Quotations from: German Cancer Therapies by Dr. Morton Walker

German Cancer Therapies

Writing in the Foreword the son of the author, Randall Walker wrote:

  • “You have cancer” is the diagnosis we all dread hearing. Most people tend to assume such a diagnosis is synonymous with a death sentence.
  • And yet, thousands around the world do rid their bodies of cancer, especially those patients who venture beyond the confines of oncology treatment as it is now practiced in North America.
  • You may be shocked when I reveal that some of the best natural and nontoxic therapies for healing cancer are not allowed to be administered in the United States or Canada because of misguided governmental regulations.
  • German oncologists are curing cancer patients without radical surgery, debilitating chemotherapy or destructive radiation.
  • Treatments German physicians are using enhance the human body’s own inherent capacity to destroy malignant cells. These procedures are quite different from what the usual North American therapies provide.
  • American and Canadian cancer treatments often are so toxic to the human body that they destroy many healthy cells along with the malignant cells, and result in terribly weakened immunity in the process.
  • In contrast, many German cancer specialists have totally abandoned the usual well-established, conventionally practiced procedures so as to avoid poisoning the patient. Rather, they have looked elsewhere and collected an oncological arsenal from around the world.
  • Americans and Canadians may now fight off cancer without any need to surrender their bodies to blind faith in North American cookbook medicine.

In the Introduction of this book, Dr. Morton Walker wrote:

  • I’ve seen too many friends and relatives, and my much loved wife, Joan, suffer terribly before finally succumbing to this disease. It has been my mission, regardless of cost or time, to uncover and report on anticancer therapies wherever they’re to be found.
  • My need is to reveal to everyone techniques of treatment that not only are effective and successful against cancer but also are the type that cause no torture for the hapless patient.
  • Above all I have searched for remedies unabusive to or nonsuppressive of the human immune system.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy – really are crude disease-fighting weapons with limited effectiveness.
  • The conventional weapons against cancer usually leave patients in a state of weakness, nauseated, bald, depressed and otherwise uncomfortable.
  • Practically none of these adverse effects occur when natural and nontoxic holistic therapies are integrated into a patient’s treatment protocol.
  • One survey after another has made it abundantly clear that Americans and Canadians are disillusioned with the failing cancer therapies of mainstream drug-focused oncology.
  • Almost everyone with medical insight acknowledges that the industrial / pharmaceutical / medical complex is incapable of or has no intention of providing any kind of curative procedure for cancer.
  • My investigations have convinced me that this is true.
  • From firsthand research, I have discovered that excellent natural and nontoxic therapies do exist. They lie awaiting our use everywhere except the United States and Canada. That’s because the American pharmaceutical industry has its very own agenda. It has a powerful grip on the way medicine is practiced in North America.
  • I have observed that most American medical practice for treating cancer is nonholistic and totally destructive. If, by chance, a therapeutic effect does result – well, that particular patient is just lucky to possess a strong immune system.