A Doctor’s Wife With Breast Cancer — How to help? A Dilemma

Mary (not real name) came to our centre with her parents and son. Sometime in September 2015, she found a cancerous  2.5 cm lump in her left breast. A lumpectomy was done and the histopathology report confirmed invasive ductal carcinoma, Grade 3. The lymphovascular permeation by tumour cells are frequently seen. The tumour was positive for estrogen and C-erB-2 receptors but  negative for progesterone receptor.

In view of the above results, Mary was asked to undergo the following treatments.

  1. a) Chemo – 12 cycles. The first three cycles, once every three weeks and the remaining nine cycles every week.
  2. b) In addition, Herceptin will be required for one whole year. This costs about RM 120,000.
  3. c) Radiotherapy, 20 sessions.
  4. d) Hormone therapy — to take Tamoxifen for 10 years (now, upgraded from 5 years!)
  1. Why did Mary come and see us?

She was not “happy” with the above treatment package. But she said since she is the wife of a medical doctor, these are the required treatments that her husband believe in.

Mary’s father said,  Since I knew that she was reluctant to undergo these treatments, I told her to come and see you. I know you from a friend who came to see you because of his wife’s cancer. But it was too late, she died.

  1. Can these treatment package cure your breast cancer?

Mary said, NO! It is only to prolong life.

Since doctors sometimes admit and sometimes do not admit that chemo / radiation are NOT able to cure patients, the next best thing to say it is done to prolong life! Making you live longer, never mind if it is like going through “hell” or otherwise.

Read what Dr. Levin said about chemotherapy.

Chemo die sooner Levin

  1. Chemo and radiation prolong life at what cost to Mary — emotionally, physically and financially?

Since Mary is a doctor’s wife, maybe paying hospital bills would not be a problem. After all, her husband doctor is working in the same hospital and the rest of the cancer doctors are his friends.

Patients differ in their response to chemo-drugs and radiation. You would not know how “good” or “bad” the side effects can be not until you have gone through the treatments yourself.

Reflect on what these authors wrote about chemotherapy:

30-Chemo-hell-wife-died-of- 12 Chemo-short-cut-to-make-mon

In Your Breast (pg. 175-189) I have documented some cases of women who had undergone similar treatment package which Mary is about to undergo! The results were disastrous.  You can also read these in our website: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/breast-cancer/

Many people would say that I am just being biased in trying to write only about failures.  Why so negative? Surely, there are patients who are “cured” by these treatments! Agreed, but unfortunately no one can tell you if you are going to succeed or fail with these treatments. If you fail, you may end up miserable or dead. Take you chance.

  1. No herbs for now. Bring your family — husband included, to see us.

I must admit I am in a difficult situation. I am sure Mary is also in a difficult position.

Yes, we have given herbs to doctors who had cancer before. We have given herbs to parents of doctors who had cancer. We have given herbs to nurses, radiographers and pharmacists. We had given herbs to a doctor’s wife after her medical treatments did not “cure” her. We had no problems doing that. So what is so special about this case that we have to share with you?

Before Mary’s case, there was a doctor’s wife who came to us. She had breast cancer. She came on the behest of her brother-in-law who had cancer and was “cured” by our herbs. Unfortunately, after meeting us she said she had to continue doing what her husband wanted her to do — chemo, radiation, etc.  She died.  So, here is Mary. Is she going down the same road?

We could foresee problems coming! Even though Mary might not want to go for medical treatments, she would be under tremendous pressure if she follows our therapy.  How does her husband feel about this? Will he give her full support in whatever she wants to do? Will he agree with the diet change that may eventually affect him and the children?

If Mary is under pressure — frustration, fear or emotional trauma — while undergoing our therapy then it would be a futile effort. Our therapy would fail.  Our therapy is not about killing the cancer cells or waging a war inside you with toxic drugs or radiation. It is about healing the whole person — body, mind and soul. This approach is a total opposite of medical modalities. So, can Mary find peace under this situation?

The only solution which is fair to all is to ask all members of the family to come together and we discuss what is best for Mary. In this meeting, we need to let go of our ego and entrenched beliefs. Neither should we try to put each other down. There is no room for saying my way is right or yours is wrong;  scientific or not scientific, proven or not proven. The meeting is not meant to be a confrontation. This meeting is about trying to help someone make a wise decision, so that she is at peace with herself, following what her heart wants.

Because of that, my advice to Mary was, Go home. Take time to read what we have written. Discuss with your husband what you think is best for you. I am not going to give you any herbs yet. There is no hurry to do that.

  1. As a compromise, Mary asked, Can I undergo all these chemo & radiation and take Tamoxfen while at the same time take your herbs?

It is not wise. Why don’t you go and do all these medical treatments first. If you need help later on, after these procedure are done, then come to us. We shall then help you. A person putting each leg on each sampan will not be able to sail down the river! At the core of this decision is FULL COMMITMENT. Half measures will not do.

Our herbs are not magic bullet that can cure your cancer. In addition to herbs, we ask you to change your diet and lifestyle. All these need full commitment — not only your commitment but also the support and commitment of the entire family. Any doubts or even negative comments can be demoralising and toxic.

  1. No wrong or right path to take

Dr. Susan Love is one of the world’s most outstanding breast cancer surgeon. Listen to what she had got to say.

3 No-right-or-wrong-journey

Dr. Kent Osborne of Baylor College of Medicine,  acknowledged the outcome of “scientific” breast cancer treatment by this statement:


Since the end result of the game is uncertainty, we always ask patients to go home and pray to their God. Speak to the Almighty Healer and ask for guidance. Then follow what the heart says!

9 Do-what-is-right-for-you 10 Decide-what-is-right-for-yo

  1. An Alternative View about Cancer Treatment

An alternative view of cancer treatment is NOT to regard the cancer as your enemy — the lump in your breast is just a manifestation of what has gone wrong within you. Therefore cutting out the lump, chemo or radiation may not be the answers to your cancer. Reflect on these quotations:

Cancer is not a disease


4 Holistic-therapy-benefit

Experts are dangerous Marcus

2 Natural-med-cheap-and-effec




Lung Cancer: Two Out Of Three Patients Cured By Chemo! True? False? Okay, Just Believe La

Johnny is a 65-yer-old Indonesian. He had been smoking for about 30 years but since the past 15 years had stopped this destructive habit.

Johnny’s problems started in mid-20015 when he had coughs with blood. He went to a doctor in Jakarta and an X-ray was done. The doctor said Johnny had TB (tuberculosis) and was given TB medication for 2 months. His condition worsen. He could not sleep at night.

Not satisfied Johnny came to a private hospital in Penang. An X-ray was done and the lung specialist concluded that Johnny also had TB. But Johnny told the doctor that he had been on TB medication for 2 months and this was not effective. This made the doctor request for a CT scan.  The CT scan results showed a tumour in his lung.

The lung specialist suggested that Johnny undergo surgery. Johnny lost faith in the doctor and told him that he would need time to consider his suggestion. Johnny flew off to Singapore for a second opinion.

In Singapore, Johnny did a PET scan.

Composite-1 Composite-2

  • PET scan showed an intensely FDG-avid 50 mm cavitated lung mass in the left upper lobe with several small nodules. This lung mass is suggestive of a lung primary while the small nodules are suggestive of metastatic disease.
  • The FDG-avid left hilar nodes and bilateral mediastinal nodes are likely metastatic nodes.

A CT guided left upper lobe lung biopsy was performed and confirmed  a moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.

Johnny was asked to undergo chemotherapy but he hesitated and decided to seek our help instead.

Listen to our conversation that day.



In Penang Hospital

Patient: After the CT scan he (lung specialist) asked me to undergo surgery.

Chris:  Operation?

Wife: Yes, within this 2 weeks.

C: Did you go for the operation?

W: No!

P: I did not want the operation.

C: Why did you not want to operate?

P: I am doubtful. We then flew to Singapore.

In Singapore Hospital

C: What did the Singapore doctor do?

P He asked me to do a PET scan.

C: You did the PET scan?

P: Yes.

W: We also requested him to do a blood test.

C: What did the doctor say after the PET scan?

P: There is tumour in my my lung and has “germ” but he was not sure what germ that was.

W: Not sure what kind of tumour. The doctor said it we want to be sure, we must do a biopsy.

C: Did you do the biopsy?


C: What did he want you to do after this?

W: He asked to go for chemo.

P: I did not want to do the chemo, so we flew to see youright away.

C: Did you ask how many chemos he wanted to give you?

W: Six times.

Can Chemo Cure You?

C: Did you ask if the chemo is going to cure you?

W: I asked. The doctor said, THREE persons did the chemo, TWO had “hasil” (results) but ONE person did not have result.

C: What do you mean by two people have “hasil”?

W: When three persons had undergone chemo, TWO persons will be cured. A majority were cured.

C: Can cure?

W: Yes, that’s what the doctor said. For most people.

C: Is this what you understand by two people had “results”. You understand it as being cured?

W: Yes, That is what the doctor said.

C: Really, can cure?

W: Yes.

C: Two had chemo and got cured, only one did not cure? And you don’t want that?

W: We don’t want.

C> Hey, this is better than gambling. Even gambling does not give you that chance! Please go and do the chemo because two out of three are cured — you better go for chemo. If this is true it is very good chance indeed.

Do You Believe This Statistics?

W: That is it. I did not believe (what they doctor said). That is why we come and see you.

C: Very smart indeed – that you don’t believe. That is why I ask patients to ask their doctors. One, can the chemo cure or not? Second, how much does it cost?

W: The doctor said the first shot of chemo cost SGD 12,500.

C: And you need to do 6 cycles?

W: Yes.

C: You need to pay quite a lot of money. Do you have to sell your house for this?

P: No, no, we never ask him what the rest of the treatment would cost. I told the doctor, I want to go home and to think about it first. My body cannot take the treatment!


Johnny, his wife and daughter came to CA Care. I must admit, when I first saw them, they appeared clueless (never judge the book by its cover!) but as I heard his story, I must admit this is what all patients should be — empowered and know what you want from your doctor! Don’t be led by the nose believing that you will find a miracle cure.

