUR HERBS ARE BAD-TASTING, AND HAVE AWFUL SMELL. Besides the bad taste and smell, you need to boil the herbs a few times a day — that’s a lot of work! You need to take two, three or four types of teas each day.

3. YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR DIET – YOU CANNOT EAT ANYTHING YOU LIKE. You cannot eat anything that walks – meaning, no meat, no egg, no milk, etc. Don’t take sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. Don’t eat oily or fried food, table salt.

4.  TRY OUR THERAPY FOR TWO TO FOUR WEEKS.  May be during the first 2 weeks on our therapy, you may suffer more pain, feel more tired, etc. That’s healing crisis. Don’t stop. Hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks you may feel better. If you don’t feel better after a month on our therapy — i.e., the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you.  If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

Above all these, let me say this: You must believe in what we do. If you think that our therapy is not scientific, not proven or just hocus pocus, then there is no reason for you to see us.

Lucy understood the above fully well and decided to try our therapy. This is what happened after one month on our therapy.

I asked Lucy to give a score of 0 to 10 for all her problems,  0 = very serious condition, and  10 = no problem or excellent condition.

As a summary, Lucy wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris,

Overall, there is much improvement. Thank you and heartfelt gratitude.

After taking the herbs for one month:

  • Yes, the Pain tea helps my backache and knees. Feeling good today while working
  • The Pain tea helps reduce the pain in the chest, knees, neck and backache.
  • I can sleep better at night,  wake up 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.
  • I feel less tired.
  • I can breathe better now.
  • No more constipation, smooth bowel movement.
  • Block nose slightly better (I had it after chemo).

There are still some lingering problems:

  • The upper arm swelling has reduced but not the lower arm, maybe 5%.
  • There are some spots on both thighs, acne-like on the left ear and one on the buttock.
  • The numbness on the left thumb and fingers – no improvement. But there is a slight improvement of the right fingers and both toes. The numbness is after the chemotherapy. After the 3rd chemo, the numbness started gradually and also the swelling. And by the end of the 5th chemo, the whole body swelled up but the oncologist didn’t attend to these problems. Even now, my lower body feels slightly heavy but bearable.
  • I noticed there is pain/ache on the knees and back after taking certain food like dhalls, beans.

An Important Decision To Make

Chris: After taking the herbs for one month, do you want to continue with the herbs?

Lucy: Yes,  the herbs are really effective and I want to continue with them for another month. Thankful I got to know your therapy. 


1. Our herbs are not magic. Getting well after following our therapy for a month does not mean much. But  the improvements of one’s health do indicate that our ways of healing cancer is real and effective.

Our experiences have shown that even after 5, 10 or 20 years the cancer can still come back. Sad but true. Therefore I tell patients to continue doing what they are doing that makes them better or well. It makes no sense for them to stop our therapy and go back to their old ways of lives – lives that make them sick in the first place.

2. Learn from the experiences of others. Breast cancer is the number one cancer we have seen. And we are happy to say that over the years, many patients benefited from our therapy – i.e.,  the change of diet, change of lifestyle and the taking of herbs. Go to our website: to learn more.

Let me share with you some of the wonderful healings we have seen.

3. Go for effective therapy. Be aware of “fake” claims. Hear what some of these experts say.

Breast Cancer: Part 2. Chemotherapy rescued her!

Part 1: Disaster – twenty months after surgery!

Part 2: Chemotherapy rescued her.

Part 3: After chemotherapy she opted for CA Care Therapy.

Due to the massive metastasis as shown in the PET scan done on 10 December 2021, Lucy had no choice but to proceed with chemotherapy. Indeed the cancer had spread extensively.

Lucy wrote:

1. On 11 December 2021, I received the 1st cycle of chemotherapy. The regimen used was: Daxotel (taxotere), Endoxan (cyclophosphamide) and Herceptin.

2. My  naturopath doctor advised that my diet needs to include fish, meat, melon, veggies, sea salt, brown sugar, good oil!

3. On 31 December 2021, I had the 2nd cycle of chemo.

4. On 21 January 2022, I had the 3rd cycle of chemo.

5. On 11 February 2022, I had the 4th cycle of chemo.

6. On 4 March 2022, I  had the 5th cycle of chemo. I suffered water retention.

7. On 25 March 2022, I had the last or 6th cycle of chemo. Water retention was more serious.

8. PET scan on 14 April 2022 showed good response indeed.


1. Amazing results of chemotherapy. Compare these three pictures –

Left: After surgery Lucy was on alternative therapy, refusing to undergo chemotherapy. The result was extensive metatastasis (middle). Right: Lucy has no choice but to go for chemotherapy. The outcome of 6 cycles of chemotherapy was just fantastic! In my 25 + years dealing with cancer patients, I have never seen such a great outcome of chemotherapy. Salute the oncologist! You rescued her!

In fact, the results were so unbelievable that one is tempted to ask if it is for real and not a fake? My answer is NO, detailed study of the PET scan results below are real! Study the images carefully – those before and after  chemotherapy.

The one lesson I learnt is that while chemotherapy had earned bad reputation there are times that chemo did help and can save your life. So let us be open minded. There is no one rule for treating cancer.

2. Is Lucy cured of her cancer? Even though PET scan showed complete response to the treatment, does it mean Lucy is cured? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The cancer may come back after a period of time.

Below is the blood test results over a period of time. It is indeed most baffling. Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer her CEA and CA15.3 (these are the normal tumour markers for breast cancer) still remained within normal range. When Lucy suffered extensive metastasis her CA15.3 reading was also normal while CEA went up to 8.3 (normal value is 5.0).

After 6 cycles of chemotherapy her CEA went down to less than 0.5 and CA15.3 dropped to 10.8. But 3 months later, in July 2022, the CEA had increased to 2.5, while CA15.3 dropped further to 9.2.

Indeed readings like these are mind-boggling.

3. More treatments needed. Since no one can predict if the cancer can recur or not, as a precaution the oncologist said Lucy will have to undergo treatment with Herceptin for life! This treatment is going to cost a tidy sum of money!

Nancy said, Since I have used up all my medical insurance I declined further treatment from him.

 The oncologist (from the private hospital) then referred Nancy to the government cancer hospital for further treatment due to this financial constrain.

Nancy wrote:

1. On 19 April 2022, I was started on an oral drug Letrozole. This was prescribed by the oncologist from the government hospital.

2. On 9 May 2022, the doctor in the government hospital said the use of Herceptin is optional. If I wish to use it I need to buy from the pharmacy. It costs RM1,500 per dose.

3. On 2 June 2022, I was started on Zometa for bone metastasis. It costs cost RM200 per dose every 3 months.

4. On 25 August 2022, I had the second dose of Zometa. My next appointment is in November 2022.

Breast Cancer: Part 1. Disaster – twenty months after surgery!

Lucy (not her real name) was 58 years old when she noticed redness on her left breast. She also felt a lump in her left breast. Lucy went to a government hospital for consultation. An ultrasound confirmed the presence of an irregular, 2.6 x 3.6 x 3.2 cm lesion at 10 to 11 o’clock of her left breast. There were few enlarged axillary nodes. Subsequently a biopsy confirmed it was an invasive carcinoma – no special type.

On 13 July 2019, Lucy underwent a mastectomy of her left breast at a private hospital. Some lymph nodes were also removed.

Histopathology confirmed an infiltrating ductal carcinoma, grade 3 with ductal carcinoma in situ – high nuclear grade. Fifteen of the 17 lymph nodes showed malignancy. The cancer is staged as pT2N3Mx and is ER positive, PR negative and e-ERB-2 = 2+.

X-ray of the chest showed normal mediastinum and the rest of the lung fields were clear. No rib lesion was seen.

The total cost of the mastectomy at this private hospital was RM14,999.70

Let Lucy tell the remaining part of her story in her own words.

1. Initially I refused to go for chemotherapy.

1. On 23 July 2019, on the recommendation of my Dharma teacher, I consulted Dr. N, a naturopath.

  • Dr. N did mention about me doing 3 cycles of chemotherapy. He also advised me:
  • To take baking soda with brown sugar.
  • To take tumeric powder and whey protein.
  • To avoid soya, egg yolk, fresh mushroom, almond.
  • To take chia seed, nuts, buckwheat, millet, steamed beetroot, green veggies, 1 part brown rice + 3 parts white rice, marmite, beans, lentils.

2. On 8 August 2019, I consulted an oncologist at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. A PET scan was done. The results indicated:

  • Low grade FDG uptake seen at the post-operative inflammatory changes at left anterior chest wall. No hypermetabolic nodal or distant metastasis.

The oncologist advised me to do 6 cycles of chemotherapy. I told the oncologist that I wanted to seek a second opinion. The oncologist said: You will die if you do not proceed with chemo!

3. On 9 August 2019, I went back to Dr. N,  the naturopathic doctor to discuss the PET scan results. I told Dr. N I was not keen to do chemotherapy. My late mum died after radiotherapy for her lung cancer. Dr. N advised me to continue taking baking soda and tumeric.

4. On 21 August 2019. An ultrasound of breast showed normal results – no solid nodule, no cyst, no calcifications and no lymph nodes infection.

5. On 29 August 2019. I went to consult the doctor at the private hospital where I had my surgery. The doctor in charge of my case refused to see me after I told him that I am not keen to do chemotherapy.

2. I was started on an oral drug – tamoxifen.

6.  On 20 February 2020. a doctor at the cancer hospital started me on tamoxifen.

7. On 21 February 2020. I went to my naturopath doctor to seek his advice.

Dr. N advised me:

  • To take tamoxifen for only 1 year.
  • To take supplements: super leutin, izumia, fish oil, vit D3, calcium.

