10 December 2014 – Congratulation Bert!


Hi ma pa,

Just wanted to let you all know I submitted my dissertation this morning d hehe. Very tired , going shopping with Jie Jie tomorrow then thanksgiving. Will call . Love. Albert. 26 November 2014.

On Dec 10, 2014, Irene Teo wrote:

Yeah!!! Dr. Albert Teo defended successfully today after 6 years of grad school.  Yay!!!

His advisor said she’s found Albert to be independent and that he has a lot of work and she thinks he is ready to graduate. Ehhhhem, I wish I had recorded it!

It went great, Pa. He had so many people turn up to support him.  I want to say about 8-10 friends working around the med center, many lab people, and his committee.  Everyone keeps saying they’re impressed by all the data he has.

Wonderful… wonderful …God had answered our prayer …. !!! Bert had been in papa’s prayer for so long d …Praise Him… wonderful……..time to relax and enjoy …. it is now time to feel good and be grateful to God. love, papa.

 The youngest in our family got his PhD (in Cancer Biology) at last!!!

Praise God for His great blessing.


Hehe … that makes 3 persons in the family with Permanent Head Damage (P.H.D!)