There are many lessons we can learn from this story.

  1. Many patients are often misdiagnosed — TB for cancer. And they were made to take TB medication for months before their doctors realized that it was a wrong diagnosis. So patients take note of this. If you are not satisfied with your diagnosis, go find another doctor to figure out what is wrong with you.
  2. After taking TB medication for 2 months, Johnny’s condition deteriorated. Do you want to continue taking the medication? Or is it time for you to find out what is actually wrong with you? Johnny took a wise move, he came to Penang to seek a second opinion. In fact, when you come to CA Care, we also tell you clearly and bluntly. If you follow our therapy for two weeks or a month and don’t get better, please go and find someone else for help.
  3. In Penang, Johnny was again told that he had TB — again a misdiagnosis. Johnny did not keep quiet. He told the doctor about the earlier misdiagnosis. It was wonderful that this doctor listened to Johnny (some doctors don’t listen to their patients!). The CT scan picked up a tumour in Johnny’s lung. Just imagine if Johnny took it as it is — go home with more TB medication from Penang, even though the TB medication in Jakarta was useless. So the lesson here is: Patients, speak up if you think the doctor is not doing it right!
  4. The lung specialist in Penang suggested surgery — to be done within 2 weeks. Unless it is an emergency, be careful about being pushed to do things immediately. Patients need to be give space and time to think things over or given a chance to seek a second or third opinion. Why the rush? Johnny was right again on this score. In his mind, the same doctor had misdiagnosed him and now this same doctor is rushing to “cut” him up. Johnny was doubtful and ran off to Singapore.
  5. In Singapore Johnny’s problem was more defined — PET scan and biopsy confirmed lung cancer. This time the doctor did not want to “cut” him up, he wanted to chemo him! Do you learn anything from this? If you go to the barber, know that he will snip your hair. If you go to the surgeon, no matter what, you will end up on the operating table. If you go to a radiologist know that his answer is radiation — they say “burn” you. And in the case of Johnny, he went to an oncologist who main job is to chemo you — or “poison” you. And if you come to us, we cannot do all these. So we ask you drink some herbs and take care of your diet. So what treatment you get depends to who to go to. Who is right, you want to ask. No one has the monopoly of being right. So pick your choice.
  6. The oncologist in Singapore suggested 6 cycles of chemo — the first cycle cost SGD 12,500. The remaining expenses, Johnny was not interested to know! Why? Because he did want to undergo chemo. We always remind patients to ask about the cost of the treatment so that you are aware of what you are going into. Don’t die a bankrupt! Many patients did tell us that they have to sell their house or land to pay for the medical bills. One lung cancer patient spent SGD 1 Million for his 2-year treatment. And he died.
  7. The most important question that patient should ask the doctor is, Will the treatment cure me? Some patients do not dare ask the doctor this, but some do. We wonder — why are you afraid to ask this question? If the doctor is not prepared to answer this question, then do you still want him to put the “poison” into you? Go find someone else who can do the same job but who is more caring. Also when you ask the doctor this question, look into his / her eyes and see how he /she react. See if he/she is being truthful in answering this question. One lesson to learn. Some doctors give honest answers but some give less than honest and biased answers.

Johnny was told that with chemo his lung cancer has a great chance of being cured. Out of THREE patients who have undergone chemo, TWO showed results. Obtaining results is understood by Johnny and his wife as being cured. We do not know how true it is but we again emphasize to Johnny that indeed if 2 out of 3 can be cured by 6 cycles of chemo, then he must go for it. That would be a great achievement. Our concern is that Johnny and his wife misunderstand the doctor — result does not necessarily mean  cure! Results can mean anything — dead, half dead , sufferings or half cured.

Below are some examples of what some oncologists told their patients about the “success” of their chemotherapy.







  1. We asked Johnny. Why didn’t you want to go for chemo? His wife replied, I did not believe (what they doctor said). As said earlier, here was a couple in front of us — they appeared “uneducated and naive.”  What make them so empowered to dispute the doctor?  We have no answer to that question.

Over the years, we did come across very educated patients but they appeared to being led by the nose — believing everything that is being fed to them. Yet, there are some others who appeared “naive” but they have a mind of their own and they know what the “truth” is!

Let us end this case story by asking you to ponder the documented facts about chemo treatment of lung cancer as we know today.

Lung survival rate Lung survival rate2Lung survival rateAustralia

Lung survival rate3





Ella Survived Two Cancers Even Without Chemo or Radiation

Ella is from Australia. Many, many years ago, Ella was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was told to undergo chemotherapy. She refused, turned to herbs and cured herself.

Later, Ella started a mission to help cancer patients in Australia. One day, while driving home from the hospital after collecting her mother’s ashes , Ella took a wrong turn and the road led her to a garden centre. Ella met Jim who introduced her to CA Care. https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2015/09/08/ella-found-ca-care-after-turning-into-the-wrong-road/

Ella wrote us and later we got to meet Ella in Kuala Lumpur. From then on we kept it touch. Fate has it that 7 years ago, Ella was down with another cancer — endometrium cancer. She underwent surgery to remove the large tumour.  She was asked to go for chemotherapy. Her surgeon said, Without chemo you have three months. With chemotherapy, you have two and a half-years. This means even with chemotherapy, Ella would not be cure! Ella promptly refused chemotherapy and opted for CA Care Therapy.

One year later, Ella and her friend visited Penang. At that point in time, Ella had proven her doctor’s prognosis wrong! We wrote about Ella’s story then. https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/01/28/cancer-of-the-endometrium-no-chemo-you-live-only-three-months-with-chemo-two-and-a-half-years-with-herbs-she-is-still-having-fun-after-more-than-three-years/

Let us admit, then — surviving only a year — we were also too sure! Could she continue to live two and half years and again prove that her doctor was wrong? The odds were stacked against us! For how long can an Australian continue to take the bitter, awful tasting herbs? Will she give up after a while? What about her diet? Can she eat healthy? Forgo the steak, turkey, ham, beacon, milk, etc., etc.

October 2015 – seven years later: It was indeed a privilege and blessing to be able to meet Ella again in Penang. Ella and husband, Peter stayed in our home for three nights en route to Scotland. In 2008, Ella told us, the surgeon said she would have only two and half years to live, even with chemotherapy. But now she has lived three times longer than predicted and still going on strong.

Let Ella tell you her story.

Her survival against two cancers.

What does it take to win?

No two ways about it, if you want to survive and succeed, you need to change your diet and take the herbs, have peace of mind and a strong desire and determination to live.

Lastly, we spoke to Ella about how to keep healthy and going!

Ella Found CA Care After Turning Into The Wrong Road

One of our favourite questions we ask patients is: Who ask you to come here? Or, How do you know us? Over the years, we were given many interesting answers. The answers made us believe that in this Universe, we don’t live in isolation. Human beings are interconnected and things happened for a reason.

Ella, is an Australian. Many years ago she came to know about CA Care. Let her tell you what happened that day.



Ella’s mother died in the hospital. She went to pick up her ashes and the container was placed by her side as she drove home. With a heavy heart, probably saddened with her mom’s death, Ella drove into a “wrong” road instead of going straight on home.

Ella ended up at a garden centre. She did not know why she was there. Ella believed that mom is always her guardian angel. She turned to her “mom” and asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?”

Ella walked into the garden centre, eyes still filled with tears. She told Jim, the owner of the centre, that she did not why she was there in the first place. Jim asked Ella, “Are you alright? Do you have cancer?” Ella did not have cancer at that time, but she has a charity that helps cancer patients. Jim led Ella to his office and showed her our CA Care books.

That’s how Ella got to know us! Simple story but it has a lot of implications if you care to ask and reflect on this event.

  1. This happened somewhere in Melbourne, Australia — not Malaysia!
  2. Why was Jim so nice to Ella. She did not even know why she ended in Jim’s garden centre. She was not a prospective customer.
  3. How does Jim know CA Care? Jim is a Malaysian who knew Chris a long time ago. They were both from the Agricultural College.
  4. Why did Ella take the wrong turn to go home? Talking to her mom’s ashes, she asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?”
  5. For most people, the story just ends there. But Ella felt there is something to what had happened. She visited Malaysia in June 2007 and took time to meet Chris in Kuala Lumpur. From then, we kept in touch.
  6. In November 2008, we received a three-page fax from Australia with the following message:

“Here are the results of the tests. I am going in for an operation tomorrow 28 November 2008. I will call as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support and love. Good health and lots of laughter. Love, Ella.”

  • The medical report indicated, “in the pelvis, the uterus is markedly enlarged with extensive heterogenous soft tissues measuring 7 x 10 cm in maximal diameters, entirely consistent with endometrial tumour.Conclusion: Intrauterine tumour. Poorly differentiated carcinoma favouring uterine origin. No evidence of tumour spread elsewhere.”
  • Immediately, Ella had an operation.
  • She was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Without these follow up treatments, the surgeon said she would probably have 3 months to live!
  • Ella opted for CA Care herbs and turned down further medical treatment (it is now, 2015 and Ella is doing fine. More of this later).
  1. “Mom, are you trying to tell me something?” Mother has always been a loving and caring person. Even if mom was gone, she is still Ella’s guardian angel.

“Nothing in this world happens without a reason. That we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, and that the pieces of the puzzle have a tendency to come together when you least expect it.”
 Jane Green, The Beach House

Better to let the doctors take care of her. We can’t cure her!

HL came to see us on behalf of her 70-yer-old mother who was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Her mother had been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks. She needed blood transfusion every 2 days because her platelets count was down to 1.0 (normal range 150-400). Her red blood count had stabilized at 8.0. For the past 1 week HL’s mother was given steroid injection.

What to do now?

  1. The doctor suggested chemotherapy and this would be a 50:50 chance. The idea is to “control” the cancer.
  2. If the patient does not want chemo, it is okay. But according to the doctor it would be a “hopeless” case. She could stay in the hospital to receive supporting treatment, such as blood transfusion, etc. when needed.