8. On 15 December 2020, I found a lump on my neck. I consulted my naturopath doctor again.

9. In February 2021, I stopped going to the cancer hospital and stopped taking tamoxifen due to Covid-19 lockdown.

10. In May 2021. After consulting a dietian, I started taking supplements such as: Bio Rex, Nona, organic spirulina, curcumix, Biovision, Bio organmix, probiotics, Vit. C.

3. Problems – muscle ache and swollen arm.

11. On 30 August 2021. I had 1st dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination.

12. In September 2021.

  • I had muscle pain and swelling of the left arm and shoulder.
  • I had a fall in the bathroom. X-ray showed no fracture.
  • I was advised to go for physiotherapy.

13. On 20 September 2021, I had the 2nd Covid-19 vaccination.

14. On 29 September 2021, I consulted my naturopath doctor (Dr. N) regarding:

  • The swelling of my arm. I was advised to take water chestnut for water retention.
  • For the difficulty lifting up my arm and nagging pain on the shoulder blade, I was told to wear a tight band.
  • My breathing was a bit difficult.

15.  In October 2021:

  • I went to seek the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sinseh and did acupuncture and cupping.
  • I went to seek the help of another TCM sinseh.
  • Then I went to seek the help of TCM sinseh in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

16. On 25 November 2021, I went to seek the help of a physiotherapist and had massage.

17. On 9 December 2021, I consulted a medical doctor in a private hospital in my hometown. He then referred me to an oncologist of a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

4. The cancer had spread extensively.

18.  Results blood test and PET scan at the private hospital in Kuala Lumpur were:

  • Blood test – CEA = 8.3 (above normal).
  • PET scan showed local recurrence at left chest well, with metastases to regional and distinct lymph nodes, subcutaneous nodules, lung, peritoneum and bones. There is minimal pericardial effusion, metastases cannot be excluded.

Lessons We Can Learn From This Case

1. Have your cancerous lump in your breast removed!

Lucy did the right thing. She had a mastectomy to remove the cancerous lump in her left breast. Some ladies came to see me insisting not wanting to remove their cancerous breast. If the lump is not removed, most likely it will grow bigger and eventually burst.  This creates more problems. Some patients have the mistaken belief that herbs, vitamins or whatever supplements can make the cancer go away! That is wrong. In most cases, I would insist that they go for surgery first before following our therapy.

2. Surgery does not cure your breast cancer.

After surgery, histopathology confirmed no metastasis, but 15 of the 17 lymph nodes showed tumour involvement. This means the cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes.  Later a PET scan showed “inflammatory changes” in the chest wall but there was no metastasis. From the medical point of view, Lucy needs to undergo at least 6 cycles of chemotherapy. That’s  the standard protocol.

3. Chemo or alternative therapy – this is a gamble you need to take.

When Lucy refused to undergo chemo, the oncologist said: You will die if you do not proceed with chemo! Another oncologist refused to see Lucy after knowing that Lucy was not keen on chemotherapy.  I must say to a certain degree, these 2 doctors were right! Why?

  • Don’t try to be too smart, the cancer was still there even if you had done surgery. If you don’t do chemo , you will die! Doctors believe that – don’t blame them. That is what they were taught in medical school.
  • If you don’t want to do chemo, why did you go and ask the oncologist for advice in the first place?

On the other hand, I would say that Lucy needed to be better understood. She was in a dilemma. How could she reconcile the fact that her mother died while receiving treatment for her lung cancer? What if chemotherapy would kill her too? This is a reality which helpless patients face. Lucy is not alone, I have many patients who are like her. Let me give two examples.

  • One lady refused to undergo chemotherapy after her mastectomy. I asked her why. Some years ago, her son died after receiving the 4th cycles of chemo for his lymphoma.
  • Another lady also refused to do chemotherapy for her cancer because earlier on her husband died after receiving his  6th chemo treatment. As the needle was pulled out of his arm, his heart stopped beating.

If Lucy did not want chemo, then what other options are there for her?

Unfortunately, Lucy had to take a gamble with alternative therapies – some therapies could be beneficial while many others are outright dangerous.  So, to all patients, I say this:  If you wish to take this route, make sure that you know what you are doing. I know this is a hard call indeed. Don’t just believe anybody who claims that he/she can “cure” your cancer.

As demonstrated by the outcome of this case, Lucy had taken the wrong path. Twenty months after doing what she thought was the right things to do, Lucy’s cancer spread like wild fire. There were metastases to regional and distinct lymph nodes, subcutaneous nodules, lung, peritoneum and bones (see the pictures above).

 I may say I could not believe what I saw in the PET scan – it was a terrible disaster indeed. Lucy had committed  a tragic mistake.

Part 2: CA Care Therapy Helped Breast Cancer that Went Bad

Mery wrote me requesting that I help manage her breast cancer that had gone bad. She had received treatments from both medical doctors and alternative healers. Unfortunately her situation did not improve.

In fact, Mery is just one of the many pateints I have encountered. And this is my standard reply to those who write to me for help.

I suggest that you discuss the points below with your family and decide if you can really follow our therapy or believe in what we do. There is no need to come and see me yet.


  1. Most patients who come here have already undergone medical treatments – surgery, radiation or chemo. Do these cure you?
  2. If you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I too cannot cure your cancer. From my experience, NO one on earth can cure any cancer. After some years cancer comes back again!
  3. But if you want me to help you – to give you another option, to have a better quality of life   — may be it is possible. But it all depends on you. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, your diet, etc.?


  1. Besides the bad taste and smell.
  2. You need to boil the herbs a few times a day — that’s a lot of work!
  3. You need to take two, three or four types of teas each day.


  1. You cannot eat anything that walks – meaning, no meat, no egg, no milk, etc.
  2. Don’t take sugar (sugar is food for cancer).
  3. Don’t eat oily or fried food, table salt.


  1. May be the first 2 weeks on our therapy, you may suffer more pain, more tired, etc. That’s healing crisis. Don’t stop. Hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks you may feel better.
  2. If after a month on our therapy you still don’t feel better — the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you.
  3. If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

If you are still on chemo or radiotherapy (or are planning to do chemo or radiotherapy), or are taking other treatments elsewhere, go ahead and continue with these treatments first. There s no  need to rush to take our herbs.

Mery decided to give our therapy a try! This is what happened after a 28-day journey on her new path to healing.

Evaluation of health conditions after 28 days on CA Care Therapy

ProblemsBefore CA Therapy28 days after CA TherapyDifference in scoreComment
1. Left breast pain-1-10No improvement
2. Pain in arm pit-2-20No improvement
3. Shoulder & neck pain-1-10No improvement
4. Phlegm-1-10No improvement
5.Pain in left arm-2-11Slight improvement
6. Numbness of arm & fingers-2-11Slight improvement
7. Ringing in ears-2-11Slight improvement
8. Backache-3-12Improvement
9. Sleep-213Improvement. Listened to deep sleep music before bed.
10. Swelling of left arm-303No more swelling. Took Upper Edema tea.
11. Sweating0-1  
12. Energy12.51.5Improvement
13.  Overall health1.52.51Slight improvement

Note: 0 = no improvement

(-)1 to (-5) = higher value means getting worse

(+)1 to (+5) = higher value means getting better / improvement

Based on the score of 0 to 10, what score would you give your health today after 2 weeks on our herbs?

Patient replied:

  • Before taking your herbs health condition was 30% of the normal health.
  • After taking CA Care herbs … the health condition was 45%.

After 28 days of CA Care Therapy

  • Swelling reduced by 85%. Yesterday … new measurements showed improvements but still there is room for improvement compare to the right side.
  • I would say the herbs are working and has improved my quality of life without any medication. This is huge, after a full year of conventional treatment.
  • As with all natural remedies, it takes time to heal and I need to be patient during the process and am very thankful and grateful for you help.

When you were on our herbs for 2 weeks you experienced healing crisis or so called difficulties.

Compare this present situation when you were on TCM herbs before taking our herbs — what was your condition — did you experience such crisis after two weeks of treatment?

Reply: Not at all, actually felt nothing. 

When you were on medical treatment — did you experience such crisis after 2 weeks of the treatment?

Reply: No healing crisis but had lots of side effect. Each cycle was different and I went through side effects plus more pain, swelling and numbness.

I forgot to mention the wound appears smaller and more dry compared to week 1.


My bone has been a weak part of the body with sports injuries. I played hockey during my secondary school years and had falls. Finally I had a car accident resulting in multiple fractures and the tibia was nearly broken. Although the oncologist said it’s stabilized in June without further metastasis the CT scan showed T4, T9, T12 were fractured and these caused great pain. I felt much better now with the help of pain and bone teas.


The feedback from Mery has shown that after following our therapy, there seemed to be improvement! After 28 days of herbs, 8 out of 13 problems listed above had shown improvement. You cannot ask for more!

To all our patients, let me remind you again. We need to learn to be grateful for the blessing we receive. Remember that I told you from the very beginning: TRY OUR THERAPY FOR TWO TO FOUR WEEKS. If after a month on our therapy you still don’t feel better — i.e., the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you. If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

Part 1: Breast Cancer that Went Bad

I got an email from a 63-year old lady. Let us call her Mery (not her real name). She was asked to seek our help by one of her doctors.

Mery wrote:

  1. I accidentally found a lump on my left breast while in Beijing on work assignment. I went for an ultrasound and it indicated a tumour. I returned to Malaysia and went to Hospital A.
  • A general surgeon did an ultrasound guided biopsy and mammogram.  The result showed an infiltrated ductal carcinoma, early stage.  He then suggested surgery and chemo and radiotherapy.

3.   USG in June 2018, indicated a cancerous lump in her left breast measuring 2 x 1.5 x 3.0 cm at 1-2 o’clock  position. There was no lesion in the right breast.

