In Cancer: Is Doing Nothing Not Better than Doing Something

28 February 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

How are you? I hope you still remember me. Last November 2012, I went to meet you at your center with my family.

Last month on 25 January 2013, I went for another surgery to close my colostomy. Currently I face quite a number of problems like stomach pain, can’t eat (weight loss 5 kg in a month) and diarrhea. These few days the stools came out with blood clots. I went to see a few doctors in the government hospital but they can’t solve my problems.

Dr. Chris, I am seeking your advice and please tell me what to do as its really hurt. Awaiting your prompt reply.

Reply:   Yes, sure I remember you. Let me ask you some questions first:

1) Before this surgery, did you have such problems,  like pains, etc.?

2) When did your problems start? If after surgery, how many days after surgery?

3) Are the problems getting worse or getting better.

Let me know and we shall go from there.

1 March 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
1) No, I don’t have these problems — pains and etc.,  before my surgery.

2) After surgery, on the 3rd day, initially I thought it was my gastric problem as I didn’t take any food at that time. But it’s not coz the pain in my abdomen still continued. It is so painful that I can’t sleep at night. The doctors only gave me Tramadol and also Morphine to ease my pain.

3) It’s getting worse especially theses two days. Thick and sticky blood came out. I am very afraid and don’t know what to do.

Reply: Thanks for your reply.

a) It looks like the problem is due to the surgery. And we don’t know what they did wrong there. Did you go back to the surgeon and ask? It looks like they only give you painkiller and morphine.

b) Coming out with thick and sticky blood is something not right, especially if this happen so long after the surgery. I wonder if they leave anything behind / inside when they close you.

My advice: We need to know the reason why and what went wrong. Why not go back to the surgeon again. Well, he can’t know unless he takes another CT scan. Okay for this time, you need to do the scan to know what really happen so that he can fix the problem for you.

Please let me know what happen if you do this. I am not sure what I can do or give you to correct this because I too don’t know what has gone wrong. Take care.

13 March 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

I’ve just been discharged from the hospital. My condition is not good. I will meet you in your Center this coming Friday (15 March 2013) at 10:30am. I will bring my latest CT scan report. I hope you can help me.

Patient came to Penang again on 15 March 2013. While of this visit, we put patient on the e-therapy . The following is the recording of our conversation that day.

17 March 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

I’ve just come back and arrived KL last night. Thanks very much for helping me and me. My  family and I are very grateful and appreciate for all your kind assistance. Yesterday I started to take Cap A, B, C, D.  I shall take the other herbs today when I go back to my home in JB. Last night the whole night I couldn’t sleep coz I had to move my bowels.

There are a lot of bowel movements and the stools are dark in colour and very smelly. My stomach feels much tender. I feel very, very weak after going to toilet so many times. I think more than 10 times till morning. I can hardly walk.  I had also started on my diet according to your advice.

Dr. Chris, l will arrange to meet you again next week after my one week on herbs and continue to do the e-therapy as what you have said. By the way, can I take morphine 10mg x 2 if I feel pain in my tummy? Till now my tummy is painful maybe becoz of too many times moving my bowels. Another thing is that I can hardly pass urine and it’s so painful during urination. Please advice.

Reply: 17 March 2013:  Thank you for your feedback.

a) I am glad that you started to move your bowels, meaning it is not blocked.

b) For this one week you will suffer from all the cleansing process. Take it easy.

c) Yes, you can take pain killer if you cannot bear the pain BUT did I not give you Pain Tea to take? Take Pain Tea 6 times a day and see if it helps.

d) Travelling is bad and staying in a new place is also bad for you. So I suggest you don’t come to Penang yet. Take the herbs for 2 to 3 weeks first. The first week you will suffer healing crisis. Second week I hope you get better and by the third week I hope you get much better. Even if you come now there is nothing much I can do because we need to allow the body to heal itself and this takes time. There is NO magic bullet. So you should think of coming here only in about 3 weeks from now to allow the herbs to work first. As it is it, it is too SOON.  Write again after one week and let me know your progress and then again after two weeks.