Desperate and not knowing what to do, HL came to seek our opinion. Listen to our conversation that day.




Gist of what we talked about. We hope that all who come and seek our help learn this too.

Part 1

  1. What can we do with her platelets so low. Let her stay in the hospital and let the doctors take care of her. They have all the facilities to assist her.
  2. The doctors did not pressure the family to do chemotherapy — they are open. To do chemo, they claimed it would be a 50:50 chance (of what?) but not to do chemo it would be a case without any “hope”.
  3. The daughter asked the doctor: Her condition is deteriorating, can she stand the chemo? The doctor said it would a modified low dosage.
  4. The question to ponder: Even when you give full dosage, you cannot cure the cancer, what do you expect to get with a low dosage?
  5. The doctor said chemo is just to suppress or control the cancer. To put the cancer cells to sleep.
  6. Daughter was very concerned about the side effects of chemo but someone told her that chemo had to be done to cure the cancer first. Only after the cure, then she can try natural therapy.
  7. Question to ponder: What happen if the chemo kills the patient right away?
  8. With your mother’s condition — platelet = 1, did you ever ask the doctor if your mother is going to be able to survive the chemo treatment? Can it kill her right away or not? Reply: Yes, that’s our worry too.
  9. I would be very happy if the chemo does not kill your mother. But know that nobody can cure any cancer. When you come and see us, don’t ever believe that we are going to be able to cure your mother’s cancer.
  10. 10.Since your mother is now in the hospital, let her stay there and you should follow the doctors’ instructions. Don’t take our herbs. Because if anything goes wrong, after she takes the herbs, you are going to blame us.
  11. Many people are like that. They sent us e-mails asking if our herbs caused these problems or that problems. And their cases were already medically given up. For this type of people I say — Please don’t come and see us.
  12. When you take our herbs, you may feel unwell first (healing crisis) before you start feeling better.

Part 2

  1. Know that everyone has to die. Today, I am not sick but I may also die tomorrow. That is the reality. It is a fact.
  2. With your mother’s condition like that, platelet = 1, what is the chemo going to do for her? Daughter: That is why the oncologist said there is only a 50:50 chance.
  3. You have to decide, she is your mother. Daughter: There is no other solution.
  4. Do chemo, your mother may die, don’t do chemo she may also die.
  5. Let me remind you. If you don’t do the chemo and if your mother dies, people will blame you and you are going to regret. If you do chemo and she died you will also regret. In life you cannot win all the time. And I know, in cancer, most people are going to lose.
  6. So go back, take time and discuss with your two brothers and sister. Decide what you want to do.
  7. You come here wanting herbs, believing that these are going to cure your mother — forget about that. Our herbs are not magic. We cannot cure her cancer. That is why I ask you to go home and think about what you want to do.
  8. Daughter: With my mother’s condition like this, we cannot wait! Aya, always want to win! There is still time.
  9. Daughter: You mean the herbs cannot cure her? Cure cannot — how can? I don’t see how our herbs can help her. You expect the platelets to go up by tomorrow after taking the herbs? No way.
  10. Daughter: Can she just take the herbs for a while? Well, what do you say if she dies?
  11. Daughter: Are there any herbs to strengthen her body now? There is no magic bullet.
  12. Daughter: While doing the chemo, no need for her to take herbs? NO. Because if anything happens, the doctor is going to blame the herbs.
  13. Daughter: Can she take your herbs after her chemo? We will wait and see what happen first after the chemo.

Go home and Pray

  1. You pray to who? Reply: Buddha.
  2. Okay, go home and pray to Buddha. Ask Buddha for an answer — now that my mother is in this condition, Buddha can you help me and tell me what shall I do now? If Buddha says do not go for chemo then you can come back and see me again. But if Buddha says she goes for chemo, then go ahead and do the chemo. This is the only sensible advice I can give you.
  3. There is this lady from Indonesia. She was scheduled to do chemotherapy on Monday. But on Friday she came to see us. She was not happy with chemotherapy. I told her to go back and pray to Jesus (since she is a Christian). Ask Jesus to tell her what she should do — go for chemo or not. We did not give her any herbs yet. On Monday, she came back and said God has given her the answer. She would not go for chemo. Only then we gave her the herbs.
  4. I am telling you to do the same thing. Go home and pray to Buddha and ask for guidance. By doing this, you cannot blame anybody anymore. And you will be at peace with yourself.
  5. We respect all religions. Many people came here and told us that Buddha asked them to come and see us. Some said Kuan Yin asked them to come. And some Christians said God showed them the way to see us.
  6. Let me say again, we cannot answer all the questions you asked. Nobody can answer all the questions either. The One who can answer you is Buddha. So go home and take time to pray to Buddha. Ask one simple question — What do I do now. I am lost. I have been praying to You for so long. Please let me have Your guidance.
  7. Follow your heart, not your brain.
  8. Now, there are millions of people out there. Ask them and you get a million answers.
  9. For now, don’t take our herbs yet. Like your mother I am just as desperate. I am also in the hole. I give you the herbs … that does not seem right. My conscience is not clear. And I also cannot sleep.


Many patients and their family members are often made to believe that chemotherapy — even if it cannot cure cancer — can prolong life and can control the cancer from spreading. They are also told that chemotherapy can also promote patients’ quality of life. Do you believe all these?

Ask those who have undergone chemotherapy and see what they have to say! Some told us they went through “hell” while undergoing chemotherapy but so far no one has yet tell us that undergoing chemo is a “heavenly” experience. Yes, some patients did say they did not suffer much during their chemo. Some said they could tolerate the chemo. But some others said after one, two or six shots of chemo, their loved ones just died. So, in chemo it is always, to each your own.

To say that chemo would prolong your life or improve your quality of life — as in the case above — may be stretching the imagination a bit too far. Research has shown that these claims are not necessarily true. On the contrary even the American Society of Clinical Oncology acknowledged that in some or most cases, chemotherapy was wasteful and unnecessary, in cases where cancer was too far advanced.




Perhaps you may wish to ponder seriously the advice of Drs. Blanke & Fromme below.


What about the claim that chemotherapy can stop the cancer from spreading or make the cancer cells go to sleep? It is indeed most shocking to know what some cancer researchers tell us.

Read this:  Chemo spreads and makes cancer more aggressive.



Our final word 

When patients come and see us. Please show us your commitment and show us that you really believe in what we are doing. Of course, you can come here for “shopping” — just to know what to do, but we want you to go home after that to make your own decision. Please do not ask us to decide if you should go for chemo or not. Also do not come saying my doctor said this or my doctor said that. We know in cancer there is no right or wrong answer. So it is no use commenting of what others say you should do or not do. Know that YOU, and you alone must decide what you want to do with your cancer. We can only provide up to date, honest information, but whatever you want to do after that must be your own decision and your responsibility.

You may also wish to read our earlier postings:

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Look at the Bigger Picture Part 2. You don’t have to “swallow” everything that they offer you!

Look at the Bigger Picture Part 1. Misguided advice about your diet!

Ina called to ask if she could come to our house. She was so excited and wanted to share with us the “good” news after meeting her doctor.

Who is Ina?  She is our patient and also a friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012,  almost 3 years ago. She had a mastectomy but declined chemotherapy, radiotherapy and taking of Tamoxifen. Indeed a daring lady!

Ever since after her surgery to this day, Ina had been under pressure from her doctor urging her to go for chemo and radiation. Ina flatly refused! Then the doctor insisted that at least she should take Tamoxifen!

Why was Ina so excited and wanting to see us?  Two reasons.

Reason number two.  Her liver was just doing fine! Now, her doctor did not bring up the subject of her liver metastasis and this time did not “pushed” her to go for chemotherapy!

A misdiagnosed liver metastasis?

For the past two years Ina had been living under stress. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012 and had a mastectomy, her doctor insisted that she undergo chemotherapy.  Her doctor was unhappy that Ina was adamant not to follow his advice! In fact, the doctor was also not happy with a Chris Teo for not pushing Ina to go for chemo!

Ina’s doctor became more unhappy after the result of an USG on 20 January 2013. The doctor told Ina that her cancer had spread to her liver based on the result below:

A few hypoechoic cysts measuring 9.6 to 18.4 mm are seen in the right and left lobe of liver. No solid component is seen within these cysts. No other focal liver lesion is seen.

Ina was asked to go for a PET scan, and an X-ray. Ina refused these procedures.

Then, about a year later, a follow up USG showed the following:

  • The right lobe of liver shows mildly hyperechoic module close to the IVC and the medial part of the right hemidiaphragm. This measures about 38 x 27 x 36 mm. Apart from this, there is at least another mildly hyperechoic solid nodule in the right lobe in segment 8, measuring about 12 mm.
  • Smaller nodules cannot be excluded in the right lobes of the liver.
  • There are two simple cysts in the right and left lobes of the liver, measuring about 25 and 12 mm.

Impression: In view of past history, I would suggest further imaging to exclude metastatic disease. Haemangionmas may also give a similar appearance.

The doctor insisted that Ina go for a PET scan! Ina again refused. The doctor asked Ina, Don’t you tell Chris Teo that the cancer has already gone to the liver?  The doctor wrote Chris Teo a letter below!


It is nice of her doctor to caution me with this note. But yes, I was very much aware that breast cancer can spread to the liver, bone, lung or the brain. I have also seen cases after cases of metastatic cancer before (agreed, not as many as the doctors!). Let me remind you what I wrote in my book, Your Breast (pg.120, 135 and 139).

Pg 120 Pg 135 Pg 139

The questions we posed to Ina were basically this:

  1. Okay, you were asked to do the PET scan – to know if the cancer had spread to any other parts of the body. But do you want to follow up with medical treatments. Go for chemo or radiation or even surgery again if there was a spread to somewhere? Ina said, NO – I would not want any more medical treatments. That being the case, why go for a PET scan then? What benefit do you get from just wanting to know?
  2. Now, the doctor implied said that there were secondaries in her liver. Ina needed chemotherapy right away. Ask the doctor first, Can chemotherapy cure her metastatic liver cancer?

