Miracle Healing

Here are some interesting quotes from Miracle Healing, a book written by Harald W. Tietze of Australia.

Miracle healing

Reflex on these words ….

  • I have to say that there is no other medicine, modern or traditional, as powerful as the healer within — the mind.
  • When I talk about old healing methods and get questions such as “where is the scientific proof?”, I only can answer that it is not the patient’s main concern how it works but THAT it works.
  • Ill people cannot wait until science can explain why it works.
  • … about medical treatments of our day, such as cancer treatment with rays and chemicals … A doctor friend said to me, “the healthiest person can’t survive these treatments.”
  • I know hundreds of people given up by modern medicine and sent home …But what happens if that person “gets rid” of the “incurable disease … The answer I often hear is:
  • There was a wrong diagnosis.
  • We do not understand how this could happen.
  • What disappoints me personally is that these professionals showed no interest as to why it happened! Patients tell me quite often that the treating doctors say,
  • Continue with whatever you are doing, but when the patient wants to tell WHAT they do, the doctor is not interested.
  • Fifty to 70 percent of hospital beds are occupied by patients with self-inflicted diseases like “suicides” with fork and knife. Miracle healing can be done by changing the contents of shopping trolley.
  • One method of “miracle healing” for the majority of modern diseases is better EDUCATION instead of Medication.

Medicine Can’t Heal by Professor Dr Janos Pasztorfi

Think and Practise — Change

  • Dear reader! This book was only written for people who can think and practise the same. They belong to a dwindling minority.
  • Your thinking is … indispensable if you want to gain some value from this book.
  • Neither should you read (this book) when you are determined not to change yourself.

Heal Yourself

  • From whom can you expect help in receiving or restoring your health? The book tells you that in this world there is only one person who is both interested and capable of doing this. That only person is you yourself! Medicine does not have that capacity. Quite apart from the fact that such is its job. The task of medicine is to alleviate suffering. Its main concern and its business is illness, not health.
  • You have to look after your own health.
  • Your health or disease is solely your own creation.
  • Are you willing to do something active during healthy times to maintain good health? Almost 80 percent of people … will answer NO to the question.
  • They said: No, I will do something for my health only when I am sick.
  • Why? Because our consumer-society tells us that we can buy health from medical specialists through a pharmacist like we can buy bread and sugar from the grocery store.
  • That is nonsense. Each individual has to work strongly on his own health.

Medicines Can Cause Problems

  • Since there are almost no active medicines which at the same time have no negative side effects, medicines should only be prescribed or taken if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Unnoticed, an industry that was created to heal diseases became a source of new diseases.
  • According to the FDA 1.5 million Americans were treated in hospitals for diseases caused by medications. The death caused by medication are estimated to be from 60,000 to 140,000 in the USA each year.
  • The medical industry thrives on suffering due to disease. If the suffering is lowered, the basis of this industry is threatened.
  • It would be equally foolish for medicine — which is today an industry like any other — to expect protection from disease or cure. One can compare this to companies who produce razor blades that never go blunt.

What Is Health

  • Health is Balance in Mind, Body and Spirit. If we treat only one part of the body, the mind or the spirit, we are not successful in the long-term.
  • I do not know why churches turn their back on facts. For example, in the Bible herbal treatments are mentioned approximately 3000 times. Do, for example, Christians as followers of the Bible, hear anything about health treatments when they go to church …..
  • Or did you, at your last visit to your doctor, get spiritual advice,
  • Or do you get from your psychologist advice on diet and other means of gaining health?
  • How can anyone specializing on one small aspect help a person by overlooking nearly the lot?
  • Health is not only a “clean bill of health” issued by the doctor! Disease starts in the mind and becomes only “visible” after it is manifested and displays symptoms.
  • Treating the symptoms does not heal.
  • For long-term healing YOU have to work for it, nobody else can do it for you.