by Yeong Sek Yee & KHadijah Shaari

All of us know who Ronald Reagan was but some may not know that he had colon cancer during his presidency. Yet very few would have known that he healed his colon cancer with German alternative therapies (after surgery in the US). Below is a brief story of how Reagan treated his cancer.

A 1984 proctoscopic examination disclosed a small polyp in Reagan’s colon. Biopsy showed it was benign. In March 1985, another polyp was found, as were trace amounts of blood in his stool. A change in Reagan’s diet eliminated the blood. He underwent endoscopic removal of the polyp and colonoscopy on July 12, 1985, at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. The colonoscopy disclosed a second, more dangerous tumor — a villous adenoma — that could only be removed by surgery.

The right-sided portion of Reagan’s colon was removed — about 2 feet of length. Exploration of other abdominal structures found no spread of the cancer. The tumor was ultimately classified as a “Duke’s B,” meaning it had invaded the muscle of the colon, but was confined to the bowel wall. After his surgery, Reagan’s doctors warned him that cancer cells might spread to his liver and other organs.

His wife, Nancy, persuaded him to undergo laetrile treatments. Learning of a reputable alternative provider who worked with laetrile through his close friend, future Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield, Reagan received daily IV laetrile treatments in the Oval Office over the next thirteen months.

Later, Ronald Reagan secretly went to Germany and consulted Germany’s leading cancer doctor—Hans Nieper, MD. It would have been front page news if it had not been hushed up at that time. (It is not the scope of this article to discuss how Dr Hans Nieper treated Reagan although it is believed to be Carnivora, an extract of the Venus Fly Trap plant).

The intention of this article then is to let you know that President Reagan, while still in office and with all the best of medical science in the US at his disposal, actually turned his back on America’s cancer treatments—the so called evidenced-based scientifically tested cancer treatments—and lived another 19 years (after surgery) until he died of Alzheimer’s at age 93 in 2004.

We just cannot imagine the enormous amount of cover-ups by the mainstream media and by the various American cancer establishments such as the FDA, AMA, ACS, and the National Cancer Institute. These are the very establishments that have labeled laetrile and other healing modalities as “quackeries.” To them, only surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy is evidenced-based and scientifically tested…all others are unproven and unsafe.

Why then did Ronald Reagan choose such an untrodden path? Perhaps the sufferings of the late Senator Hubert Humphrey (the 38th VP of US) were still fresh in his mind. In January 1978, Humphrey died a painful death after a year of chemotherapy treatments for his bladder cancer—he described chemotherapy as “bottled death” just after he started treatments.

However, TONY SNOW, the former Press Secretary to President George Bush may have been too young (born in 1955) to hear about the sufferings of the late Senator Humphrey. Additionally, he would not have heard about how Ronald Reagan healed his colon cancer (because it was all hushed up).

Snow was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005. He had his colon (the affected part) removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy—the usual “standard of care.” Snow’s colon cancer recurred in March 2007, in the same spot in the abdomen where it had first been found. He had the malignant growth removed from his abdominal area followed by more chemotherapy. The cancer had by then also spread to his liver and elsewhere in his body.

At that time, Snow’s surgeon and oncologist were very upbeat about his condition.

“This is a very treatable condition,” said Dr. Allyson Ocean, a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. “Many patients, because of the therapies we have, are able to work and live full lives with quality while they’re being treated. Anyone who looks at this as a death sentence is wrong.”

However, Tony Snow died in July 2008 at age 53—just 3 years after surgery and chemotherapy. Would he have opted for the same treatment (or other alternative treatments) after surgery just like Ronald Reagan had he known about Reagan’s secret trip to Germany? We will never know.

So, which path would you choose if you are at the T-junction after being diagnosed with colon cancer? Will it be the so called scientifically tested, evidenced-based medicine path which Tony Snow took or the “unproven” journey which Ronald Reagan took despite all advices and persuasion to the contrary?


There were a lot of criticisms of Reagan regarding the secrecy surrounding his treatment which helped no one but himself. President Reagan was a potential change agent, and he could have advanced healthcare in the US. He was in a position to effect change, to change the course of the “war on cancer” by telling the truth and inspiring others. Anyone in that position has the responsibility to step up and lead others onto the right path. Reagan failed the American people: he failed to lead the Americans down the right path.

But frankly, knowing American style democracy, Reagan was probably under enormous political and medical pressure to keep his mouth shut. Undoubtedly, his hands and legs were tied and the whole world continues to suffer.


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