Before her death, Amy Cohen Soscia – a breast cancer patient in the US, said: There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer. It never goes away. You just move from treatment to treatment.

Was Ina’s liver metastasis a misdiagnosis?

In May 2015, we requested Ina to go for a checkup since at that time she was concerned about a lump in her right breast (Part 1 of this story).  USG of the abdomen was done and the following were the results.

  • The right lobe of the liver shows a simple cyst measuring about 28 mm. There are two mildly hyperechoic solid right lobe hepatic nodules which are probably haemangiomas. They have not changed significantly in sizes since the previous examination.
  • The larger lesion seen near the IVC measures about 37 x 28 x 37 mm. The smaller lesion seen more peripherally measures about 9 mm in the right lobe of the liver.
  • The left lobe of the liver also shows a small cyst measuring about 9.8 mm in size.

The results of Ina’s liver function test were as follows:

Liver function
ALT 15
AST 23
GGT 19
Alkaline phosphatase 49


Based on the above results, the doctor “stopped” talking about Ina’s liver problem. The question of her undergoing chemotherapy for her liver metastasis just vanished! Ina was very much at ease. So happy — NO more pressure from her doctor!

After about 3 years later, someone has decided that the “perceived” liver metastasis is probably not a cancer after all. The question which I would like ask is this, What could have happened to Ina if she were to follow her doctor’s advice and went for chemotherapy for the “perceived” liver metastasis? Would she be as healthy as she is today or dead? Your guess would be as good as ours!

Bravo, after taking the liver herbs the results were clear. The liver nodules have not changed significantly in sizes since the previous examination. If the herbs were not helpful, the nodules would have grown bigger. Right? No? And more important, if the herbs were useless, Ina would have been very sick by now! No?

We always tell patients to learn to live with their cancer! We praise God for this blessing.

Ina’s liver nodules are not giving her any problem – and she is well, healthy with no pain; can eat, can sleep and can go about doing her normal daily routine – what else does she want? That is looking at the bigger picture! She need NOT do things to please her doctor!

As a gentle reminder, can you learn something from these two sad stories? Or do we have to write more of such stories to make you understand?

2.3 cm Malignant Breast Lump: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation — Disaster


Selling Empty Promise ?: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2014/05/21/breast-cancer-part-23-does-chemotherapy-make-sense/


 (The above failed treatment in Singapore cost about RM 500,000)

After All Else Failed They Came to CA Care. Case of Intracranial Malignant Melanoma

Hui is a 9-year old girl. At birth she had many birth marks/moles ( medically referred to as naevus or naevi).  Over the years, these marks became itchy. Other than that Hui had no problem until September 2014, when she was 8 years old. Hui started to vomit, had headaches and seizure. MRI done on 11 September 2014 indicated “a solid mass lesion in the right thalamus measuring 40 x 42 x 43 mm.”

Where is the Thalamus?


The thalamus is a small structure within the brain located just above the brain stem between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain and has extensive nerve connections to both. The main function of the thalamus is to relay motor and sensory signals to the cerebral cortex. It also regulates sleep, alertness and wakefulness. http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-the-Thalamus.aspx

A biopsy was done and the result showed “features are more in favour of malignant melanoma… in view of the presence of pigmented skin lesions.”

Hui underwent an operation  (crionotomy and EVD insertion) on 2 October 2014. “An attempt to debulk the tumour was abandoned as the tumour was very vascularised.” However, tumour debulking was finally done on 3 October 2014. Histopathology report confirmed malignant melanoma.

A follow up MRI on 11 November 2014 showed “no evidence of residual tumour or tumour recurrence.”

Barely 3 months later, MRI on 30 December 2014, showed tumour recurrence, “it measures approximately 3.1 x 2.3 x 3.7 cm. It appeared to be progressively increasing in size.”

At this point, the parents refused to have further medical treatment as they wanted to try alternative treatment.

On 1 February 2015, Hui had headaches again and started to vomit. She was rushed to the emergency. An urgent CT scan of the brain showed “a dense tumour measuring 5.3 x 3.5 x 5.9 cm with evidence of intratumoural hemorrhage” (internal bleeding).  A left front EVD was inserted to drain the hemorrhage. (EVD: external ventricular drain extraventricular drain; or ventriculostomy. A plastic tube is placed by neurosurgeon to drain fluid from the brain).

A skin biopsy was done over the right giant naevus (birthmark). The result showed “benign intra-dermal naevus”.

Hui underwent another operation – “right re-crionotomy and tumour debulking” on 12 February 2015.  The father said the  tumour was cut out but unfortunately the tumour expanded and the skull could not be put back. Hui was discharged and went home with her head without the “sawn off” skull. However, she was alright and was able to move around.

Unfortunately Hui developed persistent vomiting. A repeat CT scan on 27 February 2015 showed increasing hydrocephalus (fluid) and 2 VP shuntswere inserted. “A revision of the shunt was performed on 3 March 2015 as it was not properly placed.

Her doctor wrote, ” She was quite well since then,  and was discharge on 6 March 2015. We are greatly sorry for not being able to do MRI brain for her as our machine was broken down and her unstable conditioin.”

Hui was referred to KLGH for radiation. The parents were undecided whether to undergo radiotherapy or not and came to seek our advice. According to her parents, Hui was very weak.


It is indeed a hard case for us to handle. Should Hui undergo radiotherapy? We cannot provide that answer. The parents will have to make that decision.

We have seen many “disastrous” results after a brain operation.

2 Surgery-as-last-resort

4 When not to operation

Dr. Jeffrey Tobia and Kay Eaton (in Living with Cancer) wrote: As far as cure is concerned, there is no use pretending that brain tumours are truly curable.

5 Ssurgery come back again


This is a message we received on 18 August 2015, from the monk who brought Hui to see us.

On a sad note, the young girl with the brain melanoma passed away on Thursday morning after lapsing into unconsciousness for a week. After we saw you, she underwent the Gamma knife therapy in KL the following week and a couple more VP shunts. The tumours re-grew in about a week in different areas of the brain.

What to do now? Do we have to give up? Here is a sweet story that crossed our path – a melanoma case that had spread to the lungs.

Capture 1



Comic available at: http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=73

 Information from the Internet

Metastatic Intracranial Melanoma

  • Melanoma is a malignancy of melanocytes, which are pigment-producing cells derived from the neural crest. This condition constitutes 3% of all cancers diagnosed in the United States; it is the most lethal form of skin cancer and the third most common malignancy that causes central nervous system (CNS) metastases, after lung and breast cancer. The primary tumor may occur at any location on the skin or, less commonly, on the mucus membranes or other locations. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1158059-overview
  • Malignant melanoma (MM) is often reported as the third most common cause of intracranial metastasis after carcinoma of the breast and lung. Most patients with advanced MM will have widespread extracranial disease, but the majority will die from intracerebral spread. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7834426
  • 7% of patients diagnosed with melanoma subsequently developed intracranial metastasis. The prognosis of cerebral metastatic melanoma is dismal. Without treatment, the average survival time from the beginning of neurologic symptoms was 65 days in one study . Even with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the survival time has only been extended to a range of 4 months to approximately 2 years. http://radiopaedia.org/articles/intracranial-metastatic-melanoma-2
  • Primary intracranial melanoma is uncommon and accounts for only approximately 1% of all cases of melanoma. http://www2.cmu.edu.tw/~mtjm/full-text/7%282%29p118-123.pdf
  • Central nervous system (CNS) metastases occur in 10 to 40% of patients with melanoma. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3197072/


  • Disseminated metastatic disease, including brain metastases, is commonly encountered in malignant melanoma. The classical treatment approach for melanoma brain metastases has been neurosurgical resection followed by whole brain radiotherapy. Traditionally, if lesions were either too numerous or surgical intervention would cause substantial neurologic deficits, patients were either treated with whole brain radiotherapy or referred to hospice and supportive care. Chemotherapy has not proven effective in treating brain metastases.


  • Metastatic melanoma patients overall have a median survival of only 6–10 months and a 5-year survival of less than 10% .There has been virtually no improvement in survival of those patients in the past several decades. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jsc/2011/845863/


Breast Cancer: No chemo or radiation. Only on CA Care herbs

Eda – 49-year-old female from Indonesia – had a lump in her right breast. USG and mammography showed an irregular isodenesity radioopaque lesion (9×7 mm) in the upper outer quadrant of right breast with spiculated sign, highly suggestive of malignancy. Enlarged lymph nodes were seen in both axilla, the right axilla being 10 mm in size.

Eda came to a private hospital in Penang in May 2010. A whole body CT scan showed no metastatic spread. Eda immediately underwent a lumpectomy. The right breast lesion was 15 x 10 x 10 mm. It was an invasive lobular carcinoma, Grade 2. The surgical margins were not involved. Eda underwent a second round of surgery to remove the right axilla sentinel nodes. These were cancer-free.

The tumour cells were positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors but negative for P53 and e-Erb2.

On  follow up, a few weeks later, Eda was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She promptly refused and came to seek our help.



Almost five years later, January 2015, Eda met up with us and said that she was doing fine!

The blood test results over the years are as follows:

ESR Platelet CEA CA 15.3
25 Oct 2010 19 317 0.9 2.5
3 May 2011 23 H 316 0.7 1.7
5 May 2012 12 352 1.0 3.4
14 May 2013 15 321 Less than 0.5 4.5
25 April 2014 10 316 Less than 0.5 4.8
31 Jan 2015 18 322 1.6 3.3


Lessons we can learn from Eda

Lesson 1:  Eda underwent surgery twice but refused chemotherapy or radiotherapy as recommended by her surgeon. Even if her tumours were positive for estrogen and progesterone she was not on Tamoxiffen. She was taking a great risk, as far as medical believers are concerned. But does it mean that after surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and Tamoxifen she will be cured of her cancer? Not necessarily. Read this sad story. Breast Cancer: When a so-called “cure” was not a cure  In this case, due to a thumb-sized lump, MT had a mastectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. She took Tamoxifen for 5 years. MT was told by her doctor that her breast cancer was at an early stage and that she had a 90 percent chance of complete cure with the treatments that she had undergone. MT believed her doctor and did exactly as what was told. Each year she came back to her doctor for routine checkup. At every visit she was told that she was fine.

