Lung Cancer: Pain and Sleepless Night after Chinese New Year Dinner

Sujo (M858) is a 58-year-old male from Indonesia. Sometime in August 2010, he complained of breathlessness when climbing the stairs. A check up with a GP in Medan indicated fluid in his lungs.  Sujo came to a private hospital in Penang in October 2010. A CT scan indicated gross left pleural effusion associated with severe lung collapse. There was lytic lesion at T4 vertebral body associated with erosion. His liver showed fatty infiltration.

Two liters of fluid were tapped out of his lung. A pleural biopsy showed a papillary, gland forming malignant neoplasm. According to the HPE report, a possible diagnosis includes:

  1. Papillary adenocarcinoma of pleural origin – malignant mesothelioma, or
  2. Metastatic adenocarcinoma from a primary in the bronchus/lung.

Sujo went to an oncologist at the cancer hospital for a second opinion. His blood test on 21 October 2010 showed CEA = 85.86 and CA19.9 = 78.6. Sujo was asked to undergo chemotherapy, which he promptly rejected.

Instead, on 22 October 2010, Sujo came to seek our help. He had no symptoms and was prescribed Capsule A, Lung 1 and 2 teas, Bone Tea and C-tea. After taking these herbs, Suja came back to see us twice and reported that his health had improved. He was able to eat, sleep and walk distance without any problem. His breathlessness had resolved. His bowels movements were good.

Pain After Chinese New Year Dinner

Sujo and his wife told us that on the eve of the Chinese New Year (2011) Sujo took chicken curry (only the gravy not the chicken). Besides that he also ate steam fish with salted beans (tau chiau). Two days later, on the morning of the second day of CNY, he suffered severe pains.  Sujo said: “I am very tolerant to pain. But this pain was so severe that I cried. I have never cried before in my life.” It was a “pulling pain” and he was not able to lie down. He had to sit upright and the pain lasted from 8 to 9 p.m. until 3 a.m.  Then he would fall asleep for about 2 hours. The pains persisted every day.  Sujo took the painkiller, Tramadol 50 mg – once or twice a day. But the medication did not relieve his pains.

Sujo confirmed that before this dinner, he did not have any pain at all. The pains only came after the dinner.

Sujo came to see us on 13 February 2010. He presented with severe pains in the back and shoulder blade. He had partially lost his voice. Acugraph reading showed his Qi was very low. The past 8 days or so, he was not able to sleep.

Seeing  Sujo’s condition, we put him on the e-therapy right away. See below for the amazing results.

Day e-therapy Response
13 February 2011 – night Detox 2  (34 minutes) Next morning, less pain and was able to sleep whole night.
14 February 2011 – morning Detox 3  (51 minutes)Loss of voice  (32 minutes) Next morning, pain reduced. No problem sleeping. Voice returning – louder.
15 February 2011 – morning Intercostal  (24 minutes) Loss of voice  (32 minutes) Lumbago FS  (20 minutes) Next morning. Pain 70% gone. Pain mainly at “Shingle” area suffered since 4 years ago.         Voice even louder. No problem with sleep.
16 February 2011 – morning Detox 3   (51 minutes)Shingles  (35 minutes) Next morning. Over all condition better than the previous morning.
17 February 2011 Detox 3  (51 minutes)Shingles  (35 minutes) Sujo is going home to Medan tomorrow morning. He looks good – health restored!

Listen to our video conversation:

Part 1: Pain and Bad Food

Part 2: Pain Relieved After e-Therapy


For most people, an auspicious day (may it be Christmas, Valentine, Thanksgiving, or whatever) generally calls for a celebrative feast. And very often cancer patients find it a good excuse to indulge in the food that they like. Of course, most of them could not get away from such folly after that. Last year, KM – who had colon-liver cancer and had survived for three years, decided to celebrate the 2011 Chinese New Year in style. He ate fried chicken, etc. Almost immediately he landed in the hospital with severe pains, He died after that. Now we have Sujo who did about the same thing like KM. His wife said: “I thought it is okay to eat such food since it is Chinese New Year!” Unfortunately, cancer does not understand Chinese culture!

Some people may wish to dispute that the pains had nothing to do with the dinner! Of course there is scientific proof to substantiate such connection. But common sense and experience tell me so. Let me give you some stories.

