Lung Cancer Stage 4, Open-Close Surgery. Six Months to Live. She Refused Chemo and Took Herbs for Three and Half Years Now

SC (H222) was 68 years old when her problem started. She is a non-smoker. She started to have coughs for the past six months. There were no other symptoms apart from the right scapular (shoulder blade) pain she experienced.  A CT scan on 4 September 2008 showed a  3.0 x 4.75 x 3.0 cm opacity in the lateral segment of the right middle lobe of her lungs, suggestive of a neoplastic mass.

Bronchial brushings showed moderately large neoplastic cells. Her blood test was normal, apart from a mildly elevated CEA (8.0).

SC underwent a CT scan of her brain and abdomen and these were normal. Her bone scan was negative for metastasis.

Her doctor suggested surgery since this was regarded as an early stage lung cancer, Stage 1B. Surgery was done on 29 September 2008 but it was aborted – an open and close case. The cancer had spread to the back of the chest wall and was now considered a Stage 4 lung cancer.

The doctor suggested chemotherapy and said that without this treatment she would only have six months to live. SC declined chemotherapy. Her sister died one year after undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her breast cancer.

SC came to seek our help on 18 October 2008 and was started on Capsule A, Lung 1 and Lung 2 teas.

Listen to what her daughter told us after a year (6 December 2009) on the herbs.



We were in constant contact via e-mail with patient’s daughter.

13 December 2011

Hi Im, Prof Chris,

I am at my wits end trying to see how else to ease Mom’s pain.   We are trying acupuncture currently, three sessions so far but she said the pain is still as bad.   Last week she had a very bad palpitation which lasted for almost 7 hours.   And it happened again today though not as long as the previous time.   The pain must have been really bad as she is talking about dying.

7 February 2012

Prof Chris,

Apart from the pain and lack of strength, Mum looks okay and can eat moderately. Should I bring Mum up to see you again?

Reply:  Do you think you can persuade mom to try the machine again. If you can come and stay for a few days we can use the machine for pain. See this website . This website concentrates on pain cases. We seem to be having good results but I don’t know why mom is reluctant to use it. There must be a reason for this fear? I really don’t have any other way to help with her pain besides the Pain Tea. If she agrees, why not give a try again. But it all depends if she agrees to use it or not.

Thanks Prof Chris,

I talked to Mom again about coming up to Penang to do the e-therapy again.  She did not resist the idea.  When would it be convenient to you for us to come up to see you?

Patient came to Penang to receive six days of e-therapy (from 13 to 18 February 2012). She benefited from the treatment! Her improvements could be seen in her face! We are glad that she took the challenge to come to Penang and try the e-Therapy.


Permission to use this video without having to mask her face is granted by her daughter.