Had Three Cancers! Three To 12 Months To Live. Three years on CA Care Therapy still okay!

Sixty-six year-old Ray (not real name) was a smoker since age 17. He stopped smoking when he was 58.

  • In 2004 (61 years old), Ray was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent a subtotal gastrectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy. This was followed by radiotherapy.
  • In 2007, his PSA was at 7.29. TRUS guided biopsy was done which revealed prostate cancer, Gleason 3+3. Ray underwent prostrate surgery.
  • In 2011, Ray underwent another surgery to remove his gallbladder. Biopsy indicated no malignancy. However, in early 2012, Ray had high grade fevers and was jaundiced. His liver function enzymes were elevated — Alkaline phosphatase = 433, AST = 87 and ALT = 161.
  • Ray underwent an ERCP with SEMs placement. Later, a tumour was found in the lower bile duct.

Ray was in a dilemma. The doctors told the family:

  1. There is no medication for him.
  2. Chemotherapy would only provide a 20 percent chance of success.
  3. Cyberknife procedure may be a consideration.

They consulted three doctors. One doctor said Ray have only a few months to live, maximum 7 months. An oncology surgeon said if it is a bile duct cancer, maximum 30 months but if the tumour grows and blocks the duct then he would not last long. The third doctor gave him a year at most.

Ray’s son found CA Care in the internet and wrote us. Later, his son-in-law came to seek our help. Watch this video.

This is the story written by Ray’s son.

My father’s journey with alternative treatments http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,71199,0.htm?mid=550843


I just wanted to narrate my father’s journey with cancer and our personal experience with alternative treatments.   


My father was first diagnosed with Stomach cancer in 2004 and whilst it was a tremendous shock to us we were a bit ignorant about the cancer (which probably helped us at that time). Anyway, he underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  He was lucky to be a stomach cancer survivor and made changes to his diet and lifestyle (gave up smoking).  He was then diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 and again underwent surgery and recovered from that successfully.

Bile Duct Cancer

To our horror he was diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer in March 2012 (albeit he did revert back to a more unhealthy lifestyle in 2011, which included alcohol, meat and fried foods).

In April 2012 the doctors put a self expanding metal stent to alleviate issues of bile flow and subsequently when his condition improved a bit they looked at the possibility of surgery. However, once on the table the surgeon decided that surgery was not possible.  The doctors attending to him had mentioned a prognosis of 3 to 6 months to me.

Without surgery my understanding is that conventional medicine does not offer many solutions and quality of life was a key consideration in our decision. Therefore, as a last resort we turned to alternative medicines.

Our Journey with Alternative Medicines

I spend my time between Australia and India. My focus last year in April was entirely on finding him the best alternative medicines that are available (and with some body of knowledge behind them).

I narrowed down my options to the following

1) Professor Chris Teo from Malaysia who runs CA CARE

2) Natural Supplements

3) Ayurveda treatment from DS Cancer research in India.  Albeit I started Dad on the Ayurveda in Sep 2012 more as an insurance policy.  He was already feeling better before then.


This is run by a botanist in Malaysia called Chris Teo and he has had great success in healing people (he doesn’t believe in a cure) with cancer and Dad has his herbal teas on a daily basis. Protocol is provided by Chris.  Also, he is very focused on diet and red meat, fried food, dairy, alcohol and processed sugar are definitely not allowed.

Dads current situation

My father has a good quality of life (90% of any one of us) and apart from the occasional infection due to the stent, his blood reports (tumor markers have remained down and Liver Function test is mostly in normal range) and scan on his 1 year anniversary has also provided a clean bill of health (i.e. scan said stable disease).

The future is always uncertain but I really wanted to share my personal experience with everyone who might be struggling with this disease and wish you all the best.

Latest update 2015: It has been 3 years plus and this patient is still doing okay. This is an e-mail Ray wrote in June 2015.

Over last three years have lost over 22 kg, current weight 54 kg. I am 5feet 11 and normal weight was in 70s. Doctors looking after my day to day issues including  Bile Duct stents, have been strongly advocating putting on some weight to counter disease plus new developments. My diet is mainly vegy, little fish sometimes, no sugar, salads and fruits of all types. Cooking media is olive oil mainly and sometime a coffee or tea to feel normal.

 UPDATE: 25 December 2015 


My father passed away yesterday night as a result of his cancer. He was bed ridden towards the end, however, he did not suffer pain which is associated with the disease and was able to eat and drink small amounts to his last day (including some of your tea).

I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you as your medicines have certainly provided us with much cherished time with our father. He was diagnosed in March/April 2012 and the time we have had with him has been very precious. Regards, Rahul.

Please take note: Patient was given 3 to 6 months to live but he managed to live a happy life for more than 3 years. This is what we mean by we cannot cure any cancer — neither can anyone on earth!