Meat Eater Turned Vegetarian

Alex is a 36-year old male. He and his family enjoy eating meat and rarely eat fruits or vegetables. In May 2000, Alex suffered pains in the left side of his back and started to lose weight. He lost over 10 kilograms within two weeks. A colonoscopy done on 27 May 2000 showed a large tumour, over 37 cm. in size. Three days later, doctors diagnosed it as colon cancer, Duke B. Alex underwent an operation, a left hemicolectomy. Subsequently, he had to undergo chemotherapy once a week for a whole year. Due to the chemotherapy, he was unable to sleep, lost his appetite, felt many discomforts and was very weak. He also lost much of his red blood cells.

On 21 July 2000, Alex came to see us and started taking herbs. On 5 August 2000, Alex said he passed out well-formed stools while previously they were loose and watery. He was more energetic. As a hair stylist, he had to stand all day long at work. After taking the herbs, he was able to work for twelve hours a day without stop and without problems. Previously, he could only work for about six hours a day.

On 30 October 2000, Alex had his third cycle of chemotherapy and this time he took the Chemo-tea. He felt better and he did not suffer any side effects. Alex said that he could sleep well, while previously his sleep was disturbed. He had now changed his diet, taking only fruits, vegetables and a bit of fish. He did not take meat and dairy products. Previously, he and his family were ardent meat eaters, rarely touching vegetables and fruits. Alex had found out that he had more strength now. Again he told us that he could work from 10.30 a.m. till 10 p.m. without problems.

On 20 March 2001, Alex came and told us that he was doing very well. The doctors were surprised at his condition. No one in the hospital seemed to believe he had cancer. He looked so good and healthy. His red blood cell count was excellent. So far, Alex had completed twenty-one times of chemotherapy. That day, I took the opportunity to have a chat with Alex. This interview which took place at about 11 a.m. immediately after Alex was given his chemo-injection. Indeed, he looked well, and he was well. We talked for almost two hours. The following are excerpts of our conversation.

You just came back from the hospital after your chemo-injection. Tell us what happened?

I just had my chemotherapy before I came here. I go for chemotherapy once a week, supposed to be for fifty-two times. Each chemotherapy session lasts for about one and a half hours. The drug is administered using a drip. There’s one solution with the chemo-drug and another without. The one without the chemo-drug is dripped in first, to let the blood vessels get used to it, before the one with the drugs is added in. Before the chemotherapy, I am given an anti-nausea injection, so as to make you dizzy and unable to vomit. But you will definitely vomit! Only after half an hour are the drugs administered.

If I drink the Chemo-tea, I don’t suffer. If I don’t drink the Chemo-tea, it becomes very difficult for me; I can’t eat or sleep for a day. If I take the Chemo-tea, I burp, urinate and clear my bowels often. I feel better. Then I go back home, drink the herbal tea and lots of water. After that I will be urinating and passing my stools often, like I have diarrhoea. Then I will be alright.

So, now as soon I get home, I start working until past 10 p.m. I could even wash my car and polish it too! Right now, I have just completed my chemotherapy session. I woke up at 5.10 a.m. this morning. I took my bath and recited my prayers. The prayers took about an hour and a half. Then I took my car and drove to Penang. When I got to the hospital, the first thing to do is to get my blood count done. This is to ensure that I am fit for my chemotherapy. If the blood is not high enough I can’t go for my chemotherapy.

After talking to you, I shall go home. Work, etc. and etc. Then tonight I am coming back to Penangagain. I go Tanjung Tokong to pray at 9 p.m. So, every week, that is my routine.

OK, this is you and the herbs. Did you see other patients who didn’t take the herbs?

Those who didn’t take the herbs did not look good. I saw quite a lot of them who were very weak. They were so surprised that I could still work. They told me that they could not even wake up and do anything, nor could they sleep. If I didn’t take the herbs, I would not be able to go on!

After four times within four weeks, one person’s hands and veins just turned dark or black. I saw one patient with his veins all black. Wah, it was terrible. He was so shriveled up. His blood level was low, ten point something. When he started, his blood count was 13.75. After four times, it went down to 10.5.

I also had my bone marrow checked. The doctor said: Everything good! NormalEverything is good! I also went to a blood specialist and he advised me to continue my chemotherapy. I was doing very well.

Did your veins ever turn black?

No, no. They turned a slightly darker shade of green at one point. After that, the colour was back to normal. It wasn’t like that for other people who were not on herbs. They had lines of black running through their arms. Very black lines.

Do you think the herbs helped you at all?

I went for four or five chemotherapy sessions before I started taking the Chemo-tea. It was very bad. I cried and I couldn’t eat. I only started taking the Chemo-tea after the fourth or fifth session.

Oh, you started taking Chemo-tea after the fourth or fifth session How did you feel before you started taking the Chemo-tea?

It felt very difficult. I was nauseous and couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep, for a whole night, you know. I could not work. This effect lasted until the following morning, sometimes extending into another whole day.

