A Great Pioneer of Nutrition – Prosecuted and Forgotten: Dr. Royal Lee

Do you know who Dr. Royal Lee is? No? I understand. I have never heard of his name either, until a few days ago! Let me share with you what I have read about this great man.

Dr. Royal Lee was the pioneer researcher in the field of whole food vitamins. When Dr. Royal Lee died in 1967, he was hailed as the greatest nutritionist of the 20th century. Yet today his name and work go largely unknown. This is no coincidence. Dr. Lee’s basic message—that the ultimate cause of most modern disease is malnutrition brought on by industrially produced foods—threatened some of our country’s mightiest institutions. These powers actively suppressed Dr. Lee’s message. Dr. Lee would spend his life fighting this suppression. http://www.drroyallee.com/

Lee’s views put him at odds not just with organized medicine and the FDA but also with the food manufacturing industry.  His work threatened the security of these commercial interests.  Due to their prompting (and lobbying monies), governmental agencies like the FDA were assigned to discredit him. Throughout his life, Dr. Lee would endure perpetual legal prosecution and character assassination at the hands of these governmental agencies.  Fortunately for us, Lee did not back down from telling the truth; no matter the cost.  With Americans increasingly consuming heavily processed foods, he carried on his work in spite of the constant lawsuits.  It is easy to find those still vilifying his work online.

Ask anyone who has done it, battling the government and their infinitely deep pockets is almost impossible.  Unfortunately, Dr. Lee lost a lawsuit with the FDA in 1962 and was ordered to stop accompanying his food supplements with literature describing their therapeutic value.  He was also forced to destroy all the educational nutritional literature produced by his companies that the government deemed “misleading.”  Within five years, at age 72, Dr. Lee died from a stress-induced stroke. http://www.doctorschierling.com/blog/the-forgotten-genius-of-dr-royal-lee

Let us reflect on some of the ideas of Dr. Lee

One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. It’s a substitution of artificial therapy over nature, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation — Dr. Royal Lee, 1951

 Candy, all white sugar and its products, and white flour, including its products such as macaroni, spaghetti, crackers, etc., should be absolutely barred from the diet of the child. All these are energy-producing foods that contain no building materials for the body. The consequences of their toleration are susceptibility to infections, enlarged tonsils, carious teeth, unruly dispositions, stunted growth, rickets, maldevelopment, and very often permanent damage to many organs of the body (especially the endocrine glands) that depend on the vitamin supply for their normal function and development — Dr. Royal Lee, 1938., 1938 

Sugar and flour are the first things to throw out in the diet because they are pure calories and don’t contribute anything but fat to the body. Starch goes into fat. Sugar goes into fat. If you want to fatten a pig what do you give them? You feed them a lot of corn, cornstarch — Royal Lee – 1955 

We have drifted into this deplorable position of national malnutrition quite inadvertently. It is the result of scientific research with the objective of finding the best ways to create foods that are non-perishable that can be made by mass production methods in central factories, and distributed so cheaply that they can sweep all local competition from the market. Then, after these develops a suspicion that these “foods” are inadequate to support life, modern advertising steps in to propagandize the people into believing that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are products of scientific research intended to afford a food that is the last word in nutritive value, …and the confused public is totally unable to arrive at any conclusion of fact, and continues to blindly buy the rubbish that is killing them off years ahead of their time —  Dr. Royal Lee June 1943 

In countries where ‘civilized,’ adulterated foods are not used, there is no cancer, no tuberculosis, no pneumonia, no heart disease, no diabetes, no arthritis to speak of…It seems that only a liberal use of white flour and white sugar can cause the extraordinarily high death rate so obvious wherever these foods are common — Dr. Royal Lee, 1958 

A vitamin is: … a working process consisting of the nutrient, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals activators  – Royal Lee “What Is a Vitamin?” Applied Trophology, Aug. 1956

Vitamins are not individual molecular compounds.   Vitamins are biological complexes.   They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain.   Vitamin activity only takes place when all conditions are met within that environ-ment, and when all co-factors and components of the entire vitamin complex are present and working together.   Vitamin activity is even more than the sum of all those parts; it also involves timing. Vitamins cannot be isolated from their complexes and still perform their specific life functions within the cells.   When isolated into artificial commercial forms, like ascorbic acid, these purified synthetics act as drugs in the body. They are no longer vitamins, and to call them such is inaccurate.

“The Lee Principle of Nutrition states that a vitamin as it appears in nature is never a single chemical, but rather it is a group of interdependent compounds that form a ‘nutrient complex’ so intricate that only a living cell can create it. And just as no single component of a watch keeps time, no single compound in a vitamin complex accounts for the vitamin’s nutritive effect in the body. Only through whole, unprocessed foods can the synergistic effect of a true vitamin be delivered.” — Mark R. Anderson 

“No structure can be any better than its foundation.  Good nutrition is the foundation of health.  What we eat today becomes our body of tomorrow.  The mysterious ailments we develop by reason of carelessness in choosing our food is the inevitable result of our trying to make something out of nothing.  Heart disease, arthritis, cancer, tooth decay, pyorrhea all appear to be end results of our own carelessness and neglect to eat honest food.” 

“The American people have been humbugged into digging their graves with their own teeth!” – Dr. Royal Lee

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