View Your Misfortune as a Blessing

Very often we take good health for granted – especially when we have never landed in the hospital before! I have seen faces of the sick and shared their pains – I imagined what it was like, though I have not experienced it myself before.

On 9th February 2000, it was my turn to get sick. That morning, I tried to shift a packet of herb, which blocked the door. “Cluck” came a sound from my backbone and I was almost immobilized. The whole of that Wednesday I was confined to the chair, unable to pick things from the floor, could not walk properly, etc. Mentally, I felt frustrated for not being able to do all that I had always taken for granted.  Of course, such problem is nothing compared to the ordeal the cancer patients suffer.

Take painkiller to relief the pain was one advice.  No, thank you. Why cut off the signal that tells me that something was not right with my back?

Rush to the hospital? My past experience with an orthopedic regarding the same problem was enough bad lesson. So, no thanks too!!

Deep down in me, I know, however, that God will help me.  I visualized that I would be well the next morning!  It was not to be. I was unable to bring myself up from bed.

I thought of calling a friend who knows of one person who is good at massaging. At about 11 a.m. this very friend called us instead.  She wanted to drop by our house with her brother-in-law from Singapore who has been taking the herbs.  What a “coincidence”. 

About noon, my cousin dropped by and told us of a chiropractor in town who has done a wonderful job for her friend. She called the chiropractor’s office for appointment but was told that there was no slot free until a week later. Aya!  Mana boleh – can’t wait that long! Anyway, after an explanation my cousin was told that the doctor might be able to squeeze me in the next day. Hai, but what about this very afternoon? Ha, ha, come immediately was the answer! So, by about 3 p.m. I was on his table “for repair”. 

 At home Im boiled the herb we bought earlier which was supposed to be for backache and muscle pain. Then, I applied a wine herbal extract that my Auntie gave us that had proven to be good for my sprained toes.

The morning of Friday, 11 February, I was back on the chiropractor’s table again for another fix. By 3 p.m. I was back at my table in the Cancer Centre for the regular Friday session. By Saturday morning, I felt rather well. I was able to walk up the stairs, bend down, etc, etc. Sunday night was the usual routine and I don’t think anybody noticed that I had a problem.

God does answer prayers but He does so in His own way, that man often cannot understand or see.  Does a miracle happen only when the wind blows and someone gets well for no apparent reason?   In a more subtle way, God works miracles by “opening doors and opportunities” at the correct time and brings you to people whom you need. Some may like to call that coincidence. We call it miracle.

More importantly is that when we call Him in despair, He provides us with the courage to face reality like never before. Deep down in my heart I know that I will be alright. I could sense that feeling – the optimism that is so vital for healing. 

Often we interpret sickness as a misfortune. Why not look at the positive side of things. When I was immobilized, I decided that the best use of my time was to write and I worked on the book: Food & Cancer. By the time I became well, I almost finished writing the whole book. Then, I researched to find herbs to cure my ailing back, I “discovered” two things – the Pain Solution and the Backache Wine. These two helped me tremendously. And that’s besides having the opportunity to know the chiropractor!  So, could my sprained back be a blessing rather than a curse? 

I have no doubt, it was a blessing!