Part 4: Can the e-Therapy help him?

Lung Cancer: An Outstanding Survivor

This case study consists of four parts:
Part 1: Tragedy struck again and again.
Part 2: Experience with Iressa & Tarceva while on CA Care Therapy.
Part 3: Side effects of medical treatment and attitude of doctors.
Part 4: Can the e-Therapy help him?


When patients come to see us, they face two problems. One – they suffer the side effects of the treatments as discussed in Part 3 of this article. We are expected to solve these problems for them, i.e., to “repair” the damage. Two, we also have to take care of their cancer – which actually should be our main concern. But most often than not, we ended up doing the “repair” work while the management of cancer has taken second place.

As I have said, we are indeed amazed that Sujo did not have any problem with respect to his lung cancer! Look again at the condition of his lungs when he first came to see us. He started to take the herbs and was well. Since then he did not have any problems with his lungs. Now, he has problems with his mobility!



One way to help Sujo with his current problems is to use the e-Therapy.



Muscle Tightness, Numbness and Trembling of Legs

Chris: When you came you said you have problems. What are these problems?

Patient:   My legs feel numb. The muscles at the backbone feel tight.

C: You said the stomach muscles on both sides of the stomach also feel tight?

P: Yes, I feel tight on both sides of my stomach.

Wife: This happen after eating – he does not feel comfortable.

C: If your stomach is not full – okay?

P:  Less problem.

The e-Therapy Helped to a Certain Extent

C: You did Program 66 – for the hip and leg. Did you feel any better?

P: I feel better – less tight.

C: Yesterday, you did Program 102 for the backache and muscle spasm. How was it?

W: The muscle does not feel as tight as before.

P: But not much better – a bit better only.

C: About 20 percent better?

P: About like that.

C: Your leg – how is it now?

W: His leg trembled involuntarily. This happens especially at night.

D: His legs shake by themselves.

C: Both legs?

W: Yes.

C: What happened to the trembling last night?

P: The trembling was much less.

C: The numbness in your legs – what happen?

P:  The numbness is still there. No improvement.

After Four Days of e-Therapy

C: Last night – you did the therapy?

P: Yes.

C: After doing the e-Therapy for a few days now, do you feel any better?

P: I feel a bit lighter.

C: You have three problems. One is the numbness of the leg. How is it now?

P: The leg numbness still persists. The therapy does not help.

C: What about the tightness of the back muscles?

P: The back muscles are less tight now – better.

C: The muscles are less tight now and there is no pain?

P: No pain.

C: The hip muscle – you said the muscles were tight. What happen now?

P: I feel a bit better now.

C: You said there was pulling of the stomach muscles. This usually occurs after a meal.
What happen now?

P: The same – not helpful.

C: The numbness of your legs?

P: No difference – also not helpful.

C:  The leg numbness – the e-therapy does not help you at all?

P:  After undergoing the e-therapy I feel a bit better – it helps. But then after that the problem comes back again.


Indeed, the e-therapy is not a magic therapy. Sujo underwent only four sessions of the therapy here. I don’t expect any magic either! Nevertheless, in all it was not a wasted effort. He did benefit from the e-therapy even though this did not solve all his problems all at once. I am hoping with more of the therapy over a period of time, his problems will improve. He needs to undergo the therapy 2 to 3 hours daily. I have taught his wife and daughter how to go about doing the e-therapy properly. I am optimistic Sujo would improve.