Healing Crisis

It is possible that after taking the recommended herbs, you may experience discomforts such as diarrhea, fatigue and even intense pain. Your condition seems to be worse than before. If this is what you experience, DO NOT WORRY. What you are experiencing is called healing crisis. CONTINUE TAKING THE HERBS! However, if the problem continues for too long and you are getting worse each day, it is advisable to stop taking the herbs first and seek advice. Generally, after a few days, the intensity of such discomforts decreases with each day. You will gain strength and your condition will improve after some days.

A healing crisis occurs as a result of the body engaging in the process of eliminating the toxins that it has accumulated over the years. Now the toxins are being liberated from their storage places within you and they are affecting the body in full force, resulting in rashes, boils, itchiness, swelling, phlegm and even intense pain. When the process of elimination has been sufficiently accomplished, your health improves.

During this detoxification process, do not take any drugs or medication to suppress the symptoms. Allow the healing process to proceed without hindrance. For example, you may experience diarrhea for three days. You should allow this to happen and take more fluid to aid the cleansing process. Perhaps on the fourth day, the diarrhea may just stop automatically. Of course you must not be too complacent as well. If your health deteriorates with each day or the problem persists for too long, then stop taking the herbs and seek professional advice or see your doctor immediately.

The healing crisis is recognized in all systems of natural healing. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is known as the law of cure.