23 March 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

It’s the first week after I took your herbs and also had strictly kept to my diet i.e. no sugar, salt, oil and meat. I only took fruits and vegetables. Here’s the outcome after taking the herbs and Cap A, B, C, D.

1) Tummy still bloated but these two days felt more tender.
2) Both legs are still swollen.
3) Difficult to urinate and is painful.
4) Bowel movement is difficult and a lot of blood comes out.
5) Good appetite.
6) Fever on and off.
7) My Pain tea had finished and seems to work as I took 6 times a day like what you have said. Dr.,

Last two days I went back to hospital to see the surgeon as I wanted to know how he would explain my condition in detail. During conversation, I made notes for your reference as follow:

Leo:   Dr. what actually had happened to me? Can you explain in more detail? I thought this was only a minor surgery to close my colostomy (in January 2013). You said everything was fine. The only thing is in the future I would have a little bit of difficulty moving my bowels because my rectum is narrow.

Dr. X:  Your cancer tumors spread too fast after surgery although we have checked it before surgery.

L:  Why these few days I passed out stools with a lot of blood (50% stools and 50% blood) and the anus burnt and so was painful?

Dr. X:   Oh, your anus is painful every time you pass stools is because it’s too narrow to pass through. There’s blood in your stools because your cancer tumors had spread and its messy inside your colon. This I can’t help you as you had stage 4 CA Rectum although it has been removed in 2012. It had recurred.

L:   Can you do another surgery to open the colostomy like I had previously? I don’t want to suffer like this.

Dr. X:  The risk is too high. Maybe only 30 percent chance of survival if I do the surgery again because your intestine had burst and moreover the tumors are everywhere in your colon. You will die on the table due to severe bleeding.

L:  That means I would have to leave it like this, everyday suffering from tummy bloatedness and waiting to die one of these days? Do you think how long can I can survive?

Dr. X: I’m sorry we really can’t do anything. Go home and spend your precious time with your family while you are still able to now. Maybe you have less than three months to live or even shorter.

L:   I am really disappointed with what you have said as I had full confidence in you. But after all these, you say you can’t do anything. Since last year my CEA till January this year it never exceeded 6 ng/mL. The lowest was 2.5 ng/mL. One last question:  why is it now there are stools coming out from the wound that you closed the colostomy.

Dr. X:   Stools do come out sometimes because you can’t move your bowels at the down part. Once you can move it, there won’t be any more stools coming out again. It will close by itself if everything is fine one of these days.

Dr. Chris, I won’t give up just like this. I will continue to take your herbs for every time you said CA Care is the last stop for people like us. I know your herbs are not a magic bullet but I believe if I continue to take them and stick to your diet, my life will be prolonged. I didn’t ask for much and I have prepared myself. It’s all God’s will. 

Reply:  Thanks so much Leo for giving me the update of your conditions. Okay, after taking the herbs for a while now, has your condition improved or not?

27 March 2013: Dear Dr. Chris,

Dr. Chris, I’m planning to visit you this coming Sunday to do the e-therapy. I feel better after I did it that day in your center. Regarding the video taken, it is not necessary to cover my face because I want to share with others …. After all, these are true.

Note; The last e-mail I received from Leo was 20 April  2013. I was later informed that Leo died.

Stop and Think

When I talked to Leo, I asked him many times, “Before the surgery, were you okay?” The answer: Yes, very well and no problem. After the surgery Leo suffered complication and he died soon afterwards.

Many people could not and would not accept that at times it is better to do nothing than to do something.  I am sure Leo would not have suffered if he did not go for the operation. Leave thing the way it was. And I am sure that he would have lived longer if he “did nothing.”

Another story come to mind. Terry (not real name) had recurrence of his lymphoma. His red blood counts were low. According to the doctor it was very dangerous and he must come to the hospital and do something.  Talking to Terry, I also knew that he bought up this idea wholesale. But when he was talking to me, me he looked pale but was okay … could walk, talk, no pain, etc. So my advice was to take it easy. If there is no emergency, don’t fix it! Take the herbs and papaya leaf tea and see what happen in the next few weeks.  But people generally want quick fix. He went off, landed in a hospital and a week later was dead.

IS DOING NOTHING NOT BETTER THAN DOING SOMETHING? The choice is yours, it is your life.