Pancreatic Cancer: No chemo, only on herbs. Still fine after 4 years

In 2011, we documented the story of Bak, Pancreatic Cancer: Severe Itch Disappeared and Health Improved After Herbs and the e-Therapy.

Briefly this was what happened:

  1. Bak was told he had a tumour in his bile duct in 2011.
  2. CT scan in April indicated a pancreatic head and uncinate process carcinoma with common biliary duct obstruction.
  3. Bak was asked to undergo an operation. He refused. However he consented to do an ERCP – endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (a specialized technique to clear off the bile duct obstruction).
  4. After the ERCP, Bak was asked to undergo chemotherapy. He promptly refused.
  5. Immediately after being discharged from the hospital, Bak came to seek our help and was started on herbs.
  6. Bak had to return to Penang every 6 months to change the plastic stent (tube) that the doctor inserted.
  7. Surprisingly Bak recovered and was well after taking the herbs. His doctor who once “pushed” him to do chemotherapy had stopped asking Bak to consider chemo since his recovery was so good. Bak told the doctor that he was on our herbs. The doctor just smiled.

To our surprise, in January 2015 – i.e. almost 4 years later, Bak’s wife came to our centre. Our first question to her was, How is Bak doing now? Is he okay?

Listen to what she told us.



Chris: How is he (your husband) doing now? Good and healthy?

Wife: Thanks be to God. He can drive around, everywhere.

C: Before he came here, was he able to drive?

W: No, I was the one driving.

C: So, he is healthy, really healthy?

W: Yes, healthy.

C: Has he gone back to see his doctor?

W: Yes. The stent has been removed and there was no need to replace it anymore.

C: How many times did he change the stent?

W: Every 6 months, change a new stent. So twice a year.

C: And it has been 4 years now. Amazing. Thank God indeed for this blessing. Okay, when was his last visit to the doctor to remove the stent?

W: August 2014. The doctor said no need to put in a new stent. If he is jaundiced, then we need to come back to the hospital immediately.

C: All these years, didn’t  the doctor ask him to do chemo?

W: We told the doctor that he (my husband) was on herbs. I asked the doctor if this was okay. He replied, “I don’t know” and he just smiled. The doctor know that my husband was taking your herbs.

C: Generally such cancer (pancreas) is very difficult. Indeed this is a miracle. Since the removal of the stent (ca. 5 months ago) did he encounter any problem?

W: No problem. He is healthy.

C: Very good indeed. Praise God for this.