4.  I sought a second opinion from the best and  well known breast surgeon. She suggested surgery followed by reconstruction, chemo and radiotherapy.

5. In view of my financial situation this surgeon referred me to a surgeon in the university hospital who also recommended undergoing surgery and reconstruction at one go. 

Detox Program Overseas

6. I did not commit to this medical recommendation and went overseas to do a 28-day detox programme.

7. The activities during this detox treatment included:

  • liquid  juices, soup rice and veggies for lunch; warm Quinoa bowl with coconut milk and berries fresh fruits and avocado. I try to continue with the programme while back home but found it hard doing all by myself for the post 28 days follow up. 
  • I don’t remember exactly how much the programme cost. But was a lot of money for the 28 days – food lodging, full time nurse,  supplements and herbs.  Doctor’s fee and supplies to take home for post 28 days. It was probably USD 4,000 plus  (subsidised by her church group).

Medical Treatments

7.   Since I decided to delay surgery,  I was prescribed an oral drug, Letrazol (or Femara). I was on it from Oct /Nov 2018 to Aug 2019 – for about 8 months. Honestly I stopped taking this drug after I was told of the side effects of the oral chemo drug.

8.   Since I wasn’t ready for surgery, I asked the university hospital if she has anything less invasive. She recommend and booked me for cryotherapy. This was to be done by a visiting doctor from Japan scheduled for end of Feb 2019. Cryotherapy was cancelled at short notice. It was because my tumor is too close to skin surface thus I was not a suitable  for the procedure.

9.   I was sent to the oncologist to understand the scope of chemotherapy.

10. March  2019, I had an automobile accident and this set me back six months.

11. USG done in June 2019 showed:

  • Left breasts: There is an irregular hypoechoic lesion measuring 3.0 x 1.8 x 2.6 cm at the 2 o’clock position. It is close proximity with the underlying pectoralis muscle. However there is no invasion.
  • Right breast: Normal with no significant axillary lymph nodes.

Left breast carcinoma with no evidence of multifocality or multicentricity. No suspicious axillary lymph nodes.

12. Whole body scan was done in October 2019 done in preparation for surgery. I was ready for surgery. But the surgeon said I had to do chemo first before the surgery. But I didn’t want chemotherapy. So surgery was not done. The result of the scan showed:

  • L4 vertebral body fracture, recent (due to automobile accident). No other significant uptake elsewhere. Findings could be due to a benign facture.

13. The doctor also said Letrazol (which I started to take since Oct/Nov 2018) did not work for me. The doctor switched to tamoxifen for 3 months since I didn’t want chemo before surgery. Tamoxifen did not work because I didn’t take it!

14. Since I had to wait too long for an appointment at the university during covid, I went to a private cancer hospital for CT scan in August 2021 (before chemotherapy). The CT scan results showed:

  • Left breast: with left axilla lymphadenopathy.
  • Bone: Multiple lytic and sclerotic lesions at all thoracic, lumbar and iliac bones.

Reduced vertebra height T12 vetebra. There were spots on the skull. 

Chemotherapy & Zometa

15. I started chemotherapy. The first cycle was in August 2021. I completed the sixth cycle in December 2021. This was done in a private cancer hospital. The chemo regimen used was FEC – 5-FU, epidoxorubicin and cyclophosphamide. 

16. I also had Zometa for the bone – quarterly. The first dose was in November 2021.

17. I had post chemo CT scan in January 2022.  The results showed:

  • Left breast: Previously seen left breast lesion is slightly smaller measuring 3.8 cm in diameter. Previously it was 4.2 cm. Spiculated left axillary lumpb nodes, largest measures 0.9 cm  – previously it was 1.37 cm.
  • Right breast: Subcentimeter right axillary lymph nodes.
  • Lung: There is left pleural effusion. Fibrosis in both lower lobes.
  • Bone: Lesions at the manibrium, sternum, most of the thoracis, lumbar, sacral and iliac bones. Reduced vertebra height of T4, T9 and T12.

The doctor said I responded very well to the treatment.

Progressive Disease

18. With effect from January 2022, I was transferred to a government cancer hospital to continue with my Zometa treatment (for Feb/May and July 2022 treatments).

19. A CT scan done in June 2022 showed mixed results.

Left breast tumour is larger and the left axillary lymph node is also large.

Stable left pleural effusion.

Stable bone metastases.

Overall: Progressive disease.

This was in spite of the fact that I was on tamoxifen since January 2022. Radiotherapy was put on hold.

Current Medications

20. I started Chinese herbs Jul 2021 under Dr L until now. Each time the herbal concoction prescribed was different based on my tongue pic and how I felt.  During my chemo she gave me something after meal – herbal as well a lot of turmeric couple of times.

21. In July 2020, I changed my herbal doctor. I went to a herbalist of a government hospital.

22. In addition, I was also on other herbs:

  • Astragalus propinguus 
  • Hemohim  (stopped temporarily since June 2022)
  • EsiaacTtea

23. The doctor’s medications I am taking now.

  • Tramadol or panadol
  • Gapabentin
  • Utracet
  • Exemestame (Aromasin)

Today is the second month I am on Aromasin. I don’t feel any relief for the pain and numbness but the opposite is true. I also feel pain in the chest and more on the back. Until I have a plan B to feel better I’m ready to stop the medication and pain killer.

24. Supplements I took (first month herbal remedies)

  1. Vitamin B complex  2×2 daily
  2. Vitamin C plus 2×2 daily
  3. Natural Calcium 1×2 daily
  4. Vitamin D3 1×2 daily (2000IU)
  5. Magnesium 2×2 Daily
  6. Bio berry antioxidant 1x daily
  7. Spirulina 30×2 daily

 Supplements (second month herbal remedies)

  1. Amino acid 1×2 daily
  2. Targeted immune support 2×1 daily
  3. Vitamin D 1×1 daily
  4. Magnesium 2×2 daily
  5. Natural Calcium 1×1 daily
  6. Spirulina 30×2 daily

The Challenges Ahead

1. Decide what you want to do now!

 When writing to me, Mery was also searching for another option. She went to consult Dr. B who told her that:

  · She had quite a number of adjustments to make to improve the immune system, decrease cholesterol and inflammation. Amongst others are signs of pre-diabetic, cardiovascular risk factor, sign of liver /gall bladder duct blockage, re-do hepatitis three shots when okay to do so,  and early sign of kidney failure.

 · Presence of antinuclear antibody shown in food allergy report listed under dust mites that leads to auto immune disease 

 · Cancer antigen 27-29 test marker showed 719 which is very high, indicating super aggressive cancer activity.

 Dr. B is a medical doctor who also studied nutrition therapy under a professor.  Dr. B said her professor would offer four concoctions to be formulated based on my lab report (customized) plus some essential supplements as alternative treatment plan. 

 The four concoctions would cost  RM 3,000++. In addition there are five other supplements which I don’t have the price (didn’t ask since I said will go back pray and think about it). 

 The length of treatment is usually six months, then patients goes on maintenance support. But will be twelve months if there is heavy metal toxicity involved which requires hair mineral test.

 Mery told Dr. B: The price is steep for my pocket for a period of six months.  

Don’t take my herbs la!

 I told Mery that if I had a choice I would not want to take up her case. I know that it is not going to be an easy case to handle. It is going to be a long and frustrating journey for us.

For the past two months we have written no less than 150 emails between us. I wonder if we can endure this journey or how long it will last. 

Mery was perhaps in a loss and was hopping from one doctor to another.  However, I felt it is not right for me to just turn her down if she really wants me to help her. I made it clear to Mery I shall try my best to help but I cannot promise a cure.  

Mery has to make her own decision from here onwards. It is okay if she goes for another therapy. Try other people’s treatment first if that is what makes her happy.

2.  Her blood test results were  as follows:

 We hope that after Mery has been on our therapy for 3 months, we can compare the progress of her healing by doing another blood test. But from the results of the three test tabulated above, I am not sure if the next blood tests could provide any meaningful indication.  

 It would be better that all blood tests be done in the same lab over a period of time. My experience showed that data obtained by jumping from one lab to another might not be reliable.

 3. Her cancer wound

The picture below shows the current situation seen from the outside.  A mass in the upper left region near the arm pit ruptured resulting in the wound. The cancer had moved north from the original lump in her left breast.

Take note that the lump in the left breast has not been removed. Based on the CT scan done in June 2022, the oncologist said the original tumour had grown much bigger.

This is something we need to take note of and it remains a source of great concern.

We hope that after Mery has been on our therapy for 3 months, we would know the progress of her healing by doing another blood test. But from the results of the three tests tabulated above, I am not sure if the next blood tests could provide any meaningful  indication. 

4. Metastasis

Another great concern is the possibility of metastasis to other tissues and organs. As it is now, CT scan has shown Mery had metastases in various parts of the bones. Besides the bone. Mery had pleural effusion (fluid in the lung). This is something we need to be concerned. We know that breast cancer can spread to the liver, lung and finally the brain.

CA Care Therapy

Mery decided she wanted to give our therapy a try. OK, let’s not give up but at the same time let us face reality. However, working with cancer patients over the years, I know that miracles do happen!

In the next article, we documented Mery’s response to our therapy after taking the herbs for about a month.

No to chemo after breast surgery

But she had 30 x radiation and took tamoxifen for 10 years

This is an email I received on 14 May 2022. 

Hello Dr Chris,

My name is Lili and I am your previous patient whose used your herbal treatment for my breast cancer. This time it is my sister-in-law who has recently been diagnosed with Klakskin tumor by the doctors in Penang. The surgeon asked my sister to undergo surgery as soon as possible – to remove some part of her liver, gallbladder, etc. This is to be followed by chemo and radiation treatments. She was told if she did not go for surgery she has zero chance of survival. However  based on my experience, we would like to go for herbal treatment. 

