An Evening With Ella: Our Patient, Our Friend

At the middle of September 2009, Ella and her friend, Helen, came to Penang for a week’s holiday by theBatu Feringghi Beach. It was our pleasure to welcome her to this Island Paradise. Ella visited our center on Friday afternoon and got to meet some patients during our CA Care session. One evening we sat down to talk after a buffet dinner at the Park Royal. Listen to what we talked about and at the same time learn some survival tips from this full-of-life-friend from Melbourne.

How does the herbal tea taste like?

Yak, horrible isn’t it?

A concoction of snake venom and mud water!

A special brew from the Snake Oil Peddler of Malaysia? (That is what people in the West like to call people across the fence from them!)

The tea can’t be that bad if you want to walk through life with much laughter …

Oh no, three doctors misdiagnosed your problem?

That could happen even in Melbourne?

It took a year before the fourth doctor found out what was really wrong with you?

That happened in Melbourne, Australia?

Oh no, again.

No chemo after surgery – never ever!

Doctor said she was a brave lady.

Indeed it takes a lot more courage to say no to chemo and decide to take the alternative path.

The surgeon said: No chemo, you have three months. With chemo, it would be two-and-a-half years.


What would your common sense say to that?

You have a choice.

After three months of “house arrest” life came back to normalcy again.

She is very much alive and enjoying life to the fullest.

That includes having a one-week holiday in Penang.

And that happened almost a year after surgery and after having refused chemo!

Missing out on chemo was not that bad after all!

She had lived three times over what her doctor gave her!

Given a choice – which one would you choose?

Do chemo and live for two-and-a-half year inclusive of the side effects,

OR, have a solid one-year life of happiness without chemo?

My Take

We are glad that we are able to help Ella in her time of need. We are even more happy and grateful to the Almighty to see her last week – so well and full of life. There are a few things we can learn from Ella.

  1. Patients have choices or options. You choose what you believe in and live with the consequences of your choice – for good or for bad. There is no point trying to point fingers at others when things go wrong. Remember, it was your choice. Ella knew what she wanted. She empowered herself well ahead of time about what cancer really is and what chemo could do to her. She was not blind when she made her choice.
  2. Ella was so lively and positive in her attitude. That is the way it should be. Do what you have to do first, to help yourself and then be happy with it. Live a positive life.
  3. Ella said she wanted to prove her doctor wrong! Good to have something to look forward to, a wish in life so to say. At CA Care we have seen such predictions proven wrong most of the time. But let us not blame the doctors. They only say things based on what they know or have been taught. And that is all there is to it. I have since realized about the tight system or box that they are brought up in. Patients who choose to go into the box with them have a limited view about the well known limited choices of surgery, chemo or radiation. Get out of the box and you see a totally different view for your problem. When we see Ella again in Penang, she would have proven her doctor wrong!
  4. Christmas time is party time with all the so-called great and wonderful food. Ella enjoyed the celebration but chose to stick to her healthy diet. Many patients don’t have that will power. Last night a lung patient came and said: Oh, the Hari Raya – we went home to our kampong and I “tak tahan” (cannot stand) seeing those foods. So I ate some, here and there. I suffered after I came home.

Ella is not a kiasu (afraid-to-lose-want-to-win-all-the-time) type. Kiasus like to ask a lot of questions but it is  no use – they don’t believe in what we do.

Our therapy is not easy to follow. It is not for any Tom, Dick and Harry. Is not for the faint hearted either. Patients need to be brave and be fully commitment to find their own healing. There is no magic bullet. It requires a change in lifestyle, diet and attitude towards life. We can show you the way, but you have to travel the road yourself. For that reason, it is a pleasure and our privilege to be able to help such a person like Ella – not a kiasu but ever ready to help herself. And we share the joy of her healing.

An E-mail from Ella

15 October 2009

Hi Chris and Im,

I have viewed the video and it is fine.  Thank you, it would be good if it gives people hope to be open minded and believe that cancer need not be a death sentence, if they choose to adopt the more natural and none invasive approach.

They need to question their doctors: Why they condemn the natural way of treating cancer; Where do they get the proof that these treatments do not work. If it is from their medical journals then this is a bias conclusion as it is in the interest of their profession to dominate the sickness industry.

We have been brainwashed for too long into thinking that this INDUSTRY has our best interest at heart. If this was so then they would not seek out and destroy the real facts and evidence which has been proven to assist the many illnesses we see in our society to-day.

In my research, I have found that the people whom are speaking out against the use of chemo and radiation are in fact medical doctors and scientists themselves, who see the same miserable results time and time again.

Sadly their findings are rarely printed in the notable medical journals like the LANCET etc.

Thinking of you both with much love, Ella.

Special Note

Ella was told by her surgeon that if she did not go chemotherapy, she would have only three months to live. With chemo and radiation, she would have two and a half years.

Time has proved that the surgeon’s prognosis is wrong! Ella is on our herbs for the past three years and is doing fine up to this day.

E-mail of 21 October 2010

Hi Chris and Im,

All is well here in Australia and we are all looking forward to some warmth as it has been a long winter.  Right now the birds are singing as I have just fed them their daily feed of wild bird seed. We can learn a valuable lesson from them as no matter if they are big or small, they all get their share.  It was like when I lived in Africa and had the opportunity to witness the animals come to the water holes at night and although they hunt each other for food by day, it seems they have an instinct to share the water as they all know how important it is to survival. If only we humans could adopt the practice of sharing rather than the greed which has taken over.

Some days I just sit in a quiet area of my garden and I can picture you both in your home or clinic doing the good work you do.  Bless you both.

Next year we may be moving home as we want a bigger garden so as we can grow our own food as it is getting harder and harder to obtain good clean food. Our gardens here are facing the wrong way and do not collect enough sunshine.  We have a pool where all the sun is.

I am itching to return to Penang so next year. I will try and make it happen. I down load all your stories for future references. They are amazing.

My thoughts and love are with you each day, keep well.  Love Ella  xxx