We Cannot Save People From Themselves

  • We cannot save people from themselves. That is the problem. 
  • If you don’t come to me with a question, I cannot help you. If I force my answer unto you, you will reject it.
  • We can’t save people from the situation … they must suffer, they must believe their doctors, they must have the treatment and then they must awaken to the understanding … ah, maybe there is another way. 

  • I think our ideas will be normal ideas in twenty years time. By that time my book may not be necessary because the whole medical establishment will be geared to this anyway. I don’t have to convince anybody of anything. I believe this will happen. 
  • If people want to benefit now, then they have to be proactive. They have to be lucky to find the right connection.
  • Not until they have suffered … then they are home … it is not just a name, not just a word, it is real and it hurts. Those people who come to see you, I imagine, have had chemotherapy …. They have felt the pains … it is only then that it becomes real … it is not real until then.
  • When you try to tell them, they get angry at you!