Healing Crisis

In an earlier post, https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2019/12/04/colon-cancer-surgery-and-chemo-did-not-cure-them-ended-up-in-a-more-dire-situation/, I wrote about SPW, a 53-year-old Indonesia. He had colon-liver cancer. He underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy. He suffered severe side effects during chemotherapy.

  • He lost 15 kg of body weight.
  • He was depressed.
  • He suffered severe fatigue.
  • He lost his appetite.
  • He could not sleep at night, and had to take sleeping pills.
  • His fingers were numb.
  • He had difficulty walking.
  • At night, he had to wake up four times to urinate.

The treatments did not cure him. SPW was asked to undergo more chemo. He refused and came to seek our help instead.

Like all patients, I warned SPW that he had to think carefully first before deciding to follow our therapy. Consider the following:

  • We do not have any magic bullet to cure him, although we might be able to help him.
  • Our herbal teas need to be boiled. They have bitter taste and awful smell.
  • Patients need to take care of his/her diet. You cannot eat anything you like.
  • Generally, for the first two or three weeks on the herbs, patients will suffer a “healing crisis.”

SPW was prescribed Capsule A, B, C, D and M. In addition he was asked to take Liver 1 + PLM, GI 1 + SAP and A-Kid-6 teas. He was also given Gastrovit for his “stomach wind.”

About a week after taking the herbs, this is what SPW wrote (translated from Indonesian).

6 December: Hello Dr. Chris Teo. Good morning.

We would like to notify you about the progress of SPW after almost 1 week of taking your herbs.

  1. I feel a bit weak and tired (to this day I am still weak … two days ago I felt good, fit and fresh … but starting yesterday it was a bit weak again). So far I can still do my usual activities and exercise
    2. Bowel movements become routine every day 1 or 2 times, before it was irregular — sometimes every day or two days once.
    3. Sorry in advance … Poop poop turns black and when flushed it’s easy to disintegrate … is it because of drinking herbs?
    4. Apart from that ok. Feel nothing. Stomach ulcers also do not recur during taking doctor’s herbs.

Thank you doctor. God bless dr and wife. Regards.
Reply: Keep taking the herbs — it’s 2-3 weeks after taking the herbs it’s going to be hard or difficult for you. Just be patient. Tell me again what happen after 2 or 3 more weeks.

20 December: Hello Dr. Chris Teo,]

For now my  body is still often weak. Regarding food, I still eat fish. Is that ok?

Reply: 21 December 2019: One important consideration. After taking herbs for 2 or 4 weeks. Is your condition better or becoming worse. .If it’s worse, don’t take my herbs anymore — find someone else to help you. If there is an impression that your condition is improving, then you should continue to take herbs. But do not expect taking 2 to 4 weeks of herbs to be cured. .

 26  December: Hello Dr. Chris,

Thank God my current conditions have improved. I have more energy and seldom feel weak like before. Earlier I felt lack of energy after every time after I took the herbal teas. My legs (and fingers) are less numb – much better now. Frequency of urination at night is reduced. My health has improved. Thank you.

A few days after this email, SPW’s wife flew to Penang and updated us on her husband’s condition.

Chris: He has taken the herbs for about a month now. Is he getting better?

Wife: Better.

C: Did he suffer (healing crisis) after taking the herbs for about 2 weeks?

W: Yes. Difficult. He became very weak – no energy. In fact, he said it was worse than while undergoing chemotherapy.

C: Did he not want to give up and stop taking the herbs? Was he not afraid having to suffer like that? Any pain besides the lack of energy?

W: No pain. Only lack of energy.

C: What happened after three weeks of taking the herbs?

W: He felt better. His energy started to come back. Is that the normal process patients have to go through after taking your herbs? So tired like that.

C: Yes, that’s normal and I have already warned him even before he even started to take the herbs. Generally this “healing crisis” will last for about two or three weeks. This is a cleansing process. So, he is okay now?

W: Yes, by the fourth week, he only feels tired once in a week.

Before taking the herbs.

C: Before taking the herbs, while undergoing chemo,  how was he?

W: He was tired. Had difficulty sleeping. Occasionally had “wind” in his stomach and he burped often.

C: And now, these problems are all gone? It looks like he has improved.

