Our Two Grandchildren Were Positive for Covid. 

Recovered fast after taking herbal tea                                                                                                         

Our grandsons: Jo is 6 years old and Matt is 4 years old.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Jo had started his fever around noon and the home test kit confirmed him positive for covid. We gave him Panadol. That evening, his younger brother Matt also started running a fever. They had runny nose with the occasional cough.  That night the boys went to bed with fever patches and Panadol. Matt ended up running a high fever through the night and had to be sponged.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Jo appeared to recovered. No more fever but had runny nose. He was busy playing with his new Legos.

Matt’s fever would surge whenever the Panadol wore off. I think this tired him out.We continued to give him Panadol and sponge and herbal tea. He continued to have fever that night.

Thursday 3 March 2022

Both still taking the herbal tea once a day.Jo seemed to be over the hump already. His appetite is back and said he doesn’t feel sick anymore. Matt’s fever would come and go, and through the night.

Friday 4 March 2022

Both of them were okay! Back to normal.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Look at our heroes here!


1. We were prepared. Based on what is going on now, it is just a matter of when our family members are going to be infected with covid. So, it is no surprise that Jo and Matt caught covid. The preschool that they go to were reporting positive cases of teachers or students every few days.

On the same morning that we were informed about Jo and Matt being positive, I received a message from a friend in Jakarta, Indonesia. His two grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law (both are doctors!) were tested positive for covid. He too needed help. I managed to get a herbalist in Jakarta to formulate herbal tea for them.

Then yesterday morning, I received an email for Johor Baru:

Hello Professor,

It’s been a while since we last chat. I hope all is well on your end.

My 27-month-boy is infected with Covid. He developed high fever (38.5C) since 2 March 2022. Doctor prescribed some paracetamol, cough and flu medicine for him. 

Given his young age, I wonder if you have any suitable herbs that I can give him to relieve his symptom instead of relying on the paracetamol? 

Symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue, runny nose and lack of appetite. Both home kit and PCR tests confirmed covid positive. Both me and my wife have been vaccinated with 3 doses of Pfizer. 

This morning, while writing this article, a friend came to our house to ask for herbal tea – one of his family members has covid.

Covid cases appears to be everywhere now and my feeling is that it is not going to go away anytime soon. But, don’t worry so much.  There are herbs that can help you get over it. 

When it comes to our family members, we were well prepared. We ask our children to stock up the Ko-Gen herbal tea as standby. So when covid happened we did not  panic!

2. My first case of covid infection in children. In early October 2021 I received a sms from a doctor who was once head of a hospital. This was the message:

Want to ask, do you have herbs for covid? Any advice for children with covid?

Symptoms: Fever, cough.

Stage: 2.

My grandson, age 8.

Not on ivermectin.

We prescribed Ko-Gen herbal tea. On 11 October 2021, we got this feed-back.

Excellent. My daughter-in-law (also a doctor) and my grandson with high fever and bad cough. Took the (covid) herbs and they felt relief. Fever plus cough subsided. They only took one dose and the next day the covid symptoms cleared.

Retested covid PCR recently. It was negative for both of them.

I was really happy to be able to help many friends overcome their problems with covid. The herbs that I used are common herbs which are well documented in the TCM medical literature. No big deal, just study them and you can find the answer!

3. With confidence, grandparents could sleep well! For Jo it was one day of fevers and he was back to normal. For Matt it was two days.Thank God for this wonderful blessing!

To see the positive side of things, to be able to face this situation with much confidence (and preparedness) helps to evaporate the fear of this diagnosis. There seems to be no big deal being infected with covid!

So why is the world “turned” upside down because of this fear? Is here a need to punish the ordinary ignorant folks with hefty fines or even sending them to prison just because he/she violates certain SOP.

The solution to our present problem is not to punish but to be humble enough to learn – If you don’t know, read and learn from others! Seek and you shall find the answer!  Don’t let others with Vested Interests take you for a “wild ride”!

I have read many comments on covid in the internet, but I have to refrain from sharing them here. Those with Vested Interests would not like it.