After 5 years, MT was told to stop Tamoxifen because she was already cured. But barely a year later, in April 2011, MT started to have pains in her tail bone and shoulder blade. Then her legs started to hurt as well. She became breathless and was unable to walk far. MT returned to her doctor and was told that  her cancer had recurred in her bone and lung. MT asked her doctor why the cancer recurred. The doctor’s answer,  “ I do not know why. But don’t blame yourself. It is your fate.  Also the recurrence has nothing to do with what you eat. It is just your fate.”

Here is another tragic story. Breast Cancer Went Wild After Surgery, Chemo-Radiotherapy. E-Therapy Helped Relieve Her Pains

Ask yourself this question, what could have happened to Eda if she were to undergo chemotherapy as recommended by her doctor? Will she suffer the same fate as these unfortunate patients?

To rub salt to the wound, MT was told by her doctor that recurrence was just due to her luck. It is like saying “One-Big-Fool” was running a casino “Up-There.” The destiny of mankind down-here was determined by the rolling of a dice. It seems  more acceptable for the educated to promote this theory than admitting that “scientific medicine” had failed her.

Dr. Lorraine Day was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. She had invasive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. But the tumour soon recurred and became very aggressive. She decided to break rank and refused chemo or radiation …”because those therapies often lead to death.” Dr. Day cured her cancer by rebuilding her immune system through natural therapies. Read her story here, http://drday.com/

Paula Black, followed Dr. Day’s foot step; she had an aggressive breast cancer. Without chemo and radiation, the doctor said Paula would have only 3 to 6 months (maximum) to live. Paula had a double mastectomy but refused chemo or radiation. She went on to cure herself through natural therapies. Read her story, https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2015/01/19/advanced-breast-cancer-part-2-to-die-or-to-heal-is-your-choice/





Lesson 2: It is now almost 5 years since Eda was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Is she cured of her breast cancer? We told Eda, NO! Don’t be fooled by believing that cancer is cured after surviving 5 years. When patients go to their doctors or when they come to us, they WANT a cure for their cancer. Cure means it is gone and never come back again. Unfortunately, this never happens in the real world of cancer. Our aunty’s cancer recurred after 13 years and she died. A member of our church had breast cancer and she survived 9 years before the cancer spread to her brain. She had radiation and died.

We tell Eda (and also all patients who come to us). Stay on the course, don’t go back to your old lifestyle again. Continue with what you are doing that made you well – why change?




8 cm Liver Tumour Shrunk After 8 Months On Herbs. Still Alive and Well After 2 Years

About a year ago, we documented the story of AS in our posting,  Liver Cancer: 3 cm Tumour OUT, 8 cm Tumour IN After 9 Months and S$28,000-Surgery.

Briefly these were what happened to AS.

  • He underwent a cholecystectomy on 31 December 2011 in Indonesia due to gallstones. During the open surgery the surgeon also did a liver biopsy for suspicious liver lesions.
  • AS went to Singapore for a second opinion. A review of his biopsy tissues showed poorly differentiated liver tumour.
  • PET/CT scan revealed a mass in the left lobe of his liver, measuring 3.2 x 2.6 cm
  • AS subsequently underwent a liver surgery in Singapore.
  • CT scan on 16 August 2012 showed no evidence of recurrent HCC.
  • However, PET/SC scan on 11 March 2013 revealed recurrent HCC with mass measuring           0 x 4.8 cm.
  • Trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE) of the liver tumour was attempted but failed.
  • With no other option left, the doctor suggested chemotherapy or Nexavar.
  • AS promptly rejected chemo and came to seek our help on 14 April 2013.
  • His alpha feto-protein on 15 April 2013 was at 1,064.

Video 1: Liver tumour: Surgery and TACE failed.



The question we all wish to ask is, What happened to AS after taking the herbs? The answer is, He is well and very much alive. CT in December 2013 (8 months after taking herbs) indicated the tumour had shrunk to 5.2 x 2.2 x 3.9 cm in size.

About 2 years later, 18 January 2015, AS and his wife came to visit us. AS’s wife was very agitated and upset. Since the past few weeks AS had been taking “bad food” – food that we tell patients not to eat. On top of that AS sometimes was not taking the herbs as he used to do.

Listen to this video.

Video 2: To live or to die is your choice!



Briefly my message to AS (and also all cancer patients) that night was very clear, crude and blunt.

  1. When patients are “half dead,” they would follow our advice without protest. But when they get well, most of them will “misbehave.” That is normal.
  2. To live or to die is your choice.
  3. There is no need to be upset about the patient’s choice. If he wants to die, let him die.
  4. My experiences have shown that if a patient eats anything he/she likes, this “good time” would probably last about 2 months. After that the cancer would recur and he/she cannot “enjoy” food anymore.
  5. I also told AS, Perhaps it is time you stop taking the herbs. Go home and eat a lot of what you want to eat and “go” faster.
  6. AS had lived for almost 2 years. He should be grateful that he is still alive – healthy and without pain. What more do you want? Be grateful for what you are now!

I wish to state too that telling AS the above was not done with anger! I have learned a lesson from one of our patients earlier on. His argument for wanting to eat anything he likes is because he does not want to go hungry. After all he is going to die anyway, so why go hungry and die with an empty stomach? He would probably become a hungry ghost! (Click this: Liver Cancer: Better to become a full-stomach ghost than a hungry ghost).

I am equally glad that AS took the message sportingly. He was not upset and only smiled. So let us respect his choice! 


Study the data below critically and then try to reflect on the questions posed.

PET/CT scan
2 February 2012 Post-cholecystectomy. Left hepatic lobe tumour, 3.2 x 2.6 cm.
3 May 2012 – liver surgery – hemihepatectoomy
16 August 2012 THREE MONTHS: CT abdomen/pelvis showed no evidence of recurrent HCC or focal liver lesions.
11 March 2013 TEN MONTHS: Interval development of an intensively hypermetabolic measuring 8.0 x 4.8 cm at the hepatic resection site consistent with recurrent disease.
22 March 2013 – TACE, blockage, procedure aborted
Declined chemotherapy or Nexavar
14 April 2013 – Came to CA Care, Penang. Started on liver herbs
26 December 2013 EIGHT MONTHS ON HERBS:   CT done in Jakarta: Hepar: Tampak lesi dengan enhance minimal ukuran 5.2 x 2.2. 3.9 cm disekitar klip lobektomi. Dibandingkan dengan CT scan Mei 2013 tampak menencil secara signifikan.Liver lesion is 5.2×2.2×3.9 cm. Compared to CT scan of May 2013, significant decrease in tumour size.
18 January 2015 Almost TWO YEARS ON HERBS:  Patient still well and healthy.


  1. Can surgery cure liver cancer? In this case, the answer is plain and simple. Surgery cannot cure liver cancer. For the initial 3 months, there was reason to be happy because CT showed no recurrence. The operation was a great success! But this success lasted only a few more months. The cancer came back. Is this not expected — a norm?
  2. Before surgery the tumour was only 3.2 cm. After surgery it grew to 8.0 cm. TACE was attempted and failed. The doctor suggested chemotherapy or taking of Nexavar. AS rejected further medical treatment. He and his family came to CA Care instead. He was started on herbs. What can you expect if you do nothing (medically) after that? At best within 3 or 6 months AS would be dead. That is what the medical literature would tell you.


11 March 2013. The liver tumour recurred and grew to 8 cm in size (initial size was 3 cm)

  1. AS did not go for any more medical treatment. He said he had lost confidence in the doctors who failed him twice. He only took herbs and changed his diet according to our advice. It has been almost 2 years now. He is still alive and well – leading a normal, pain-free life. Herbs are said to be “unproven and unscientific.” What say you now? Or is this recovery merely due to “pure luck” (another favourite medical argument)? Or is this recovery merely due to luck – yet another favourite medical explanation!


Advanced Breast Cancer Part 2: To die or to heal is your choice

Advanced Breast Cancer Part 1: You need not have to die!

Paula Black had breast cancer and had undergone a double mastectomy. She told her doctor:

  • But I did not want any of my lymph nodes removed. They are essential part of my immune system, so I need them. And I’m rejecting all radiation and chemotherapy treatments… I believe God is healing me this way.

Paula’s surgeon replied: Paula, I must tell you, I do not agree with your decision.

Without chemo and radiation, the doctor said Paula would have only 3 to 6 months (the maximum) to live. Would you believe that? You should not. Doctors are not God. In this case, Paula’s doctor was wrong. Paula went on to live up to this day and had shared her healing story for the world to know.

Visit her website: www.paulablack.org/my-book-life-cancer-and-god/

Meet Paula via this video ….


ALL  patients want to be successful like Paula — cancer gone (and I can go back to my old lifestyle again). But let me be blunt. Not many patients can do what Paula did, that’s the real problem! Over the past 20 years we have spent time helping cancer patients. We know what it is like dealing with “sick” human beings. Seventy percent of patients who came to seek our help were searching for the non-existent  magic bullet or expecting us to provide healing on a silver platter. Only a rare few understood that health is their responsibility and they have to work hard to achieve their healing.

All these years, we in CA Care have been saying the same things from the viewpoint of a healer. In Paula’s book, Life, Cancer and God, Paula related her story in great detail. Let me share with you why I said Paula had written a great book that you must read. What Paula did while on her healing journey made her a winner in her battle with cancer. Let Paula be your role model!

Cancer strikes – do you blame God?

It is understandable, many would ask, “Why?, Why me? What bad things have I done to deserve this “punishment”?. It is even harder if one is a God-fearing child of God. Why does God allow this? Has God forsaken me? I have done so many good things, I don’t deserve this.