Thank you in advance for your help and kindness Dr Chris.  God Bless. Best regards. Lili

Reply: Thanks for your email. Before we discuss your sister’s case, let me ask you about your case first.

a) You said you were my patient — when did you first come to see me? 

b) Where are you from?

c) How are you now?

Hello Dr Chris

Thank you very much for your quick response and we really appreciate your help. 

I went to see you in early 2010. I had breast cancer and had just finished surgery at that time. My doctor also told me that I have NO chance to live if I didn’t go for chemo, Herceptin treatment, etc. 

However I followed your suggestion and declined chemo and Herceptin. I consumed your herbal and also changed my diet and life style.

However, I went for 30 times of radiotherapy followed by consumption of tamoxifen for 5 years. I was lucky that the oncologist allowed me to consume your herbs while I was taking tamoxifen. I had her full permission to do that.

After 5 years I stopped taking your herbs. At the time the oncologist told me research has shown that taking tamoxifen for 10 years could cure the cancer. So I continued to take tamoxifen for another 5 years. So in total I was 10 years on tamoxifen.

Thank God for His blessing through you, I am enjoying my life until now. Never been better.  I am currently living in Sydney but originally I am from Indonesia.

Reply: Appreciate if you can you answer the following questions:

1. How old were you when you were diagnosed with breast cancer?  I was 39 years old at that time and was living in Sydney, Australia.

2. How big was the tumour? What stage of your cancer? It’s about 3.5 cm in size. According the doctor it was Stage 2B.

USG of the breast tumours done in Sydney, Australia 2010.

3. Did the doctor remove the whole breast? Where was this done?  I did surgery on the left one. 

the doctor did a lumpectomy to remove the lumps and then did a second surgery because there was still a 2 mm tumour left in there. The second surgery was to make sure the cancer cells were totally cleared off.  All these were done in Sydney. 

4. The oncologist wanted you to do chemo and take Herceptin — you refused. Why?  I rejected the chemo and herceptin treatments because I was well aware of my health condition.  However they asked me to do radiotherapy. Considering that I was still very young at that time. I had radiotherapy.  

5. What was the total cost of all these treatments? As I am an Australian PR (permanent resident) I didn’t need to pay at all.

6.  Did the doctors tell you by doing all these your cancer can be cured? They only said I am too young and have better chance to live, so better follow their suggestion. And the survival time will be around 5 years. 
7. Did they tell you if you don’t do all these — what is going to happen? How many months to live?  They told me if I did not follow the treatment then most likely the cancer will recur after 2 to 3 years and by that time it may be a bit harder to treat.

8. Then you came to see me for advice. Why didn’t you believe in the doctor? Why did you come and see me? Afraid of chemo? At the beginning I agreed with doctor because of my chance of living after their explanation.  However, I kept praying to God if it was possible that I don’t want to go for chemo, etc. Then until the last day, they told me my vein for chemo drip was too small. They need to do another surgery to insert the tube near my chest so that it is easier to inject the chemo drug and Herceptin medicine there. At that point I knew this was the answer to my prayer. It was at the time that I sent an email to you. 

9. How do you know about CA Care? From friends or internet? One of my mom’s friend mentioned your name. Then I went to your website and did a bit of research at the same time kept on praying. 

10. You decided to follow our Therapy and did not go for chemo – were you not afraid that you could die soon by not following the doctor’s advice? As a human, of course I was afraid. To be honest sometimes negative thoughts came to distract my mind as well. However, I promised to myself to do my best for my body without putting any harmful chemicals. 

11. After you followed our therapy and took the herbs — were you happy? Did the therapy help you? Yes I am very happy.  I believed it worked for me and I also changed my diet, life style, my vision and thinking. To be honest, I am happier than before as I consider breast cancer as my turning point to make my life more meaningful for myself and hopefully can help others too. 

12. It has been 12 years since you first came and see me, did you suffer any pain? So far. thank God I am ok. 

13. Was there any time during these 12 years that you encountered problems? As I am getting old, I think it is very reasonable, that I have osteopenia (bone loss).  I was aware of this bone loss because the medication that I took can cause early menopause. They found out this osteopenia in 2017 and now I am on medication for this condition.

I had hot flush and mild headache (sometimes only) after taking tamoxifen. Sometimes I cannot recall my favorite singer until a day or two, then it came back. I also believe this is part of the ageing process.

14.  Was there any time when you felt that you were not going to make it? I believe in God’s will and have faith. I also realised that someday for sure I will go as well. But before that happens, I will keep going to cherish every moment that I have, and do the best for myself. And if one day I must go, I will go without any regret. 

Thank you for Sharing

Thank you very much Lili for sharing your experience with us.

  • Your success is also our success!
  • Your blessing is also our blessing.
  • Let us hope that your experience will be a blessing to others as well.

The message of this healing story is – No, when you are diagnosed with cancer, you need NOT think of dying yet even if you don’t go for chemo.

Over the years, we have shown that taking herbs, change of diet and lifestyle are equally effective options. By taking this alternative route, you need not suffer from the unwanted severe side effects of the treatments. Also, alternative treatments are far cheaper than medical treatments.

Many patients came to seek our help after medical treatments have failed them. And they were often left with a big hole in their bank account. Some even have to sell their house or land to pay the medical bills.

Unfortunately, alternative therapies are often considered “unscientific”.  Many patients would not believe such therapies. But some fortunate and blessed few would opt  for alternative treatment and were happy with the results.

Radiotherapy and Bone Loss

In my email to Lili I asked this question:  Was there any time during these 12 years that you encountered problems? This is her answer:

  • As I am getting old I think it is very reasonable, I have osteopenia. 

For your information, osteopenia is a loss of bone mineral density (BMD) that weakens bones. Osteopenia has no signs or symptoms, but a painless screening test can measure bone strength. 

This is my response – No, Lili you are only 51 years old. Still young. I am more inclined to ask this question – is your osteopenia related to the radiation treatment you had 12 years ago?

Please goggle this: Radiotherapy and breast cancer and you get these results:

The National Institute of Health, USA in an article What Breast Cancer Survivors Need To Know About Osteoporosis  ( said:

  • Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become less dense and more likely to fracture.
  • It is known as a silent disease because, if undetected, bone loss can progress for many years without symptoms until a fracture occurs.
  • Osteoporosis often can be prevented.
  • Women who have had breast cancer treatment may be at increased risk for osteoporosis and fracture.
  • Results from the NIH-supported Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study (WHI-OS) found an increase in fracture risk among breast cancer survivors.

The website of Breast carried this message:

  • Certain breast cancer treatments can speed up bone loss or cause you to lose more bone than you normally would.

Does radiation for breast cancer affect bone density?

  • Exposure to chemotherapy and radiation leads to bone loss and increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Rafael Pacheco & Harlan Stock wrote an article Effects of radiation on bone  and said:

  • Specific bone complications of radiation include osteopenia, growth arrest, fracture and malignancy. Some of these complications, such as osteopenia, are reversible and severity is dose dependent. Insufficiency fractures are a common complication after radiation therapy . (

John Hopewell ( wrote:

  • Only limited data are available on the effects of radiation-therapy on the mineral content of the bone of children treated for malignancy. The incidence of osteopenia varies between 8 and 23%.
  • The factors influencing bone atrophy are no more clearly defined in adults treated for cancer by high dose local radiation-therapy.

If you’ve had radiation, you may be more likely to develop bone loss.

Bone loss from radiation treatments is often delayed for several years.

That’s why screening and follow-up care are important for maintaining healthy bones.

Side Effects of Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen was once a failed contraceptive pill but it was turned into the world’s best-selling breast cancer medicine. Tamoxifen is now considered a “gold standard” treatment for millions of breast cancer patients. 

But ever since its introduction, the use of tamoxifen is fraught with controversy.  Whether tamoxifen is good or bad much depends on who you talk you.

Professor Jane Plant (in Your Life In Your Hands) wrote:

  • I was recommended to take tamoxifen, but I declined on the basis that I knew … it had been linked to increased risk of other types of cancer, such as endometrial cancer.

Dr. Barbara Joseph (a breast cancer patient) in her book My Healing From Breast Cancer wrote:

  • Currently, tamoxifen is being offered to just about every woman with breast cancer after her dues are paid in the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy departments. Doctors who have nothing else to offer in terms of treatment now have this …. to prescribe to all takers. There are many unanswered questions regarding tamoxifen.

Dr. John Lee (in What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer) wrote:

  • In some women tamoxifen may put a breast cancer to sleep for a few years – it may slow the rate of recurrence for a few years. But in the long term it tends to do more harm than good.
  • The only reason this is such a popular treatment right now is that it seems to the oncologist to be better than doing nothing.

According to Lili’s oncologist in Sydney, by taking  tamoxifen for 10 years her breast cancer can be cured! Are you sure? Is this supported by research data? The oncologist must have based her opinion on the following research data.


Ten Years of Tamoxifen Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrences, Improves Survival (

Don’t be misled and let us use our head and study the above numbers critically.

  • If you take tamoxifen for 5 years the risk of recurrence was 25.1% but if you take tamoxifen for 10 years the risk of recurrence is 21.4%. So additional benefit of taking tamoxifen for another 5 years is only 3.7%.
  • Taking tamoxifen for 10 years does not stop recurrence of breast cancer! It just reduces your chance of recurrence. It does not mean total cure with no chance of recurrence!

I googled, Can tamoxifen cure breast cancer? I got no answer. Because there is NO such thing as a cure for breast cancer by tamoxifen. But I have these:

What happens after taking tamoxifen for 5 years?

