Sixty-six–year-old Sarawakian Recovered from Covid!

In my earlier articles I wrote about patients with covid who recovered from their infections after taking herbal tea. Now, in this article, you’ll  see that I learnt that you may not need any herbal tea to recover from your covid! 

This is a case of a 66-year-old man from Sarawak. Let’s call him James (not his real name). He has been fully vaccinated with 3 doses of Pfizer. The booster dose was given about 3 months ago.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

His problems started with a bit of itchy throat and very light cough on day 1. On day 2, he developed a bit of fever and sore throat.

The following were his symptoms:

  1. Fever.
  2. Cough. Itchy dry cough with no phlegm.
  3. Headache. Slight.
  4. Sore throat. Slight.
  5. Runny nose. A bit.

Home Antigen test indicated  positive for covid.

 Were you on any doctor’s medication? No. But I am on daily hypertension medication.

 I reported my case in MySejahtera and they asked me to visit the CAC (Covid-19 Assessment Center) on Day 3.

What did they say on Day 3?  On Day 3 they gave me a standard covid assessment and recorded my case. They then informed me to come back to them immediately if my symptoms get worse or call their emergency number. They gave me another appointment to come back on Day 7.

What did they say on Day 7?  On Day 7, they gave me another assessment. They gave me my home quarantine discharge letter and told me that MySejahtera will be reverted to green at 12.00 midnight.

What medicine did you take? I took Panadol (till Day 3 only ) and also cough syrup which I bought from the pharmacy.

Did the medicine help you? The Panadol helped control the fever. The cough was getting better but there was still cough now and then.

Actually, I am a bit worried that my present cough may develop into a chronic one. I remember your Cough 11 used to helped me stop my prolong coughing.

Recovery without any further treatment

How are you now?  On Day 7, my health was 90% restored.

When did you feel you have recovered? On Day 6.

Using the self test kit, I was negative on Day 6 and Day 7.

After the recovery, do you still have any lingering symptoms such as cough, lack of energy, pain, loss of smell?

Now on Day 7,  I had just a bit of cough, itchy throat but with no phlegm. I hope to receive your Cough 11 asap and with that I hope my cough will go away soon.

Monday 28 March 2022

Dear Dr Chris, Thank you very much for your concern. I am happy to inform you that I have recovered from my cough 2 to 3 days after taking your Cough 11. Thank you very much.

Day 9 afternoon:  I take your Cough 11. That night, I can immediately feel that my cough has gotten much better. I can sleep much better.

Day 10 : I can feel my cough was improving much faster.

Day 11 (today): I can see that my cough has nearly recovered. Just a very little cough now and very occasionally. I believe that by tomorrow I should be considered recovered from my cough and hence all the symptoms of my Covid experience. (Note that I have already self tested Negative from Day 6),


1. According to the Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee website ( the number of Covid-19 cases in Sarawak as of 21 March 2022 were as follows:

The total number of new positive cases were 813, made up of the following:

  • Category 1 = 285 – No symptoms.
  • Category 2 = 520 – Slight symptoms.
  • Category 3 =     0 – Lung infection.
  • Category 4 =     2 – Lung infection and requires oxygen.
  • Category 5 =     6 – Lung infection and requires ventilator.

Look hard at the above numbers. What can you learn from this data? Yes, 813 people were down with covid but only 8 of them were considered “serious.” Will ALL these 8 people die from covid? No. Some would be able to recover if they get into the hospital in time.

So is covid such a scary monster ready to gobble us up if we go out of our house? Various countries put in place different ways to control this epidemic. Unfortunately, some went nowhere – the number of infections went up instead of down. It appears that some countries seems to “give up” and are now taking a more sensible option – let’s live with it. Yes, if you study the above data, I think it is a sensible proposition indeed – just learn to live with it! And at the time spend some efforts and resources to find ways to make the lives of those infected a more pleasant (not dreadful) experience.

 2. No need to panic!

I asked James this question: When you were first tested positive — how did you feel inside you? Afraid? Panic? What is in your mind at that time?

This was his answer: I felt worried. This was because I was with a few senior friends whom I thought might experience more complications than I if they do get infected.

I immediately informed them of my situation and reminded them to take care and get tested. Luckily they were all tested negative on day 1 and day 3. What a great relief for me!

Indeed this is a responsible behaviour. We need to be concern about other people too – not just thinking of own well being only. So, there is no need to panic. Fear and anxiety can make you perform irrational actions. So don’t be afraid and at the same time don’t be “conned” by those with Vested Interests. Know what you are doing.

James became his own doctor. He took Panadol to bring down his fever and bought cough syrup from the pharmacy to take care of his cough.

I asked James: Did you feel you can recover from this infection?

His answer: Yes, I believed that I could recover.  I could feel that I was having mild symptoms and was feeling rather okay.  However, I remembered that even when I had a normal flu/cough I used to take a longer time to recover. I have not had a flu/cough for quite a long time already.

3. Earlier I commented that actually there is no need to take my herbs! You can still recover from your covid! What do you think about this advice?

Good morning Dr Chris,

Let me try to share my thoughts.

Now after I myself had experienced the covid, I gradually realised that there are many people, some of whom are acquaintances, who also had the covid. In general most of them recovered without much problems but we do hear of some who took longer to recover. Now and then we also hear of some unfortunate and serious cases. 

(These of course are the norms we all know but the only difference is we hear of them happening to those we know. Meaning the cases are getting “closer and closer to us” and may happen to those that we know now instead of just reading about statistics and reported cases in the news).

Those who recovered usually said that they take this and take that and so on. In my opinion, they may all contributed in some ways to their recovery, whatever they took, but I believe that some of what they believed helped them may be just fallacy.

1. I think my experience is just one of the many possible outcomes of a covid infection. There may be many who experienced similar outcomes but we cannot be sure that we will be having that same outcome.

2. The CAC (Pusat Penilaian Covid-19 ) said that if more severe symptoms were to appear, then we need to contact or visit them immediately. Luckily no more symptoms appeared. Well, what would have been the outcome if more symptoms appeared?

3. The ‘basic medication’ are panadol and cough syrup, I believe everyone knows and takes them. I only depended on them and recovered in 7 days.

4.  What if just taking the ‘basic medication’ is not enough? Would you only then prescribe them the herbs (Ko Gen) that you have? 

5. I believe in “prevention first” and then cure later when necessary. So, my personal recommendation for another similar experience would still be to take your herbs. Yes?

6.  There are many people who believe in herbal treatments. I believe that they should be recommended to take the herbs from the beginning.

7.  There are so many health variables that determine the possible outcome. Some of course took many additional supplements which they believed helped them.

8. Well, so much from me and thank you very much for the herbs.

My short response to this: I think if you start taking the herbs immediately after being infected with covid, you may recover faster and/or you suffer less from those covid symptoms. All those who took the herbs were happy! On top of that, it does not cost a bomb! Very affordable.


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