Paula wrote:

  • My face fell in crushing disappointment … How could God allow this to happen? … I feel frustrated … We’ve given up so much in this world to obey God … and now this? Just think about it. We love God and want to serve Him always … we’ve given away houses, jet airplanes, cars, retirement, and travel benefits … a whole lot of money … We did this willingly in order to follow what we believed God had for us … and then BAM … to get hit with cancer? What is going on? Why would God let that happen?

When I read the above passage, I felt right in my heart what many patients felt, the same way that Paula had felt. Often times, cancer patients told me this – Dr. Chris, don’t worry you already have a reserve seat in Heaven for what you have done for us! I smiled in response but kept silent. I understand, for many believe that they need to do good deeds to gain good credits in order to get to Heaven. It does not make sense why good people get cancer. But being a Christian, I understand we are saved by Grace not good works. If I get cancer, I understand too that I have “violated” God’s Law of Nature – intentionally or unintentionally. Getting cancer is not a punishment from a loving and compassionate God!

I am glad that Paula did not blame God for her cancer! She did not give up on God too. I am equally glad that Paula did not consider cancer is a punishment from God.

Many cancer patients wrote that getting cancer is a blessing – the best thing that can ever happen in their lives, a timely wake up call. We tell patients to look at it as a blessing.

Strong Support from Spouse and Family Members

Without doubt, when you are sinking, you need all the help that you can get or offered to you. Strong support from our loved ones is an essential ingredient to success. Her dear husband, Dale was the rock for Paula. He did all the literature research and was ever a fountain of encouraging words.

  • If you focus on a three-pronged approach — you body, your soul and your spirit — then I firmly believe you will succeed.
  • The most difficult times of life can become the best times of life if we let God direct them. That’s what I’ve experienced. And that can happen for you too, sweetheart.
  • I don’t believe for a second that God caused cancer in your body. That is not like God. Something else has caused this cancer, yet God has allowed it. Soon we’re going to learn why. Then we’re going to find out what we can do about it. That’s just one of the wonderful things about God. He will turn something terrible into something wonderful if we let Him.

Find Strength in Spirituality

My wife and I are Christians. When we set up CA Care in 1995, we set our bearing right. We are open to all God’s children, irrespective of religion, race or bank account. We accept you as you are and encourage you to seek help from your God – whoever you believe in.

Paula found strength is her Christian God. Dale told Paula, Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. From personal experience, I can promise that if you keep pursuing God … you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find what you’re looking for.

Paula wrote:

  • Believing God want me well is the cornerstone of whatever plan I choose to follow. I know I don’t have the power to fix this. But God does.

Friends Be Considerate!

Paula and Dale headed for the hills — just to be away and get things sorted out. In short, they have to run away from all the well-meaning but destructive distractions.  Their phone never stop ringing. Many concerned people wanted to know: How are you doing, What are you going to do? … There is no shortage of recommendations.

  • Good grief, Dale, I don’t think I can handle one more call. I mean, I know their intentions are all good, I know they’re trying to show they care. But the constant bombardment is more than I can handle.
  • What can I do … I am confused and frustrated and afraid. And I have no idea what I’m going to do!

We understand this scenario very well. I used to warn patients, You family members, your friends … As of yesterday they know nothing about cancer but today because you have cancer, they all have become professors or experts on cancer, telling you to do this and do that! Beware.

We are fully aware that loved ones and friends want to show their concern and care. But please take note that your action can be over-bearing. We often received emails saying my friend has cancer, my auntie has cancer, etc. can you please help. Hang on a minute, you are not the patient! How do you know that that patient needs my help? At best, if that makes you happy,  you can just tell the patient that there is such a thing as CA Care — there is no need to go further than that. Let the patient decide what he/she wants to do.

My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge, Hosea 4:6

  • I have no time to think, no time to process. I need quiet. I need time alone with God to figure out how He is leading me. I have to find the path God has for me.

Dale smiled and said I’ve already made the arrangements. We’re all set. Let’s take the dog and whatever essentials we need and get out of town!

  • This is the perfect time to get more books for the research we’re doing on cancer and treatment options. Let’s pick some up and take them with us to the mountains. That’s the perfect place to focus.
  • Our first stop was the library … when we finally checked out, we were both carrying two armloads of books and journals.
  • At the bookstore … after skimming through the mountains of books, we narrowed it down to eight that we just had to have.
  • We were ready …..(to) uncover the mysteries of cancer. There must be more than forty books here. How are we supposed to get through all them in a few days?
  • Dear God, Paula and I ask for Your help as we search for her way of escape … Guide us through this mountain of information. Help us learn what You want us to learn.

Right on spot Paula. We tell our patients. No need to rush to get things done. Take time to reflect and think. Take time to read and gather information. Unfortunately, patients do not want to read. They do not want to find out for themselves. They prefer to mortgage their fate to others (the experts). Experts know best, trust them. Pathetic indeed.

  • Facts are one thing – truth is another. With truth, there are no more mixed signals. Usually truth is so hard to swallow that most people aren’t open to it … And if they do hear the truth, they often go into denial or get angry – even hostile.

Both Paula and her husband started to read and research. And they found many unexpected discoveries.

Dale said, Based on what I’ve been learning, I believe God is answering our prayers. We are finding glimpses of the truth …. There’s nothing that gets me more riled up than knowing I’ve been lied to.

The Truths Discovered

Away from distraction, Paula and Dale started to read more and learned more. I am glad to know that they had a rare privilege to meet a medical doctor who also had breast cancer. Since this book is specially dedicated to Dr. Lorraine Day — “was instrumental in saving my life” —  I guess the doctor who Paula and Dale met must have been Dr. Day. Indeed, if you have breast cancer, I fully recommend that you visit Dr. Day’s website,  http://www.drday.com/

Let me give you some examples of the “unbelievable and shocking” truths that Paula and Dale “discovered.”

The doctor (who Paula said had saved her life) told both Paula and Dale the following:

  • I was diagnosed with advanced terminal breast cancer. But as a medical doctor, I knew that standard treatment would not save my life. I knew if I went to the hospital and followed the normal medical protocol for cancer, it would kill me. Instead I diligently searched every alternative method available until I found my way through the maze. Eventually, I reversed my cancer … I got well without radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Do you really think chemotherapy can cure cancer? … Drugs can’t cure disease. Chemotherapy is a drug — it cannot cure cancer.  At best, drugs suppress symptoms …. And all drugs have side effects.
  • Radiation can’t cure cancer either… And radiation does immense damage to healthy cells too.
  • The medical system is broken. It’s completely upside down.
  • When it comes to cancer, doctors are taught only to cut, poison or burn tumours – with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
  • We doctors are trained only to treat symptoms. Doctors don’t deal with root causes. That’s how the medical system works.
  • Tumors are not the cancer. Tumors are the symptoms of cancer.
  • The patient sometimes shows temporary sign of improvement from chemotherapy and radiation. However, the treatments actually make the cancer worse, not better.

What is cancer?

  • Cancer is the result of a repressed immune system. Cancer results from a broken-down immune system – suppressed immune system – plain and simple. It usually takes years for a tumour to grow to large enough size to detect, which means your immune system has been weakened for a long time. When cancer is discovered, it’s not just your breast or prostate or lung that has a problem … if you have cancer anywhere, it means your entire system is compromised.
  • Cancer is a systemic disease. 

You cause you own cancer!

  • You cause you own cancer … you gave yourself cancer … whether knowingly or unknowingly. You didn’t just randomly get invaded by this disease. Instead you bring this on yourself.
  • Since you caused it, you can reverse it … by rebuilding and strengthening one’s immune system. If the immune system is working properly, it is not possible for cancer to develop.
  • Your immune system is healthy when you feed it the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water it needs to heal itself. Start by giving your body what it needs to have a strong immune system.
  • You — and only you — must take responsibility … you are the only one who can reverse you cancer. None of us can do it for you.
  • You will reverse it one day at a time.
  • Make necessary lifestyle changes starting now. Learn how to live in a way that you will never, ever develop cancer.
  • You can prevent this disease. You don’t have to get cancer.

Cancer is not hereditary

  • Cancer is passed down through families all right, but not through the genes.
  • With only minor exceptions, cancer is passed down by training the child how to eat, drink, think, and how to cope with stress …. passed down by habit patterns, behavioral models in the home.

Why don’t my doctors tell me all these?

  • There is a protocol for cancer in place that doctors cannot violate with huge liability and personal cost. So they stay with the herd. They place protection of their careers over protection of their patients.
  • Any medical doctor who turns to alternative medicine will be crucified by their peers and by the medical industry. There are big dollars to protect the status quo.
  • Cancer is a big business and bring in hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The doctors are just the middlemen, the salespeople for the drug companies.
  • The big pharmaceutical and medical companies that make billions on the cancer business also spend millions on undermining the claims of alternative medicine. They work aggressively and spend many dollars labelling it “quackery”.
  • There is a massive campaign to keep people moving through the conventional medical system.

Total belief in medical expert?

  • Why do you have to do what they say just because they say it? Instead pay attention to your body. Learn about healthcare for yourself … become an expert on how your body is designed to function. It is not diffiuclt. It just takes some time and attention …. time to read and learn and grow.
  • Don’t ever let a doctor rush you into a decision. It’s a game they play. Don’t play it with them.

Three to six months to live?

  • Doctors do not know how long you’re going to live. It is insanely irresponsible to tell a patient how long they have to live. That is cruel and immoral. Many patients — thousands of patients — die each year because they believe the “threat” their doctors give them.

There is a better  way

  • Now you know … you can stick your head back in the sand and stay in denial if you want to — to your own detriment.
  • Or you question what is happening and look at the information and statistics that are available and accept the truth. The medical system is broken. Standard cancer treatment doesn’t work.
  • There is a better way.

Let me ask you to once again reflect on these quotations:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6.

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

After his intensive research Dale and Paula did learn many more “unbelievable and shocking”  things about cancer. Dale said:

Finding the “Correct” Truth

  • Most people don’t really want the truth. They want only what they want. Seldom do they seek the complete truth.
  • I am aware that your life depends on you getting all information – correctly and accurately.
  • I am having a hard time finding solid data when it comes to cancer cure rates … it’s what everyone with cancer wants to know.
  • A person is considered “cured of cancer” if they don’t die within 5 years of diagnosis. That ain’t no cure, baby.


