Part 2: CA Care Therapy Helped Breast Cancer that Went Bad

Mery wrote me requesting that I help manage her breast cancer that had gone bad. She had received treatments from both medical doctors and alternative healers. Unfortunately her situation did not improve.

In fact, Mery is just one of the many pateints I have encountered. And this is my standard reply to those who write to me for help.

I suggest that you discuss the points below with your family and decide if you can really follow our therapy or believe in what we do. There is no need to come and see me yet.


  1. Most patients who come here have already undergone medical treatments – surgery, radiation or chemo. Do these cure you?
  2. If you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I too cannot cure your cancer. From my experience, NO one on earth can cure any cancer. After some years cancer comes back again!
  3. But if you want me to help you – to give you another option, to have a better quality of life   — may be it is possible. But it all depends on you. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, your diet, etc.?


  1. Besides the bad taste and smell.
  2. You need to boil the herbs a few times a day — that’s a lot of work!
  3. You need to take two, three or four types of teas each day.


  1. You cannot eat anything that walks – meaning, no meat, no egg, no milk, etc.
  2. Don’t take sugar (sugar is food for cancer).
  3. Don’t eat oily or fried food, table salt.


  1. May be the first 2 weeks on our therapy, you may suffer more pain, more tired, etc. That’s healing crisis. Don’t stop. Hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks you may feel better.
  2. If after a month on our therapy you still don’t feel better — the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you.
  3. If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

If you are still on chemo or radiotherapy (or are planning to do chemo or radiotherapy), or are taking other treatments elsewhere, go ahead and continue with these treatments first. There s no  need to rush to take our herbs.

Mery decided to give our therapy a try! This is what happened after a 28-day journey on her new path to healing.

Evaluation of health conditions after 28 days on CA Care Therapy

ProblemsBefore CA Therapy28 days after CA TherapyDifference in scoreComment
1. Left breast pain-1-10No improvement
2. Pain in arm pit-2-20No improvement
3. Shoulder & neck pain-1-10No improvement
4. Phlegm-1-10No improvement
5.Pain in left arm-2-11Slight improvement
6. Numbness of arm & fingers-2-11Slight improvement
7. Ringing in ears-2-11Slight improvement
8. Backache-3-12Improvement
9. Sleep-213Improvement. Listened to deep sleep music before bed.
10. Swelling of left arm-303No more swelling. Took Upper Edema tea.
11. Sweating0-1  
12. Energy12.51.5Improvement
13.  Overall health1.52.51Slight improvement

Note: 0 = no improvement

(-)1 to (-5) = higher value means getting worse

(+)1 to (+5) = higher value means getting better / improvement

Based on the score of 0 to 10, what score would you give your health today after 2 weeks on our herbs?

Patient replied:

  • Before taking your herbs health condition was 30% of the normal health.
  • After taking CA Care herbs … the health condition was 45%.

After 28 days of CA Care Therapy

  • Swelling reduced by 85%. Yesterday … new measurements showed improvements but still there is room for improvement compare to the right side.
  • I would say the herbs are working and has improved my quality of life without any medication. This is huge, after a full year of conventional treatment.
  • As with all natural remedies, it takes time to heal and I need to be patient during the process and am very thankful and grateful for you help.

When you were on our herbs for 2 weeks you experienced healing crisis or so called difficulties.

Compare this present situation when you were on TCM herbs before taking our herbs — what was your condition — did you experience such crisis after two weeks of treatment?

Reply: Not at all, actually felt nothing. 

When you were on medical treatment — did you experience such crisis after 2 weeks of the treatment?

Reply: No healing crisis but had lots of side effect. Each cycle was different and I went through side effects plus more pain, swelling and numbness.

I forgot to mention the wound appears smaller and more dry compared to week 1.


My bone has been a weak part of the body with sports injuries. I played hockey during my secondary school years and had falls. Finally I had a car accident resulting in multiple fractures and the tibia was nearly broken. Although the oncologist said it’s stabilized in June without further metastasis the CT scan showed T4, T9, T12 were fractured and these caused great pain. I felt much better now with the help of pain and bone teas.


The feedback from Mery has shown that after following our therapy, there seemed to be improvement! After 28 days of herbs, 8 out of 13 problems listed above had shown improvement. You cannot ask for more!

To all our patients, let me remind you again. We need to learn to be grateful for the blessing we receive. Remember that I told you from the very beginning: TRY OUR THERAPY FOR TWO TO FOUR WEEKS. If after a month on our therapy you still don’t feel better — i.e., the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you. If you feel better, continue with our therapy.