The Good Old Days When They Could Cure Cancer in America: Part 1

I first know the work of Dr. Eli Jones after reading an article by Don Yance: The wisdom of Dr. Eli Jones ….

Eli Jones (1850-1933) was an American medical doctor in the 19th-20th centuries. He claimed to be able  cure cancer. Jones studied conventional medicine and practiced for five years before deciding that the medicine of the day was harmful. He then turned to eclectic medicine, which relied upon herbal extracts including those of the Native Americans. He went back to school, graduated, and practiced eclectic medicine for another five years. He decided to learn homeopathy, went back to school, and then practiced as a homeopath.

Here are some excerpts from his book, Cancer- Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment -Giving the Results of over Forty Years’ Experience in the Medical Treatment of this Disease. This book was published in 1911 — one hundred years ago! Read it … and see if you can learn anything from Dr. Jones experiences!

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What Can We Learn From This 100-Year-Book

  1. Some people may say: This book is outdated, science today has progressed beyond all those things that were written!

My response: Agreed – the language lacked “scientific flavour” but the wisdom remained intact and valid.  ARROGANCE, PRIDE and EGO stand in the way for some people who don’t want to learn from others or the past.

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  1. To be a successful cancer specialist, a person must know the materia medica from A-Z …not from one school of medicine but of all Schools. In simple language, if treating is only about cutting, poisoning (chemo) and burning (radiation) – what do who end up with?
  2. No all doctors are suitable to be cancer specialists — many are called but few are chosen! The successful treatment of cancer is the study of a lifetime and should not be attempted by a lazy man, for it means constant study. Can we also add — not only it is not for a lazy man but also men who only go for the money and not for the patients’ wellbeing!

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4. Vast sums of money have been expended in erecting cancer hospitals; institutes for “cancer research” Remedies have been lauded time and again as a cure for this disease, yet the people keep on dying in the same old fashioned way. Does this statement sound very familiar — even after 100 years?

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5. What our people need is to be taught how to live … A return to the “simple life” of our forefathers in what we need. Modern civilization, with all is luxury, high living and drinking …. is only encouraging the inroads of cancer.

One hundred years after Dr. Eli Jones, here are what many people say about cancer

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