  • A person who takes enough chemo to kill all the cancer cells in their body will die from the toxicity of the chemo well before the cancer cells are destroyed.
  • Chemo doesn’t stop cancer from spreading. Chemo can only slow down and shrink the cancer tumour. Meanwhile it devastates the patient’s immune system, making the cancer problem worse …. A weak immune system is what allows the cancer to grow out.

Profit is More Important than Your Life

  • I’ve learned that there’s an unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. The FDA approves drugs not necessarily because they’re helpful to the patients but because they bring money and profits to the huge pharmaceutical industry.
  • True, some of the drugs extend life of cancer patients, but none of them cure cancer.
  • The medical industry doesn’t want to cure cancer.
  • The reality … extending the life of people with cancer makes more money than curing them … keep cancer as a chronic disease … provides a long-term profit.
  • If they find the cure for cancer, our medical system would lose literally billions of dollars every year. Hundreds and thousands of jobs would disappear – not just in the medical field but in all cancer related fields.

Patient’s Misguided Priority

  • Ninety-five percent of cancer patients who use some form of alternative cancer treatment have already had conventional (medical) treatment. That’s almost everyone. Many of them had everything orthodox medicine could offer and were sent home to die.
  • This means the alternative medicine was chosen as a last resort when they were already in dire critical condition and medical science had given up on them.
  • I’ve learned that it’s critical to START with an alternative treatment instead of end with one. Make alternative medicine your first option!

Finally, having known all of the above, Paula made her move. Remember, it is useless to know — to spend time reading — if you do not want to act upon what you know!! She wrote:

  • Cancer is about life and death. Cancer is also about choices.
  • No one else could face this enemy for me. This was a battle I had to fight, a war I had to win.
  • I am aware that for me to get well and stay well, I must eliminate things like worry, resentment and unforgiveness from my life. These things affect both my spirit and my soul. If I don’t deal with them, they can manifest in my physical body in negative ways.
  • The conerstone of my new diet was juice — fresh organic vegetable juice. Every day, I also drank … glasses of pure clean water — free of fluoride, chloride and other harmful contaminants.
  • I eliminated … sugar, caffeine, coffee and soda.
  • Meat and dairy products were banned entirely.
  • Nothing cooked, fried or frozen were allowed.
  • No fast foods or processed foods.

I had drawn a line in the sand … I learned that God would use anything for my good and His glory — if I did things His way. God will not tempt you beyond that which you are able to endure … without making a way of escape. God was true to His promise. I had found my way of escape.

The final word from Paula: If you find the truth, will you believe it?


If you still have “appetite” for more truth, read these: Understanding Cancer War and Cure      http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=61

Knowing The Truth May Save Your Life And Money        http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=76



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10 December 2014 – Congratulation Bert!


Hi ma pa,

Just wanted to let you all know I submitted my dissertation this morning d hehe. Very tired , going shopping with Jie Jie tomorrow then thanksgiving. Will call . Love. Albert. 26 November 2014.

On Dec 10, 2014, Irene Teo wrote:

Yeah!!! Dr. Albert Teo defended successfully today after 6 years of grad school.  Yay!!!

His advisor said she’s found Albert to be independent and that he has a lot of work and she thinks he is ready to graduate. Ehhhhem, I wish I had recorded it!

It went great, Pa. He had so many people turn up to support him.  I want to say about 8-10 friends working around the med center, many lab people, and his committee.  Everyone keeps saying they’re impressed by all the data he has.

Wonderful… wonderful …God had answered our prayer …. !!! Bert had been in papa’s prayer for so long d …Praise Him… wonderful……..time to relax and enjoy …. it is now time to feel good and be grateful to God. love, papa.

 The youngest in our family got his PhD (in Cancer Biology) at last!!!

Praise God for His great blessing.


Hehe … that makes 3 persons in the family with Permanent Head Damage (P.H.D!)

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer: She Came, She Believed And She Got to Keep Her Stomach Intact

The file of YM laid buried among the pile of papers on my desk – almost forgotten. But about two months back (mid-2013), a medical doctor came to seek our help. When asked who sent him here, he replied it was his neighbour, YM. I asked the doctor how YM is doing. He replied, Very well. This episode make me go back to my old files and I started to track YM’s case. This is her story.

YM was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July 2007. A biopsy confirmed a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the stomach.  She underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy. She took Xeloda for two weeks and stopped. Apparently the doctor suggested that her stomach be removed. YM was in a dilemma, not knowing whether to go for the operation or not. I recalled it was at this point in time that YM called me and we spoke on the phone. YM had just started taking our herbs. On 30 December 2007, YM and her family came to our centre in Penang.

This is the recording of our meeting that day.

The following are e-mails that give more details about YM’s cancer experience.

4 January 2008: Dr Chris,
I have come to see you last Sunday. My file number is T-711. I am a lecturer at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. I have decided to hold on to my surgery and take your herbs for a long-term basis. I hope your herbs will prevent the need to do a surgery.  I am taking capsule A, C-tea, Stomach 1 and 2. I am trying my best to adhere to your advice on the diet but I still have the following questions and hope you can answer them for me:

1. Does it matter when I take the stomach tea? Should I take it on empty stomach? Is it ok if  I take it after juice or right after my dinner?

2. Can I take C-tea with Capsule A together or any other supplements like multi-vitamin. calcium, vitamin c, and plant oil?

3. I know that I should take stomach tea and C-tea at separate time. What is the minimum time interval between the 2 teas?

4. I read from your website that capsule A is for detox purpose. But C-tea is also for detox purpose (as told by you). Why am I asked to take 2 things with the same function?

5. Is capsule A made from the plant called “rodent tuber”?

6. May I use other organic sauce or seasoning for taste, besides sea salt and liquid aminos that you are selling at your center?

7. May I consume soup that boiled with chicken (kampung chicken or organic chicken)  or pork but without taking the meat? I know I am not supposed to take meat but I need to know whether drinking meat soup is as bad as well.

8. How about soup with “ikan bilis”?

9. Is it ok to take the following food: “nangka” or jackfruit, peanuts, and small dried prawns? Even if in small amount?

Please do not get upset in answering the questions especially the questions about food. You may have answered them thousands of times but we, the patients, need to hear from you for sure.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reply to her questions:

1. Better to take after food. Timing? When convenient.

2. Not a good idea. Take Capsule A on empty stomach if no gastric pain. Later take whatever.

3. Okay.

4. Same function but many ways of healing. Attack from all angles not enough.

5. Yes, but with 10 other herbs to balance it.

6. I don’t know what other organic sauce is. Sure it is good stuff? I don’t know.

7. No, no. no. Nothing from things that move with their legs.

8. Yes, but don’t overdo. One tea spoonful of bilis powder maximum.

9. Aya, very bad and my answer is NO.

10. The stomach regurgitates or reflux. Try to take herbs after food and see what happens.

13 February 2008: Dr Chris, I did have intravenous chemotherapy — that was why I was in hospital for a day for each treatment. So the cost includes the intravenous chemo done in the hospital plus 2-3 weeks supply of Xeloda and vitamins. There were 6 treatments like this for the whole course. It cost about RM33,000 in total.

Below is the breakdown of a typical bill:

Room                    RM128 (I wanted to be hospitalized)
Office                    RM45
Lab                        RM200.90
Pharmacy             RM4,523.88
Sterile Supplies    RM132.79
Consultation         RM90
Insertion of Intravenous RM477.47 (insertion of needle into my vein)

I have been taking C-tea, capsule A, stomach 1 and 2 since 1 January 2008, only for one-and-a-half months. I am doing fine so far. Although I do not feel significantly different from before the herbs, I feel well and normal, and I got some good comments like I look better from my face. I believe in the herbs and the natural way of healing, so I will continue taking the herbs and other nutrients and watching my diet. Of course, I will consult doctor and monitor my condition from time to time.

In fact mine is a cancerous ulcer in the stomach. It is not a tumor. It has spread to nearby lymph nodes, therefore, classified as stage 4. It is under controlled after the chemotherapy. Now I wish to keep it under control as long as I can with the herbs and diet. I will take whatever you think is good for me especially it is targeted to cancerous ulcer. I strongly believe that, in my case, it was caused by the Pylori bacteria, which was preventable. I wish I have known much earlier the danger of being infected by this type of bacteria.

20 August 2008:  Dear Dr Chris,
How are you doing? I know that you are a very busy man and I try not to disturb you too much.

If you may recall, I went to see Mr Lee and you end of last year, December 2007. I started to take your herbs 1 January 2008. You asked me to do a blood test at that time I saw you and I did. That was the beginning of the consumption of your herbs.

Seven months after consuming the herbs–Stomach 1 and 2, C-tea, and capsule A–I went to do a scope in my stomach and a full blood test at Subang Jaya Medical Center on July 23, 2008. I asked back the same doctor who did the scope and biopsy on me about a year ago. He was the one who delivered the bad news that I had stomach cancer stage 4. I remember very clearly he said that I had a very big ulcer in my stomach. And a year later he delivered the good news to me. He saw a perfect stomach with no ulcer–it was healed!

My blood test results looked ok too–all tumor markers were within the range except CA19.9, it was 36 (the upper range was 35 based on the report.) My white blood counts was a bit low with a rating of 2.9. I think the lower range was about 4. Anyway, the doctor said that the CA19.9 of 36 was not alarming and I may need to see a blood specialist for the low white blood cells. He declared me cancer-free for now. I just need to monitor closely from now on.

I am aware that I have a low white blood count since I started my chemo treatment last year,  August 2007. If I am not wrong, there is not much I could do about it. It may affect my immune system and so far I am ok without getting sick.

I will continue my diet and herbs regime and will do a check up within half a year or so. I have cut out meat completely and for white sugar and salt, I cut them down as much as I can. I can’t be avoided completely if I eat out, hence I will not eat out unless I go traveling or for special occasions.

