No Cure for Lung Cancer

Hello friends out there … You are been reading our articles in the form of lengthy writing …now, one idea struck me is to try out another way of communication through comics … So this is my second trial. Bet you, it takes a lot more time and effort! But it is fun.

Below are two styles .. one, we used cartoon characters, while the second  style is using real life pictures but converted into pencil sketches.

Okay, which style do you prefer? And why? If you can spare a minute please let me know your preference by emailing me at  Thanks so much for your input.


Style 1


KOMIK-CACARE-2-b KOMIK-CACARE-3-b KOMIK-CACARE-4-b …… Below is Style 2 — using real life pictures


Lung-comic-Story-2_1-600 Lung-comic-Story-2_2-600 Lung-comic-Story-2_3-600 Lung-comic-Story-2_4-600