W: Yes. The numbness of this fingers and feet had improved. Before he had to wake up 4 times each night to urinate. Now it is reduced to only twice each night. His sleep is normal now. Looking at him now – he looks fine without any more symptoms.

Did he benefit from the herbs?

C:  As a person, did he benefit from herbs? That is all I want to know. Benefit or not?

W; Yes, he benefited (it is for this very reason that the wife flew to Penang, alone this time, to update us). But once a while, he did not feel good.

C: Of course that will happen.  We cannot expect him to be able to go around “running in a race”! Just be patient. Healing takes time. I do not have any cancer and I am not 100 percent problem-free. Sometimes I have pain here and there. That is to be expected.

Need to monitor progress? Do MRI, blood test?

 W: Do we need to go for MRI again? Before the doctor said, there is something in his liver.

C: Do you have to pay for the MRI or the social health insurance pays for it? But think first, what do you want to do next after getting the MRI result?

W: What about a check on his CEA?

C: If I were you, all these are not important anymore. But if you do NOT have to pay for all these procedures, go ahead if you want to do it. If you have to pay, then I think you are wasting your money.

OK, before doing all these (MRI, blood test), ask yourself first — What for? Just to know?  What can you do or what do you want to do after getting these results? If you find a “ghost” inside or the CEA was not good – what do you want to do next?

If he is living a normal live and is alright now, I think that is good enough. Why do you have to find problems if there is no problem.

I think, it is better for him to stay home and be happy. Do not create too much unnecessary problems for people around him.


  • I have warned SPW. After taking the herbs for two to three weeks, he would suffer. The cleansing process has to go on and it is going to be difficult for him for a while. I often tell patients, before you become well, you will need to go through “hell” first. There is nothing to worry about this. Hopefully by the fourth weeks, there will be no more “healing crisis” and patients will generally feel better.

Example, he had bowel movements twice a day – that is mild. Others have to go to the toilet 10 times a day!

That is exactly what SPW went through. He felt very tired – drained off much energy after taking the herbs.

But slowly after the third week of taking the herbs, he became better — more energetic, numbness of the fingers and feet were less, he could sleep better, etc.

  • When he wrote me, my initial advice was to be patient. Healing takes time. This is in spite of being warned even before he took the herbs that this is the way it is going to be. I understand, patients need assurance again and again. They are in a hurry wanting to get well. There is NO magic bullet here.


  • In spite of being told over and over again there is no magic bullet, some patients would go for scanning — CT, PET, MRI or do blood test – after taking the herbs for 3 to 4 weeks — again they expect magic! I often tell patients, Even if you tell me the tumour has shrunk or the CEA has become normal, I would not believe the results! Herbs do not do such magic!

 Let me share with you another story. This is a lady who came to seek our help. She was scheduled for 12 cycles of chemo but after the 11th cycle she fainted and was almost died. The oncologist told her to gave up chemo and go home. This treatment was given by the “best oncologist” in the “best” private hospital in Singapore. Not satisfied, she went to the “second most famous” in town and insisted to undergo more chemo. This second round of treatment did not help her either. Then she switched to the practice of Keto diet. After that she and her family came to seek our advice. She was prescribed herbs. After  a week or so, I received emails from the  family. The patient was suffering from healing crisis exactly like what SPW had experienced. She complained of being very tired. After the third week she went for her blood test. The numbers were worse than before. The family wanted to know WHY her blood count was low! Why this parameter was high, etc. etc. I was up front in my reply. I cannot explain for everything that had happened. My advice – please do not take my herbs anymore!

  • Generally this is what I ask patients after taking the herbs for about four weeks. Are you getting better or are you getting worse? If it’s worse, don’t take my herbs anymore — find someone else to help you. If your condition is improving, then you should continue taking the herbs. From experience I know that herbs do eventually help patients to get better but I want to be fair and I do not want to seen trying to mislead patients. There is no point “hanging on” to us if patients are not improving. You are wasting your precious time, besides spending money for an “ineffective therapy”. You have to decide and make your own choice.


  • This story of SPW has not end yet! The first battle was won but the “big war” is just about to begin. In my next posting, you will learn how those who “want-to-find-magic-bullet-type” of patients behave – after they feel a bit better, they want to eat anything they like, otherwise life has no meaning!

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