Anyway, Dr Chris, I believe in your herbs and I intend to continue taking it as long as I could. I understand that I am cancer free now but this does not guarantee anything. I will not be shocked if it comes back. I just try my best to prevent it from coming back. If it does come back, I will just deal with it accordingly. Of course, I hope that it will not come back with my diet regime and herbs therapy plus the supplements (OMX, plant oil, vitamin C, and complex enzyme) that I am taking.

So much about my updates. Thank you.

 22  August 2008  Many thanks for your prompt reply. I am trying to close the gaps in my understanding of the story. If you don’t mind, can you clarify:

Question: What happened before July 2007. Were you suffering from something?

Answer: Prolonged bloating and a very uncomfortable stomach, no appetite, felt like vomiting. 

When did this doctor say it was stage 4. After the biopsy result in July 2007? And it was stage 4?


You had a big stomach ulcer — your stomach must be bleeding? Lost a lot of blood? He did not treat you for ulcer?  Surprisingly I had no bleeding in the stomach based on what I know–if my stomach bleeds, my stool would be black in color. But my stool was not black but normal color to me. I did bleed but it was red, fresh blood, because I have piles. The doctor who did the biopsy did give me some pills for the ulcer but I went for chemo right away. I still finished the pills anyway.

What did he say about being alive — or his prognosis?

He did not say anything about that because he is not an oncologist. He referred me to an oncologist right after the biopsy results. The referred oncologist (a lady) came to see me and based on the conversation with her, I knew I was very serious and I needed treatment fast. So I decided to go for the chemo treatment within 2 days of the biopsy results.

Did you ask him if there was a cure?

I did not ask him since he is not an oncologist. But my oncologist mentioned to me that I just had to try the drug Xelox first. I might end up in the good basket and I might not be. (Note: XELOX regimen  consisted of taking oral Xeloda plus injection of oxaliplatin.)

Did he ask you to go for surgery? Or chemo?

The oncologist asked me to go for chemo first and when I got response she advised me to go for surgery. The oncologist suggested chemo treatment and it was done within the next 2 days after the biopsy.

You said you have 6 cycles of chemo — Was it from August 2007 onwards? And when did it end? What drugs did they use?

The chemo started  2 August 2007  and ended 23 November  2007 with 6 cycles at 3-week interval. That is, one cycle every 3 weeks. Xelox was the regimen (Xeloda plus injection of oxaliplatin.)

Then you had 2 weeks of Xeloda and stopped the Xeloda — was this after you had completed your i/v chemo?

I was given 2 weeks supply of Xeloda for every cycle of chemo treatment.

After the chemo and Xeloda — were you okay?

Of course there were side effects like numbness in my hands, slight blurred vision, poor appetite, dropping more hair, and low white blood count. Other than that, I was feeling ok generally.

In December 2007 CT scan indicated everything fine. What did the doctor say about this report.

The oncologist was pleased with the results and suggested that I go for surgery to remove part or whole of the stomach so as to remove the source of the cancer within a month after the last chemo treatment, before the drug worn out.

Since response of the treatment was so good, why did you come to see us and want to take the herbs?

I came to see you because I read the book entitled “Cancer Cured Naturally” by Betty Khoo-Kingsley. I believed in it and based on the contact information at the end of the book, I located CACARE. I was reluctant to go for the surgery. I was told by the surgeon (I went to consult a surgeon) about the side effects of having the stomach removed and I would be made very weak. I went to see you to get your opinion as well, and you were very upset by what the oncologist  told me. You said that surgery might not be necessary especially if the cancer had spread. You asked me to give myself 3 months to take the herbs and to do blood test and PET scan within that 3 months. I took the herbs and did blood test but I did not and still have not done any scan yet.

Now that it is healed. Did the doctor tell you why your cancer had disappeared?
The doctor who did the scope for me did not explain anything. He knew that I have gone through the chemo treatment. And I did not go back to see my oncologist since my last treatment in December 2007. 

Did he ask you if you took anything else besides chemo and Xeloda?
As I mentioned above, this doctor did not ask anything and I have not seen any oncologist since December last year.

Your health conditions — before you took the herbs and after you took the herbs — were there any difference? I am trying to find out if the herbs helped you in any way?
Before I took the herbs I was still suffering from the chemo side effects and of course my health condition was not as good. After the chemo and taking the herbs, I feel fine, not lethargic, good appetite, sweat or perspire easily. The only thing is I have lost about 8 kgs or 17 lbs since the treatment and no-meat diet. But I feel healthy.

But I think that what is more important is to see whether the herbs help prevent the cancer spreads further (if is still there) or help prevent the cancer comes back (if I was “cancer-free” after the chemo treatment). I have consulted other oncologists for second opinion and they said the same thing. I should and should have done the surgery before the chemo drug wore out, which should be within a month or two after the last chemo treatment. If the herbs can prolong a relapse or keep cancer away then the herbs is considered effective. Also, if I, the patient, believe in the herbs and help keep my spirit and hope high, definitely the herbs is considered beneficial. Dr Chris, once we believe  that cancer can be cured naturally, then taking herbs therapy is inevitable.

If you were NOT on the herbs — or you have NOT found us — would you have followed the oncologist’s advice and go ahead to have your stomach removed?
Yes. I would have gone for the surgery if the cancerous ulcer was still there. I had already talked to a surgeon before I went to see you.

Even after you have found us, why did you not follow the oncologist’s advice? What made you want to opt for our herbs — knowing that your problem was serious at that time — or you did not consider your situation serious at all?
Although I responded very well to the chemo treatment, I would not think that I was “cured”. I expected my cancerous ulcer was still there and I was facing two options — one is going for the operation, and the other one is taking an alternative treatment. After talking to you, I decided to give it a try on the herbs.

Latest update 19 August 2013: Yes, YM turns up occasionally to collect Cap A, or she sends someone on her behalf.  She has put on some weight and looks very well.  We saw her a few weeks ago when she brought a friend who has breast cancer.

6 Believer-and-non-believer

8 Believer-dont-ask

 A Point to Ponder

What do you think YM’s life is like if she was to follow the doctor’s advice and have her stomach removed?

Colon Cancer Stage 2: Operation but no chemotherapy or medication.

Eight years on and still doing fine

HM (T-337) was 72 years old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. A colonoscopy done on 21 December 2005 indicated that the lumen of the distal sigmoid colon (30 cm from  the anal verge) was obstructed by circumferential tumour.

HM underwent an operation the next day. The pathology report indicated a well differentiated adenocarcinoma, Duke’s B, T4NoMx.

Perhaps due to her age, no further medical treatments were indicated. HM’s son came to seek our help on 8 January 2006. She was prescribed Capsule A, C-Tea, GI 1 and GI 2 teas.

Initially HM went back to her doctor for routine check up. Nothing was amiss. Her CA 19.9 was at 55.1 on 22 August 2006 and on 24 January 2007 it was down to 45.3. After this no more blood test was done. Also HM did not go back to see her doctor anymore.

The son was very consistent in taking care of his mother. It was not until 28 October 2011 – almost six years later, that I got to talk with his son (video below).

Son: She is my mother. She does not know that she had cancer. I did not tell her about it. That’s the reason why I did not bring her to see you.

She had cancer in December 2005, and she did not undergo chemotherapy?  

Son: No, the doctor said no need to go for chemo. 

Was she alright after the surgery? Can move her bowels? 

Son: No problem at all. 

Then you came to see us on 8 January 2006 – that means more than five years ago – almost six years now. During these five years plus, did she ever encounter any problem at all? 

Son: No, her health was very good. Now she is asking me if she can stop taking the herbs. 

Ha, ha, most people are like that. Hang on, let me ask you some more questions. She did not encounter any problem at all since after the operation? 

Son: No, never had any problem.

Did you return to your doctor for checkup? 

Son: Yes, initially during the first three years. After that we never go and see the doctor anymore. 

What did the doctor say? 

Son: Nothing much, but he started to give her “vitamin” injections. No, we don’t want to go and see him anymore – spending a few hundred of ringgit each time. My mother also did not  want to go and see the doctor anymore. 

Okay, most patients behave like your mother. After taking the herbs for some years, they want to stop taking the herbs. And how old is your mother now? Son: 79 years old.

And she is strong and healthy? 

Son: Yes. In fact I am planning to bring her to Indonesia for a holiday. 

Let me tell you this. We don’t know when the cancer is going to strike back again. There is this lady. She is as old as your mother. And she also had colon cancer and had been taking the herbs for more than three years already. One day she came in and asked to stop taking her herbs. Her cancer came back a few months later and she had to be hospitalized again.  Now she is recovering and taking back the herbs. The situation was made worse because she started to take all the “bad foods” as well, besides stopping the herbs.  I did warn her and her family about this but at the same time said that it is up to her to decide if she wanted to stop or continue with the herbs. So, know that the risk of recurrence is there.  

Son: My mother actually likes to take the herbal teas. It is the capsule A that she does not want to take. 

Capsule A is our “master” herb. What is so difficult about swallowing the capsule?

Son: That is the problem. She did not want to swallow it. But she likes the herbal teas. 

Most patients came to us complaining about the herbal tea – they want us to give them only capsules. They don’t like the teas – too much trouble. Your mother is the other way round.

Okay, over these five years, did she ever complain about the herbal tea – bad taste, bad smell? 

Son: No, the herbal tea makes her move her bowels better. Actually she has not stopped the herbs yet. I shall ask her to go on.

Conversation with her son again on 19 July 2013

Talk at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Penang

This is the recording of my talk at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Penang. Those of you who have “sharp” eyes would know that this talk was given many years ago — 2007! Nevertheless, if I were to give another talk to-day, I would have said the same thing! What I have said some years ago are just as valid today!

1: The Hunt for the Elusive Magic Ingredient

2: Illusion — They Believe They Can Be Cured

3: Common Sense and Cancer Treatment

4: Commonsense and Chemo-drugs

5: CA Care Therapy for Colon cancer

6: CA Care Therapy for Metastatic Colon Liver Cancer

7: CA Care Therapy