Declined Surgery Only On Herbs

Sunan, a 35-year-old man from Thailand was diagnosed with brain tumour in May 2002. The family declined surgery and gave him herbs instead. We met up with Sunan in Pattaya, Thailand, in November 2002 and found him to be doing very well. He had since gone back to his normal work.

In May 2002, Sunan fell down and was unconscious. He was referred to three hospitals. There was a tumour in the brain. The secretary of Sunan’s boss called for advice. She wanted to know if Sunan needed to do a biopsy and then undergo surgery later. For this was what the doctors suggested to the family.

I responded that they had to answer to these two questions:
(a) Can surgery cure? The answer was No.
(b) Can surgery remove all of the tumour? The answer was No.

If both the answers were negative, what then was the use of surgery? Of course the doctors have their reasons. The family decided that Sunan NOT to undergo further medical intervention. So, no biopsy was done. Sunan took herbs instead.

Two weeks on the herbs, Sunan showed improvements. He was able to walk whereas before this, his walk was unbalanced. He was able to see clearly without double vision.

He could see in all directions whereas previously, he could only see at eye level and not sideways or up and down. His personality changed. He became talkative whereas previously, he was a quiet man.