Ovarian Cancer: Operation but Refused Chemotherapy. Five years on still healthy!


This 52-year-old Indonesian lady was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2011. She underwent surgery to remove both her ovaries. It was a papillary adenocarcioma, Stage 1C. The operation was a success but the patient went into coma for 3 days due to electrolyte imbalance. After she regained consciousness there was still bleeding. She had to undergo a second operation to “mop up” the complications.

Patient was asked to undergo chemotherapy but she refused.

Why did you not want to go for chemo? Did you know anything about chemo?  My mother had cancer and underwent chemotherapy. She suffered badly. I am not afraid to die but I don’t want to suffer.

Were you not under pressure from others around you for not wanting to go for chemo? Yes, Everyone said, if you have cancer you must go for chemo!

And you did not waver and was firm with your decision? Yes, because I have God with me.

Oh, you prayed to God and asked for His guidance? What did God say to you? You are here (at CA Care) NOT by accident.

Patient came to CA Care in August 2011 and it has been 5 years now and she is doing fine. During these 5 years she did not encounter any problem! In the initial stage she was under pressure to undergo chemotherapy but since she has been doing so well, no one ever reminded her again to go for chemo!