Down With Covid Symptoms – 5 Days On Herbs, Health Restored 100%

On the evening of 7 February 2022, I received a Whatsapp message from Laura (not her real name), a 36-year-old lady from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Chris: Do you have flu? cough? Any phlegm comes  out? What color? Do you feel thirsty? Feeling hot inside?

Laura: Only thirsty. Not really phlegm. Yes I have flu, cough, sore throat, fever.

I just read. Now Jakarta has serious problems with Covid. Did you see any doctor ? Take any medicine?

Yes I did yesterday. Wait for another a week if health condition same then do the PCR.

Do you have any Chinese medicine shop around where you live?

I think yes but not sure. I can find out. Any medicine for me uncle?

Yes. I have been giving herbs to people with such problems.

And maid also started to have sore throat. She said painful.

If there is Chinese medicine shop, I shall send the formula. You can ask them to mix the herbs for you. Come home and boil for everybody to take it.  You can boil each packet of the herbs in 3 glasses of water. Boil to become only 1 glass and drink. Then can boil again one more time and drink. Please do it as soon as possible. Usually after one or two drink you will be okay.

Please uncle. Tomorrow, I shall find out. Thanks uncle.

How are you today? Managed to get the  TCM herbs for Covid?

Hi uncle. Yes ordered already. After work then I get it. This one Is RM27 per packet. I’m buying 3 packets first.

Hopefully this one works for me.

Don’t throw away the boiled herbs. Add 1 glass water and boil again. Tapis and let your maid drink.

Last night whole night couldn’t sleep. Flu, nose block.

Hope you like the tea — ya? Let me know tomorrow how you are — better or not?

The taste is bitter hehhe. Will update tomorrow, uncle.

Good take care and see if you feel better tonight after taking the herbs.

9 February 2022

How did you feel after taking one time of the herbs?

Yes uncle. Now only flu. My nose not blocked anymore.

Temperature? Runny nose? Mata berair? Body hot?

Body & temperature normal. No fever, No mata berair, runny nose yes. But today I got headache since this morning. Badan tak sakit. Now only flu.

Got improvement?

Yes, last night I could sleep.

Today, take the tea one more time, ya

Yes will do uncle.

Okay,  about your maid. She also had some problems. She  took the second boil of the herbs. What happen today after taking the tea? Is she better?

Maid after taking herb, she’s okey. Maid no flu. Now only me still with headache.

How bad is your headache?

Only right side. My flu almost gone.

Oh, you had migraine headache before?


If headache is very bad, you can take Panadol and see if the headache goes away.

You already got vaccine — two times?

Done uncle – Sinovac.

10 February 2022

 Morning Uncle & Auntie. Today I feel better. No more flu and sakit kepala. But I shall continue drinking the tea until full recovery.

Feel like normal? You took the 2nd packet of herbs, yesterday? For the Covid herbs, today take 3rd packet. Buy 2 more packets … cukup la. Hope full recovery after that.

Last night, no headache or this morning no headache? Did you take Panadol for the headache?

Last night had headache and  took Panadol as uncle advised.

So you took Panadol — how many pills last night?

Just one pill only.

After panadol no more headache this morning?

No more. And now start again.

 [f no headache are you okay now – no flu, sore throat?

Yes uncle I’m good. Only for headaches

Friend’s Father in Hospital Down With Covid

Btw uncle, my friends … his father also has Covid. Now in hospital. He also took uncle’s herb and getting better.

It is okay to help your friend too …. and if possible we also want to know how effective.

Btw … how old are you? How old is your friend’s father?

I’m 36 uncle. My friend’s father is 65. Thanks uncle.

Take care.

12 February 2022

How are you now? After second time taking the tea, no more problem only headache. Then took Panadol. No headache and could sleep well. Then you took third dose of the tea …. apa jadi?

Hello uncle, I’m good now. Yes only my headache. I didn’t take the Panadol. Still continue the herbal.

All the flu, fever, cough – gone now 100%.

Yesterday I went to Dr. Check and ask what going on with the headache. Then Dr said because of gastric. Because

after drinking  the herbal, sweating and always hungry. Now I have to eat often and take the gastric medicine. Then headache is gone.

What about the father of your friend who took the herbs? Did the herbs help him?

