Chemotherapy for Sarcoma: He died after 8 months

In an earlier posting, I related the story of a 16-year-old son of Pak X. He had soft tissue sarcoma and went for treatment in China. His leg was amputated and he received chemo. These treatments did not cure him. The cancer spread to his lung and he died (2 years after his diagnosis).

Pak X related the story of another 16-year old boy who had soft tissue sarcoma like this son. He had chemotherapy and died within 8 months.

Listen to what Pak X said:

Pak X: Living in front of my house was a boy of 16 years old. He was also diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma – exactly like my son. His father came to ask me for advice. His father asked: “What treatment did your son had?” I told him: “I have failed, no result. I have made a mistake. Please don’t ask me about my son’s treatment because I did not succeed. I have made a mistake.”

Chris: No. Don’t blame yourself.  Tell me, when did this happen?

P: About 4 years ago.

C: What happened to this boy? Did he go for chemo?

Daughter: He went to Singapore and had chemotherapy.

P: He died after 8 months.

C: Only 8 months.

P: My son died after 2 years of treatment (in China). In a way, I have more success. I felt grateful because for the herbal treatment (in Beijing). So now in my head, I always believe in herbs.

C: Again, this boy you told me about was your neighbour? He stayed just in front of your house?

Daughter: Yes.

C: And he did chemo in Singapore and he died 8 months later?

P: It started as a small green-pea size lump. A month later it grew into corn-size. Two to three months later it became marble-size. Every day he cried in pain.

C: I understand. This is a similar story of sarcoma.

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