His PSA Shot Up to 52.0. What had gone wrong?

I have written about Budi in an earlier article He Gets to Keep His Prostate  (https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2016/09/05/he-gets-to-keep-his-prostate/)

In 1996 Budi had problems with urination. The doctor suspected BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. He was prescribed Proscar which he took for about 2 years. With Proscar, his PSA readings were normal.

In 2008, Budi was prescribed Avodart. , Budi was told this was a stronger medicine. He was on this drug for a year. With time, his PSA started to increase. The doctor suspected something was not right and did a digital examination on Budi. There was no swelling.

Budi refused to perform a biopsy because he would not want to undergo any form of medical treatments after that. No, he would not want to have his prostate or testes removed. Neither would he agree to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  Budi told us that his relative had his prostate removed but the PSA still kept going up after 8 years.

Budi came to see us in July 2011 and was started on the herbs. He was doing fine after that. From 11.9 his PSA started to decline. In January 2015 it was 4.6.

Because things went on so well for Budi, he started to eat some “forbidden” foods. In March 2016, his PSA shot up to 8.0 (see table below). Budi said he already knew why the PSA increased. Budi realised his misadventure. He told me: Now, I am already back to my “good diet” again.

From January 2017 to September 2020 his PSA was hovering around 6.5 to 10.3. Life was back to normal again with no anxiety believing that everything was under control.

Fast forward to 1 June 2022,  I received this message from Budi.

20 Mei 2022 PSA = 52. Test PSA terakhir 20 bulan yang lalu, 14 September 2020 PSA = 8,6.

Kesalahan saya: Saya makan ngawur, banyak pelanggaran.

My reply: Apa yang harus dibuat sekarang? Tak perlu panik. Cuba berusaha pulih kembali.Sila baca laporan ini:

Palm Beach County urologist seeing false PSA levels in men due to COVID vaccines

by Lena Salzbank Tuesday, June 8th 2021

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (CBS12) —  Dr. Diego Rubinowicz, a urologist in Palm Beach County, says you may get a false PSA reading. The blood level of PSA in men is often elevated when diagnosed with prostate cancer, but Rubinowics says research is showing if you recently got your COVID-19 vaccine, PSA levels could be temporarily elevated. (https://cbs12.com/news/local/palm-beach-county-urologist-seeing-false-psa-levels-in-men-due-to-vaccines).

Budi: Terima kasih banyak Dr.Chris untuk analisanya bahwa masalah PSA  saya timbul karena Vaksinasi. .

Semoga dengan berkat Tuhan Yesus PSA saya bisa kembali seperti sediakala.Tahun 2021 saya tidak test PSA karena covid di Surabaya masih tinggi.

According to Budi’s wife, this was what happened.

Let me explain in short what happened to Budi. On May 17, about 4 pm, I came home from a funeral. Budi was standing in front of the mirror. He had difficulty walking and talking. I helped him to a chair. Gave him juice and he was back to normal.

At midnight, I woke up. He was sitting on the bed, pee all over the room and again had difficulty walking and talking. I could only pray for him. And suddenly he was back to normal again.

My son suspected a drop in his blood sugar. The next day the incident happened again at 10 am. So we brought him to the doctor in the evening. The doctor suspected signs of stroke.

The next day he had a blood test. Budi also checked his PSA. He didn’t do his PSA test since covid broke out. He was very shocked when he found out that his PSA was 52.  He immediately went back to a strict diet – Chris’ diet.

Today I received this good news from my good friend and patient again!

Hi, Dr. Chris / Beng  Im.

Puji  Tuhan. PSA saya yang 2 bulan lalu 52,0 kemarin 19 Juli sudah turun banyak jadi 12,8 disebabkan karena :

1. Kemurahan Tuhan Yesus.

2. Dorongan semangat dari DR. Chris.

This is wonderful news, Budi’s PSA dropped to 12.8 from 52.0 after two months of careful management of his diet.

Lessons We Can Learn From This Case

I had a video chat with Budi and his wife via whatsapp. There is no more anxiety. Budi is well and looks healthy and is following his healing protocol strictly.

1. Don’t be complacent. I told Budi that there are many patients who became well and lived for many years after taking our herbs and taking care of their diet. Unfortunately after some years – 5, 10 or 20 years – they became tired of what they were  doing that made them well. It call it “healing fatigue”. They stopped taking the herbs and ate what they like. Soon their cancer relapsed.

About a week ago I received this email from the niece of our patient. This is what she wrote:

Hi dr Chris, how are you ?

I want to up date about H’s condition.   I think that she’s getting worse. Her coughs were very heavy and sometimes make her not able to breathe. 

Anyway, it such a grateful 10 years that God give her. And she’s living her life with joy and happiness. Thanks to you. 

Now, her last wish has already come true. Her only son has already finished school and has started working. He is preparing for his wedding and look forward to his mom being there at that moment. 

So … we try to make her feel better and oke until that happy day . We hope God give her His mercy for that. 

H was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma by the doctors at the Natinal Cancer Centre in Singapore in early 2012.She was asked to undergo chemotherapy. She refused the treatment. Her niece said: The Singapore doctor said my aunty will die within 6 months if she did not do the chemo. If she did the chemo, she could live for another 2 years. No cure.

H and her niece came to seek our help in June 2012 and was prescribed herbs. She was alive and healthy after that. Seven years later, August 2019, we went to Surabaya for a family holiday and had the privilege of meeting H in her hometown. We all went shopping and had lunch together. H was doing fine. Her healing is indeed a great blessing! No less a miracle.

Unfortunately, H suffered from “healing fatigue”. So many years she had stopped taking the herbs and ate what she likes. She suffered a relapse after 10 years.

In the case of Budi, he is already 11 years with us. I believe he will continue to be well if he remains on course. But that is his choice!

2. When the PSA shot up,  don’t panic! There is no need to run around like a headless chicken! Try to understand what had gone wrong and rectify it. I asked Budi 2 questions:

a. Did you take care of your diet or you started to eat “jink” food.

About 8 years ago Budi/s PSA shot up 2.3 times from 4.6 to 10.8 due to bad diet. He had learnt his lesson. In September 2020 his PSA was maintained at 8.6. In May 2022 his PSA shot up to 52. After 2 years the value had increased by 6 times. There must something more serious that diet? Then I asked the second question.

b. Did you receive Covid-19 vaccination? Yes, Budi had 3 doses with Sinovac and AstraZenitca. Study the table above.

By asking this question – let it be known that I am not trying to find a scapegoat or someone to blame. It was my sincere desire to find what had gone wrong. Let me also say it up front that I am not anti-vaccine. Every member of my family had received 3 jabs of vaccines, otherwise we will not be able to travel.

However, I also know covid vaccination do give rise to many side effects. Read what the internet said:

COVID-19 vaccine side effect causing false positive cancer screenings.

Cancer experts at MD Anderson are seeing an uptick in mammograms identifying a false positive for breast cancer due to a common side effect of the available COVID-19 vaccines — swollen lymph nodes. 


Swelling after COVID-19 shots may cause cancer false alarms.

Sometimes lymph nodes, especially in the armpit, swell after the vaccinations. It’s a normal reaction by the immune system but one that might be mistaken for cancer if it shows up on a mammogram or other scan.(https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-03-covid-shots-cancer-false-alarms.html).

As stated above,  Dr. Diego Rubinowicz, a urologist in Palm Beach County, Florida said that  if you recently got your COVID-19 vaccine, PSA levels could be temporarily elevated. (https://cbs12.com/news/local/palm-beach-county-urologist-seeing-false-psa-levels-in-men-due-to-vaccines).