Brain Tumour: Herbs and e-Therapy Helped Him

Ron (s24-not real name) is a 22-year-old male from Indonesia. About two years ago he felt numbness in his right leg but did not do anything about it. Then in June 2011, Ron had seizure in his right leg. The seizure attack lasted about 20 to 25 minutes. Ron suffered about three seizures per week. However, his right leg felt numb every day.

A CT scan in Indonesia showed tumour in his brain. Ron and his parents came to a private hospital in Penang in August 2011. MRI of his brain was done and similarly confirmed the presence of left fronto-parietal lobe tumour with cystic central necrosis. The lesion measures about 6 x 6.2 x 6.7 cm in size.


Ron was asked to go to Kuala Lumpur to consult with another specialist. Another brain MRI was performed.  The report dated 22 August 2011 indicated a 7.5 x 6.5 cm mass in the left fronto-parietal region with involvement of the motor cortex. There is also involvement in the sensory cortex.

The doctor suggested a biopsy which the family refused to do. According to the doctor, the mass cannot be removed by surgery. Ron was asked to undergo radiotherapy which the family also declined. A 25-radiation-treatment would cost RM 25,000. Ron was told the following:

  1. Even with radiation, the treatment would not cure him.
  2. Radiation may just shrink the tumour.
  3. Ron will have to come back to Penang again after 9 months and do another MRI. If the tumour grows bigger, he needs more radiation.

Ron was prescribed four drugs: Levetiracetam, Phenytoin (both for epilepsy),  Dexamethasone (steroid) and Lansoprazole (for ulcer and reflux to take care of the side effects of the medications). He did not take these drugs after coming to see us on 26 August 2011. Ron was prescribed: Capsule A, Brain 1 and brain 2 tea, C-tea + Brain Leaf tea.  At the same time Ron underwent e-Therapy. After only a few days, his condition improved tremendously.

Listen to our conversation.



Part 1: 

  • After a week on herbs, Ron’s health improved significantly. There was no more muscle spasm or numbness in his right leg. There was no more full blown seizure. According to his father, Ron’s facial expression was much better. He looked healthier and he felt better too.
  • I reminded Ron and his father that our herbs are no magic potion. Don’t expect instant cure. Ron will have to take care of his diet and take the herbs regularly.
  • The father asked, “Can we try your e-Therapy?” Yes, if you want to!



Part 2:

  • Before a seizure, I had muscle cramp. Muscle cramp means numbness in my leg. Seizure means violent jerking of my leg. Before a seizure sets in, I felt the numbness of my leg first followed by violent jerking of my leg and sometimes even the upper part of my body. I was not able to stand upright and needed to lie down flat   wherever I happened to be. Sometimes, I also fainted.
  • I had muscle cramps everyday and this could last the whole day. But this numbness did not necessarily result in a seizure. But sometimes, there was a seizure. My leg jerked violently. This lasted for about 20 to 25 minutes. My heart pumped rapidly. My whole body was drained off energy and I felt tired after this. Sometimes I also sweated.
  • The doctor prescribed four medications. These helped but I still had seizure once even with the medications.
  • When I started to take the herbs, I stopped taking the doctor’s medications. I have no more full blown seizure. Even if a seizure seemed to come, it went off after five minutes. My heart did not beat rapidly anymore, like before.
  • Father: His leg still felt numb but the jerking of his leg had stopped. After taking the herbs, his health had improved tremendously.
  • Chris: Take care of your diet. Don’t worry about the initial loss of your weight. You will get back your weight after a while.

Ron came to Penang again in March 2012. He had another MRI. MRI report dated 9 March 2012 stated: The tumour is still present in this current MRI and the size is 6.7 x 6 x 6 cm. There was no significant change in size compared to previous MRI. Findings suggestive of low grade glioma. (Note: previous size was stated as 6 x 6.2 x 6.7 cm).

Some Points to Ponder

  1. After six months without any medical treatment and with only herbs, the tumour did not grow bigger. Why? Could it grow smaller with time?
  2. Ron was not on any doctor’s medication but his health improved – no more serious seizure! Does this not prove that the herbs are effective?
  3.  What do you think could happen if Ron were to undergo radiation treatment as suggested by the doctor?
  4. Why do you think patients (even rural folks!) do not readily follow or accept their doctors’ advice when it comes to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery for cancer?