Lung Cancer from USA – Repairing the Unrepairable?

LCG was a 46 year-year-old lady from New Jersey, USA. Let us call her Irene. Irene’s problem started with a cough some five years ago and this was diagnosed as due to lung cancer in late September 1997.  At that time the right upper lobe of the lung had numerous tumours which had spread to the nearby lymph nodes and mediastinal.

From January to April 1998 she had chemotherapy – taxol and carboplatin, for five times. The tumour disappeared almost totally. In November 1998 the tumour reappeared. She underwent monoclonal clinical trial using PNU but it was not successful. Then she had chemotherapy again and this time with “Gemzar” once a week. The right lung collapsed and she had difficulty breathing.

5 August 1999. Irene’s brother came to see Yeong  and presented her  conditions as follows:

  • had an average of 6 hours sleep a day.
  • felt tired, especially when taking a short walk.
  • the CEA was 26.7
  • had coughs with clear, sticky white foam in the morning and night, and also when moving around or walking.
  • there was fluid in the lungs causing a choking feel – unable to climb.
  • had pain in the right shoulder, spinal cord and ribs when coughing too much.

She was prescribed Capsule A, deTox, Lung, Cough 5 and Ascites.

e-mail 27 August 1999 to her brother:

  • have started taking the herbs.
  • seems to feel pretty good – more energy.
  • my pain seems to have reduced a little.
  • I am also able to breathe better.
  • I am pretty weak but am not giving up hope yet. I know God knows what He is doing and when to take me home. I am ready and know where I will go.
  • Do write and I will try to write back as long as my energy permits me to do so.

e-mail 2 September 1999 to her brother:

  • The herbs that Dr. Teo gave me seems to work pretty good for me. I do not have much side effects from the chemo.
  • I have stopped taking the Noni Juice and Spess since I started taking Dr. Teo’s herbs.
  • Saw my oncologist yesterday – he said I looked good.
  • Started to put on some weight – Now I am up to 85 lb instead of 80 lb.
  • I am still coughing a lot and still have fluid in my lungs – it covered my whole right lung.
  • I wish I could get rid of it so that I can make a trip home to see you all. At this moment, I am advised not to travel (in the plane it will cause the fluid to move around and choke me to death).
  • I am also able to breathe better and sleep better.
  • I pray each day and night to get better to allow me one last chance to go home and see you guys.
  • Will be going back for chemo again on Monday. Feel better about the chemo now cos the herbs help me to cope with the side effects and I don’t feel so bad after each chemo.

e-mail 10 May 2000 to Chris:

  • My CEA was around 28 and later went up to 69. Just last week my CEA was 4.1. The value gradually decreased since the last couple of months.
  • My right lung was originally filled with fluid (no shadow at all!) and also collapsed.
  • My last CT scan about two months ago showed a shrinkage in my tumour size from 12/6/4 cm to 2×3.5 cm. Praise the Lord for this miracle.
  • At present I weigh about 110 lb. I was down to 75lb (actually 80 lb ?) when I first took the your herbs but gradually my appetite increased and I began to gain weight.
  • I volunteered as a Patient Support in the American Cancer Society here in New Jersey. I visit cancer patients at their homes and the hospitals. Praise the Lord for giving me this opportunity. Being a volunteer since my diagnosis helps me a lot. It gives hope and also (the comfort that) I am not alone. I promised myself to make a difference in someone’s life each day!

e-mail  10 July 2000 to Chris:

Just to update you a little. I have lately been travelling a lot. Been to New York for the annual cancer society meeting, on vacation to London, Holland, Niagara Falls, etc. Trying to make the best out of whatever time God has given me. Really enjoy myself, not even thinking I was sick at all. Put on a wig and nobody even knows I do not have hair or I am sick whenever I am out travelling.

The next few months I will be very busy with my lung cancer support group. This new lung cancer support group that I formed will meet every month where patients shared info, tears, joy, laughter and latest treatments on lung cancer both conventional and alternative.

Our comments

When I eceived the first visit form from Irene, my heart bled. How to help in this case – almost beyond repair? Then, to us – of all the female names in the world, the most beautiful is: Irene… our daughter is also named Irene!

Despair, however, did not last that long – slowly but surely the good Lord changes the equation. Irene began to feel well and her last e-mail was the ultimate. Hi there, Irene – you are having fun now!

Our advice to Irene: Make the best of life, but stay on course – do not make the mistake of changing your life style, away from the one that brought healing to you. Don’t be misled that everything is all over. Another mistake can be fatal. We always believe: it is excusable to be foolish once but not twice. 

Friends, what do you think is the reason behind Irene’s healing? Medically, this is a touch and go case. We are not sure of the truth in this statement but we were told that the doctor expected her to live for only three months!  But since it is God who decides not man, Irene got to live much longer than expected – to tell her own story to the world. Is it the chemo – the gemzar (gemcitabine) that cured her? You are welcome to your own opinion.