War Against Leukemia: The Story of Our Eldest Son

(Thank you KM for this contribution).

The day that changed the lives of my wife and I came on one Sunday in October 1998. I had just returned from an overseas trip that Sunday, arriving home in the afternoon. That morning, my wife had brought our eldest son, KW to a private hospital to do some test to see why his mild fever did not go away. She returned late that afternoon without our son. The expression on her face told me that something very serious had happened. With tears in her eyes she told me that our son, KW had leukemia.

We went to the hospital later in the evening. KW was quite calm but he did asked “why me?” I think no one can answer that question. In this world there are smokers who do not get lung diseases. And there are non-smokers who end with having lung cancer for example.

Some of KW’s close friends also visited him. KW was then 25 years old. He had returned earlier that year from Australia after graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree. He found a challenging job with a world-renowned American IT multi-national company soon after. (We were told later by his superior that he had received commendations during his short time with this company). My wife and I were very happy then seeing our eldest son had started his career while our younger son was still studying in the UK.

But this was to be the beginning of our sufferings with our eldest son.

After consultation with some friends who had connections in the medical field, we transferred KW to the Singapore General Hospital. That was the start of his ten-month stay in hospital with very short spells of home stay. That was also the beginning of ten months of suffering for KW from the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and finally the bone marrow transplantation.

I was then working for an understanding European company in a regional capacity which allowed me to have time with our son daily except when I had to travel. During work I was able to get away from the heavy heart we experienced when with KW. But it was not the case for my wife who patiently spent some ten to twelve hours each day to be with our son. Yes, daily for ten months.

My wife saw and experienced firsthand all the sufferings endured by our eldest son. Chinese New Year was spent in Singapore General Hospital together with KW. During the later part of the 10 months, I and my younger son (who was back from study break) took turn to spend the night with him. It was on a day during the last month (July 1999) of our son’s suffering that my wife was traumatised badly seeing the hospital medical personnel giving medical treatment to our son without telling her what happened even when he went into induced coma and had to be put in the intensive care unit. During our visits when he was in intensive care, we noticed tears in KW’s eyes when we talk to him. We knew he could hear us.

Days later our younger son answered a telephone call at around 11pm asking us to go to the hospital. We reached the hospital just before midnight and rushed to the intensive care unit but were not allowed to see KW as the doctors there were trying to revive him. Minutes later, the doctors came out of the intensive care unit to tell us the bad news. All three of us, me, my wife and our younger son cried quietly when we went in to see him. We were calm and we accepted the ending. THE HEAVY LOAD ON OUR SHOULDERS FINALLY WAS NOT THERE ANYMORE. In the course of those ten months, my wife and I learnt meditation and we became spiritual rather than religious. We learnt meditation, life and death including life after death from an ex-medical doctor. We found comfort here. It was with all these that we were able to face the situation better. We have learnt a lot during those ten months about human relationship, compassion, caring, etc. My wife and I also learnt that whilst we grieve we cannot do so for eternity; we have to let go and live our own lives. We accepted our physical connections and relationship with KM has ended. We know spiritually he will always be with us. He, like all human beings was born into this earth to learn, to experience, and came for a single or multiple purposes. As soon as these purposes are fulfilled one leaves the earth by passing on. But their spirit will always be around. KW died in August 1999.

The followings were events and happenings witnessed by our family after his passing on. To the unbeliever these were imaginations or hoax. But my wife, our younger son and I all believed that KW visited us and leave behind telltale signs to tell us of his presence. Our family is very close to each other. We were not afraid at all.

Two days after KW’s death, we got a call from our tenant (we leased out our house and were living in an apartment), that the mirror of one of the bathrooms cracked and shattered. When my wife (still in mourning) went to our house to investigate with the glazier who installed the mirror, she found it was the bathroom that used to be KW’s. The glazier was surprised the mirror cracked as he had not seen such crack before. We believe KW who loved the house very much visited his favourite residence (his mother had promised him that when he gets well we would move back).

