Part 1: Lymphoma: Chemotherapy Failed.

Sold a house to pay for medical expenses. Last hope – CA Care!

(Emails translated from Bahasa Indonesia)

Greetings Dr. Chris,

I am DT from Indonesia. I want to consult about my mother – 71 years old. This is her medical history:

1. In 2007 she had lymphoma. A biopsy was done and the result was a Stage 2 cancer. She underwent treatment at Hospital No.1 (not real name) in Singapore by a renowned oncologist, Dr. No.1 (not real name).

I do not have her medical reports because these were kept by the Singapore doctor. A chemo port was installed and she received a total of about 10 cycles of chemotherapy.

The doctor did not tell us the name of the chemo drugs used. After chemotherapy my mother suffered loss of appetite and hair.

2. In 2012 during a routine PET scan in Singapore, my mother was found to have Stage 1 breast cancer.

Mom underwent 5 radiation treatments in addition to surgery to remove the tumour.This treatment was done at the same Hospital No.1 in Singapore.

3. After that mom was on tamoxifen for about 5 years.

4. Every 3 to 6 months mom went for routine check-up in Singapore and did a PET scan every year.

5. In 2020 after a PET scan, the doctor said my mother had lymphoma again.

Because we couldn’t afford to undergo more chemotherapy with Dr. No.1 of Hospital No.1, we switched to another oncologist.

6. We went for treatment at Hospital No.2, also in Singapore. The oncologist, Dr.No.2 advised us to go for more chemotherapy.

After some negotiations, Dr. No.2 arranged that the expenses for chemotherapy could  be paid by instalments.

Dr. No.2 also advised my mother to undergo chemotherapy in Indonesia to save costs, but using the regimens she prescribed below:

• Day 1 Gemcitabine + Carboplatin.

• Day 8 Gemcitabine + Zometa.

Mom underwent chemotherapy using the drugs Gemcitabine and Carboplatin from 31 January 2021 to 11 April 2021.

These treatments were carried out in a clinic in Indonesia as recommended by Dr.2. Mom had a total of 10 cycles of the above treatment.

7. While undergoing chemotherapy, my mother’s condition became weak and her platelets count often dropped to a low level. She had to have blood transfusions.

Lately, my mom had been feeling dizzy and she felt like she was “floating” because of the side effects of chemotherapy.

8. A PET scan done on 2 Sept 2021 at Siloam Hospital Jakarta slowed that the lymphoma did not go away.

Dr.No.2 suggested a change of chemo drug.

Mom had to continue with more chemotherapy.

9. Dr. No. 2 suggested using Brentuximab 100 mg or Adcetris. This is a new drug specifically for relapsed lymphoma cancer. The price for each cycle is 100 million rupiah (RM30,000).

10. Mom underwent treatment with Adcetris from 19 September 2021 to                                       14 November 2021. She had a total of 4 treatments.

The treatment was also carried out in Indonesia undergo the direction of Dr.No.2.

On 15 December 2021 a CT scan was done. The treatment results were not satisfactory. There were still new tumours developing.

11. We were at a loss. If we were to undergo more chemotherapy using this new drug, the financial toll would be very heavy indeed. The final cost could run to hundreds of million rupiahs.

We were not able to afford it. We had already sold a house to pay for the costs of the earlier treatments.

The above is a brief outline of my mother’s medical history. And if my mom wants to take herbs from Dr. Chris, what should we do?

Best Regards / God Bless You All.

Following Our Therapy is Not Easy!

Below was our initial reply to DT.

Please read the following first. After that, ask if you want or can follow our therapy?


a) Most of the patients who came to seek our help had undergone medical treatments and they were still not happy. For some patients, the treatments failed or did not cure them.

b) So, if you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I can’t cure your cancer either. From my experience, no one on earth can cure cancer – cancer will generally come back after “sleeping in your body” for some years.

c) But if you want me to help you – that is, to give you another option and to have a better quality of life – maybe it is possible. But it all depends on YOU alone. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, diet, etc. to heal yourself?


a) In addition to the unpleasant taste and smell, you will need to boil the herbs several times a day – it’s a lot of work!

b) You need to take two, three or four kind of herbal teas every day.

3. YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR DIET – abstain from taking “unhealthy food.”

a) Can’t eat things that walks – that is, can’t eat meat, eggs, milk, etc.

b) Don’t take white sugar.

c) Do not take oil or fried food and table salt.


a) For the first week or two after taking the herbs, you may feel more sick, more tired, etc. This may be due to healing crisis, so don’t stop taking the herbs.

b) You may feel much better after this initial healing crisis.

c) If your condition does not improve after 4 weeks, then you may wish to find someone else to help you and stop following our therapy. But if you feel better, then continue with what you are doing.

My Mom Wants to Follow Dr. Chris’ Therapy

Good Evening & Healthy Greetings Dr. Chris,

First, I wish to say a thousand thanks to Dr. Chris for replying my email.

After some discussions, our family decided to follow all the things that Dr. Chris had suggested in the email. My mom was also ready to follow Dr. Chris’ instructions as in Dr. Chris’ email.

So, when can my mom start this therapy? Now my mother’s condition is rather worrying since new tumours have started to appear. So she would like to undergo the therapy from Dr. Chris as soon as possible.

Best Regards. GBU All.


Patients are told that if they have cancer, the only scientific and proven method to “cure” or “fight” cancer is by undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Lately to make things more impressive patients are told to undergo targeted therapy,  immunotherapy, etc.

In this case study, this 71-year-old lady believed her doctors. So she went to the best doctor in the best hospital in Singapore. She received about 24 cycles of chemotherapy using the scientifically proven drugs. Her treatments failed. The cancer did not go away. More tumours grew.

What say you now?  Some would say: Wah, don’t be bias, this is an exceptional or rare of failure. There are many others who are cured by such treatment. She was just unlucky.

There is no need for me to argue if your have been ingrained with this perception. Anyway, in this case – a failure is a failure. And this case study is a true story, written by the patient’s daughter. There is no reason for her to bluff.

From the story we can learn three things:

1. Chemotherapy did not cure the patient.

2. The treatment made the patient’s life more miserable – suffering from the side effects of the chemo.

3. This proven and scientific treatment cost a lot of money (but did not work). The family had to sell a house to pay for the medical bills.

Are these conclusions true? You decide.

Let me conclude by presenting you with a few quotations to reflect on.

Not all chemo drugs are effective!

Glaxo-SmithKline is one of the world’s biopharma company. Ask this question: What made the vice-president of Glaxo-SmithKline made such damaging statement?

How scientific is chemotherapy? What about the side effects?

Dr. Warner was an unconventional oncologist. Read what he wrote:

Read what Dr. Cynthia Foster, a medical doctor wrote in her book:

Costs of medical treatments for cancer

Let me end this article with this quotation: