From God’s Awesome Natural Pharmacy — papaya leaf for stubborn high fever!

10 pm Friday 4 March 2016

Im and I were on the Jet Star heading for Singapore. It was sort of an emergency trip. Albert, our “going-to-be-a-medical-doctor-son” was down with a painful throat infection and was running a stubborn, high fever — body temperature  at 39oC and above,

At such a high body temperature Albert was like a zombie — terribly sick and not able to do a thing all day. In fact after a dose of Panadol or Ibuprofen the high temperature subsided a little (down to 38oC or 38.6oC) for a while only to come back again. This  had been going for a few days.

When he first got the sore throat, we never thought it was a big deal — just see a doctor and it will be done! But it was not to be. Albert had seen the clinic doctors twice and was given antibiotics and painkiller. Unfortunately these did not work. His temperature persisted and his sore throat was getting worse — his neck appeared swollen.

The normal body temperature is 37oC plus minus 0.6 oC. If your body is running on a high temperature for days this could be very damaging. Like running an overheated car engine, it is a matter of time when everything just shut down — stalled.

I remember what our patients told us some years ago..

  • A husband of one cancer patient had high temperature. No one thought much about it and after three days, he just died!
  • A husband of another patient took Panadol for his high temperature. Then he went to sleep hoping the problem would go away. He never woke up again.

What are we going to do now?

We took time to calm down and planned our strategy. We came up with two options:

  1. We shall fly to Singapore immediately with a supply of Sore Throat tea, Appetite & Fever tea and 6 papaya leaves. Albert shall take these teas immediately. If these teas do not help by the afternoon of the next day, then we have NO choice but to bring Albert to the hospital (no use consulting the GPs anymore). A tall order indeed. The cut-off point is 12 hours for the herbs to show their effects!
  2. We thought the throat infection was the cause of his persistent high fever. Since oral medical did not work, probably the better option is an infusion with a strong antibiotic. So the only way is to get admitted into a hospital in Singapore or immediately fly Albert home and get him into a hospital in Penang.

12 mid-night Friday 4 March

We arrived at Albert’s apartment at mid-night. Yes, his temperature was high and he was drained of energy, preferring to just lie down unable to do anything for himself! And he is living alone.

Without wasting any more time, these were what we did:

1) We took the three young papaya leaves (that we plucked from our tree in Penang) and blended them with a bit of water. And Albert drank it all down. Ooh, indeed very bitter!

2) Then without wasting time, Im started to boil 6 tablespoonful of Sore Throat tea. After about half an hour it was done. Albert took a cup of this tea.

1 Teas

Healing Process Started

About half an hour later, Albert felt better! We were hopeful and encouraged. Praise God!

We all went to bed. Throughout the night, Albert started to sweat profusely. He had to change his shirt twice. The mattress was soaking wet like someone had poured water on it. The next morning Albert woke up and his temperature was 37 oC — normal, the high fever was gone!

After bowel movements, Albert felt even much better but still weak. For the past few days, he had been having a little diarrhoea (due to the antibiotic that he was taking??). Now, after the herbs, his stools were well formed — normal!

To be on the safe side, Albert took another glass of boiled papaya leaf tea on Saturday morning. As said earlier, we also brought along from Penang, 3 matured, papaya leaves. We cut the leaf into small pieces and boil with plain water. Wah, this concoction was difficult to drink! Very bitter! Worse than the juice of the young shoots.

12.00 noon Saturday 5 March

We, as a family, went out for lunch at a near-by market place. By that time, we were more than hopeful that we need not go to the hospital anymore! Nevertheless with the heat, Albert felt a bit tired after the walk and came back to rest. Then, he took another cup of Sore Throat tea.

Evening Saturday 5 February

Albert’s temperature was at 37.5C and he did not have much appetite. He did not eat much for the past few days. We cut up  half a papaya leaf (2 lobes) and boiled it with 4 tablespoonful of Appetite & Fever tea.

The family had a good dinner. Albert was back to normal. He started to sit in front of the computer to study for his exams. He had missed classes and exams for almost a week and he had a lot to catch up. Good luck son!

12 noon Sunday 6 March

The family had lunch together and Im and I were packed to fly home. Thank God, our mission accomplished! Indeed, this morning, we saw Albert back to normal — unlike the sick and tired person he was some 36 hours ago! His sore throat did not bother him anymore and the swelling in the neck was gone!


For the past 20 years, patients came back to tell us that the herbs did help them. We know that herbs do help our cancer patients. We also know that our Sore Throat tea is extremely effective. We also know that papaya leaf is good for putting down high body temperature. For years we have been telling patients with dengue fever to take papaya leaf. And many who did got well after that.

When we flew to Singapore that night, we were full of hope and we know that God will bless us in His own way.

But we do not wish to take things for granted. So we had a back-up plan. If for any reason the herbs don’t work — Albert needs to go to the hospital and ask for help. That has always been our stand at CA Care. And we were ready for that eventuality.

As it turned out we did not have to do that, Indeed we remain grateful to God for this blessing.

Indeed the effect of papaya leaf as outlined above is very, very dramatic! Some people may not want to believe this story. Some people would argue that there is no science or research done to substantiate what we have written — Ah, another blooney story!  For all that you know, it was just luck — fluke shot that Albert got well!

We don’t need to convince the skeptics. If you want to know the real science of it, let’s not waste time debating — get on to work on this and see what is it in the papaya leaf that has such healing properties. For those who cannot do the research, perhaps it would be a good idea to just take time and learn how to grow a papaya tree in your backyard. One day who knows you may need the leaf of this wonderful plant when medical drugs fail you!

Here are the pictures of our two papaya trees from where we took the leaves. For your information we grow many papaya trees around our house.

2 Papaya leaf