The two children in my nephew’s family were down with Covid.

 Health restored after four days on Ko-Gen herbal tea

Report by Khadijah Shaari

•     Arif is 8 years old while Alyssa is 11 years old.

•     Vaccination: No.

•     Suffered the following symptoms:

1.     Fever or chills

2.     Cough

3.     Headache

•     Besides the above … any other problems? No.

•     Did they do any test to confirm if it was covid or not?   Yes.

•     What test did they do:  Rapid Antigen test.

•     Were they on any doctor’s medication? No.

Started on Ko-Gen herbal tea.

•     When did their problem start? Friday 25 February 2022.

•     When did they start taking Ko-Gen herbal tea? Saturday 26 February 2022.

•     What happened after 1st dose of Ko-Gen. Better? Yes.

•     What happened after 2nd dose of Ko-Gen. Better? Yes.

•     What happened after 3rd dose of Ko-Gen. Better? Yes.

•     What happened after 4th dose of Ko-Gen. Better? Yes.

•     In total how many times did they take Ko-Gen? Four times.

•     How are they now?  Health 100% restored.

•     Did they do any test after taking the herbs – to know if they are still positive?   Yes.

•     Are they still   positive / negative after taking the herbs? Negative.

•     Do you think Ko-Gen — helped them?   Yes.

•     Did they have any problem with the taste of the herbs?   Yucky! Bad taste!

Note: Yeong told me today 2 February that he spoke to Alyssa over the phone … what did she say about herself? She is feeling good, and Erfan too. In fact both of them helped to look after the parents who were still positive at that time. Mostly they played Monopoly to pass the time. Yesterday, 3rd March, Erfan participated in a mini chess tournament where he came  up third. He was runner-up during the previous one. Overall both are very  cheerful despite their  ordeal, being quarantined and missing the Saturday morning walks  and qikung with Pah Char and the  weekend sleepover at our house a few doors away.