Five Years on CA Care Therapy: Sharing My Experience

LT was in his sixties when he started to have problems with his prostate. An initial blood test indicated his PSA was 9. He was referred to an urologist who did a digital examination on him. There was nothing wrong. A biopsy also showed nothing to worry about. LT left the problem as it was and went on with life as before.

Two years later, blood test showed his PSA shot up to 12 and then a month later it increased to 16. Another biopsy was done. Two doctors gave two conflicting advice. One doctor said it was malignant. Not satisfied LT consulted another doctor who said it was just a chronic infection! The problem was again left unsolved!

Another blood test was done and showed his PSA increased to 22.  MRI on 28 February 2011 showed an enlarged prostate with at least two nodules. Needle biopsy of the left and right prostate confirmed acinar adenocarcinoma, Gleason score 3+4 = 7.

LT underwent a surgery to remove his prostate gland in March 2011. He was asked to undergo follow-up radiotherapy but declined. Through a mutual friend TL came to seek our help. He was started on Capsule A, deTox tea and Prostate A tea.

Five years later, we met up at our centre and have the conversation below.


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