Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Part 3: Praise God. She did not die!!

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 2: Come back and see me again after a week!

Part 3: Praise God. She did not die!!

Six days after taking papaya leaf juice and our herbs (without anymore chemo and antibiotics), GM is still alive. She did not die, instead she had improved! Unfortunately she is still unable to walk. GM was carried into our centre by her husband. When settled on a chair, GM looked normal (watch the video below carefully).

I asked her: Do you still want to die? She answered: No, no, no. I now want to live.

Let us find out why GM wanted to die when she was under treatment in the hospital.


Under treatment in the hospital:

Besides having to endure the severe side effects of chemo and radiation, she developed stubborn high fever. Before the onset of her fever GM felt very cold and trembled. This lasted for about an hour. Then her fever starts. The temperature could go up to 41.2 C. She felt hot outside but cold inside. The high temperature could last 2 to 3 hours. So GM was miserable 3 to 4 hours during each fever attack. And she had to endure 3 to 4 attacks a day, even at night. It was when the temperature shot up to 41 C that GM felt she wanted to die – this happened twice.

From the doctor’s report, GM first started to develop stubborn fever 4 days after her first chemo-treatment in late April 2016. Even rounds and rounds of antibiotics, the fever refused to go away. This means that GM has been going through “hell” for many months already.

After 6 days on herbs at home:

The family decided to stop all medical treatment and brought GM home. So no more antibiotics and chemo! She was started on CA Care herbs and in addition took young papaya leaf juice twice a day. Miracle happened! Her health improved. The stubborn fever subsided and she had low grade fever once a day (instead of high fever 3 to 4 times). Even when there was a fever attack, she did not feel cold anymore. She did not tremble anymore. The highest fever recorded was 39 C, otherwise, her body temperature stayed around 37 C and 38 C.

Update:  A few days later, we got a message from GM’s sister saying that GM did not have any more fever! Another battle won! Now, there is one more immediate problem left to be solved — how to make GM regain her strength and start walking again.

GM’s Platelets Count Shot UP to 245 after a week on herbs:

  While under treatment in hospital At home only on herbs
Date 1 August 2016 2 August 2016 3 August 2016 8 August 2016
Platelets count 34 101 109 245


Why GM Was Unable to Walk

The doctor wrote: The patient is bed-bound. We wanted to know the story behind this sad development. GM’s sister wrote to explain what actually happened.

  • When she was diagnosed with cancer, she still could walk very well like normal people.
  • After her 1st chemo  she was still able to walk well.
  • After the 2nd chemo , she felt the right leg was a bit “sour” but she was still able to walk.
  • Same happen after the 3rd chemo, right leg felt “sour” but still could walk.
  • She started radiotherapy on27 June 2016.
  • On 1 July 2016, her leg felt weak and she could not walk so well. And this symptom persisted but the doctor just told us it was because of low salt inside body. This can make people tired and has weak leg. At that time, she already could not walk by herself.
  • My sister started to sleep for about 20 hours per a day on 5 July 2016. We thought she was tired because of the radiotherapy.
  • However, when we went back for the 9th session of radiotherapy on 8 July 2016, her oxygen level dropped and doctor said she could not continue with the radiation any more.
  • Blood test showed her calcium in the bloodstream was too high(5.57) and my sister already became “confused.”
  • The doctor said the tumour had already gone into the bone marrow.
  • So, they stopped radiotherapy and start her on chemotherapy again.
  • After that day, she could not walk anymore and had to just lie on the bed.


Praise God, another battle was won. If the patient wanted to die, then there is not much we can do to help. But if a patient wants to live, there is still hope. Let’s not give up hope. With God’s blessing, we can look to a new day. GM did not have any more fever, something that the doctor was desperately trying to “fight” for months.  God’s natural medicine found in papaya leaf juice make the fever disappear within a week!

This not the first time we encountered “end-of-the road” case like GM. In fact, GM’s case is not as serious as some of these cases below

Goh of Sarawak. Seventy-three-year-old with colon-liver cancer. He had swollen legs and stomach, was unable to walk. Doctors on ward round skipped him, This case I don’t want to touch. No use, his liver is not functioning anymore. He was in constant, severe pain and was on morphine. They left him to die. He too wanted to die.

The family brought him home, to die at home. His son started him on CA Care herbs. The other family members said, No need to give him anything — why waste money? On his birthday, they made him a coat, ready for his funeral. As Goh started to take the herbs, his swellings were gone, the pain vanished and his health was restored. He became healthier than he was before he had cancer!

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2. Suri: Sixty-one year-old, diagnosed with lung cancer which later spread to her brain. She had undergone 22 x radiation, 40 cycles of chemo, 1 year on Iressa, 2 years on Tarceva, and 1 month on Sutent. The family gave up treatment and sought our help. They had spent 2 billion rupiah or SGD 300,000 and Suri ended up like a zombie – unable to walk and talk. Oblivious to her surrounding and had no facial expression. In short, she was a living dead.

Two months on CA Care Therapy, she could walk, talk, smile and laugh! Some months later, she could even go shopping!

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3. Medan Lady: Soon after undergoing chemotherapy in Singapore in December 2011, she ended up in a hospital in Medan. Is this the final destination after a long journey – one and half years of chemo and spending about two billion rupiahs? On 17 December 2011, all family members from various parts of Indonesia flew home to be with her. She was gasping for breath and unable to recognise people around her – her eyes rolled upwards and were not responsive. The doctor told the family members to just pray.

At that point, a visitor told her family: “Why don’t you go and see Dr. Teo?” The next day, 14 December 2011, her two daughters flew to Penang to seek our help. There not much hope. The patient was dying. What can I do? This was what I told them: “In such a situation (mother about to die in the hospital) I really don’t know what to say or do. I can give you some herbs and you go home and try them. If she does not die after one week, you come back and get more herbs! For now, what I can say is – just try. If you are lucky and with God’s blessing she might come out of the hospital alive, otherwise I really don’t know.”

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4. GM’s own grandmother. Many years ago, GM’s grandmother was also diagnosed with a rare, aggressive and deadly cancer. They called it anaplastic thyroid cancer. The lump in her neck was cut open and then closed. Nothing could be done. She was sent home without any treatment and given at most 6 months to live. She came to us for help and lived for some years! Can we do the same to her granddaughter? Only through God’s mercy and blessing.

When GM’s sisters came to seek our help a week before, right in my heart, I thought GM was going to die. No more hope. But after seeing GM (after 6 days on herbs), right in my heart, I am full of hope that with God’s mercy and blessing GM is not going to die if she is being properly managed.