Suspected Nose Cancer Resolved After Two Months On Herbs. And She Refused A Biopsy: Why?

Fit is a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. In May 2012, she accompanied her friend for a medical treatment in Penang. While staying in Penang, she took the opportunity to consult a doctor about a swelling in her right collar bone. The doctor assured her that there was nothing to worry about that lump. However, she had a swelling in left side of her neck. This caused some discomforts. Also at times, she had humming sound in her left ear. She was referred to an ENT specialist who ordered a CT scan. The report is as below:



The ENT specialist suspected NPC (nose cancer) and suggested that Fit proceed with a biopsy. If it is positive for NPC, then she is to undergo radiotherapy. Fit refused further medical intervention and came to us for help.

It was indeed a difficult situation for us. We were not able to proceed because we did not know what this is in the first place. Especially for young patient like Fit – only 37 years old – we would prefer that she undergoes medical treatment for whatever problem she has. We do not want to mislead her into believing that our therapy can cure her. So she was adamant that she would not want to proceed with further medical intervention.

We prescribed Fit Capsule A, Mt Guava deTox tea and NPC 1 tea. We made it clear to Fit that she has to come go back to her ENT doctor again within three months for further checkup. If her problem persists then she has to consider undergoing medical treatment.

Fit came back to see us again on 13 July 2012, i.e. after two months on herbs. She had just gone to see her ENT and was told that she was nothing wrong with her anymore. The swelling had disappeared and her “nose was clean.” Fit also said that since taking the herbs, her discomforts had resolved. Before coming to us, she used to have headaches and her neck muscles felt tight. These were all gone.

This is another amazing story of healing. I asked Fit if she wanted her face covered in our video presentation. She replied: No! She wanted to share this good news with all of us without having to hide her identity.



Why She Refused the Biopsy

I was curious why she was so adamant in refusing to proceed with a biopsy – i.e., risking her life for not wanting to “catch her cancer early.” Listen to what she has got to say.



Fit: My sister had breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy. I do not want to go through a similar experience. Even if I have to die, I don’t want to suffer like her.

Chris: Oh, you used to have a sister? And she had breast cancer?

F: Yes, breast cancer in 2005 and she had a surgery to remove her breast, followed by chemo and chemo until March 2008. And on 20 March 2008, she died.

C: From her operation to her death – how long was that?

F: Three years. She received two cycles of chemos each month for three years. Initially she was alright but she suffered recurrence after recurrence and her condition “dropped” rapidly. She had to use the “chemo-port” because all the veins in her hands could not take the chemo anymore. In February 2008, the doctor said there was no need for any more chemo. My sister would only have two to four weeks to live. We brought her home and she died a month later. Since her death, I have heard of a name, Dr. Chris Teo. Since then I kept this information in my heart. When I was told that I might have NPC, I did not cry. I just wanted to come and see Dr. Teo.