  • Women who took tamoxifen for 5 years had a 17 percent lower risk of cancer recurrence and a 9 percent lower risk of death from breast cancer than women who took tamoxifen for only 2 years. They also had a 30 percent lower risk of developing cancer in the contralateral (other) breast.

Can you still get cancer while taking tamoxifen?

Because tamoxifen acts like estrogen in the uterus, it can increase your risk of cancers of the uterus, including endometrial cancer and uterine sarcoma. The increased risk seems to affect women over 50, but not younger women.

Does tamoxifen always work?

  • Tamoxifen only works in half the women to whom it is prescribed. It may not work in some women. However, many women taking tamoxifen acquire resistance to it.

How much does tamoxifen reduce risk of recurrence?

Doctors have long known that 5 years of tamoxifen reduces recurrence by about half during treatment and by nearly a third over the next 5 years.

Let me repeat what Lili wrote to me about taking tamoxifen:

  • … after (taking tamoxifen for) 5 years, the oncologist said as the medicine is proven to cure breast cancer, she asked me to continue taking it until 10 years. And I made it to 10 years. 

Let me also repeat, there is nowhere in the medical literature saying that tamoxifen can cure your breast cancer!

While tamoxifen may be beneficial for some patients, we need to be reminded that it comes with a package of short-term and long-term side-effects , some of which can be serious and fatal.

Some of the side effects of tamoxifen are:

  • nausea
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • hot flashes
  • depression
  • hair thinning
  • foggy mind or memory loss
  • loss of sex drive / libido
  • dry skin
  • increased risk of needing cataract surgery
  • risk of blood clots in veins and lungs
  • increased risk of having a stroke
  • increased risk of cancers of the uterus, endometrium and uterine sarcoma.
  • liver problems.

According to Lili she suffered from hot flashes, mild headache (sometimes only) and not really forgetfulness but yes sometimes I cannot recall my favorite singer until a day or two, then it came back. So thought it is part of ageing. 

Here again I would disagree with Lili. These problems that you had were due to your tamoxifen consumption. No, you are still young and you need not put the blame to you being  growing old. You are not alone suffering such side effects. I have patients telling me about their foggy mind too! So talking tamoxifen is not like taking a walk in the park. It comes with risks. Read some of the comments made in the internet:

This is my final but most pertinent question: What if I don’t take tamoxifen? My answer: You don’t need to take tamoxifen to remain alive! Also you don’t have to risk your life with those side effects.

Over the years I have been helping breast cancer patients. Most of them did not take tamoxifen and yet they survive.  If you wish to know more click of this link:

The following are just 2 examples of what you can find:

Hopeless Case Restored to Normalcy

Surgery, chemo, tamoxifen, xeloda, etc. did not cure her breast cancer. She gave up medical treatments. She started on our therapy in August 2002. On 13 August 2018,  I received an email from her:

  • Oh, I  just visited Singapore and came back.  I turned down PET scan a number of times. My last blood test was in May this year. It is all normal. So far I am doing well. Thanks a lot for seeing me years ago and if you ever drop by Hong Kong, do contact me.  

Breast Cancer: Thirteen years, doing just fine

After one shot of chemo, she refused further medical treatment and came to seek our help on 3 June 2005. It has been 16 years, she is healthy and leads a normal life.

Rotten Breast: Suffered after three weeks on Letronat

LAH had breast and underwent a mastectomy but refused chemotherapy. She turned to a sinseh for help instead. After about one and a half years on herbs and a US-made supplement, she had a recurrence. Her breast turned “rotten”. LAH went to the hospital for help. The doctor told LAH she only has three months to live. No operation or chemotherapy was indicated at this late stage. It was at this point in time that LAH came to seek our help.

We prescribed herbs. LAH’s condition improved after taking the herbal teas for about two weeks. I told LAH that if she continues to do what she is doing that makes her well, I don’t think she is going to die within three months!

About one month later, LAH and her daughter came to our centre again. This time, LAH appeared half-dead to me. This is what happened.

Chris: During the last visit, the doctor told you that you will die within three months. And he also asked you to take an oral drug.

LAH: Letronat – a hormone. I took one tablet a day.

C: How much do you have to pay for this drug?

L: It’s for free (from government hospital).

C: After taking the drug for one week – what happened? Are you okay?

L: Okay.

C: After two weeks?

L: Still okay.

C: After three weeks?

L: I started to have problems –  not feeling good.

C: Now, are you still taking this drug?

L: No, I stopped taking this drug two days ago. In total, I was on this drug for more than three weeks.

C: What are the problems you suffered?

L:       1. I became breathless.

  1. Weak, lack of energy. I just like to “sleep” or lie down all day. When I am down, I don’t feel like waking up. While on the herbs, I was not fatigue.
  2. Fevers. This usually comes in the evening. While of the herbs, I did not have any fever.
  3. Unable to sleep at night – while on the herbs, I slept well.
  4. Pain in certain part of the body. While on the herbs, I had no pain.
  5. Swelling of hands and legs. No such swelling while I was on the herbs. This swelling happened just a week ago.

C: When you started taking the doctor’s medication, did you stop taking the herbs?

L: Yes. I stoped taking your herbs and switched to Letronat.

C: Now you know the truth — the doctors medication gave you many problems. When you came to see about a month ago, I did warn you NOT to take this medication. You heard what I told you, right?

L: I did not follow your advice. I believed and trusted the doctor! My son insisted that I follow the doctor’s advice. So I took the medication.

C: Yes, you believe the doctor. Good. Remember, the doctor also said you will die within three months. Now, do you believe you are going to die within three months? When you came to see me after taking the herbs, I saw your face and you looked so good. I never believe you are going to die within three months. But now, you are so breathless – looks like you are half dead.

L: I did not believe you. Now, I am blow … blow. Did not know what I am doing.

C: Does your son still insist that your continue taking the  doctor’s medication?

L: Yes.

C: (To the daugther). Seeing your mother in this condition, do you still want her to take the doctor’s medication?

Daughter: It is up to her whether she wants to take the medication or not.

C: You still want her to take the drug? Just a few weeks ago, she looked so well. Now her health had deteriorated. She is not like before.

L: I have stopped taking the Letronat two days ago.

C: Okay, go home. Continue to take the herbs again (since you have already stopped taking the doctor’s medication). I shall give Lung Phlegm to be added to the Lung Tea. I hope this will help you with your breathing. Come and see me again after a week.


  1. This is indeed a sad story. I have come across many similar stories. After the patients get well – they misbehaved, believing that they or their friends know better. They started to eat what they like or they stopped taking the herbs. Since this problem is nothing “new” there is nothing to be “excited” about. I have since accepted this reality. To get well or to die is the patient’s choice and responsibility.

LAH heard me saying very clearly that she should not take that Letronat. Yes, she heard it, but she believed the doctor more! That is okay – it is her choice.

  1. My advice to all patients. Before undergoing any treatment, it is better that you go into the internet and find out more about the side effects of the treatment or medication. In this case, just google side effects of Letronat and you get the answer like below:

Letronat is a generic form of letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor (lowers estrogen production). Letrozole is  commonly known as Femara, used to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Letronat or Femara is often given to women who have been taking tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox) for five years.

Some of the known and documented side effects of Letronat are:

  • dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, tired feeling
  • hot flashes, warmth in your face or chest
  • bone pain, muscle or joint pain, back pain, chest pain
  • bone fracture
  • hot flushes – flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling)
  • headache
  • increased sweating
  • edema or swelling
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • increased cholesterol level in blood
  • increased thirst
  • anxiety and nervousness.
  1. If you want to know more, read what others say about taking Letronat / Femara or Tamoxifen. I have read enough. That is why I told LAH not to take the drug. Let me share with you what happened to some of our patients.

Case 1: Dewi was a 33-year-old Indonesian lady who worked in Macau. After her breast cancer diagnosis she underwent a mastectomy in Hong Kong. After the surgery, Dewi underwent six cycles of chemotherapy and  thirty sessions of radiation treatment. Everything was okay after that. But three years later, Dewi started to have back pain. PET scan showed her cancer had spread extensively to her bones.

Dewi was prescribed Xeloda and Tamoxifen. After taking the drugs, Dewi was not able to sit down or walk. She had to be hospitalised and later had to use the wheelchair. Xeloda / Tamoxifen gave her problems, right?

Case 2: Lenny was a thirty-seven-year-old lady from Surabaya. She had a lump in her breast but initially refused to undergo any medical treatment. She relied on her shallow knowledge that a certain  supplement would solve her problem. The tumour started to grow bigger. She had no choice but to seek medical treatment and was started on radiotherapy. I can’t believe this — Lenny had a total of one hundred and six sessions of radiation! The cancer spread to her bones and other parts of her body.

The doctor then prescribed Tamoxifen (same story like LAH except the drug is called Letronat). Two weeks after taking Tamoxifen her fingers became painful and she was unable to move her fingers. One month on Tamoxifen Lenny was unable to walk. Her throat muscle became tight and cramped.

  1. One important question which patients do not ask is, What is the use of taking Tamoxifen or Letronat? Can this type of drug cure you? The answer is NO. To add more salt to the injury, in such advanced cases like LAH, Dewi or Lenny, this drug can cause you more problems. I don’t see any reason or wisdom in taking such drug.

Read this critically: Letronat or Femara is often given to women who have been taking tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox) for five years. It never say it is of any good to those with advanced metastatic breast cancer.

The question you may want to ask is: If it is that “bad” as your claimed, why did the doctor prescribe such drug to the patient? Exactly, because the doctor prescribed it – LAH and her family members believed the doctor was doing the best for her! Read carefully what these two doctors and a professor wrote about Tamoxifen.

