Colon Cancer Part 1: Helping A Young, Relentless and Well-mannered Lady from Africa

We received numerous emails from foreign countries asking for help. Like the walk-in cancer patients, not all, but most of them were only “shopping” for a magic bullet. We don’t have such magic potion at CA Care. After an earlier initial effort to help patients through the Internet, we have decided not to accept any more patients from foreign countries if they only send us emails. However,  a young lady from Africa made out a case for me to change my mind – at least an exception for her case. Why? This is because, I strongly believe in what I have written earlier. I have respect for those who are committed. Yes, even the grave would make way for such people!

This was what happened. Let us call this lady Nancy (not real name).

7 December 2011

Hello Sir,

I filled out the form online about last week. My name is … I am following up with the scanned reports from the hospital.  I am looking forward to your reply on how we can proceed.

24 December 2011

Hello Dr. Chris!
I keep getting success news from you, but you haven’t responded to several emails I sent.  I believe I came across your website, not by chance, not by coincidence, but, by divine planning. I am a young lady who will really like to use your herbs for rectal cancer.  I really hope you will consider helping me with your knowledge. I await your response.  Thank you.

30 December 2011

Greetings sir, I have been trying to get back in contact with you for a while now.  I will please like to try your herbs. 

31 December 2011

I am sorry for not replying sooner. I have so many people coming to me from different places even on Christmas day. They are all desperate for help. As for your case, I did go through your medical reports:

1.  You are now under the care of medical doctors. I really can’t say much about this. But do what is comfortable for yourself.

2.  India is also a good place for alternative medicine — they have the Ayurvedic  medicine, Sinddha, etc., besides homeopathy. Have you looked into these?

3.  My herbs are not magic. It needs time to get response. And my experience with people writing on line is that it is not going to work. To be useful, I need to monitor your situation regularly and know what is going on. How you live your life, what you eat, etc., etc. Even by just talking to my patients I would know what is wrong. Because of that I have given up trying to help people from foreign countries through the net. In fact I have now another similar request from India. A   few days ago, I had a request from Melbourne. I am not going to take these up. It is extremely hard. At the end of it all, it is just a waste of effort. Experience tells me it does not work.

5. But if you have someone here in Malaysia … even if I know it is not going to make any magic … and if you still insist on wanting to try … you may ask your friend to come and see me in Penang or go to my centre in Kuala Lumpur, whichever is convenient. I can give the herbs and some instructions and you can try.

6. If you have been reading my articles and they talk about miraculous healing, you will note that these patients come here and we do the therapy together. That is the reason why they succeed.

I don’t what to be negative.  I understand you need help but I must be sincere and honest to myself too. In my heart I know there are times and situation when I just cannot help. The problem is beyond me to solve. And I also know that I cannot solve everybody’s problem in this world. I have been working very, very hard every day to help cancer patients and I know in my heart I can do that much only and no more.  Take care, Chris.

31 December 2011

Thank you kindly for your response Dr Chris, it is truly appreciated.  I understand and respect you are a very busy man. I also understand your herbs are not magic, only God performs miracles. I had decided even before getting your email that I will come to Malaysia.  I already looked up visa requirements and other information.  I can make an initial consultation with you physically after getting the visa and we can proceed from there.  Considering this, I will like to know how many days I should plan to stay so I can estimate the length of time I need to put on the visa application. There is no magic bullet. However, I will like to do what my heart feels strongly towards.  I am sure we can work something out after my first visit. Happy New Year to you and loved ones!

(In another e-mail, Nancy wrote to say that the Malaysian authority in India had rejected her visa application to visit Malaysia. This saddened me. It is not Nancy’s fault. And since she had taken that extra mile to do what was necessary to help herself but failed and this was beyond her control, I felt I ought to reciprocate accordingly. I wrote her …)

10 January 2012

Okay Nancy! I am sorry to have made your life so difficult — actually I have just replied an email to a lady in New Zealand saying that I am not able to help her husband. To be honest I just cannot afford to help people outside Malaysia. But I do realise that you have made a lot of efforts in trying to get my herbs — okay, so be it. God has probably opened my heart. I shall try to help you the best I can via the net. So I shall try to send the herbs to you by post and see what comes out of it. 

10 January 2012

Thank you kindly sir! You have just put a smile on my face. God bless you! You have not made my life difficult, I am the one actually making your life difficult by bothering you with my relentlessness, and I thank God for giving me a chance with your herbs.  I can use any herbs, no matter how bitter is it, it is only for my own benefit.   I put God in control of the herbs. Thank you kindly sir! You have no idea how happy you have made me.

This is Nancy’s story in her own words.

My problem started when I was about 19 years old, i.e. ten years ago (I am now 29 years old). I started to bleed from the rectum after bowel movements.  I went to the doctors and may be because of my age, they said it was just hemorrhoids and was advised that I increased my fiber intake.

Before this bleeding problem did you eat a lot of bbq meat, fried stuff and bottles/canned drinsk like coke, etc. —the typical us-diet

I didn’t really eat a lot of BBQ meat. I had lots of sugared drinks/juice though.  Ice-cream, junk food like cookies, chocolate, chips and most of all, I was under extreme stress.

What doctors told you that you had hemorrhoids? Did any examintion, test or scan done? And what medication did they give you?