Yes uncle. Same like me. All flu, fever and cough gone. Now only can’t smell anything. And when eating tak ada rasa. Can’t feel rasa makan.

Ask him take a few more days of the herbs like you.

Totally he took 5 times.

So in total you took 5 times already by today?

Finish by today drink malam nanti. Yes now 100% good.  Covid problem gone.

Okay. Be careful. Covid can come back again.

Yes uncle, I also tak kerja for 5 day already. I stayed home. Because boss said also takut with me spreading to other staff.

Okay, good. Sometimes test negative but sometimes positive…cannot be sure.

22 February 2022


If you are down with flu or Covid-19, you have two options:

1. If you believe that doctor’s medication is scientifically proven then you can try these:

  • Merck came out with Molnupiravir, It cost US$700  or RM2,925.
  • The COVID-19 pill, Paxlovid by Pfizer is cheaper! It is priced at US$530 per course … that is MR2,215.

2. Laura did not go for the above “scientific medicine”. She preferred to try “her uncle’s herbal tea.” She bought 5 packets of herbs from an old lady  (Chinese sinseh) in Jakarta. Laura took the herbs and within 3 days she got better! Each packet cost her RM27. So in total, Laura only spent RM135 and her problems were taken care of.

I am glad that Laura had a choice – to spend RM135 or RM2,000 to 3,000 to make her well. Those of us living in the developing countries, you have a choice!

Let me share with you what I have learned from the internet. Take time to reflect on these ….

1. The cost to produce the drug is only US$17.75 and the drug company is selling it to the US government for US$721?

WASHINGTON: Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making combined profits of US$65,000 every minute from their highly successful Covid-19 vaccines while the world’s poorest countries remain largely unvaccinated, according to a new analysis …. the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA), a coalition campaigning for wider access to Covid vaccines … based its calculations on the firms’ own earning reports. The Alliance estimates that the trio will make pre-tax profits of US$34 billion this year between them, which works out to over US$1,000 a second, US$65,000 a minute or US$93.5 million a day.

“It is obscene that just a few companies are making millions of dollars in profit every single hour, while just two percent of people in low-income countries have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus,” Maaza Seyoum of the African Alliance and People’s Vaccine Alliance Africa said. (

2. The New COVID Antiviral Pills: What You Need to Know. This article is written by Dennis Thompson (

  • New antiviral pills for COVID-19 recently authorized for emergency use in high-risk people by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration should give doctors an easier means of keeping people out of the hospital.
  • But the initial hype is giving way to reality. Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases said: But I come down to the real world and say we’ve got to do this right. It’s not like waving a magic wand, and there’s been a bit of that in the hype, in the excitement through the media.
  • Pfizer’s pill, Paxlovid, and Merck’s molnupiravir won’t be handed out to everyone who tests positive for COVID. They’re approved for people with mild or moderate COVID who are more likely to become seriously ill — mainly those 65 and older or folks who have chronic illnesses like heart diseaselung diseasediabetesobesity or compromised immune systems.
  • People infected with COVID will need to start taking either antiviral pill within five days of their first symptoms drugs to have any hope of quelling their illness.
  • Both antivirals require a five-day course of treatment. People taking Paxlovid will need to take three tablets at the same time, twice a day. Folks prescribed molnupiravir will need to take four capsules twice a day.
  • People really have to be told, you can’t stop at day three and expect any benefit. You’ve got to take it all the way through.
  • I can tell you not everybody will do that. They really have to be encouraged to do that.
  • There are other concerns beyond the fact that the drugs won’t work if the regimen isn’t fully carried out
  • Both pills come with a complex list of health concerns that limit the patients to whom they can be prescribed:
  • Paxlovid can be prescribed to kids 12 and older but molnupiravir can’t, because it might interfere with bone growth.
  • Molnupiravir can’t be prescribed to pregnant women because it carries a risk of birth defects. Men taking the drug are advised to use birth control for at least three months after the last dose, as the effect on sperm is not fully understood.
  • Paxlovid isn’t recommended for patients with severe kidney or liver problems.
  • Both drugs can interact with other medications a person is taking.
  • It’s not like going to a machine, putting in a quarter and getting out a candy bar. It’s a serious prescription of a medication, and the health care professionals need to do some screening and education.