My close relative was brought to my house. She was in a semi-concious state with limbs all stiff. Not knowing what had happened the logical thing to do was to send her to the nearest private hospital immediately. She was admitted.  In the meantime, I had the opportunity to find out what had happened. This relative had been eating a few of kilos of “dokong /duku” before the problem. She ended having a bloated stomach and went to see a GP who prescribed certain medication. After this medication, she become semi-concious and her limbs turned stiff.

While we waited around her hospital bed, the neurologist came.  With an air of authority and competence he insisted that a lumbar puncture be done. I humbly tried to suggest to the learned doctor that this could be the result of the drug that she had just taken. No, he would hear it – go for the lumbar puncture. Preparation was underway for the procedure and it was almost mid-night when my relative awakened! She refused the procedure!  The next morning, she was discharged and we became poorer by RM1,500! That was the cost of one night hospitalization without doing anything significant.

There was this man from Medan who had lung cancer. He was supposed to undergo radiotherapy that day, but unfortunately the machine broke down. Since he was free, he walked around the hospital and saw some durians. He and his son feasted on the durian – that was about 3 p.m. By 6 p.m. the man became breathless and had to be admitted into the ICU. A CT scan was done. Nothing appeared wrong on the film! The son asked the doctor if this was due to the durian. The doctor said, NO, nothing to do with the durian!

Bob had liver cancer that had spread to his lungs. His doctors told him there was no treatment and he would just go home and wait for his time. He came to CA Care and was started on the herbs. His health was restored. After being “well” Bob started to eat what he liked. A few days later he came back to us feeling “half dead”. The next day he died. Listen to what he said by clicking this link:

The story of June is worth repeating. June vomited and had to be hospitalized. Two hours before June vomited she was in perfect health. Her problem started after she ate a packet of nasi briyani at 4 p.m. By 6 p.m. the nausea and vomiting started. By about mid-night June was admitted into the hospital. One doctors said: “Based on my experience this is due to her recurrent cancer.” June was asked to undergo chemotherapy immediately. My advice was: “Do nothing! Try to flush out the “rubbish” in her stomach.” Of course the oncologists were upset. Anyway, ten days later June walked out of the hospital – without the chemo of course! Listen to her story by clicking this link:

In the case of Sujo, it is clear that for the past four months he was leading a pain-and-problem-free life. But on the second day of the Chinese New Year his life turned into “hell” – how could that be? He must have done something different or wrong. That was the question I posed to him and his wife.

The pains did not go away, and lasted for about eight days. Tramadol could not help him. When he came to CA Care on 13 February 2011 he was still in pain. But the next morning, 14 February 2011, the pain almost disappeared and he was able to sleep that night.

Okay, ask this question: Could the pains just appear and disappear without any reason? Common sense tells us that something must have happened to trigger the event. In the first instance he ate bad food – hence the pain. In the second instance, he was on the e-therapy for 34 minutes and the pains almost disappeared! Of course all these problems do not show up in a CT scan or MRI. So let us not waste time and money doing these procedures.

While in Penang, Sujo had his blood test done. The results are as follows:

Before receiving his latest results, I was a bit skeptical – not knowing what to expect. But it was indeed a blessing to see that both his CEA and CA19.9 had gone down by about 30% and 24% respectively after 4 months on our therapy.  Impressive results indeed bearing in mind that he did not receive any medical treatment!

Most amazing of all is the healing of his pain. When he came, we told both Sujo and his wife that we expected to solve his problem by about a week. So they should be prepared to stay that long in Penang. Based on experience, we were rather confident that the pain would go away after undergoing  the e-therapy. Apart from our experience, we have no other option! Undergoing the e-therapy at CA Care in Penang is free-of-charge (only for our cancer patients!).  The next morning, we were glad to be able to tell Sujo and his wife that they were really blessed! The e-therapy was effective for his pains and loss of voice. Most important Sujo was able to sleep.  After three days, we were very happy  to be able to tell Sujo and his wife that they  could go home to Medan! Amazing healing indeed!


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  1. How can we get E-Therapy(and what is it ?), for our 84yr old Father who’s struggling with lung cancer since diagnosed last year- 31 Dec 2010.

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    • Sorry you just need to come to see me …which I know is impossible. There is a limit to what anyone can do. Please go and ask your doctors to help you.

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