These two doctors are conveying this message to us — Doctors have nothing else to offer you after surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. And in cases like LAH, Dewi and Lenny – there is nothing else they can offer after the cancer has spread widely. In the face of not being able to offer you anything else, doctors have no other choice but to offer you something (otherwise you may thing they are not “good” doctors). So they ask you to take Tamoxifen / Femara or Letronat. Unfortunately this so called “scientifically proven bullet of last resort” do not bring any benefit. On the contrary they can cause more problems.

Professor Jane Plant was also a breast cancer patient. Perhaps you may want to reflect on what she said below.

Perhaps there is a better option than just “blindly” swallow any drug what your doctor recommended you!







Rotten breast: You have three months to live!

Sixty-two year-old LAH came to seek our help after her breast turned “rotten.” As usual, my first question was, Who asked you to come here? Her reply, A staff working at a Buddhist healing centre. The reality is that LAH’s condition is beyond “repair.” The doctor said neither surgery nor chemotherapy is indicated. Her cancer has spread extensively to the lung, liver, bone and lymph nodes.

My initial advice to LAH is, Go home and think first. What do you want to do? LAH had already decided. She wanted me to prescribe her some herbs. Okay –  let’s try.

LAH was given Capsule A, C, D and M. In addition, she had to drink four types of tea: Breast-M, Lung + Lung Phlegm; Live-1 + PLM and Lympho + SAP. These teas have to  be brewed and they are not good tasting. LAH assured me that she would be able to tolerate their awful taste and smell.

To my surprise, LAH’s health improved after two weeks on the herbs (more detail to be discussed in the next posting). She was in a happy mood when she came to see us. Her radiant face showed it all. I did not expect she would benefit from our herbs so soon.  In fact, she told my wife that the breast wound had started to dry up. And she was healthy enough to came to our centre riding the motorbike by herself.

About a week later, LAH showed up at our centre again. And this time she came with her son. We came to understand that LAH had kept her cancer recurrence secret. None of her children know about this problem. One son lives in Kuala Lumpur. When he came home to visit his mother, he was puzzled to see so many herbs in the house. It was only then that he learned about her mother’s illness. So this son came to seek more information from us.

Watch this video:

The following are the gist of our conversation that morning. I hope many of you can learn something from this story.

  1. The doctor said I only have three months to live – cannot operate, cannot chemo.

In her excitement, before we could even settled in our seats, LAH said, The doctor said I only have three months to live. I must quickly get my affairs in order. This is something I often hear from patients. So I was NOT taken aback at all by such statement. Instead, I laughed aloud as if it is a good joke! My response: Very good!

LAH: Doctor said cannot operate, cannot chemo.

Chris: That is okay! Since you cannot operate, cannot chemo and you are going to die within 3 months; then you cannot blame me if you die after seeing me. What else can I do? (Both patient and Chris laughed).  I shall explain later why I behaved like this that morning.

  1. Will you die within three months?

C: Let me ask you. In your heart, do you believe that you are going to die within three months? I don’t think you will die within three months! But if you believe what the doctor told you, yes — you will die within three months.

There was one cancer patient from Sungai Petani. He was also told the same — you die within three months. He went home and put X, X, X in his calendar. This is a countdown to the day when he was supposed to die. And every he took note of the number of days he still have left. This patient came to seek my help but there was nothing much I could do to “break up” his belief. I never get to see him again after his first visit.

  1. The herbs have helped you. So continue taking them and be patient.

Chris: When you first came to see me, you were in bad shape — right? You were half-dead (more of this in the next posting).

LAH nodded in agreement.

C: Looking at your face now, it is different (laugh). You are much better off after taking the herbs. I don’t think you are doing to die within three months. I am not trying to mislead you by making you feel good so that you can continue to take my herbs. It is just that when I see your face, I feel happy. You look healthy enough. You are not going to die within three months.

LAH: The doctor told me so. I just listen.

C: Now that you are okay. Be patient – don’t be in a hurry trying to get well. Healing takes time. After the three months are up, then we can say we have won – you win, I win.

LAH: I want to live – waiting to see his (pointing to her son) child.

I have seen many patients who are like you. They were told they only have three to six months to live. But they don’t die as predicted.

Case Study 1: This was a man with metastatic bone cancer. Let’s call him Raju.  In spite of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the oncologist told Raju to go home and get his affairs in order. He only had six months to live. At home he was unable to sleep. He had to take morphine many times a day due to the pain.

His son came to seek our help. After two weeks on the herbs Raju was able to come to our centre. When he got well he travelled to India to show his son the “property” he has there. Raju did not die within six months. He was still healthy after ten years.

Case Study 2: Nancy had lymphoma and underwent six cycles of chemotherapy. A few months after the completion of her chemo, she suffered a relapse. The oncologist told her to undergo a BMT (bone marrow transplantation) which would cost RM100,000. The oncologist told Nancy, If you don’t do BMT, you will die within four months! (that would be in December). Nancy refused further medical treatment because she said she almost died during her initial chemo treatment.

Nancy came to seek our help and was prescribed herbs. Three months later, I asked Nancy if she had picked a date in December to die, since this was what her doctor said was going to happen to her! Nancy blared out, No, no. I am not going to die yet! I was glad to hear that and replied, Wonderful that you have decided not to die yet. If you believe what you doctor told you, then you die in December!

Nancy lived for another two plus years. Later in this article, you will learn that Nancy died after indulging in a “bad diet”.

Case Study 3: Ama is a 59-year-old lady with ovarian cancer that had spread to her lung. She underwent chemotherapy. On completion of her treatment the doctor told her daughter. Your mother may die tomorrow, may be next week but at most she has three months. When Ama came to see me with her family, she was having difficulty breathing. I prescribed Ama some herbs and she took them without any problem. Surprisingly, Ama became well. It has been more than 12 years now and Ama is still very much alive and well. Her son came to collect Ama’s herbs last week. She is doing well!

Case Study 4.Henny was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her lung. This is indeed a rare cancer – the first of its kind that I ever encounter in my two decades helping cancer patients. Henny went to Singapore for consultation. The oncologist told her to undergo chemotherapy. Without chemotherapy you have only six months to live. If you undergo chemotherapy, you have two years to live. Henny did not see the wisdom of undergoing chemotherapy. She came to seek our help instead. After taking our herbs, Henny’s condition improved and she could lead a normal life.

Seven years later, in mid-2019,  we met up with Henny (arrow) in Surabaya, Indonesia. See, everyone was smiling!

Lessons we can learn from these stories:

  1. When you die – God decides not men.

You have three months or six months to live! I have heard this a thousand times. The truth is, no one of earth can tell you when you would die or how long you can live. So in CA Care we refrain from playing God. Medically and scientifically someone may be right to tell his/her patient that he/she is going to die soon. By saying that it makes you feel like a god who knows everything. What is the purpose of telling your patient such an “unhelpful and damaging” prognosis? Is that statement going to help or “destroy” the patient?

Sadly, many people don’t understand or learn about the nocebo effect. Search the internet and this is what it says,  Nocebo effect is said to occur when negative expectations of the patient regarding a treatment cause the treatment to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would have.

The doctor is not helping his/her patient by such negative prognosis. In actual fact, the doctor is causing more “damage” to his/her patient. My advice to everyone: If you have come to a stage where you cannot offer any more treatment to the patient, the last act of kindness or responsibility is for you to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to tell your patients.

When LAH told me about dying within three months, I made it out like it was a funny joke and we laughed it out together! My reason is this – we have to break that voodoo curse. If you believe in that curse, the patient may just die believing that what is said is true. So, when talking to LAH I related to her some extra-ordinary examples of patients who were similarly “cursed”. But they did not die as predicted. So my message is, Don’t believe in the prognosis.

  1. To live or to die – it’s your choice!

Patients have a choice. When December was around the corner, I asked Nancy (Story 2) if she had fixed the date when she was going to die. I did this to indirectly tell her that if she wanted to die as predicted, she better get prepared. But Nancy had a choice to live if she wanted to live. I was glad to hear her response, No, no, I want to live! That is it! Patients, if you want to live you will do whatever it takes to make you live. But if you say, it is no use helping myself because after all my doctor said I am already going to die already – so why take care of myself anymore? If you harbour that attitude you will die!

  1. Stay alive and continue to do what is right.

Don’t be kuai ku (trying to be funny) and start doing what you like, forgetting what I have told you!

I have seen cases of patients who started to go back to their old ways after becoming well. Some started to eat what they like. Some others stopped taking the herbs. If you do these, you are going to die!

I told you the story of Nancy earlier (Story 2). She was supposed to die within four months. After she took the herbs she led a healthy life for two plus years. In her third year, before the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration, I warned Nancy about taking “bad food.” Nancy broke down and cried. She told me she had missed all the good foods the pasts two years – not being able to eat this or not. Now she said, for this coming CNY, I am going to eat. I am going to dig my grave with my fork and spoon. Sad indeed – a few months after this, I was told Nancy died.

  1. Don’t be afraid – everyone has to die.

I told LAH. By telling you all these, I am not promising that she is going to live for years to come. No, I am not implying that at all. But I want everyone one to realize that, We all have to die one day. So, don’t be afraid. At CA Care we remind all our patients to be grateful and be happy. As cancer patients, let us pray that while we are still alive, let us not suffer. If you can eat, can sleep, can move around and have no pain, please be grateful and don’t ask for me. No one lives forever.

On the other hand, what is the use of being alive but becoming a “vegetable”. There is no meaning if we have to suffer – can’t eat, can’t talk, can’t walk, can’t sleep and always in pain. You want that?

  1. Don’t take this drug!

Chris: The doctor said he would not give you chemo. Neither would be recommend that you go for surgery. So what did he want you to do?

LAH: The doctor wanted me to take this oral drug — Letronat.

(Note: This is a letrozole, a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. Many patients know it as Femera or Tamoxifen).