The first doctor (general physician) I went to did the fecal occult blood test (FOBT) and said I was fine.  You usually need a referral to see specialists like a proctologist.  I didn’t get one then because she felt I did not need it.          The second doctor actually gave the typical rectal exam, by using her fingers. She said she could not feel anything.  This was 3 years after the bleeding started.  She diagnosed as hemorrhoids.  My hemoglobin had dropped very slightly.  She advised I start taking fiber supplements.  I was not given any medication.

Since the bleeding until the next episode, augsut 2009, what did you do? Did the problem disturb you at all? Any symptom? Discomforts?

The only symptom was the bleeding after bowel movements.  Since they told me it was a hemorrhoid, this was what I focused on. I found different natural treatments for hemorrhoids, from oils, to creams, to paste to pills, and freezing device. When that didn’t work I tried immortelle oil. It stopped the bleeding for like 2 days.  I stopped eating anything containing sugar, because I noticed the bleeding got worse when I consumed anything sweet.

In 2005, my gynecologist put me on birth control pills because my periods were heavy and painful.  I think this actually made everything worse.  Immediately I got on the pill, I started having recurrent yeast infections, literarily every month. I told my gynecologist, I thought the pill was giving me the yeast infections and she said it was impossible.  I started having colds like every three months.  My blood pressure went up. When I complained, all they did was put me on another pill.

I used to go to the hospital only once a year for a physical check-up, but I got on the pill and started going to the hospital every month for one complaint or another.  The birth control pills made my menses worse.  I used to have them for 5 days. I got on the pill and they became 7 days and even more painful. That was the first time I noticed my lower belly was getting big (it used to be flat).

I started getting fatigued.  By the time I got home in the evening my whole body will be hurting like I worked on a construction site.  My mum also gave me herbal concoction for hemorrhoids, they helped with the bleeding too but, not for long. I went to another doctor but she also said hemorrhoids.

After researching on the internet, I found out the pill lowers the immune system and actually puts the body in a state of dominant estrogen, which all give way to cancer.  A lot of my research always pointed to cancer, but for some reason, I never thought it would get to that level with me. I thought I was very far away from getting cancer.

In 2008, I had pain in my tummy, although it turned out to be gas. However, I had an ultrasound, both vaginal and abdominal.  They never mentioned a fibroid in the report, neither did they mention a mass in the rectum.  I had done a bi-manual exam on myself and felt something in the rectum.  When I told me doctor, she said it was impossible for me to examine myself. By August 2009, a ball in the left side of my vagina ruptured.

A ball in your vagina ruptured? How big? How do you know it is ball size? Any pain before that? No symptoms?

It was like a big boil (sty).  I could touch it under the skin of the vagina.  No pain before that, but the boil was very painful before it ruptured.  Again I went to the hospital; the doctor said it may be Bartholin cyst, and I should use sitz baths.   The drainage never stopped, although it was very light blood, I noticed something was still coming out.

Again, I went to another doctor, a man this time and he said he didn’t see any bleeding. He noticed the fibroid and said it was very common and I shouldn’t worry about it.  The very light bleeding continued and I went back to see the doctor, I tried to explain to him that I am not crazy and something is wrong in my body but he got tired of me ranting wrote a prescription for progesterone for me and opened his office door for me to leave his office while I was still talking.  I threw the prescription in the garbage after I Ieft his office.  He told me it was my cycle messing up and that’s why there was blood, this was after I told him the bleeding was close to the exit of the vagina.

I started going back to the hospital, after seeing about five doctors, the last one finally figured out that the ball like thing from the vagina was actually a mass growing from the rectum.  The diagnosis in 2009 was low grade invasive adenocarcinoma. In December 2009, I went for a biopsy and the malignancy was confirmed.

I declined chemo, surgery and radiation.  I did nothing but used immune boosters and antioxidants.

Why did you not want to do chemo, surgery, radiotheraphy? Have you read anything about them before?

I’ve read a whole lot of books and articles about them. I watched documentaries about them and the evil they bring.  I discovered a fistula a few weeks after the biopsy, I guess they took out too much tissue.  I was in severe pain. Morphine was only working 50%, I had to combine with high dose of ibuprofen. The ibuprofen eventually gave me a black tongue and pitting edema on my right foot which also became black. I was bleeding heavily, even in clumps; I was using the bathroom after every meal, so I stopped eating until I was starving to death.

Anytime I used the bathroom, the pain increased one thousand percent.  If I used morphine and ibuprofen around 9a.m. and I used the bathroom at 9:45am, the pain surpasses the effect of the morphine and I can’t use more morphine, I will have to cry and start rolling on the bed, because I was basically confined to one room and the bed. Then I got codeine.  So, I would use morphine plus ibuprofen, then for break through pain, I would use codeine plus ibuprofen.

I found some herbs that stopped the bleeding for about 2 weeks, but it came back.  The herbs did not improve the pain or tumor, at this time I could already feel the tumor under my left butt check if I pressed it.  The steady/constant pain started after the biopsy.

I actually took some herbs  I found some after I conducted some research.  I wouldn’t say it worked, although they stated the tumor was going to get bigger before it started healing.  It did get bigger but after over 3 months on it, the pain only got worse.

I  continued searching for herbs.