Wow! It was that bad? After taking the Chemo- tea, how did you feel?

After taking the Chemo-tea, I did not suffer from all these effects anymore. See, I just had my chemotherapy two hours ago. Without taking this Chemo-tea, I would not be able to come here for this interview. I would simply go back home, straight into the bedroom and lie down. But I would still not be able to sleep. For twenty-four hours, I will not be to move nor sleep. It will be very bad, and very painful. Without the help of Chemo-tea, I would just lie on the deck chair, unable to sleep or do anything. With the Chemo-tea, I’d be able to wake up, have breakfast and all, wash the car, polish it and still come back here later tonight! Every Tuesday is always like this. It is my routine.

So are you sure that the Chemo-tea helps?

It would be very difficult without it. True, without the Chemo-tea, it would be very difficult. However much I eat, I would still vomit. And the food couldn’t really go down. Now, I’m hungry. Once I get home, I will eat, bathe, change my clothes and go to work. Just now before coming here, I had a loaf of bread. See, no problems.

Do you take care of your diet?

Yes. I am very careful of what I eat. I dare not eat outside food anymore. The risk is too high. I can’t play the fool.

Before you had cancer, tell us about your dietary habits.

When I was a meat eater, I used to feel lethargic and my body ached. On my non-working days I woke up late, around noon. Since being on the herbs, I wake up early, between 7 a.m. – 8 a.m. By that time I would not be able to sleep already, I had to wake up. I become alert by that time. I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to. I also sleep easily and I slept very well, too.

When I finish work, I go back home and pray for a while. By then it is around 10 or 11 p.m. Then I go to sleep. It’s now so easy to sleep. I wake up in the same position I went to bed in. Before I had cancer, I barely ate any fruits or vegetables. All that I ate was just meat. All my meals consisted mainly of chicken, beef, pork, etc. I did not eat vegetables at all. Ever since I came to see you and started taking herbs, I stopped eating meat.

Your diet currently consists of fruits and vegetables. How do you feel now compared to the time when you were an ardent meat eater?

I feel more energetic and stronger on the fruit and vegetable diet. No meat no strength is a fallacy. I was feeling sleepy most of the time when I was taking meat.

Now my family members have changed their diet. My wife is very happy as the new diet makes her feel lighter. Even my children don’t eat meat anymore. So also my mother.  Ever since my wife and children eat like I do, they have not fallen sick – it has been a year already. Before this, when they were on the meat diet, they fell sick very often. Taking herbs alone is not enough, I must take care of my diet too. Now I do not like to eat out. The food does not taste or smell right anymore. The family complains about outside food: Why is it so salty? Why is it so sweet? Previously, outside food smelled great to me. Even my children don’t really want to eat out now.


I see a lot of trust, confidence and enthusiasm in Alex whenever he comes to the Centre. It is indeed a great pleasure, and very rewarding, to help a person like him. I feel the healing energy in him. His mental attitude is indeed very positive too. There is no doubt that Alex had benefited tremendously by taking the herbs.

Alex and his family were meat eaters. Now, all of them in the house have turned vegetarian – no more meat! And their health seemed to have improved by that switch of diet. Previously, the children needed to see the doctors very often. Now, there is no need for the frequent visits any more. Initially, Alex’s mother did not like the idea of only taking vegetables because according to her: No meat, no strength.

Let me also emphasise that healing is not only about taking drugs or herbs. This is just a minor part of the cancer remedy. You need to change your diet, your lifestyle and your mental attitude – be positive.


For almost two years, July 2000 to 27 March 2002, Alex was taking the herbs diligently. After that, he disappeared.

He resurfaced on 21 November 2002. It was a great shock for us to see his physical condition. He was thin and looked very sick. The cancer had spread to his liver.

We requested him to tell us frankly what had happened. From March 2002 till November 2002, he stopped taking the herbs but he still continued with his healthy diet. He concentrated on his daily prayers and continued with his meditation. He believed that in life there is always a cause and effect. Therefore, his cancer may be due to a cause or past bad karma. In order to redeem thisevil, he started to do good works by freeing fishes, birds, etc., that are in captivity. He felt good. To him, there was no further need to take any more herbs. After all, spiritual cleansing was all that is needed to liberate him. He took a holiday trip to Bangkok. Everything was fine.

Came September 2002, after his return from Bangkok, he did not feel well anymore. He became tired and felt something growing in his abdomen. His health deteriorated very fast. He could not eat. He vomited and could not urinate. He had pains. He started to take herbs again. He felt better after two weeks. There was less pains but he was still not able to sleep.

He went to see a doctor who told him to go for chemotherapy. He called us and asked for advice. He said he wanted to undergo this treatment as a last resort. We told him we respected his decision. Go ahead and do what you think is best for you. Fortunately or unfortunately, he came down with a fever and the chemo-treatment had to be postponed. On 10 January 2003, he died. There was no time for chemotherapy.