C: Oh no. I don’t think you should take this drug. I have patients who suffered badly after taking Tamoxifen or Femara. So if I were you, I would not take this oral drug. You could suffer many side effects.

  1. Be careful. Don’t simply listen to the advices of those around you.

Friends and family members want to help you. I can understand that. Unfortunately, before you get cancer, they know nothing about cancer. But now that you have cancer, all of them become  “professors” overnight – they will tell you to take this and to take that. Be careful. Don’t simply follow everything they say. I also have patients, after becoming well, will forget what we told them. They start to go for this supplement and that supplement just because their friends recommend them to take them. Well, that is their choice!

  1. Take care of your diet!

This is my plea to all patients. Please take care of your diet. You cannot eat anything you like even if you think you are already well or “healed.” Of course, if you are already tired and want to “go home” sooner, go ahead and eat what you like. Enjoy your food to the fullest. And go in peace!

I recalled the case of a colon cancer patient whom I called Penang Hill uncle. After his surgery, he refused chemo and took our herbs. His doctor had no objection because Uncle was already old – past his 80s. He was well for more than two years. Then he started to join the company of his old buddies. They frequented the coffee / eating shops every morning. Uncle started to eat fried bee hoon, and chicken rice (according to him he took on the rice, not the meat). He suffered a relapse. The cancer spread to his lungs and he died. I can tell a hundred more stories like this. So be careful with your diet.

  1. My final advice: You are now on the right path – continue to do what make you well.

I told LAH, You have taken the right path and you are doing well. Continue to do what you are doing. Take the herbs and take care of your diet.

This advice appears logical, right? You don’t need to have much “brain” to understand why I give this advice. In my next posting, you will learn that this is not the case with LAH and other patients like her! Sad.





Rotten breast: Paying the Price of Ignorance?

LAH is a 62-year old lady from Penang. In January 2017, she felt a lump in her breast. She went to see a doctor and did a mammogram. The result was not good. LAH was referred to the general hospital for further management. A biopsy was done and confirmed it was cancerous.

On 24 April 2017, LAH underwent a mastectomy to remove her right breast. Histopathology report confirmed an invasive carcinoma. Two of 2 nodes removed were positive for cancer. Immunohistochemical study confirmed  the cancer was strongly positive for oestrogen and progesterone receptors. It was also positive for c-erb B2 oncoprotein.

After the surgery, LAH was told to undergo chemotherapy or take oral drug. She refused further medical treatment. LAH went to a Chinese sinseh instead. She was prescribed herbs which cost her RM100 per month.

I asked LAH, Did the sinseh read your medical report and understand what had happened to you? LAH said the sinseh read the report and told her to take care of her  diet. But he did not give any detail about what food to eat and not to eat – the advice was: take care of your diet.

After one and a half years consuming the herbs, LAH said she did not “feel anything”. After her condition started to get worse, the sinseh asked LAH to see his friend who sells a certain supplement for cancer. This product is from the United States costing about RM500 per month.

This is what happened to LAH when she came to seek our help one morning in September 2019.

The medical report dated 6 September 2019 stated the following:

  • Patient clinically asymptomatic.
  • Local recurrence with infiltration – mass in right chest wall.
  • Nodal, lung, pleural, liver and bone metastasis.
  • Uterine lesions.

Unfortunately, at this stage the doctor said there is nothing much he could do. Another operation or chemotherapy is not indicated.

Watch this video:


The following are what I told LAH that morning. I hope others can learn some lessons from reading this case study.

  1. No rush. Go home and think first what you want to do now?

Most patients who come to us are like LAH! They have failed to find their “cure”. They have no other option. I have to  be absolutely honest with all of you. What can I do for you? Do you expect me to do magic? I shall try to help you the best I know how but I cannot promise to cure you!

I am not going to mislead or cheat you by asking you to buy this or buy that. I am also not going to threaten you in anyway so that you feel compelled to do what I want you to do. No, we don’t do such thing at CA Care.

So, listen to what I have got to say. There is no need for you to rush to make your decision. Go home and think first, what do you want to do? That was what I told LAH.

  1. No cure for cancer – don’t be misled! Surgery did not cure her, herbs / supplement did not cure her either!

From my years of experience, I learned that there is no cure for cancer. When you come here – desperate – do not have the impression that I do not want to help.

LAH’s case is not a unique case. There are many others who are in the same situation like her. After surgery they do not want to do anything else. They think their cancer is already gone after the breast is removed. And that they are cured. Perhaps because of that they refuse to undergo chemotherapy as suggested by their doctors. Some other patients have heard from friends and relatives that chemo do more harm than good. So they “fear” chemo and prefer to go for herbs or take supplements.

I told LAH about a lady who had a lump in her breast. She went to a herbalist for help. The herbalist told her not to go for surgery – just use his herbs which cost RM5,000 per month. After one and a half years, the lump grew bigger and burst. It was only then that the herbalist told her to go and see a doctor to remove the rotten breast. A lesson to learn: don’t be misled by such people!

  1. LAH’s cancer had spread extensively. She had taken the wrong path!

The medical report says LAH’s cancer has spread extensively – to the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, bone, etc. But surprisingly she appeared to be alright, although not in perfect health. This is a serious case. There is not much I can do. Yes, I can help but I told LAH up front that I cannot cure her.

To all patients who come here. Take note that you need to take many types of tea for your cancer. You may want to ask, Can the herbs cure you? The answer is, No. Then the next question you want to ask is, Why take the herbs if these cannot cure! The teas may help you with your quality of life. It is for this reason that I asked LAH and every patient who come and see us to go home and think first – what do you want to do now?

  1. Please take care of your diet.

This is my advice to all patients who come and see me – Take care of your diet! I have written about this in our books — Food & Cancer and Healthy Cooking. Cancer patients cannot eat what they like! There are certain foods that you can eat and there are certain foods that you must avoid. So take care.

I know many people do not agree with me on this – they will say. Eat anything you like. Cancer has nothing to do with your diet. Well – over the past twenty over years, I have been reading and seen how what you eat will affect your well being as a patient and how diet helps in the healing of cancer. And I stand by what I said.

I also know that this advice is the most unpopular among cancer patients. But what can I do?

There was this lady who told me, If I cannot eat laksa, life is not worth living. I told her to go and eat as much laksa as she liked. It is not worth dying over a bowl of laksa. That’s her choice.

There was another lady who told me, How to take care of my diet? I have to clean my apartment, and do all the house chores, etc. etc. I have no time to cook my own food. Again, what can I do?  This is my message to all patients. You need to learn how to take care of your health. Your health is your responsibility. If you don’t want to take care of yourself, there is nothing much I can do to help you.

  1. Ladies, why do you allow your breast to rot?

I have seen many cases of rotten breasts. So LAH’s case one of the many. I just wonder why these ladies allow such thing to happen? Why allow your breast to rot like that?

To all ladies, please remember this:

  1. a) If you happen to find / feel a lump in your breast, go and see a doctor to find out exactly if it is cancerous or not. There is no two ways about it. Don’t go to any sinseh or alternative healer. They cannot give you that answer. Don’t let such people take you for a ride. The medical imaging procedure is more definitive. Don’t ever believe that by taking his herb or supplement the cancerous lump will go away. Don’t gamble with your life!
  2. b) If the lump is cancerous, have it removed by lumpectomy or mastectomy. No two ways about this. I would not see you if you come to me with a cancerous lump and do not want to remove it. Period.
  3. c) After the surgery, your problem becomes more tricky. The doctor will ask you to go for chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. In addition you may have to take oral drug. That is the standard recipe.

But some patients, due to bad (even fatal) experiences of friends and relatives, would NOT want to go for further medical treatments. I have helped many such patients. I understand your concern. If you need my help, we shall work this out together.

Of course, if you want to follow your doctor’s “prescription”, go ahead and do what he wants you to do. You need to make the decision yourself. And one day, if the medical treatments failed and you need my help, then come.

  1. d) Know that even if you have undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and take drug like Tamoxifen or Femara, there is no guarantee that the cancer is cured and never come back again. I have seen many patients who failed to find their cure after spending RM100K to RM500K on their medical treatments. Money gone and patient dying. That is the reality. And it is at this point that these people come to seek our help. OK come and if I can help you, I will help.
  2. e) As for the case of LAH, after surgery, she refused chemo or oral drug and decided to take herbs. Yes, I have patients who are LAH. They come to seek my help after their surgery, don’t want chemo or radiation.

I have made it plainly clear to all patients, herbs cannot cure (just like chemo / radiation do not cure). While you are taking our herbs, you must also take care of your diet, change your lifestyle and personal attitude towards life. We would monitor your progress by blood test (or USG or mammography if you like). Sometimes, we encourage you to go back to your doctor for routine check-up. Some doctors will be “mad” at you because you don’t follow their advice. But I know of doctors who do not object you taking herbs. So, my advice is avoid those who are “hostile” to what you are happily doing. Remember what Dr. Susan Love said:

In the event that the herbs fail to help you, you should stop taking the herbs. There is no dilly dallying here. At the first sign of recurrence, it is best that you see a doctor and find out what it is. Sometimes it could be just a non-cancerous growth or keloid scar. Or it could be a cancerous recurrence. If it is a recurrence, this is the time you need to face reality and try chemotherapy. You don’t wait for one or two years until your “breast rot beyond repair” before you admit that what you have done is not effective. So patients, don’t be dumb and in denial for too long. Learn to call a spade a spade early.

Let me end by reminding you this. When you go  to medical doctors and undergo all the treatments that they have suggested, it is called scientific and proven method of treatment. Never mind if patients die during or after the treatment. That is medically accepted norm. Remember, before you undergo these treatments you are asked to sign a bunch of papers. Do you know what these are?