One day about a month later, the ceiling fan in the living room of our apartment was spinning faster than the set speed and I told my wife that perhaps the fan control was faulty. Two days later, it happened again. Being spiritual and having learnt about life and death and life after death, my wife asked whether it was our eldest son visiting us and the reply came with the ceiling light switching on by itself. My wife asked whether he is happy over there and to confirm it. Again, confirmation came with a light switching off by itself.

Some days later, when I walked towards the balcony of the apartment where we lived at that time, the balcony light came on by itself. Our younger son returned to the UK in September about a month after the passing of his brother to continue with his studies. In December of that year I asked that he come back to Singapore for the Christmas and New Year break to spend time with his mother. On the second day of his return, I was with him in our living room, with me watching TV and him lying on the sofa. Suddenly he called out to me to look at the ceiling fan which surprisingly was spinning very fast although it was set at low speed.

Some days later whilst working on the computer near the dining room late one night, he heard a click and the light on the ceiling fan came on. Again similar things like ceiling fan running faster, light switching on and off happened to our younger son when he came back to Singapore again in March and in June of 2000. We all knew KW came back to see his brother. Around the middle of 2000 my wife who is short sighted saw the image of KW when she got up from bed one morning. Without her eye glasses, she could see clearly an image of him showing him around 15/16 years old with beige colour shirt and long pants appearing happy. His appearance lasted only seconds. He had come to say goodbye. This was to be his last presence as from that day onwards there were no more appearance, no ceiling fan running at fast speed, and no switching on or off of lights. We believed that it was time for his soul to move on.

My wife and I were happy to know that our eldest son is happy over the other side. We continue to believe that he is happy and that his soul lives on, on the other side. We believe it is difficult for spirit to manifest itself in the form of human. The vibration of spirits is very high so we cannot see them easily. To illustrate let me explain this in a simple way. When a table or standing fan with its three blades stationary, can we see through the blades? The answer is no we cannot. But if we switch on the fan at low speed we can vaguely see through them and when the fan is at high speed we can definitely see through the blades. So spirits being high in vibration cannot be seen by us although they are present; we are seeing through them.

Two years after KW’s death, my wife had breast cancer. She refused to receive any conventional medical treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc., relying on food and food supplements. She believes her condition was brought about by the emotional stress and trauma experienced during those ten months when KW was in hospital. For the past six years she was living a “normal healthy life”.

On 10 January 2008, she complained of severe pain below her shoulder blades. She could not get up after lying down in bed. Any body movement caused severe pain. The next day, the neighbourhood doctor had to make a house call and prescribed some pain killers. She had read about Dr. Chris Teo, in a book by Betty Khoo called “Cancer Cured Naturally”. She decided to consult Dr. Teo in Penang. But before the trip, I made her to see a pain specialist to address the pain problem so that she can comfortably travel to Penang. We contacted Dr. Teo who asked for a full blood test to be done so that he can be aware of my wife’s condition and not doing things blindly. The blood test showed the breast cancer had probably metastasised to the bone. Her liver functions were also not good including presence of some forms of inflammation. We went to Penang to see Dr. Teo a week later.

Dr Teo prescribed the required herbs and advised what food she can and cannot take. After taking the herbs for two weeks she was completely off pain killers and she could lay down more inclined. After four weeks of taking the herbs, she was able to sleep flat in bed and get up without pain except some pressure at the sternum. She still experienced “ache” around her shoulder blades but not those severe pain. Her energy level was higher and she can raise and stretch both her arms more easily now. She believes the herbs are definitely helping her and improving her condition. Meanwhile, my wife had PET/CT scan done on the advice of Dr. Teo and the results confirmed the breast cancer had metastasized to her spine, hips and lungs. She continues taking the herbs consciously and is extremely careful and mindful of what she consumes as drinks and food. She now thinks that perhaps had she handled her emotion better, letting go and accept the fact that loved ones can be lost, she might not be in the condition she is now in. Both my wife and I now live for the present and not worrying what can happen. We are taking one step at a time. We are also grateful to Dr. Chris Teo and his wife for helping and guiding us through. We have faith in them and are hopeful my wife will be cured.

Comments: This is the advice we give to those who come and see us. Learn to let go. When you hate, the only person who gets hurt is you. Because those people whom you hate don’t know; And the rest of the world, don’t care a damn!