Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 1: The mantra of  NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS is meaningless.

Part 2: Come back and see me again after a week!

Part 3: Praise God! GM came to see us! She is still alive!


GM is a 33-year-old female. Her problems started about 3 months ago (mid April 2016), when she had a “flu.” She took some medications from the pharmacy but these did not help her. Then she went to three hospitals. Doctors prescribed antibiotics. These did not help her either. Then  a CT scan on 15 April 2016 indicated a left sinonasal polyposis (presence of multiple benign polyps in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. It causes a particular pattern of chronic sinusitis). Since the antibiotics did not help, there was nothing much the doctors in her home state could do.

On one of the sisters own initiative GM came to consult an oncologist in Penang. MRI on 21 April 2016 showed the following:

  1. Lobulated irregularly enhancing soft tissue involving the left frontal, left maxillary, left ethmoidal sinuses, nasal cleft, etc.
  2. Bony breech of the anterior aspect of the left ethmoidal/orbital bone with tumour extending anterior to the subcutaneous tissues.
  3. Enlarged both submandibular and left cervical lymph nodes.
  4. Enhancing foci in the right body and both rami of the mandible bone suspicious of metastatic deposits.
  5. Fluid filled left frontal and left maxillary sinuses. Mucosal thickening in the left sphenoidal sinus.

Impression: Features are suggestive of left sino-nasal carcinoma with diffuse local infiltration.



It was suggested that GM suffered from a rare, aggressive and “almost uniformly fatal” cancer known as NUT Midline carcinoma. From the onset the family was told that there would be NO cure, but the disease can be treated!

From end of April to 1 August 2016, GM underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In addition she received a variety of antibiotics and medications (details, Part 2 of this story).

It was a losing battle all the way. In all, the family spent RM 100,000 for the treatment until “everyone” gave up. It was at this point that GM’s two sister came to seek our help.

On the first day of the sisters’ visit to us, we did not prescribe any herb. We only asked that the family had a discussion first. For us, this is a gone case. In fact even the oncologist told the sisters that he preferred not to offer any more chemotherapy. Nothing that were done worked! So the notion of there is NO CURE BUT THERE ARE TREATMENTS for the disease turned out to be a cruel joke. GM suffered badly — from the treatments? From the cancer? In fact GM had twice told her father that she wanted to die and the family should not worry anymore about her. She knew her time is up.

Our advice to the 2 sisters on their first visit was: Bring her home and let her die in peace and with dignity.

Listen to our conservation below.