If you go to the herbalists, sinsehs or alternative practitioners – these people are called quacks or snake oil peddlers. Their methods are considered pseudo-scientific, and not proven. Your health insurance does not cover such expenses.

So, think carefully what you want to do! For more than twenty years, I have helped cancer patients. Almost all of them who come to us are those who have undergone the so called scientific medical treatment but failed. To most of them, we are the last stop for hope. May be at times, the world needs quacks as well.






She refused surgery. Took herbs. Ended up with a rotten breast!

Daisy is a 28-year-old lady from Indonesia. In May 2018, Daisy found a lump in her right breast. In June 2018, she went to a hospital in Melaka and had a biopsy. The doctor told her it was a ductal carcinoma. Daisy was told to undergo a surgery to be followed by chemotherapy. The prospect of having to undergo chemotherapy frightened her. She went home without undergoing any medical treatment.

Following a friend’s recommendation, she went to seek the help of a sinseh in Jakarta. Daisy was prescribed herbal powders which she had to take every day. The cost of these herbal mixtures ranged from IDR 15 to 20 million per month (that is equivalent to RM4,500 to RM6,000 per month).

Daisy was on this herbal treatment for about eleven months and the picture below shows the pathetic result.

According to Daisy, from July to August 2018, she had difficulty breathing. This problem resolved after taking the herbs. But the herbs make her situation worse. By December 2018 the breast started to harden, it turned reddish and the tumour burst. She had pains.

Someone  told Daisy about CA Care. She went into our website. She and her mother came to seek our help. Before she came, she went for a blood test. On 7 June 2019, her CEA was at 4.6 but her CA123 was at 192.9

Listen to our conversation that morning:




Here are some of the important points we discussed. I hope you too can take time to reflect on them and hopefully learn something.

Chris: When you went to see the sinseh in Jakarta, did he read the medical reports? Did he know that the lump in your breast is cancerous? What did he say? Take nis herbs and you would be cured?

Daisy: His advice was: don’t operate and don’t do any chemo. Take the herbs and don’t worry.

C: Did he know that your breast had turned from “good” to “bad” – rotten?  Did he see what had happened to your breast?

D: Sometimes, I didn’t get to see him at all during my visit to his clinic in Jakarta.

C: Why did you continue to take the herbs even after seeing your breast had gone  “rotten”? Why did you not stop and ask what had gone wrong? Why do you continue to believe him?

D: The sinseh said it has to be like that. Nothing to worry.

C: Did you go back to him again and show him your breast (picture above)?

D: No.

C: You were being misled — cheated! My experiences tell me that if the lump is cancerous, it has to be removed. There are many “dumb” ladies like you, who came to see me with their rotten breasts. Here are some pictures (below) …these are not your breasts … why do these ladies ever allow such a thing to happen to them? I don’t know.

First, let me ask you one frank question. Do you want to live or do you want to die?

D: I want to live. That is why I am here.

C: Want can I do now to help you? Nothing much. My advice is for you to go and see a good doctor and see if he can help remove your rotten breast. You can go to any of these two doctors in Penang and see what they have got to offer you. I guess the doctor will ask you to go for chemo first. This is to shrink the tumour and then he will remove the whole breast after that.

You may need to undergo 3 cycles of chemo first and see what happen. You may need 6 cycles in all. So let’s see what happen. So, again I say. Go and see the doctor first and listen to what he says. After that you can come back to me again if you need help.

If you are afraid of the side effects of the chemo, you can take our Chemo-Tea. This tea may be able to help you with the side effects while undergoing chemo.

As it is now, I can only say this is the only “logical and perhaps the right path” for you to take. I also suggest that you go home and think about this. Or go and see the doctors I mentioned right away.

Since you pray to Buddha, I suggest that you ask Buddha what to do. Pray!

Then it is up to you to decide what you want to do. Always remember that if you need help, you can always come back to us. My consultation is free of charge.




After initial recovery from her breast-brain cancer, patient is now on hunger strike!

Just about two weeks ago, I shared with you the story of one lady who had breast cancer that had spread to her brain.

For more read:

Before taking the herbs, Ana had no strength to walk. She had difficulty talking. Both her right hand and leg cramped. Because of this she was not able to pick anything with her right hand.

Two weeks on our herbs, Ana was better. About two and half months on the herbs,  her husband came back to report that Ana is doing very well. There was no more cramping of the hand and leg. Ana could now use her right hand normally. Her walking is also normal. One in a while she had headache. After taking the Pain Tea the headache went away.

Chris: Your wife benefited much from our therapy. I did not expect her to recover so soon. Let’s we grateful for that.

Husband: Now, my wife is having difficulty with her diet. She wanted to eat bread, etc. She was bored with her present diet now … eating corn, potato, etc.

C: Is your wife a person who is very choosy and fussy about her food?

H: Yes.

C: Oh no! If you wants to eat anything she likes, then so be it. Let her die la! This is the problem with most cancer patients. When they are dying they will follow what we tell them about their food. But the moment they become well, they started to complain about their food. They wanted to eat what they like!

Chris speaking to Ana on Whatsapp:  You have been doing so well now. You look good. Let me tell you — don’t simply eat anything you like. If you eat anything you like, you can die, understand?

Watch this video: Her health was restored after two months on our therapy.

Read the following two emails from her daughter:

24 June 2019

Selamat sore dok, mau tanya dong. Apa bahan atau makanan² seperti roti atau biskuit, mie, gula atau lainnya dari bahan organik boleh dikonsumsi oleh pasien? Soalnya mama saya lagi pengen makan roti.

Translation:  Good afternoon doc, want to ask. Can ingredients or foods such as bread or biscuits, noodles, sugar or other organic ingredients be consumed by patients? The problem is that my mom wants to eat bread.

Reply: Tidak bisa. Mama kamu memang pasien yang susah nak dibantu. Saya sudah beritahu — makan tak betul, MATI.

Translation:  Cannot eat. Your mom is indeed a difficult patient to help. I already told her — eating wrongly, you DIE.

30 June 2019

Selamat siang dok, saya mau tanya. Pasien mogok makan dan muntah terus. Kepala pening sakit sampai badan terasa panas semua. Kemarin cek dokter sini katanya kurang darah. Sekarang obat herbal ga diminum, hanya obat sakit kepala. Karena pasien kehilangan nafsu makan. Siap minum obat dimuntah semua keluar. Apa dokter ada saran? Terimakasih.

Translation: Good afternoon doc. I want to ask. Patient is on a hunger strike and vomits continuously. Dizzy, headaches until the body feels all hot. Yesterday the doctor here checked her and said  she lacked blood. Now she refuses to take the herbal medicine. Only taking headache medicine. The patient loses appetite. After taking the medicine she vomited out. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks.

Reply: I really don’t know!




Breast Cancer: An ignorant patient being misled! Breast tumour “burst”! Cancer spread to her brain.

Ana is a lady in her late forties. She lives in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. Some years ago, she had a lump in her breast. She consulted an herbalist in Kuala Lumpur who assured her that she can be cured. Ana was prescribed some herbs at the cost of RM5,000 month. Ana was on the treatment for more than a year but she did not get any better. The lump grew bigger and eventually “burst”. At this point, the herbalist gave up and told Ana to go for an operation since she could not help her anymore.

Part 1: Misled by an empty promise.

Ana went to a hospital in Melaka for a mastectomy in March 2015. After surgery, Ana was asked to go for chemotherapy. She sought the help of a medical doctor in Johor where she underwent a “special” chemo treatment: The protocol is a below:

  1. Initially Ana received one cycle of chemo very two weeks for 6 months. So Ana received 12 cycles of chemotherapy.
  2. After the initial 6 months, Ana received one cycle of chemo every three months. And this went on for about one and half years.
  3. Ana was scheduled for one cycle of chemo every 6 months. After Ana received one cycle of chemo, a PET scan in March 2019 showed the cancer had spread to her brain. There is a 3.0 cm lesion in her brain.

Ana’s husband said, he spent about RM2,000 to RM3,000 for each cycle of chemotherapy. PET scan was done once every three months. Now, with the brain metastasis, the doctor wanted her to undergo more chemo. And each chemo is going to cost more than the previous ones.

Part 2: After the mastectomy and chemotherapy, the cancer spread to her brain.

Ana’s husband came to seek our help in late March 2019. Ana had lost her memory and had difficulty talking. She could not walk because both her right hand and leg lacked strength.

Part 3: The Last Gamble – husband came to CA Care for help.


Before taking the herbs, Ana had no strength to walk. She had difficulty talking. Both her right hand and leg cramped. Because of this she was not able to pick anything with her right hand.

Two weeks on our herbs, Ana was better. She could talk although she had not fully recovered yet. About two and half months on the herbs,  her husband came back to report that Ana is doing very well. There was no more cramping of the hand and leg. Ana could now use her right hand normally. Her walking is also normal. One in a while she had headache. After taking the Pain Tea the headache went away.

Chris: Your wife benefited much from our therapy. I did not expect her to recover so soon. Let’s we grateful for that.

Husband: Now, my wife is having difficulty with her diet. She wanted to eat bread, etc. She was bored with her present diet now … eating corn, potato, etc.

C: Is your wife a person who is very choosy and fussy about her food?

H: Yes.

C: Oh no! If you wants to eat anything she likes, then so be it. Let her die la! This is the problem with most cancer patients. When they are dying they will follow what we tell them about their food. But the moment they become well, they started to complain about their food. They wanted to eat what they like!

Chris speaking to Ana on Whatsapp:  You have been doing so well now. You look good. Let me tell you — don’t simply eat anything you like. If you eat anything you like, you can die, understand?

Part 4: Her health was restored after two months on our therapy.